1088 U.S. Gov ADMITS Covid Originated In Wuhan Lab—Media Liars Exposed!

U.S. Gov ADMITS Covid Originated In Wuhan Lab – Media Liars Exposed!
The Jimmy Dore Show
18,513 views Mar 1, 2023 #TheJimmyDoreShow

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that investigators at the Department of Energy have concluded that the COVID virus likely escaped from a lab in Wuhan, China, and did not emerge from a nearby Wuhan market. Not everyone is convinced, of course, in particular those who accused anyone promoting the “lab leak theory” of being conspiracy theorists or anti-Chinese bigots.

Jimmy and Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger discuss the surprising report, surprising not only for its content but also for its source.

I can’t believe they are still marking videos with the covid-19 stamp on Jimmy’s videos. The audacity of YouTube is astonishing

“The vaccine was not brought in for COVID. COVID was brought in for the vaccine. Once you realize that, everything else makes sense.” ~ Dr. Reiner Fuellmich

Babs Kaz
It’s all about control and compliance. Unapologetically free!!

In October 2019, the World Military Games was held in Wuhan. Several people from the United States participated in the Games. One of them was a cyclist, and this person happened to be a person who had worked in the Fort Derek laboratory. He suddenly felt unwell at the time. Lung pain and difficulty breathing. Afterwards, the United States sent a special plane to take him away with several other athletes who were in close contact with him. They did not participate in any sports. Instead, they went to visit all the crowded cities in Wuhan before the competition. Places, such as shopping malls, square supermarkets, etc. In addition, in September 2019 or earlier, local volunteers in Italy had already contracted the new crown pneumonia. At that time, American soldiers stationed in Italy were stationed there. It happened that local residents nearby were suddenly infected and sick.

US Energy department and FBI agree on Lab leak
Dr. John Campbell
41,598 views Mar 1, 2023

US Energy department, pandemic is most likely to have originated from a lab leak



Oversees a network of 17 laboratories, research in advanced biology
Overseas biodefence labs
Oversees US nuclear weapons program
Based on new intelligence, additional study of academic literature, and consultation with experts outside government
The Covid-19 pandemic is most likely to have originated from a lab leak
Accidental leak low confidence

(In 2021, FBI had moderate confidence in a lab leak)
Covid-19 was part of a Chinese biological weapons programme, unfounded FBI chief Christopher Wray says China lab leak most likely


FBI Director Christopher Wray

The FBI has for quite some time now assessed that the origins of the pandemic are most likely a potential lab incident

China has been doing its best to try to thwart and obfuscate efforts to identify the source of the global pandemic. Details of the agency’s investigation were classified (FBI has a team of experts focusing on the dangers of biological threats)


March 7, 2020

A group that has been involved in China at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, which some saw as a conflict of interest

The rapid, open, and transparent sharing of data on this outbreak is now being threatened by rumours and misinformation around its origins. We stand together to strongly condemn conspiracy theories suggesting that COVID-19 does not have a natural origin.

17th March, 2020, Patrick Vallance shuts down debate

UK experts helped shut down Covid lab leak theory




Natural spillover event caused the pandemic, was hugely instrumental in stifling debate into the origins of the virus. By the time the paper was published, all reference to biosecurity problems in Wuhan had been removed

April 18, 2020, President Trump

a lot of people are looking into the possibility of a lab leak, the theory seems to make sense

Dr. Anthony Fauci

the virus’ mutations are consistent with a jump of a species from an animal to a human.

4th June, 2020, Sir Richard Dearlove, former head, MI6


Seen a scientific report by a British-Norwegian team indicating that the virus was man-made

January 15, 2021


State Department fact sheet

Some researchers at the Wuhan Institute of Virology,

became sick in fall 2019, three researchers were hospitalized before the first coronavirus case was reported.

February 9, 2021 World Health Organization team

the possibility that the virus escaped from a lab in Wuhan extremely unlikely

February 9, 2021


Close relative of SARS-CoV-2 found in bats in Thailand, China and Laos

Jason Brooks
Funny how we all got ridiculed, threatened, blocked, censored and ostracized when we said exactly this THREE YEARS ago already!

Gary Goldstein
All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident. Arthur Schopenhauer

Chris Bishop
The conspiracy theorists have been proven correct so many times the past couple years I am beginning to think there might be value in wearing a tin foil hat.

Actually, We Do Conduct Gain-of-Function Research…And Why That’s A Good Thing
Memology 101
79,664 views Feb 28, 2023 UNITED STATES

Despite the snake oil salesman’s claims that gain-of-function wasn’t happening, even after the NIH admitted it, John Kirby talks about why Biden supports it…confirming again that it is indeed happening.

Interviewer: Dr Fauci, what’s 1+1?

Fauci: well it all depends on your perspective, and definition of what ‚one’ is. We’ve been watching that and most probably, from our vantage, it’s contingent on one being a singularity, or plurality. And there is a causality between the two which makes it hard to determine, yet dynamic enough so our hypothetical models, with a high degree of certainty, put us in a position to firmly say, with a high degree of probability, yet with the same degree of skeptical caution, that the answer will most likely be two. Although we’re not a hundred percent sure, depending on which way the science goes, so we’ll have to keep an eye on it, because it’s an ever changing fluids circumstance that makes it very hard to arrive at an accurate conclusion.

Zach Moore
I was under the assumption that lying to Congress is a felony…

ha you think the law applies to them??

Rockit Surjon
For some.

Jason Sangwin
if YOU lie to congress, yes.

jane blogs
The question was „in wuhan”, he answered „no, but we are in the usa”

Kelly Conroy
Only if you are a conservative

Edgars Kalnins
Not if the hearing is just a show for the public

Maxxor – Overworld Hero
It’s (D)ifferent when they do it.

LAB LEAK Denial? Biden White House Equivocates On OWN Department’s Findings, Liberal Media COPES
The Hill
5,447 views Premiered 2 hours ago

Ian Medford
The fact that incompetence and failure are NEVER punished proves that all this lunacy is on purpose.

M Krake
I find this so infuriating as well. These people just smugly go on with their lives and take no lesson from their ignorance.

Wow, you a spot on, well said. Now if we can get the Politicians and Press to start telling the truth. Not optimistic.

COVID-19 is likely to be a Lab-leak! Are your surprised?
Vejon Health
48.9K subscribers
1,424 views Streamed live on Mar 1, 2023

This was initially thought to be a conspiracy theory. Currently it is all over the news. Why now? Maybe they read my summation in August 2022 or the interview with the scientist who discovered the patent!

Watch full interview here:

Fred Forsythe
Leak? Yup, I’m surprised. The ‚cure’ was available and waiting for it to ‚leak’

Just last night our friends wife dropped dead from a heart attack aged 50, leaving behind 3 children and a husband. Last night also another friend collapsed and has blood clots in her neck and growths on her liver, the doctors for reasons I don’t know cannot remove the clot yet. Our family and others „both pro and against injections” are now openly having conversations about what is going on. For whatever reason it appears we have periodic spells of deaths that shouldn’t be happening.

v a s
Isn’t there a consideration of really brilliant people called savant that in their “field” of understanding could recognize patterns or summarize equations of progression/evolution to assist in reaching plausible conclusions/understanding?

