86 Nieludzka tradycja tradycyjnego rasizmu, czyli tzw. żydowski apartheid w Izraelu

Fereshte Today, 18:14 #20
An apartheid society displaying racism within itself, I’m really shocked, not.

EXTENDED COVERAGE: Violent Clashes in Jerusalem as Ethiopians Protest Racist Attack


mrmister Today, 04:18 #1
protest against police brutality, discrimination and racism towards israel’s ethiopian jewish community

Myth Today, 04:39 #5
We usually refer to them as Falasha, while officially there isn’t violence against Jews in Israel, unofficially, there is a very large cultural division and „elitism” between Ashkenazi, Sephardi, and Mizrahi including with the Ethopian Jews. I view Ethiopian Jews as Jews, I think the division is sad, Ashkenazi sometimes attack the Mizrahi and Sephardi saying they are just converts or Arabs, and also attack the Falasha Jews. On the other hand, the Mizrahi and Sephardi sometimes attack the Ashkenazi and call them Khazars or Germans or Russians, too much division when the reality is a Jew should just be a Jew. I’ve heard the silliest debates from arguing the proper pronunciation of Hebrew (Personally I believe Yemenite Hebrew to be the only authentic Hebrew), to how to wear a Kippot or Tallit, how to tie the knots of tzitzit.

Acquisitorz Today, 11:35 #10
these Ethiopian jews are being treated as „special cases”. They are given free apartments, insane benefits and all, simply because nobody expects them to perform anyway. As a group they are as unproductive as Haderim, they also breed like Haderim do. Its ashkenazim who established the state, and its them who made it big, so it would be wiser for these Ethiopians to stfu.

Awale Today, 11:49 #11
Quote Originally Posted by Acquisitorz
these Ethiopian jews are being treated as „special cases”. They are given free apartments, insane benefits and all, simply because nobody expects them to perform anyway. As a group they are as unproductive as Haderim, they also breed like Haderim do.

If what you’re saying is true (I’ve noticed that is in some senses); sad stuff… They sound like what many ‚Western Diaspora’ Horners are like, actually. Not all but many are like that; unproductive shills who just want to leech off whatever Western nation they’ve moved to’s „benefits”. Again; there are many exceptions but many Horners in the diaspora are essentially just leeches.

Quote Originally Posted by Myth
We usually refer to them as Falasha(…)

Heh, that name is insulting btw. I don’t know if the „Ethiopian Jews” in Israel now find it offensive but historically „Falasha” or „Falasi” is supposed to be a derogatory term in the Ethiopian Highlands coined by Habeshas who were not at all fond of these „Jews”.

It means „outsider”. The way I grasped it-> It’s supposed to be as offensive as the old word Habeshas and Somalis used for Oromos („Galla” or „Gaal” which also means „outsider” but also things like „Barbaric, uncivilized” etc.). Always cracks me up when I see Yahudis call them „Falashim” as a result.

Acquisitorz Today, 12:31 #13
Quote Originally Posted by Windischer View Post
The point was, why should anyone care about being a Jew or that or whatnot, because it doesn’t matter. Abide to certain rules of society and it’s fine.
Lol. This is Israel, over there they care. The country is built on that.

Also every group believes that that particular group consists of the real jews. About Ethiopians: they were bound to fail: they are black, come from Africa, uncivilized, incapable, many are drug users and the local society treats them as such, it doesnt give them chances and expects nothing from them, which in turn leads to them not trying. Whos fault is it that they failed? Both the state’s and their own. Also: many Ethiopians left non jewish friends back home and told them that they get social benefits and houses in Israel. This information resulted in a massive ejaculation of Sudanese and Eritrerians non jews entering Israel „to seek refuge”.

Acquisitorz Today, 13:06 #15
Quote Originally Posted by Windischer View Post
Yes, I know it’s like that, I reacted on someone saying „a jew should just be a jew” – if we talk about what should be, I say a human should just be a human, IMO.

Back then in the early 90’s when I lived there there was a massive media compaign against the new arrivals. The russians were called „stinky”, the ethiopians were called „social cases”, a gentle word for retards. The press kept showing pictures of the ethiopians using their newly built apartments, a popular thing was them planting drugs but also vegetables in the bath and the toilet.
The russian jews stereotype of being stinky was rather soft, however the ethiopians were humiliated on a massive scale. The legacy of that humiliation is still alive today.

Windischer Today, 13:23 #16
Quote Originally Posted by Acquisitorz View Post
Back then in the early 90’s when I lived there there was a massive media compaign against the new arrivals.(…)

I can believe that, these reactions are common in more xenophobic and nationalist societies. Something similar happened here in 90s, too, when foreign investments came after decades of dictatorships: mass psychosis about „them foreigner businessmen” who surely wanted to „buy whole Slovakia” (proud and independent!!11!!11!) and „sell us all to Americans, or Jews”.

