1089 COVID-19 Vaccine Injury Study Links mRNA Vaccines Trigger Autoimmune Diseases

COVID-19 Vaccine Injury Study Links mRNA Vaccines Trigger Autoimmune Diseases
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Physician-investigators at King Fahad University Hospital in Khobar, Eastern Province Saudi Arabia recently conducted a study, the largest of its kind, linking rare COVID-19 vaccine-related injuries and incidence of new onset of autoimmune disease, including systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE). The study team tapped into sources including the hospital’s electronic medical record finding 31 patients with new onset post COVID-19 vaccine autoimmune diseases and a severe exacerbation of an existing disease including patients with connective tissue disorders, vasculitis, as well as neurologic diseases.

Bernd Hase
I consider vaccine hesitancy as a sign of superior intelligence.

Dede Tudor

Dell Chica
Love that😂

Unmapped Insights
I 100% agree. G o v e r n m e n t s know this, too!

Dede Tudor
CDC Rochelle Walinski before the Energy and Commerce Committee last month… „We still need to get more people vaccinated.”

Looming autoimmune explosion related to Covid vaccination
Vejon Health
42,795 views Streamed live on Feb 18, 2023

Paper out of Japan highlighting increased thyroid autoimmunity after covid vaccination.

Morita, Shuhei, et al. „Effect of SARS-CoV-2 BNT162b2 mRNA vaccine on thyroid autoimmunity: A twelve-month follow-up study.” Frontiers in Endocrinology 14 (2023).

This was also review previously in another paper with no concern highlighted.
The effect of the BNT162b2 vaccine on antinuclear antibody and antiphospholipid antibody levels

The difference is that the Japan paper looked over 12 months, versus 2 months in the other paper.

Long term risks are not fully elucidated.


Dorothy Simpson
There were doctors who said that this would happen almost 3 years ago. They were silenced. Crimes against humanity.

Strange isn’t it that only certain research gets peer reviewed and published quickly.

It’s a cult and they aren’t interested it those that aren’t a part of said cult.

Cat Woman
I’m still stunned at the number of people who voluntarily went for these jabs. The ones who were forced to for work I have sympathy for. Those who called the rest of us tinfoil hat wearers, plague rats, granny killers, etc, etc, I have no sympathy for.

Marjorie St Clair
A neighbor told me that if we were to get covid, us unvaxxed, that we “should be thrown out of the emergency room and left to die in a ditch at the edge of town.” As an NP for 30+ years, I was beyond shocked at his attitude. There were many like him, unfortunately. This is how societies go sideways….

Cat Woman
@Marjorie St Clair It’s easy to see how Germany so quickly went the way it did in the 1930s.

Sean13 H
Safe and effective – that was all i needed to know to trigger my concerns. When the scientific community celebrate new studies showing the jab doesn’t harm newborns or has no affect on women’s menstrual cycles only proves that this is a real time experiment and that they had no data to support the safe and effective claims.
People need to be held to account.

Vejon Health
Who would be responsible?

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  1. French Health Authority Recommends AGAINST COVID-19 Vaccines for Healthy Population
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    31,788 views Mar 1, 2023
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    The French National Authority for Health (HAS) recently recommended that a bivalent omicron booster dose of the mRNA COVID-19 vaccines be available this fall for persons deemed at risk, from the elderly to the immunocompromised, as this Western European nation moves to an annual paradigm similar to the influenza vaccine. Persons that French health authorities suggest should consider a booster include individuals aged 65 years and up, persons diagnosed with comorbidities, pregnant women, and immunocompromised as well as regulatory persons in constant contact with the latter, such as health professionals.

    I wonder when Canada will acknowledge the uselessness of vaccines vs risks.

    Not soon enough.

    Am Zill
    When Turdo is gone.

    Myles Hagar
    Never. Canada is done.

    El Guapo
    You couldn’t make this stuff up! Firstly, Macron’s mandates and the overzealousness by which his mandates were enforced resulted in a totally unnecessary risk for the entire nation and secondly, for those poor individuals who have suffered because of those mandates can NEVER regain their health and wellbeing! Macron needs to pay for this as do ALL politicians!

    Daniel Manly
    Make him pay out of pocket, bankrupt him and put him on the streets.

    jean-marc lamothe
    His Rostchild protector won’t let this to happen my dear!🧐


  2. uh….
    John Talks
    70,693 views Mar 3, 2023

    E. Keyehkey
    „Save the Environment!” „Wear a Mask!” The cognitive dissonance is strong in the normies.

    Make the sheep pay for cleanup and fine anyone caught with a mask and arrest them… just as they did to people that refused the idiocy.