31 thoughts on “1088 U.S. Gov ADMITS Covid Originated In Wuhan Lab—Media Liars Exposed!

  1. My God, he said what?
    Anything Goes
    143,040 views Feb 27, 2023

    Makes joke about drug cartels buying media. Media comes running to defend it’s drug cartels. Thank you for proving Woody’s point.

    Lucas Jeffrey
    Haha that was my first thought as well. Funny

    Ernie McCracken
    Why did said media give Harrelson a platform in the first place by putting him on SNL?

    Al Fredo
    @Ernie McCracken because they win either way. They did not expect him to go against them, but now that he did, they can use his own words against him to make some more propaganda. They win no matter what happens.

    Yolanda Scholten
    @Christopher Smirnoff exactly Christopher! People who refused the sauce aren’t necessarily anti-vax, since many of those people have other vaccines like polio etc. however, the definition of anti-vax has been changed months ago to now include the RMnA vaccine. So technically if you refuse the sauce you are considered anti-vax. That’s the world we live in now.

    Mikey L
    @Al Fredo the winners are the ones who dont play their games

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  2. Dlaczego w Australii nie je się dzikich królików? Przecież są ich miliony!
    221,497 views Feb 25, 2023 #CudaŚwiata

    Wiecie, że w Australii żyją miliony królików? Nigdy jednak nie słyszałem, aby na najmniejszym kontynencie mięso królicze było popularnym daniem. Czytałem też gdzieś, że w Australii w ogóle nie je się królików. Dlatego postanowiliśmy zbadać tę sprawę. To, czego się dowiedzieliśmy, całkiem nas zaskoczyło.

    Vaak Demandante
    30 USD za usługę szczepienia każdego królika? Niezły tam mają monopol ci weterynarze, bo nie wierzę, że na normalnym rynku i przy hurtowym szczepieniu całej hodowli ta kwota byłaby większa niż 1 USD/królika.

    Klasyczny socjalizm. Ktoś kiedyś kupił sobie przepisy, że ma być min. 30 USD / król i tym sposobem zarżnęli całą branżę hodowli króli. Mogliby być eksporterami na cały świat, a przez to, że Australia jest jednak skorumpowanym krajem, to na całej branży pasą się wyłącznie weterynarze. Idę o zakład, że nie tylko ten biznes tak zarżnęli.

    Skoro króliki były takie niesmaczne dla ludzi to mogli skorzystać produkując z nich chociażby karmę dla psów i kotów eksportując ją na cały świat ale woleli użyć broń biologiczną.

    Guy Mickey
    8:20 „naukowców można uznać za sprawców współczesnych chorób królików ….”
    No, ale w przypadku kowida – to jest ZUPEŁNIE INNA SPRAWA …

    Violetta Hagenes
    Nie tylko chorob krolikow ale tez ludzi 🤬🤬🤬i wszystkich zwierzat hodowlanych

    To już wiecie w jaki sposób ludzi wykończają.

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    • Increasing Excess Deaths in the UK yet again!!
      Vejon Health
      22,597 views Streamed live on Jan 12, 2023

      Article from the Daily Mail:
      Make-shift MORGUES built during Covid crisis are being reopened to house dead bodies amid surge in fatalities over festive period


      Graham Thacker
      Don’t you find it strange that none of the unvaccinated are not complaining about not becoming ill.

      Vejon Health
      Not surprising at all.

      Christopher Shrimpton
      The hysterical reaction to Andrew Bridgen’s statement is not confined to the COVID debacle. It’s becoming impossible to have a rational argument on so many other issues without accusations of “racism “, “antisemitism”, “phobia” or simple “denial”. So tedious and no way to address complex problems.

      Vejon Health

      Nick Firth
      Genocide is the most relevant issue though.

      All seeing Otto
      This is how the left wing matrix reacts to criticism.

      Solzhenitsyn wrote about similar issues.

      Adrian Bingham
      Andrew Bridgen didn’t say anything inappropriate at all he said the C-19 vaccines were the worst thing to happen since the holocaust, he didn’t say it was worse than the holocaust. Maybe Chairman Mao was something arguably worse than the holocaust as it involved more millions of deaths but that’s something you can debate. It’s not like you’re racist against the Chinese for bringing up Chairman Mao.

      Vejon Health
      It was an opportunity to bring him down.

      We are already at that stage where trust has been compromised with the Medical institutions.
      My Doc can’t even look at me in the eye anymore, he knows that trust is gone.

      mega at oh
      so why are you always visiting someone you claim not to trust?

      @mega at oh I’m not always visiting. I went for a prescription. I don’t hate my Doc. I’ve just lost that faith in the medical system, there’s a difference.


      • Was Andrew Bridgen MP targeted by his Party for Raising Concerns about Vaccines
        Vejon Health
        2,004 views Streamed live on Jan 17, 2023

        Sharing the statement from Andrew Bridgen in response to his Tweet, of the opinion of a consultant cardiologist that the global Covid19 vaccine rollout “is the biggest crime against humanity since the Holocaust”.

        Andrew Bridgen MP

        Looking at an article from The Critic:
        Censorship and the Holocaust

        Article from HART Group:
        A Review of Full Fact’s ‘Fact Check’ of Recent Statements by Andrew Bridgen MP

        Fiona Beazley
        Thank you, Andrew Bridgen, for questioning the science, for standing up for free speech, for démocracy and for the British People. We are indeed in difficult times – May your courage be an inspiration to us all to fight this tyranny. Good always triumphs over evil in the end.

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    • Countries with high Covid vaccine hesitancy. What were the outcomes?
      Vejon Health
      94,240 views Streamed live on Feb 6, 2023

      Papua New Guinea historically has very high vaccine hesitancy with only 4.15% of the country being covid vaccinated.


      What would be the outcomes here?


      Would this WHO programme happen to have contributed to outcomes?
      Just wondering.


      Graham Thacker
      It is not hesitancy, it is people having the intelligence to know that it is all a scam.

      Exactly. It would be like referring to me as „slashing my throat hesitant.”

      Gear Omad
      That term really annoys. I was not hesitant. I was 100% sure that I didn’t want or need. I was also 100% clear on the Nuremberg code and why it was put in place.

      Shirley Swaine
      The term ‚vaccine hesitancy’ in relation to the Covid jab amuses me because after doing my research as to what made this so-called vaccine experimental and novel, I wasn’t ‚hesitant’ I was absolutely against as, from what I’ve read, were many of us who decided „No way!”

      John McClain
      I’m in the US and had exactly the same reaction. I’ve been disabled since getting an anthrax vaccine in 89, of course that is entirely denied as causal in my thirty plus years of disability.

      Good Comrade
      My conclusion: people in Papua New Guinea are smarter than the Aussies. As we are already seeing the pattern, smart people tend to survive the pandemic better. Thank you for this new episode.