XMidnightX Today, 15:42 #17
Originally Posted by Acquisitorz View Post
these Ethiopian jews are being treated as „special cases”. They are given free apartments, insane benefits and all, simply because nobody expects them to perform anyway.

Is this true? Can you post any information on this? Recently public radio here in the US aired a story about how Ethiopian people in Israel are being denied family reunification. The subtle, underlying tone of the story was that the racist Israelis just don’t want Ethiopians in their country. However it did contain one brief comment „Ethiopian Jews, it seemed, required more welfare and social services than immigrants from other places.” This fact could play a huge role in the problem, yet they gave no more information on it than this. I’d like to know more about this situation. I definitely don’t support anyone who said „no black immigrants, just because.” But if there’s a legitimate reason to halt immigration, this has to be a part of the discussion.

Semitic Duwa Today, 18:00 #19
While hitting a soldier regardless of skin-colour is a despicable act which should be severely punished (and I’m pretty sure everyone in Israel agrees with this, few Israelis trust the police since it’s one of the most corrupt bodies in Israel) I can’t help but notice that a sizeable number of those spearheading these „protests” come from all the shadowy NGOs which were involved in the „Anything but Bibi” campaign…. But that’s not surprising, it’s not as if all these foreign-funded pressure groups were simply going to vanish after the elections, they just had to find something else.

Fereshte Today, 18:14 #20
An apartheid society displaying racism within itself, I’m really shocked, not.

3 thoughts on “86 Nieludzka tradycja tradycyjnego rasizmu, czyli tzw. żydowski apartheid w Izraelu

  1. Semitic Duwa Today, 18:40 #24
    Quote Originally Posted by Acquisitorz View Post
    Is there even such a thing as a third largest party in any Arab country? Or a second? Or a party?

    Good point

    Fereshte Today, 18:54 #27
    Quote Originally Posted by Acquisitorz View Post
    show me a one society which doesn’t display racism within itself and you may cast the first stone.. or something

    of course there is racism in Israel, duh. I can assure you though, there is much less of it than in any Arab nation, including Lebanon where you as a Palestinian are inferior by law.
    I know that very well that Arab societies are even worse in their apartheid treatment of others. I’ve mentioned that many times here, I never ever denied that or tried to gloss over it. Actually I may not speak much here about it but in IRL and social media profiles, most of my criticisms are towards Lebanon and its treatment of migrants, refugees. I’m always thrown this card „but your countries are worse” yet how does that exonerate Israel or make two wrongs a right? I am just especially looking at the irony of the entire situation here regarding Israel, its history and now how it is dealing with „new immigrants”.

    Quote Originally Posted by Semitic Duwa View Post
    ^^ An apartheid society where the 3rd largest party in parliament just so happens to be an anti-zionist arab party, makes sense. BTW, how many Zionist parties do you guys have in Lebanon? I keep forgetting…

    How much influence and impact on society do these parties and Knesset members really have though? Token representation doesn’t mean a single thing.

    Acquisitorz Today, 19:22 #29
    My main point was: there is racism in any society, anywhere in the world. I can assure you that many Israelis would love to throw out these Ethiopian jews, just as many Americans would love to throw out every Afram, just as its many European’s wettest dream ti make Europe islam/nigger/jew/gypsy free. Its human nature.

    Yet you call Israel an apartheid state, which it isn’t. Also these Ethiopian jews are not new immigrants, they arrived in the late 80’s and early 90’s. The state is dealing with them too fine, they get grants to purchase apartments and higher skcial benefits. Which is extremely unfair.

    Windischer Today, 19:29 #30
    Quote Originally Posted by Acquisitorz View Post
    actually its from the Bible

    I know, stone me, right?


  2. ~misiek 2015-05-04 (20:27)
    czarni Zydzi?! przyjedzcie do Polski. tutaj was pokochaja. uwielbiamy Zydow i kochamy czarnoskorych. najlepiej jeszcze jakbyscie byli do tego gejami.

    ~Baca 2015-05-04 (20:32)
    Wygląda na to, że państwo Izrael jest antysemickie. Zaraz wypowie się niejaki Jan Tomasz Gross, że to sprawa Polaków.

    ~a-o 2015-05-04 (21:29)
    Pomylił Ci się Ginter Grass z Tomaszem Grossem, perfidnym pisarzyną którego matka polka Grudzińska, uratowała jego ojca pomagając mu w czasie wojny. Gdyby wiedziała co jej syn będzie pisał o jej rodakach?

    ~u7 2015-05-04 (21:06)
    I będzie mu w tym wtórował niejaki Szewach Weiss…….:-(

    ~Baca 2015-05-04 (21:21)
    Akurat co do prof. Szewacha Weissa, to nie wolno powiedzieć na niego ani jednego złego słowa.