    Colbyrules! my doggie
    Great idea!

    Atomic Ninja Duck
    Exactly! All cleanup crews on the side of the highway should be composed exclusively of people who voluntarily wear masks, especially in ridiculous circumstances (ie alone in the car).

    Michael Montgomery
    just add it to the list of crimes against humanity that no one will ever get charged for


    • Why are you still masking children?
      Clown Planet
      48,822 views Feb 16, 2023

      Cakes are good!
      Defund the CDC and jail them all.

      lou dorchen
      This woman is the definition of pure evil

      Thomas Mulhall

      Why are you still masking children?…To teach them to live in fear and obedience.. zis is ze future…

      dod gro
      and force them to buy a product they don´t need. it´s a million dollar industry.

      @dod gro Trillion dollar. Masks, jabs , swabs…

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    • Washington Post LIES And Says Masks Work
      The Jimmy Dore Show
      73,927 views Mar 7, 2023 #TheJimmyDoreShow

      A recent comprehensive, peer-reviewed study from the Cochrane Library has revealed that there is no basis for believing that cloth or paper masks offer any protection against COVID. Despite the depth and detail of the study, the editorial staff at the Washington Post still clings to their masks, publishing an editorial encouraging people to continue wearing N95 masks regardless of the science.

      Jimmy and Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger discuss the Post editors’ irrational unwillingness to accept the growing body of science that masks don’t work against COVID.

      Yesterday my friend’s wife shook my hand and said „You were right about everything regarding the vaccine. I’m embarrassed and ashamed the way I was promoting it”. She works in a hospital and she was the last person I expected to hear an apologie from.

      David Collin
      Five friends who pushed both masks and required vaxs for outdoor BBQ picnics all died in one month after boosting. From healthy to stage4 liver cancer in a month. Guess the mask/vax didn’t work out.

      Rusty Shackleford
      That’s surprising. People are so emotionally involved that they will never admit that they were scammed

      Mark Villano
      This guy does the unthinkable; he admits that he was wrong. Not partially wrong, or a little bit wrong. No, he totally owns the fact that he was completely, unequivocally, 100% WRONG! And for that alone, he deserves a vigorous pat on the back, and maybe even a „Thank you”.

      Jeremy Ashford
      There is a lot more apologising to come from John Campbell. He is certainly well meaning and I can’t fault him for that but he has promoted the narrative on a regular basis to millions by presenting studies that refer to positive PCR results as “cases” whether a person is ill or not, and not distinguishing “deaths with covid” from “deaths from covid”.

      Laura Pearson
      ​ @Jeremy Ashford he pushed it all relentlessly, including on pregnant women….terrible

      ELT in Japan
      What does it tell you, though, that he got millions of viewers and followers for being wrong on just about every issue that arose in 2020 – now. Meanwhile, when we pointed where he was wrong, we were accused of being conspiracy nuts.

      @Jeremy Ashford well then, many people have a lot of apologizing to do about promoting monetary-market capitalism as healthy and sustainable as a system to meet human needs in an efficient way. Not a shred of evidence to prove it. Scary actually that so many people go around thinking it’s the only way to live. Yet, there are plenty of viable alternatives we could use.

      The_Touring Jedi
      ​​ @Jeremy Ashford That guy should just erase his channel and leave as he also have responsibility of deaths… The only problem is that he would not quit doing bussines on YT because it’s easy money…

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    • Masks, no evidence they work
      Dr. John Campbell
      941,621 views Mar 2, 2023

      RCTs did not show a clear reduction in respiratory viral infection with the use of medical/surgical masks.

      There were no clear differences between the use of medical/surgical masks compared with N95/P2 respirators in healthcare workers, when used in routine care to reduce respiratory viral infection.

      Do physical measures such as hand-washing or wearing masks stop or slow down the spread of respiratory viruses?


      Evidence published up to October 2022.


      Influenza (H1N1) caused by the H1N1pdm09 virus in 2009

      Severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) in 2003

      Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19)

      Update of a Cochrane Review last published in 2020.

      We include results from studies from the current COVID-19 pandemic.

      Main results

      11 new RCTs and cluster-RCTs n = 610,872

      Bringing the total number of RCTs to 78

      Medical/surgical masks compared to no masks

      Wearing masks in the community probably makes little or no difference to the outcome of influenza‐like illness wearing a mask may make little to no difference in how many people caught a flu-like illness/COVID-like illness

      Risk ratio (RR) 0.95, (0.84 to 1.09)

      9 trials, n = 276,917 participants

      Moderate-certainty evidence.