      I’m Australian and that 88% uptake was achieved through extreme deception, manipulation and coercion of all citizens and medical professionals. I know multiple people who lost their careers having been sacked under mandates, or were damaged by the mandated product in order to maintain their careers, and it’s still going on today as many large companies and govt agencies still require employees to have the product every 6 months. I will never trust my government and have an abysmal trust in my fellow Australians who seem to have folded like a pack of cards in the face of utter medical tyranny.

      Vejon Health
      Sad to hear.

      Jason Sanders
      Much the same in lil’ NZ, sad to say.

      Ayiana Arthur
      They were just seeing how compliant we are to know if it was time yet to roll out the voice apartheid and make us all second class citizens with no rights based on race.

      The land of Ned Kelly and the Eureka Stockade has gone downhill somewhat.

      Jimmy Pellas
      So sad for what happened in Australia. I was shocked in the way a relatively democratic state became an all out dictatorship with the chosen henchmen like Andrews and Gunner enjoying their role. But most of all I blame the docile, silent, obedient majority and the civil servants of Satan. My heart goes out to my brothers and sisters that demonstrated, resisted and fought for their birth right…. To be free to choose
      Never give up, tyranny always destroys itself


      • Breakthrough understanding on „Rhymes with Pectin”. What else could work?
        Vejon Health
        1,234 views Premiered Feb 16, 2023

        This research has been a culmination of 3 years of diligent review of the science.

        The recent paper in Cell demonstrates a mechanism of the virus that seems to be inhibited by this remarkable drug.

        Wu, Chien-Ting, et al. „SARS-CoV-2 replication in airway epithelia requires motile cilia and microvillar reprogramming.” Cell 186.1 (2023): 112-130.

        What other options could have a similar effect?

        Vidhyut Kargutkar
        The fact that we can’t even name ‚it’ shows the absurdity and sheer corruption of the times we are living in.
        Sheesh science couldn’t have fallen farther from the truth.

        It’s stunning that he has to ask this question. It can’t be answered by pharma, health or political authorities. They can’t admit their errors. The cure has been with us all along.

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      • Did I cause Johns Hopkins to close the Coronavirus Resource site? Apologies…
        Vejon Health
        12,793 views Streamed live on Feb 14, 2023

        Broadcasted a video on covid vaccine hesitancy in Papua New Guinea on the 6th of February using Johns Hopkins data.

        Within 4 days, the decision was taken by Johns Hopkins to stop sharing covid data from across the world. It was such an important resource as the data was clean and demonstrated a pandemic of highly vaccinated regions. My apologies for sharing the inconvenient truth.

        Jedad Ruled
        We need more Boosters to make corona great again

        Andhe Wonders
        I wonder where John Hopkins receive their funding from.

        Vejon Health
        Good question.

        Big pharmaceutical companies,just like the FDA and many other regulatory agencies concerning health in The U.S.A.

        Gary Teters
        Thanks Dr McMillan, And it’s still full steam ahead on getting Africa vaccinated.

        Vejon Health
        Not interested in the science sadly.

        This racket has run its course. Look over there: is that a UFO?!

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  3. COVID-19 is likely to be a Lab-leak! Are your surprised?
    Vejon Health
    48.9K subscribers
    1,424 views Streamed live on Mar 1, 2023

    This was initially thought to be a conspiracy theory.

    Currently it is all over the news. Why now? Maybe they read my summation in August 2022 or the interview with the scientist who discovered the patent!

    Watch full interview here:

    Fred Forsythe
    Leak? Yup, I’m surprised. The ‚cure’ was available and waiting for it to ‚leak’

    Just last night our friends wife dropped dead from a heart attack aged 50, leaving behind 3 children and a husband. Last night also another friend collapsed and has blood clots in her neck and growths on her liver, the doctors for reasons I don’t know cannot remove the clot yet. Our family and others „both pro and against injections” are now openly having conversations about what is going on. For whatever reason it appears we have periodic spells of deaths that shouldn’t be happening.

    v a s
    Isn’t there a consideration of really brilliant people called savant that in their “field” of understanding could recognize patterns or summarize equations of progression/evolution to assist in reaching plausible conclusions/understanding?

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    • Sometimes I wish I didn’t know what was going on with COVID-19!
      Vejon Health
      3,733 views Feb 24, 2023

      It is even less safe not to speak the truth, as the problem only gets bigger. Listen to Sean Kaufman (Public Health Expert) share his journey about sharing the truth on COVID-19.

      Watch full interview here:

      Timecodes –

      0:00 Intro
      3:00 Involvement in SARS-COV 2003
      10:57 Political experience
      12:03 LinkedIn censorship
      16:05 Need to follow the narrative
      19:10 How can Public Health change direction
      21:30 Why is China having a difficult time?
      24:45 Who can be trusted?
      26:00 Why are the public not questioning more?
      29:34 How can misinformation be managed?
      33:32 Can Public Health afford to be damaged?
      37:20 The global Public Health narrative
      40:05 What is the public anxiety currently?
      44:43 The next phase of the COVID-19 pandemic and long Covid
      48:55 Views on vaccine mandates
      59:35 What could be a different approach for Public Health

      Ophelia Myall
      I am a nurse and nurse educator by profession. I lost my job when l refused the covid gene therapy. I have no regrets. It is indeed very sad to know what’s going on. I don’t trust the health care system in my country or anywhere else. I pray l never get sick.

      Fred Mrozek
      You were one of the courageous ones. Blessings on you.

      Ophelia Myall
      @Fred Mrozek l was called all manner of names on social media. My qualifications were questioned when l spoke against these unethical and unconstitutional mandates and pseudo research. I was among the first set of people to lose my jobs where l worked on the island of Turks and Caicos.

      MJ Pearce
      My sister was forced to take the jab to keep her job. The vaccine shots and boosters were required. She ended up with long COVID and was fired from her job being too ill to return to work. These people destroyed my sister’s career helping people as a RN.

      Sandra G
      Clemens Arvay, a biologist of Austria, who thoroughly warned about the mRna-vaccines from early on, was brutaly defamed by wikipedia-authors, was not allowed to continue his doctoral thesis, wasn’t invited in tv shows anymore. He told friends about how much he suffers about not beeing able to have a fair discussion about his findings. Now he comitted suicide. This is where we are at…

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    • Colbert REALLY Doesn’t Want Lab Leak Theory To Be True!
      The Jimmy Dore Show
      123,986 views Mar 3, 2023 #TheJimmyDoreShow

      Last year when Jon Stewart appeared on Stephen Colbert’s show and promoted the so-called “Lab Leak” theory about COVID’s origin, the host became noticeably agitated and did all he could to squelch Stewart’s bit. Well, it turns out Colbert is still as opposed to the Lab Leak theory as ever, recently using his monologue to crap on the Department of Energy for a report supporting the idea that COVID emerged from a lab.

      Richard Thompson
      The people laughing at Colbert are horrified by Woody Harrelson.