    ~… 2015-05-04 (20:53)
    nieźli rasiści z tych żydów i antysemici, wybielili się w europie i teraz przenoszą własne krzywdy na innych, kiedy żydzi rozliczą się z własną historią?


    „Otwarta rana w sercu społeczeństwa izraelskiego”

    „Nie ma białych, nie ma czarnych, są tylko ludzie!” oraz „Brutalni policjanci do więzienia!” – skandowali etiopscy Żydzi (Felaszowie) i inni popierający ich sprawę demonstranci w Tel Awiwie. Wielotysięczny marsz zakończył się jednak walkami z policją, w której rannych zostało, według danych serwisu Times of Israel, 65 osób. To już druga taka uliczna bitwa w ciągu ostatnich dni – wcześniej do protestów i starć doszło w Jerozolimie. A wszystko zaczęło się od przypadkowo nagranego pobicia.

    Pod koniec kwietnia izraelskie media ujawniły wideo z kamery ochrony, na którym widać, jak dwaj policjanci biją czarnoskórego żołnierza. Atak miał rzekomo mieć podłoże rasistowskie. I choć funkcjonariusze zostali zawieszeni zaraz po tym, jak sprawa ujrzała światło dzienne, wśród czarnoskórych Żydów zawrzało.

    Felaszowie od dawna uskarżają się w Izraelu na dyskryminację, rasizm i ubóstwo. Według oficjalnych danych w gospodarstwach domowych Felaszów zarobki są o 35 proc. niższe od średniej krajowej, a tylko połowa młodych kończy szkołę średnią; w przypadku pozostałej części ludności Izraela wskaźnik ten wynosi 63 proc.
    Na ponad 8 mln mieszkańców Izraela ok. 135,5 tys. to Żydzi z Etiopii. Kilkadziesiąt tysięcy Felaszów przetransportowała izraelska armia drogą powietrzną w latach 1984-1990 w odpowiedzi na panującą w Etiopii klęskę głodu. Wcześniej rabini orzekli, że Felaszowie są bezpośrednimi potomkami jednego z 12 plemion Izraela, Dan.

    ~Gugu 2015-05-04 (16:58)
    Atak miał rzekomo mieć podłoże rasistowskie. Świetnie. A ja byłem i widziałem. Tam są osobne ławki, osobne sklepy, osobne autobusy dla białych i czarnych. Apartheid pełną gębą.

    ~motyl 2015-05-04 (21:16)
    to jest multikulti w wykonaniu izraela. multikulti które izrael narzuca europie a sam prowadzi segregację rasową i religijną. za tą ich tolerancję gineli nasi przodkowie a oni dalej robią z siebie ofiary mordując niewinnych jak wiadomo kto (cenzura WP nie pozwala na pisanie kto co i jak) no niestety w tych czasach izraelowi i nic się nie należy ale wszyscy się boją obcji samson nawet WP prawdopodobnie przez nich sterowane.

    ~londunczyk 2015-05-04 (22:06)
    ..no moze nie do konca, ale sa wyrazne rozdzialy „terytorialne” i standardow zabudowy,…Czyli „czarnuchowo” wypisz wymaluj jak w Londynie z tym, ze tu mamy jeszcze Indie,Pakistan,Afryke,Karaiby,Filipiny,Zoltkow…… o narodzie wybranym nie wspomne…Ciekawe kiedy do katedry westminsterskiej zostana dobudowane minarety

    ~historyk 2015-05-04 (20:50)
    Żydzi to antysemici, homofoby, rasiści, faszyści i mordercy.To 150tysięcy żydów w mundurach SS i Wermachtu mordowało swoich braci, w czasie II wojny światowej to amerykańscy żydzi nie wpuścili żydów europejskich którzy uciekli statkiem do ameryki przed faszystowskimi żydami europejskimi. Dzisiaj ci rasiści znęcają się nad kolorowymi żydami.

    ~Odyseusz 2015-05-04 (20:51)
    Czyżby biali żydzi byli antysemitami w stosunku do czarnych żydów!?

    ~qqa 2015-05-04 (20:53)
    Żydzi to wredny naród, nie dość, że antysemici to jeszcze rasiści. Felasze powinni sprzymierzyć się z Palestyńczykami i dać łupnia rasistom-antysemitom.


  3. to ja tylko dodam w temacie:

    Bardzo dziękuje Ci Tom za ten film! Gross, Tokarczuk, Wegener, Obama, Comey… i inni wam podobni mali Goebbelsi i przeciw-polscy, przeciw-słowiańscy oszczercy i kłamcy… napawajcie się… także i waszą jewropejska i usraelską spuścizną, skoro ośmielacie się zaprzeczać faktom!!! 😦



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