      Wearing masks in the community probably makes little or no difference to the outcome of laboratory-confirmed influenza/SARS-CoV-2

      RR 1.01, (CI 0.72 to 1.42)

      6 trials, n = 13,919

      Moderate-certainty evidence

      Harms were rarely measured and poorly reported

      (very low-certainty evidence).

      N95/P2 respirators compared to medical/surgical masks

      We pooled trials comparing N95/P2 respirators with medical/surgical masks

      We are very uncertain on the effects of N95/P2 respirators compared with medical/surgical masks on the outcome of clinical respiratory illness

      Compared with wearing medical or surgical masks, wearing N95/P2 respirators probably makes little to no difference in how many people have confirmed flu and may make little to no difference in how many people catch a flu-like illness, or respiratory illness.

      Confirmed influenza

      RR 0.70, (0.45 to 1.10)

      N = 7,779

      Very low-certainty evidence

      Influenza like illness

      N95/P2 respirators compared with medical/surgical masks may be effective for ILI

      RR 0.82

      N= 8,407

      Low-certainty evidence

      The use of a N95/P2 respirators compared to medical/surgical masks

      Probably makes little or no difference for laboratory-confirmed influenza infection

      RR 1.10

      N = 8,407

      Moderate-certainty evidence

      Restricting pooling to healthcare workers made no difference to the overall findings.

      Harms were poorly measured and reported

      Discomfort wearing medical/surgical masks or N95/P2 respirators was mentioned in several studies

      Very low-certainty evidence

      One new RCT

      Medical/surgical masks were non-inferior to N95 respirators

      N = 1,009 healthcare workers in four countries,

      providing direct care to COVID-19 patients.

      Sometimes Friendly
      I remember meeting my friends at a restaurant. I arrived not wearing my mask and they were the mask mafia about me putting it on while we waited for a table. We went to our table, everybody took their mask off and we sat there for an hour in a crowded restaurant with masks off, then we put them back on to leave. Insane.

      Not sure what happened to people, but I sensed something was wrong during the ice bucket challenge a few years ago

      I turned down a few family get togethers for this reason, refused to join in with the insanity

      mike doyon
      Lol i always laughed at the same thing, as if once we sit down, covid holds back…what was most interesting to me is that super markets were able to stay open (I understand people need groceries), Home Depot and Lowe’s were able to remain open, yet they forced small bars and restaurants to close down…In my eyes, as a plumber with no medical experience, it seems way easier to sanitize/control restaurant tables and chairs, than lets say all the goods and products that people pick up and then put back on the shelves at stores…also lets remember, were talking about normal people, not medical professionals who know how to properly wear and use ppe…so people are rubbing their mask, touching it, then touching goods and placing them back on the shelves…all our government did was hurt the middle class business owners…what a sham this was

      Didn’t you know you were in a magic Covid-free bubble when you sat at your table? 😉


  3. Could Covid vaccines cause damage to the kidneys? Information you may not want to hear!!
    Vejon Health
    6,783 views Streamed live on Feb 8, 2023

    Looking at a pre-print paper coming out of New Zealand

    Although rare, a statistically significant association between BNT162b2 vaccination and myo/pericarditis and AKI was observed. While the association between BNT162b2 and myo/pericarditis has been confirmed internationally, further research is required to understand the association of AKI. (AKI = Acute Kidney Injury)

    Adverse Events Following the BNT162b2 mRNA COVID-19 Vaccine (Pfizer-BioNtech) in Aotearoa New Zealand

    They found these outcomes reassuring. Not sure if I agree!

    (myocarditis, liver cancer, blood clots, kidney failure and other sudden death)

    At least one manufacturer seems to be very aware it’s product is causing serious side effects. In the second hidden camera video releases by Project V, Pfi Director admits that the company is investigating irregularities in the menstrual cycles following the innoculate. They think that it is caused by the product’s interaction with the HPG axis (hypotalamic, pituary & gonodal axis). It’s more than time to end this „experience”.


    • 1 Year Old Girl Dies of suspected Cardiac Arrest in Poplar Tree Lane, Southwick
      TrialSite News
      2,370 views Mar 7, 2023

      Tragedy strikes in the UK, as a one-year-old child dies from suspected cardiac arrest in Poplar Tree Lane, Southwick. Meanwhile, in Clark Country, Nevada, an 18 year old high school student died from cardiac arrest. Official coroner report from the Clark County Coroner’s office blames acute bacterial pneumonia tracheitis as the cause of death. And in Telangana, India, a string of cardiac arrests cases have popped up in the past few weeks. State Government is set to deploy 1,400 public defibrillators in the capital city of Hyderabad.