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    • Dr Shankara Chetty TARGETED for preventing Covid Deaths!
      Vejon Health
      5,876 views Streamed live on Feb 27, 2023

      Why would anyone wish this doctor to not continue to treat his community?

      Read the charges against him on my Substack:

      Becky Boop
      This is absolutely sickening and so wrong on every level, angry is an understatement right now in how I feel hearing about this. the results that Shankar achieved should be celebrated, unlike the West that allowed people to die or caused long- term disability like my old school friends thirty year old son, he was on a ventilator for about a month, he can’t walk or stand up and had lost the use of his arms and hands. how many others are out there like that ? The claims for disability benefits is it an all time high with people who will never work again, I suppose that could be partly due to the elephant in the room, rather than the lack of adequate treatment. I recall the stay at home until you turn blue protocol. I hope Shankar is not taken down for his fantastic and caring work in saving so many people, he deserves the noble prize.

      Pauline Westell
      This is heartbreaking and terrifying in equal measure. I have listened to Dr Chetty from the outset, it is inconceivable that society has sunk so low so quickly 😔

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      • The COVID-19 Treatment Conspiracy – How millions of lives were lost
        Vejon Health
        130,681 views Streamed live on Jul 19, 2022

        The most important COVID-19 breakthrough occured in June 2020 through the RECOVERY trial (Oxford) by identifying dexamethasone. What was the reason for not taking the next step? Could millions more lives have been saved?

        Gabriel S
        If you have to be persuaded, reminded, pressured, lied to, incentivized, coerced, bullied, socially shamed, guilt-tripped, blackmailed, threatened, punished and criminalized…if all of this is considered necessary to gain your compliance—you can be absolutely certain that what is being promoted is not in your best interest

        Marc Melvin
        I have encountered this statement repeatedly in the last year and a half… and it is still true.

        Amanda Nabors
        And Reprimanded, fired, censored, scare tactics, controlled

        Tappy Tibbons
        You forgot BANNED. Banned from commenting, eating, attending, visiting, or expressing your view on any level in any corner of public discourse.

        K Sharpe
        It’s absolutely heartbreaking to know that so many died that could have been saved. 💔💔💔

        It all makes sense as soon as you recognise that THEY DID NOT WANT TO SAVE LIVES. As soon as you accept that, there are no more ‚contradictions’ – closing cancer services, cancelling urgent surgery, sending untested, infected elderly patients back to Care Homes, forcing the vax on groups with zero risk, and preventing effective treatments – there is ONLY ONE explanation that makes sense.

        John Greene
        In December 2021 I had three friends who got COVID, they all, for different reasons, ended up in the hospital. I got sick at that time so went to get tested by my doctor. After he authorized the test, his next words to me were, Dexamethasone doesn’t work, Hydroxychloroquine doesn’t work and Ivermectin doesn’t work. I tested negative and he tested negative for continuing to be my physician.

        alan mac
        Unfortunately it’s been a very long time since the well being of patients has been the driving force behind medicine.

        K. Truman
        It is called crimes against humanity.

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  4. The CDC’s changing vaccine story (Vinay Prasad analyzes Walensky statements)
    71,466 views Mar 4, 2023

    A top critic of the CDC responds to Rochelle Walensky’s ever-changing recommendations: „Our strategy does not make sense,” says​ @vprasadmdmph.

    John Nixon
    Why did CDC change the official definition of a vaccine to exclude the word „immunity” when the first COVID shots came out?

    W.E.F. = World’s Existential Foe
    A lot of definitions have been changed over the last 3 years……..including the definition of the word „definition.” The monsters running this circus are thorough in thier destruction.

    David Jones
    They can’t change the definition that’s in millions of dictionaries that have been printed over the last 100 years.

    Merryl Miziul

    The CDC needs to be dismantled. The CDC is an entity separate from the United States Government. This should have NEVER been permitted. Crimes against humanity have occurred during the past 3 years. The criminal perpetrators must be held to account for their actions.

    So does DHS need to be dismantled. Many organizations are a separate entity from the US government. CIA DHS first come to mind. The corporations that run the country. These criminals are too big to be held accountable.

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    • Dr. Vinay Prasad: Stop trusting the public health establishment
      13,369 views Premiered Mar 2, 2023

      A discussion of mRNA vaccines and America’s public health establishment with UCSF’s Vinay Prasad.

      „Trust is justified based on how an organization or system performs,” writes Vinay Prasad, a hematologist-oncologist and associate professor of epidemiology and biostatistics at the University of California, San Francisco. „And the truth is, the entire public health apparatus, failed.”

      Join Prasad and Reason’s Nick Gillespie and Zach Weissmueller for the YouTube premiere of a discussion of America’s public health system, mask policies, vaccine and booster mandates, and the ongoing threat that the federal and state governments’ expansive use of emergency powers during the COVID-19 pandemic poses to Americans’ civil liberties this Thursday at 1 p.m. Eastern.

      Irene Ewens
      My health has suffered after a heart attack because of the cookie cutter prescribing of so called heart medication. The blood thinner damaged my liver and gave me nausea and the beta blocker slowed my metabolism, gave me debilitating fatigue and caused me to go from 84 kilos to 102 kilos in 10 months. I had to get angry with my GP before she would stop prescribing these meds. Still fighting to lose the weight 2 years later. I feel betrayed and lost all trust and I question everything. Didn’t have the jab either and although I had covid it was no worse than flu and I’m 70, obese, high blood pressure, heart disease etc. These people are evil.

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    • Looming autoimmune explosion related to Covid vaccination
      Vejon Health
      42,795 views Streamed live on Feb 18, 2023

      Paper out of Japan highlighting increased thyroid autoimmunity after covid vaccination.

      Morita, Shuhei, et al. „Effect of SARS-CoV-2 BNT162b2 mRNA vaccine on thyroid autoimmunity: A twelve-month follow-up study.” Frontiers in Endocrinology 14 (2023).

      This was also review previously in another paper with no concern highlighted.
      The effect of the BNT162b2 vaccine on antinuclear antibody and antiphospholipid antibody levels

      The difference is that the Japan paper looked over 12 months, versus 2 months in the other paper.

      Long term risks are not fully elucidated.


      Dorothy Simpson
      There were doctors who said that this would happen almost 3 years ago. They were silenced. Crimes against humanity.

      Strange isn’t it that only certain research gets peer reviewed and published quickly.

      It’s a cult and they aren’t interested it those that aren’t a part of said cult.

      Cat Woman
      I’m still stunned at the number of people who voluntarily went for these jabs. The ones who were forced to for work I have sympathy for. Those who called the rest of us tinfoil hat wearers, plague rats, granny killers, etc, etc, I have no sympathy for.

      Marjorie St Clair
      A neighbor told me that if we were to get covid, us unvaxxed, that we “should be thrown out of the emergency room and left to die in a ditch at the edge of town.” As an NP for 30+ years, I was beyond shocked at his attitude. There were many like him, unfortunately. This is how societies go sideways….

