1 The Spring is here! All the best in the New Year 7523!

Hi!, Hello!,Tschüss! Cześć! Servus!, Salve!, Vitay!, and so on…

Dear Reader,
I have not finished learning how to do this right so do not be surprised at lack of perfection possibly found in this experimental and totally open source internet project. There were no earlier proper plans so the content may be seen as a bit disorganised… but in fact Chaos is hidden in everything at some stage…

Actually, I wanted to start scribing all this from other subjects but again the chaotic matter of our reality unexpectedly created different and more important necessity which has to be scratched as a first instance. Ok, so now there is the only way and I have to start from this new end or rather beginning…

This blog supposed to be a kind of a handy digital sketchbook or notepad but even if I do not have any other goals like finding and publishing only true and valuable information. However, errors have happened, time and Chaos do matter so all together it does mean that I do not know where I am really going and what will be finally discovered and described here. Everybody has to understand only one truth that intellectual misleading, manipulation or cheating is strictly forbidden here and when found will be debugged and eliminated. All explanations will follow shortly. Gradually you will find them inside of „About” sections, additionally all more or less segregated links and sources will be placed in „Links and Sources” pages. Any constructive comments and cooperation are wellcome!

So may the end of the old year 7522 become a new happy beginning not only for the brand new spring and year 7523! Once more time I wish all of us and the skribh project:

Beautiful time and all the best in the New Year 7523!

If you have any questions and doubts what is going on with this ancient chronography check this first, please: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Byzantine_calendar
(I am aware that wikipedia is not 100% trustworthy source of indisputable wisdom and knowledge but it will be used as well when it is usefull enough.)

Kind Regards
from skribha the author and data compiler of this strictly open source project


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