      Paul Mcmillan
      Who gave their baby this ? Shocking !

      may have come from the mother in the womb …

      @rob thats terrible

      Nancy Reid
      Maybe it came from them both having a certain procedure.

      Dan Bayley
      I was just thinking we hadn’t vaccinated kids that young . I didnt think of this.

      The clot shot did it
      ​ @rob either during pregnancy, possibly via breast milk if the mum got it after the birth or 💉”shedding”, I’m old enough to remember when it was safe and effective and stayed in the muscle, back when it stopped you from getting it spreading it and killing granny!

      I think they said that pregnant women shouldn’t take it but then said it was safe for them to take it! Maybe that was the cause!😉

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  4. The Lockdown Files: ‚We were misled and LIED to’ says Charlie Mullins
    4,639 views Mar 8, 2023

    Mike Page
    Charlie „no jab no job” Mullins has changed his tune.

    Sean Delap
    Didn’t he say that the unjabbed shouldn’t walk the streets so really he’s not one to talk because he went along with it all

    My son is a care worker on a mental health unit, and had a vaccine he didn’t want just to keep his job, he was laid off work for 6 months with no pay! Clap for care staff and laid them off work and sacked! I’m disgusted with this government,

    Felicia Jeavons
    His staff didn’t have a choice if he mandated them to be jabbed!

    Thankfully plumbers can work for themselves.

    Expresso Mechanic TV
    Hope all of his employees start their own businesses.

    Felicia Jeavons
    More importantly, I hope they’ve kept in good health🙏🏻

    julia carr
    Charlie’s logic : „We was misled but it was still the right thing to do”! 🤪

    🤣🤣🤣 too arrogant to admit he went along with tyranny, willingly

    Diane Cameron
    everyone including him were going by what the government were putting out and scientists a lot of people did die and a lot still with long covid problems so cant blame anyone that tried to get through this but what coming out now does change what people think in that who much of the lockdown that did so much damage was needed dont think hes wrong for the opinion he had at the time

    @J not only did he go along with it he was pushing for MORE rules and control.

    Tom Smedley
    Who else said that they were just following orders. Anybody. You was wrong and you knew it.

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  5. Aleksandra K. @Aleksan94914355
    „My (Biontech) nie jesteśmy zaszczepieni, ponieważ prawo zabrania nam jako firmie brać udziału w badaniach klinicznych”.

    Monika Wojciech@MonikaM1987
    W odpowiedzi do @Aleksan94914355
    Strasznie głupie to tłumaczenie. Jeśli szczepionka jest skuteczna, to dla bezpieczeństwa wszystkich pozostałych ci ludzie powinni również zostać objęci obowiązkiem jej przyjęcia ( zważywszy jednak na ten fakt iż u wirusów dochodzi cały czas do mutacji, jak i>>

    Sasi z lasu@Danka11443256
    W odpowiedzi do @Aleksan94914355 i @mariuszbonkowo
    „Siewcy śmierci”?

    paweł józik@JozikPawe
    W odpowiedzi do @Aleksan94914355


    W odpowiedzi do @Aleksan94914355
    Po co mają brać udział skoro mają do badań tyle milionów ludzi… My jako Rodzina nie skorzystaliśmy z możliwości przysłużenia się nauce. Jakże mi przykro.

    XX @ukeys88
    W odpowiedzi do @Aleksan94914355
    tak wlasnie sobie kartel farmaucetyczny poustawial prawo

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  6. Excess deaths continue
    Dr. John Campbell
    80,717 views Mar 15, 2023

    Europe excess deaths


    Our world in data, excess deaths


    On 5th March 2023, v 5 year average, all ages


    Australia, 16%
    Brazil, 10%
    Canada, 2%
    Ireland, 31%
    Netherlands, 6%
    NZ, 13%
    Scotland, 5%
    UK, 3%
    US, 2%
    Bulgaria, – 20%
    Czechia, – 6%
    Germany, – 1%
    Poland, – 10%
    Sweden, -13%

    UK, ONS (14th March)


    UK, Week ending 3 March 2023

    562 deaths involving COVID-19 registered

    Deaths involving COVID-19 accounted for 4.1% of all deaths

    13,593 deaths were registered in the UK

    7.1% above the five-year average.

    Excess deaths, March 2020 to December 2022

    Above the five-year average in 18 out of 34 months

    Excess deaths, all causes, England and Wales = 167,356

    103,585 were male

    63,770 were female

    Anna Lyons
    As an Irish person living in Ireland I am shocked at 31% excess date rate for my country. There is not a single word about this either in the parliment or the media. It’s not even acknowledged that there is such a thing as excess deaths. If there are other people on here from Ireland I would like to hear them. A freelance journalist by the name of Gemma O Doherty is constantly referring to it on her own online channel, but that’s all.