      Cat Woman
      @Marjorie St Clair It’s easy to see how Germany so quickly went the way it did in the 1930s.

      Sean13 H
      Safe and effective – that was all i needed to know to trigger my concerns. When the scientific community celebrate new studies showing the jab doesn’t harm newborns or has no affect on women’s menstrual cycles only proves that this is a real time experiment and that they had no data to support the safe and effective claims.
      People need to be held to account.

      Vejon Health
      Who would be responsible?

      Polubione przez 1 osoba

  5. https://wpolityce.pl/swiat/636949-uk-minister-zdrowia-chcial-straszyc-nowym-wariantem-covid

    Sensacyjne doniesienia! Brytyjski minister zdrowia rozważał, jak wystraszyć ludzi nowym wariantem koronawirusa

    opublikowano: godzinę temu

    Pałac Westminsterski / autor: Fratria

    W grudniu 2020 roku ówczesny brytyjski minister zdrowia Matt Hancock dyskutował z doradcami, kiedy ujawnić pojawienie się nowego wariantu koronawirusa, by najskuteczniej wystraszyć nim ludzi i zmusić ich do przestrzegania lockdownu – ujawnił „The Sunday Telegraph”.

    Gazeta opublikowała kolejną część z ponad 100 tys. wiadomości wymienionych na Whatsappie między Hancockiem a innymi ministrami i urzędnikami na początku pandemii Covid-19. Źródłem przecieku do gazety jest dziennikarka Isabel Oakeshott, która pomagała Hancockowi pisać niewydane jeszcze wspomnienia z okresu pandemii.

    Wielka ściema?
    W wiadomościach wysłanych 13 grudnia 2020 roku Hancock wyrażał zaniepokojenie tym, że władze Londynu mogą się sprzeciwiać nowemu lockdownowi.

    Zamiast dawać zbyt wiele sygnałów wcześniej, możemy rzucić na boisko nowy wariant

    — napisał jeden z doradców, na co Hancock odpowiedział: „Wystraszymy nowym wariantem, że wszystkim spodnie pospadają”.

    Tak, to właśnie spowoduje odpowiednią zmianę zachowania

    — zauważa doradca, po czym minister pyta: „To kiedy wykorzystujemy nowy wariant?”.

    Następnego dnia Hancock ogłosił publicznie pojawienie się nowego wariantu koronawirusa, a jeszcze cztery dni później rząd wycofał się z planów poluzowania restrykcji na okres Bożego Narodzenia.

    Czynnik strachu
    W innej ujawnionej wymianie wiadomości, która pochodzi z 10 stycznia 2021 roku, Hancock i minister-szef kancelarii premiera Simon Case dyskutowali o tym, jak spowodować większe przestrzeganie restrykcji. Rozważali m.in. zaostrzenie wymogów dotyczących noszenia maseczek, ale Hancock wyraził zdanie, że małe zmiany nie są właściwą drogą.

    Myślę, że to jest słuszne. Małe rzeczy wyglądają śmiesznie. Podniesienie przekazu – czynnik strachu/winy jest kluczowy

    — napisał Case.

    Matt Hancock był ministrem zdrowia od lipca 2018 r. do czerwca 2021 r. Zrezygnował ze stanowiska po tym gdy został przez media przyłapany na złamaniu restrykcji covidowych, które sam wprowadził. W listopadzie zeszłego roku został zawieszony przez Partię Konserwatywną w prawach członka jej klubu poselskiego w związku z udziałem w telewizyjnym reality show.


    — Nowe badania: Wciąż nie ma twardych dowodów, że noszenie maseczek chroni przed wirusami grypy oraz Covid-19

    — Podczas dużej fali Covid-19 władze Chin przestały publikować bilanse zakażeń i zgonów


    Widać dobitnie po co były te lockdowny napewno tu nie o zdrowie chodziło. Spiskowe teorie znowu się sprawdzają. „Pandemia” miała tylko jeden cel zacząć wielki reset w tej chwili mamy następny etap wojna a ekologiczne świrowanie to tylko dodatek by społeczeństwo trzymać w ciągłym strachu i pesymiźmie. Takimi zdemotywowanymi i wystraszonymi masami lepiej rządzić. Odebrać radość życia i wole nawet nie walki ale działania by można było każde szaleństwo wprowadzić.


    • https://wpolityce.pl/polityka/636788-niedzielski-czy-wszystko-bylo-zrobione-wlasciwie

      Wraca temat szczepień. Minister Niedzielski: Myślę, że konieczna jest refleksja, czy wszystko było zrobione w odpowiedni sposób

      opublikowano: wczoraj

      autor: wPolityce.pl/TVP Info

      „Możemy już mówić o sukcesie, dlatego że liczba studentów [na kierunkach lekarskich] zwiększyła się w wyraźny sposób – mówimy o wzroście 10 tys. osób w stosunku do początku 2015 roku, czyli okresu przed rządem Zjednoczonej Prawicy” – mówił w programie „Gość Wiadomości” (TVP Info) minister zdrowia Adam Niedzielski.

      Na tym nie koniec.

      To powiększenie puli specjalistów, którzy będą leczyli pacjentów. To samo widać również w specjalizacjach

      — zaznaczył minister.

      Niedzielski odniósł się również do zarzutów części środowiska lekarskiego, według których kształcenie lekarzy przez uczelnie niebędące uniwersytetami, może wpłynąć na poziom kształcenia medyków.

      Chcę bardzo wyraźnie powiedzieć, że to odbywa się kosztem jakości kształcenia to głosy, które bronią korporacji, by nie dopuszczać nowych adeptów do tej korporacji. My podjęliśmy bardzo jednoznaczne działania – to zwiększenie liczby studentów, to zaproszenie lekarzy z zagranicy, ale również bardzo wyraźne postawienie na jakość kształcenia

      — mówił szef resortu zdrowia.

      Co z Covidem?
      W rozmowie padły też pytania o pandemie koronawirusa.

      Pandemia nie dzieje się w mediach, ona się dzieje w przychodniach, szpitalach

      — zauważył minister zdrowia.

      Osoby, które bardzo dużo komentowały w czasie Covidu, czują się coraz mniej popularne i stąd ten ton rozczarowania

      — powiedział odnosząc się do zarzutów, że resort zdrowia nie nagłaśnia stosunkowo wysokiej liczby zakażeń.

      Zawsze ocenialiśmy powagę fali covidowej po tym, jak ona oddziałuje na hospitalizację

      — wyjaśnił minister.

      Odsetek ciężki zachorowań z okresu na okres się zmniejsza, stąd nasza ocena, że ta dolegliwość zachorowań dla systemu opieki zdrowotnej jest coraz mniejsza i w związku z tym nie wprowadzamy żadnych restrykcji. Nie ma potrzeby eksalowania różnego rodzaju obostrzeń, bo też jesteśmy zaszczepieni, część populacji przechorowała, ale pw. my o wiele więcej wiemy i ten poziom leczenia w szpitalach i w przychodniach jest o wiele lepszy

      — tłumaczył.

