Hindus use Swastika in various aspects of life


Wszystkiego Najlepszego dla wszystkich Słowianek i Słowian z okazji zbliżających się Szczodrych Godów!

Zanim zacznę ponownie publikować i porządkować ten sieciopis, oto podarek ode Mię na Szczodre Gody. Zobaczcie sami jak dumny wyznawca tradycji hinduskiej / po-pra-słowiańskiej, pokazuje jak wyznawcy tradycji pustynnej zakłamują święty symbol swastyki / swargi.

Mam nadzieję, że kiedyś nadejdzie taki dzień, że także i dumni Słowianie będą i wytykać takie manipulacje i wpychać je w gardła tym wszystkim, którzy ośmielają się naruszać nasze świętości… Oby czas zapłaty za zbrodnie wyrządzone Słowiańszczyźnie nadszedł jak najszybciej!



Nikunj Trivedi

On a late June afternoon, I received a WhatsApp message that the State of New York was considering a bill that would mandate that the Swastika be taught as a symbol of hatred and intolerance in all New York schools.

(Note: As of July 2020, the bill has been stalled due to widespread outrage among Hindu, Buddhist, Jain and other communities due to the deeply religious significance of the Swastika in these traditions). Naturally, the Swastika and its equivalents hold immense sacred significance for Hindus, Buddhists, Jains, Native Americans, and many other cultures, and are thousands of years old. As a Hindu, I cannot imagine life without sacred symbols like Om, Swastika, Trishul, Tilak, and others. They form a deep connection through which we express our identities while connecting with the Divine. Each has its unique place in Hindu symbolism and practices.

Undoubtedly, educating students about hatred, racism and bigotry is essential. This is even more urgent, given the recent increase in hate crimes against Jewish and African American communities. Incidents of Neo-Nazi emblems being graffitied outside Jewish homes and synagogues, often accompanied by horrific acts of violence by hate groups have seen an alarming increase. Hindus and Sikhs have also been targets of of Neo-Nazis and those who support Nazi ideology.

Yet, the important work of fighting bigotry and racism must not inadvertently stoke resentment against other religious minorities. This was the  Hindu community’s concern about including the Swastika as a hate symbol in the New York bill without proper context. Czytaj dalej 


  1. Witcher: Blood Origin- No Polish Allowed
    Call me Chato
    69,086 views Dec 30, 2022 #CallMeChato #FormerNetworkExec

    For a show that is based on Polish folklore it is laughably devoid of Polish characters or actors.

    Excellent point! In addition to Slavic lore, the appearance of many locations in the games are based on Polish influences. It’s why the games have a distinctive style. If cultural appropriation is forbidden, then let’s hold everyone to account equally. Or equitably, even.

    2 days ago (edited)
    As a Pole, I want to thank you for standing up for us. But here’s the thing. It’s not necessarily about Polish people being represented or Polish actors getting the roles, it’s more about SLAVIC people in general. Polish is a nationality, Slavic is an ethnicity, and the mythology that inspired the Witcher books and games existed long before our country emerged. Now, every Slavic country is different but we can’t really talk about Polish mythology, we talk about Slavic mythology. We, Slavic people, may live in several different countries but we’re all part of the same ethnic group, which should be adequately represented in any adaptation of this universe. And it would be, if we weren’t white. Our skin colour is the problem. Not even the actions of our ancestors (Slavs had no colonies, no slavery but on the contrary, they suffered oppresion from Nazi Germany, just type „anti-Slavic” in Google). Nevertheless, I’m extremely grateful to you for using your voice to signal the problem with „americanization” of the Witcher universe.

    Call me Chato
    Thank you for your comment. It’s great.

    I couldn’t agree more. The „white guilt” makes no sense in case of us, Poles. We didn’t colonize and enslave people of other races/ethnicities (in fact, Poland experienced something similar to being colonized more than once in its history). We quite literally have no reason to apologize for being white. Netflix wouldn’t dare to disrespect for example Korean culture like that. So why they think it’s OK to do it to us?

    The Fifth Horseman
    @psow Exactly, but they will never acknowledge it because it doesn’t mesh with the narrative they want

    I’m Polish. The Witcher TV shows were a disgrace to begin with, this just takes the icing on the cake. I find it amazing how everyone can scream and cry for representation, but when I tell people how important the Witcher is to my culture and country, those same people tell me to sit down and shut up.

    Edit: thanks for all the replies – at to that one guy that proved my point

    PS – I’m a woman 😂

    I’m Ukrainian. We are both Slavic. Hollywood is appropriating our culture. They will get everything they deserve in the future.

    Orange Dragon
    I’m 25% Polish. The rest is Czech blood, but this sucks so God damn much.
    I’m so freaking tired of this representation bullcrap leading to nonsensical role choices. And for whom? A privileged minority of people who are just waiting to get offended by everything? Nah, real people care about great stories or acting. Cinematography isn’t a slideshow of races, genders and sexualities. Unless it’s just about that topic. But the Witcher is not that.

    char ko
    Yep I am from Poland and this getting ridcolous Can’t they see their own obvious hypocrysy

    Orange Dragon
    @char ko Nah, they’re too busy being racist. Since classifying people by their appearance is racism.

    Darek Sobera
    Being 100% Polish, I put my stamp of approval on this. Great video, as always! This diversity crap in Hollywood has to end.

    The Critical Pole
    Długo się nie skończy. Popatrz co zrobili z Willow, Wheel of Time albo Rings of Power. Muszą jeszcze stracić trochę kasy zanim ich hollywoodzka bańka wreszcie eksploduje.

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  2. YouTube Won’t Exist In 5 Years. Here’s Why.
    1,381,937 views May 25, 2022

    YouTube might not exist in 5 or 10 years because of a few bad decisions, here’s why.

    Susan Wojcicki is ruining Youtube by some bad business decisions and selling lots of youtube’s creativity for big profits at a big cost, making youtube bad and is why youtube is now trash. Here’s why Youtube sucks nows, and the golden age of youtube is dead and tiktok is taking over youtube. Here’s why youtube is dying. It all comes from Youtube’s business strategy and business model making money from killing youtube’s creativity.

    Everett Watson
    Oh god, living in a timeline where TikTok kills YouTube completely is something dreadful

    Ricky Evans
    If YouTube shut down I would seriously just go back to spending all my free time on the internet reading Wikipedia articles like I used to lol. Does anybody else remember those days or is that just me? 😅

    If YouTube does go away, it will be because it pushed content creators and users away. I don’t go on TikTok and hope to never have to. I hope that YouTube wakes up and starts making changes to keep it from going away.

    It’s too late

    If TikTok becomes the new YouTube then, I think we can all agree humanity is doomed..

    Seriously TikTok is so much more toxic in my opinion

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