      Nie mówiłbym, że te [nowe] mutacje [koronawirusa] są mniej groźne. Ważna jest odporność, którą zbudowaliśmy m.in. przez szczepienia

      — zastrzegł Adam Niedzielski.

      Sprawa szczepień
      Odsetek ludzi szczepiących się [na Covid] spada

      — przyznał minister.

      Szczepienia w tej chwili to kwestia do negocjacji z producentami i KE

      — zaznaczył.

      Mamy podstawowy zarzut, że te kontrakty nie były budowane w ten sposób, żeby była możliwość wyjścia z tego kontraktu w zależności od sytuacji epidemicznej. Niezależnie od sytuacji byliśmy zobowiązani jako państwa członkowskie do zakupu kolejnych dużych ilości, które przy takim zainteresowaniu musieliśmy magazynować, potem nawet z perspektywą utylizacji. Dlatego podjęliśmy nawet tak drastyczne kroki odmawiając przyjęcia preparatów szczepionkowych, by nie marnować publicznych pieniędzy, żeby również rozliczyć KE z tego, czy proces zawierania kontraktu był optymalny

      — tłumaczył Niedzielski.

      Sukcesem było to, że mieliśmy dostęp do preparatów. Natomiast myślę, że konieczna jest refleksja, czy wszystko było zrobione w odpowiedni sposób

      — zauważył.

      Myślę, że inne kraje są w troszeczkę lepszej sytuacji niż my. (…) Pozostałe kraje europejskie nie są poddane takiej presji jak my [napływ uchodźców wojennych – przyp. red.]

      — przyznał szef resortu zdrowia.

      Jednoczesnie zaznaczył:

      Wszystkie kraje w Europie mają ten sam problem utylizacji szczepionek.

      Pomoc dla Ukraińców
      Minister odnosząc się do powstania hubu medycznego w Jasionce, powiedział:

      To dla nas bardzo ważne rozwiązanie, bo pozwala nam transferować pacjentów do innych krajów.

      Jak dodał:

      To bufor, który pozwala nam reagować na sytuację, jaka ma miejsce na Ukrainie. (…) Z drugiej strony polski pacjent tez musi być zadbany, jeśli chodzi o dostęp do lekarza, dlatego staramy się, by nie było to obciążeniem dla polskiego systemu opieki zdrowotnej.

      gah/TVP Info

      Jest Pan jednym za największym „zabójców” Polaków w historii. Decyzje Pana i jego poprzedników doprowadziły do śmierci 100 do 200 tysięcy z nas. Zapłaci pan za to i to nie będzie sąd.

      CZY WY NIE MACIE WSTYDU??? 24 lutego 2022 roku mozna było iść do więzienia za brak maseczki a 25 lutego ŻADEN PATROL już nie czatował pod supermarketem i apteką i wszyscy chodzili bez mimo, że do Polski przyjechało setki tysięcy niezaszczepionych. WIĘC NIE WMAWIAJCIE „STRASZNEJ” PANDEMII.

      Odwrotna transkryptaza szczepionek mRNA do poziomu DNA demoluje ludzką immunologię! Do tego wywołuje reakcje autoimmunologiczne w postaci niekończącego się produkowania białka kolca! Coraz więcej śmieci jest z tego właśnie powodu. Sekcje zwłok odnotowują potologiczne ilosci tego, białka w układzie krw. i oddziaływanie na organizm , aż do uszkodzenia kluczowych organów. Teraz jest czas żniwa śmierci po szczepieniach. Wiele rządów za kasę obiecaną z NWO -WHO dało się wkręcić w ten oszukanczy, morderczy plan. Depopulacja teraz zaczyna zbierać żniwo…


      Igrzyska rzymskie dla gawiedzi, Niedzielski został przeznaczony na pożarcie, Mateusz wypuszcza lwa.

      A co mi tam…

      Po co promować jednego z coor viszonów przez których PiS traci władzę? Przecież ten minister śmierci bez polskiego paszportu już dawno powinien siedzieć.

      Ech, gdyby tylko Hitler miał Niedzielskiego zamiast Goebbelsa… Wygrałby wojnę!

      To była słoneczna wiosenna niedziela.Wraz z żoną wymknęliśmy się z domu aby pospacerować nad rzeką i choć na chwilę zdjąć z twarzy duszące nasz szmaty.Z obawą spoglądaliśmy na nadjeżdżające samochody w obawie że mogą to być milicyjne radiowozy.Z obawą spoglądaliśmy w okna mijanych domów gdyż wiedzieliśmy że ludzie masowo donoszą władzy o takich jak my.Do rzeki nie doszliśmy.Idąca z naprzeciw kobieta powiedziała że nad rzeką jest milicyjny dron i łapanka.Trwożnie oglądając się za siebie wróciliśmy do domu.Za to co nam zrobiłeś niedzielak .Za to że nas tak bezprzykładnie zgnooiiłeś PiS już nigdy nie dostanie głosu ani ode mnie ani od całej mojej rodziny!

      Ujawniamy prawdę
      Wiadomo już ile Leyen zarobiła na szczepionkach covidowych ???

      Działaliście dobrze, szybko reagując na zmieniającą się sytuację. Zarzuty są absurdalne, czynione post factum. Kazdy jest mądry po czasie, a jak trzeba szybko podjąć decyzję – rozdziawia usta. Znam osobę, która zmarła na covid, choć się wcześniej śmiała z pandemii. Dlatego uwazam, że zrobiliście dobrą robotę. Ale mamy dziś okropną służbę zdrowia – szczególnie pielęgniarki, bezduszne, opryskliwe a nawet ordynarne. SOR w warszawskich szpitalach to koszmar.

      a ruskie onuce dalej straszą szczepionkami xD

      Czytał ktoś książke Griszy Brauna, sowieckiego pachołka Fałszywa Pandemia?

      @rysiek Bieliński, nigdy nie zniżam się do prymitywny wypowiedzi, ale w Twoim przypadku tak trzeba bo nie zrozumiesz: od posła Brauna się odwal prostaku, bo możesz mu co najwyżej sznurówki w butach zawiązać, a Niedzielski, za to co zrobił Polakom, oraz Szumowski, poseł Hoc powinni siedzieć. Nie zapomnimy w czasie wyborów, nie zapomnimy…

      PiS rozpoczyna walkę o głosy. To już nie uda się ukryć: menedżerowie państwowych spółek znów finansują kampanię PiS, propagandziści i PR-owcy partii rządzącej pracują w pocie czoła, by poprawić wizerunek oraz niskie poparcie polityków Kaczyńskiego wśród wyborców. Codziennie pojawiają się setki różnych wymyślonych sondaży, w których partia rządząca jest na czele. To właśnie z tego powodu coraz częściej widzimy polityków PiS-u, którzy składają standardowe i głośne wypowiedzi o zagrożeniu, rosnącej roli Warszawy na arenie międzynarodowej (dzięki działaniom rządu), pomocy finansowej dla każdego Polaka. Tym razem polskojęzyczni politycy przeszli samych siebie w hipokryzji: ponownie przypomnieli sobie o lekarzach, nauczycielach, rolnikach i tych, których lekceważyli od czasów ostatnich wyborów! Szkoda tylko, że głupcy Kaczyńskiego nie zdają sobie sprawy, że to nie ułatwi im wygrania wyborów! Bo przez ostatni rok polski rząd zapomniał o swoich obowiązkach wobec narodu polskiego i martwi się tylko problemami reżimu Kijowskiego!Działania polityków Warszawy doprowadziły do tego, że ukraińscy darmozjady mają w Polsce więcej praw, niż Polacy. Oprócz tego PiS wyrzucił miliardy złotych na potrzeby sił zbrojnych i uchodźców z Ukrainy… Na tym polega absurd tej sytuacji! Warto zwrócić uwagę, że to wszystko dzieje się w warunkach kryzysu w naszym kraju. Może dla tego Kaczyński po raz kolejny mówi o tym, że będzie pracował nad tym, aby „Rzeczpospolita była jak najsilniejsza duchem i gospodarką”.

      Nie wszystko zostało zrobione dobrze, ta plwocina nue stanęła przed Norymbergą 2 i nie wymierzono jej kary stryczka na latarni na Krakowskim Przedmieściu

      Czyżby wyrzuty sumienia i refleksja nad zgonami nadmiarowymi, a może strach przed odpowiedzialnością?

      Ujawniamy prawdę
      Oficjalne stanowisko ONZ łączy pojawienie się epidemii koronawirusa z patriarchatem. Brzmi to niczym absurd, ale stanowi przykład w jakim stopniu następuje dziś ideologizacja życia społecznego. W imię gender wprowadza się nie tylko nowomowę ale również naginanie rzeczywistości aby pasowała do przyjętych założeń.






    • 🚨 Hancock Planned To “Release” New VARIANT To Scare People Into Lockdown
      Mahyar Tousi
      5,011 views Mar 5, 2023

      alan. jeffs
      So absolute proof they were making up variants.

      Jojo x
      Or releasing variants

      Lets see what happens if they try another Lockdown !

      Shirley Swaine
      I think you know what will happen, they’ll say „Boo!” and all the sheep will run indoors. My veterinary surgery, excellent in all other respects, are still insisting that clients wear masks.


    • Matt Hancock SEEKS ‘Legal Immunity’ Over Lockdown Policies 😡
      Mahyar Tousi
      28,753 views Mar 5, 2023

      M-Opus TP
      This man should be in prison for his lies and incompetence.

      Jojo x
      Not a chance remember what blair did and he got off with it

      diane arkley
      He’s not incompetent. All deliberate.

      Rick Shaw
      IF Hancock gets legal immunity why shouldn’t other criminals get the same?

      Paul Buswell
      Blair seems to have done alright

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  6. Pfizer Didn’t Study Viral Transmission Prior to Roll Out??
    High Intensity Health
    111,421 views Oct 13, 2022

    Steve PHL
    Sadly, most people are too proud or too dug-in to ever admit they were wrong or fooled. Don’t expect any apologies or accountability. Expect more willful blindness and obfuscation.

    Yep it’s happening not throwing it in their faces but I want to actually have a conversation with someone that took the Jabbaroonie and realised that it’s a scam just to understand their next move but it seems like their only move is to go into hiding and flee self accountability

    I saw this coming as I have been a vegan activist for years! Most will never admit they are wrong and will reel off any old shit. Plants have feelings, no difference between a puppy and a carrot, lions, cavemen etc etc. Strangely they will also not watch any of my videos on how their food is prepared! 🙄

    A former friend threatened to call CPS on me because I wouldnt vax my children. She called me a couple of weeks ago because she wanted to talk. She didn’t apologize for the threat or for bad mouthing me to everyone I know, she wanted bygones to be bygones because life is too short. Zero accountability, zero acknowledgement of her mistakes. Needless to say we continue to not be friends.

    Polubione przez 1 osoba

  7. Dr Fauci engaged in ‘elaborate coverup’ of COVID-19 origins
    Sky News Australia
    15,781 views Mar 8, 2023

    Senator Rand Paul has once again accused former chief medical adviser to the president Dr Anthony Fauci of engaging in an “elaborate coverup” of the origins of COVID-19.

    Luke H
    I love the way the media covered this up for years and now pretend they’re reporting breaking news.

    They left it until it was no longer possible to hide it. And like you said they now act as if it is breaking news and what a shock!!!

    Sarah Jane
    Yep, they are just as guilty. The excuse they told us to censor won’t be acceptable

    Jimmy McThunda
    Well said lets hope more people realize that government knew this.

    rebecca quinn
    Rats now turning on each other let the games begin

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    • ‚Did Dr. Fauci Ever Explain To You Why He Didn’t Believe The Virus Came From The Wuhan Lab?’: Lesko
      Forbes Breaking News
      46,873 views Mar 13, 2023

      At Wednesday’s House Coronavirus Committee hearing, Rep. Debbie Lesko (R-AZ) questioned former CDC Director Dr. Robert Redfield.

      Does anyone truly believe a person in his position would ever willingly admit a single word of incriminating evidence or actual fact?

      Vitamin C Kills Covid
      As long as you think it accidentally escaped from a lab you won’t suspect that they did it on purpose.

      D Seagull
      Why did he allow them to silence him from the beginning. He should have been calling them out from day one.

      He knows when to duck down and hide to save his own skin, like other people from the science and medical circle.


    • U.S. Covid Lab breach EXPOSED, this CHANGES EVERYTHING | Redacted with Natali and Clayton Morris
      230,029 views Mar 10, 2023 #redacted #claytonmorris #natalimorris

      Was the lab leak in the U.S. and not in China after all? Why were U.S. biolabs researching Covid in 2019 and then shut down for „breaches”? Was Covid in the U.S. way before 2020? We look into the U.S. biolabs and some strange coincidences that make it seem fishy that the U.S. has not opened its border to the WHO for origin-testing investigations. Hmmmm….Was the lab leak in the U.S. and not in China after all? Why were U.S. biolabs researching Covid in 2019 and then shut down for „breaches”? Was Covid in the U.S. way before 2020? We look into the U.S. biolabs and some strange coincidences that make it seem fishy that the U.S. has not opened its border to the WHO for origin-testing investigations. Hmmmm….

      Just a turtle
      Being accused of being a conspiracy theorist is a badge of honor.

      It makes it clear that you care enough to search out the truth.

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    • Fauci FREAKS Over Prosecution Calls | Breaking Points
      Breaking Points
      16,343 views Mar 13, 2023 #news #politics #youtube

      Saagar breaks down a recent interview with Dr. Fauci freaking out over calls for him to be prosecuted over the mishandling of the pandemic.

      What Do You Think…?
      „We weren’t doing gain of function research because we changed the definition.” – Dr. Anthony Fauci

      John Strawb
      So… we don’t go Gain of Function research any more, but your flu vaccine this year was based on Gain of Function research and you should be grateful!

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    • Lab leak information redacted
      Dr. John Campbell
      352,109 views Mar 11, 2023

      Almost every truth during this saga was initially labeled „conspiracy theory” and then later confirmed as fact!

      Debbie Curtis
      I am constantly posting articles with the title „Yet Another spoiler alert… AKA conspiracy theory proven true”

      Just a turtle
      Being accused of being a conspiracy theorist is a badge of honor.

      I wear my tin foil hat with pride! 👍

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  8. How the British People Were Betrayed
    5,449 views Mar 8, 2023

    marie parker
    Prof. Sunetra Gupta and Prof. Battacharya were correct in advocating very limited lockdown to protect the vulnerable, and they were completely ignored.

    N Lorand
    The UK government cares about Ukraine. Ukrainian democracy that silences, jails and kills critics.
    UK government cares about illegal migrants than the UK homeless.
    UK government cares about wokeness than family values.
    UK government does not care about Christian / family values and the ordinary British people.
    Boris enjoyed his partying in downing Street whilst he knew people were forbidden to visit their dying relatives.
    Political elites do not to be intelligent, just have to have the right connections.
    I live in Asia where non of this woke nonsense exists. Economy is booming. Fuel price is 40 pence for a litre of fuel. My electric bill is £30 a month.
    Meanwhile whilst UK citizens wave their Ukrainian flags and stick it to Putin know that the politicians only care about themselves. You are being fed a lie but hey know that your sacrifice is helping your politicians become richer.

    Joe Lyndhurst
    Not just the British. The whole world.

    Joe: I’m sure of it.

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    • Matt’s messages
      Dr. John Campbell
      343,649 views Mar 6, 2023

      Matt Hancock’s plan to ‘frighten the pants off everyone’ about Covid


      How health secretary hoped to shock public into complying with ever-changing lockdown rules

      How Matt Hancock sought to hog the Covid vaccine limelight


      Matt Hancock chose saving face over ending unnecessary ‘pingdemic’


      At points, 600,000 pinged per week (who had been in close proximity to a Covid case)

      Policy resulted in more than 20 million people being told to self-isolate, regardless of whether they had symptoms. At that stage, the self-isolation period was 14 days. Fortnight-long quarantine applied to both contacts of Covid cases and returning travellers. A month later isolation period was reduced to 10 days

      Scheme not scrapped until Feb 2022

      Matt Hancock jokes about Bill Gates


      New Variant Assessment Platform (NVAP)

      Offered UK expertise to assess new variants around the world

      Many conspiracy theories, were said to have been spread on by pro-Kremlin outlets. Mr Gates did not, in the event, endorse the New Variant Assessment Platform.

      I saw a video where Matt Hancock was talking via Zoom to the head of the NHS and they were both discussing whether they had the right equipment and sufficient medications to give Covid sufferers a ‚good death’ (their words). They were discussing whether the NHS had enough syringe drivers and madazolam to deal with the number of ”end of life” patients that would inevitably need this. The way the were talking is as though it was pre-determined that there would be a number of patients that would definitely need end of life care without even knowing at the time the direction the so called pandemic was even going in. As we all didn’t. It is for this reason that people consider many patients that ended up dying – many dying suddenly when they didn’t previously show any signs of dying of covid or any other illness – were euthanised. It is understood that some patients were earmarked as being candidates for end of life ‚care’ when they didn’t show signs that they were about to die. They were however put on these DNR orders and end of life care, many times without informing the relatives that the patient was even suffering with covid or anything else. Hence the reason why so many relatives were completely shocked when they were told that their relative was ‚end of life’ or that they had already died. Those patients were murdered in my opinion. And many people are of the same opinion and have received the same information as I have. And will have researched the same occurrences from that period of time, and indeed after the peak of the covid pandemic (I do not consider that covid was a pandemic either mathematically or literally by definition). How does this man have the audacity to release a book ? He is trying to monopolise on his sordid career like he is some kind of hero after being complicit in the murder of so many people and especially elderly people. Who were hoarded into overcrowded rest homes like cattle, prevented from seeing their relatives and then pharmaceutically euthanised so that the government can produce death figures and make covid look much more serious than it actually was. This is so sickening. This man should be in jail. Period

      maureen kidd
      You hit the target! Spot on.

      He should get life, no questions asked. My uncle was one who didn’t make it out of the hospital after 3 days. C19 was fraudulently, in my opinion, put on his death certificate.

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    • Chris Whitty ADMITTED Privately That Virus Is NOT Deadly
      Mahyar Tousi
      7,692 views Mar 9, 2023

      pete photography
      Many of us knew this, the stats told you that . When are these people going to be held accountable ? And the government admit the wrong doings. They can’t be allowed to get away with this.

      michael hancox
      People like him have made me loose faith in all those we thought we could trust.

      The Divided Kingdom
      Criminal. Will never be held accountable. Sad.

      My hate for these lying people is growing. Thx Hancock for letting us know

      D M
      Not as deadly as „expected”, or not as deadly as PLANNED?

      Those ridiculous computer generated models were atrocious. Never even close to reality, which they knew.

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  9. Ex-CDC Director: Tax Dollars Funded Gain-of-Function Research at Wuhan Lab
    Facts Matter with Roman Balmakov
    51K views 19 hours ago

    This is what happens when you put a political narrative above the truth.

    Well said at the end of his testimony. You can’t call it science if there was no free and open debate.

    That is unless the avatar of science (ei – Fauci) says otherwise, of course.

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    • ‚Do You Think Dr. Fauci Intentionally Lied Under Oath?’: Ex-CDC Director Gives Bombshell Testimony
      Forbes Breaking News
      249,317 views Mar 12, 2023

      In testimony to the House Coronavirus Committee on Wednesday, former CDC Director Dr. Robert Redfield spoke about Dr. Anthony Fauci’s handling of the lab-leak theory to Rep. Nicole Malliotakis (R-NY).

      Thomas Tessier
      I have seen everyone lie under oath and nothing happens to them, unless they are a „normal” citizen and then it is all-of-a-sudden a crime to lie under oath.

      Steve Padgett
      This ethic is destroying this country that is graced with natural resources and great minds.

      Christian Benedict
      Your absolutely right

      David Percival
      Exactly… Why bother exposing corruption if absolutely nothing is going to be done to stop it much less punishing the criminals?????? This is the worst broadway theatrics imaginable.

      Polubione przez 1 osoba

  10. Moderna GOUGES Americans With 400% Price Hike For Vax That Taxpayers ALREADY FUNDED: Public Citizen
    The Hill
    1,421 views Premiered 43 minutes ago WASHINGTON

    Briahna Joy Gray and Robby Soave talk with Peter Maybarduk, the director of Public Citizen, about Moderna’s plan to quadruple the cost of its Covid vaccine, plus how taxpayers might have to shoulder the cost that Moderna did not pay for licensing fees associated with developing the vaccine.

    Brian richmond
    Imagine what they would be charging if it actually worked

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