    Ann Marie
    It is shocking. I do remember an article in one of the Sunday papers, either the Times or Independent about excess deaths running at 30% for December 2022. This article was printed in Jan 2023 but not a word about it since.

    Is it not higher than 31%. I know so many young people in Ireland dying. I also know quite a few young people after getting jabbed that had heart attacks, strokes bells palsy and Guillain-Barré syndrome. The person with Guillain-Barré syndrome was told by a consultant it was definitely the jab and not to get any boosters.

    Mojo Warrior
    I’ve heard nothing about it either

    We have a man here in New Zealand who has done quite a bit of research on excess deaths, a man named Guy Hatchard, it very much worth while reading his findings. This is a little of his latest data As we enter into another year, excess all cause deaths for the first six weeks of 2023 in New Zealand are running at 700 deaths higher than the long term 2010 to 2019 average (as reported by the authoritative Human Mortality Database which tabulates official NZ government data). Allowing for an increase in the population of New Zealand since 2019 of 269,000, excess deaths are running approximately 17% above 2019 rates and 24% higher than the excess death rate over the same six week period in 2022. In other words, the rate of excess deaths appears to be accelerating. That should be alarming and certainly cause for discussion and analysis, but apparently no one in authority cares.

    Blue Raven
    I presume New Zealand had a high uptake of vaccine?

    CriCri #706
    @Blue Raven yes the „authorities” say 90%, It isn’t that high but there were many many people who took it.

    ​ @Blue Raven not uptake, a high rate of coercion. They claim upwards of 80 percent of eligible people

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    • Vaccination problems, UK Parliament
      Dr. John Campbell
      223,604 views Mar 17, 2023

      Thanks to Mr Andrew Bridgen, MP
      The original video on Mr. Bridgen’s channel

      Johanna Barry
      Mr Bridgen is an absolute hero. A pleasure to listen to him and support him. I’d vote for him if I could. And I applaud an excellent speech. The costs outlined are devastating. Love the comment „if the vaccines were free we still could not afford them”.

      Deb Wirtz
      I am Canadian, and I wish that we had someone like this in our parliament to stand up for Canadians. Thank you John! 🥰

      Nigel nigel
      My heart goes out to all the people who where conned into taking part in this experiment.❤️

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  7. March 2023. Heart Attacks, Strokes continue to SURGE in young people: Now we know WHY
    Dr. Suneel Dhand
    7,616 views Mar 17, 2023

    With the alarming statistics continuing to head in the wrong direction, rest assured that the Establishment knows why it’s happening…

    Roberto Roberts
    I was born in the 70’s. Never, before the past 2 years, I have heard about young people, kids and teens, dying of heart attacks.

    Norfolk Partisan
    same here

    Glenn Davis
    Extremely rare genetic condition. Only.

    Bob James
    When I was 19 back in 1986 there was a guy in my workplace who died in the pub at the age of 25. He was literally dead before he hit the floor. HOWEVER, there were two main reasons for that:

    1 – he was an alcoholic
    2 – he had a congenital heart defect that was not known about. It was only after the autopsy that came to light

    Apart from that I have NEVER heard of any apparently young, fit people dying of sudden heart attacks. Until……NOW!

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    • https://rumble.com/v1wld30-died-suddenly-lektor-pl.html
      3 months ago
      Died Suddenly lektor PL

      Najnowszy dokument Stew Peters’a. Dokument traktujący o szczepieniach, konsekwencjach przedstawianych przez między innymi balsamistów i lekarzy, informatorów wojskowych i wielu innych ludzi pomagających ludzkości w toczącej się wojnie informacyjnej.

      Najważniejsze to nie dać się złamać, fakt, że mało kto zgłasza się po kolejne dawki tego wynalazku, oraz to, że najgorsze dane pochodzą z roku 2021 dobitnie pokazuje, że nie jest to dokument o upadku ludzkości a o walce jaką podjeliśmy i wojnie z której jako kolektyw wyjdziemy zwycięsko.

      Wszyscy zostaliśmy oszukani,
      Wszyscy jesteśmy ludźmi
      Wszyscy się mylimy


      Tłumaczenie Martyna i Rafał.
      Lektor Rafał

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  8. Dr Clare Craig on the scientific response to the COVID-19 pandemic, lockdowns and the vaccine
    British Thought Leaders
    9,463 views Premiered Mar 9, 2023

    On this episode of British Thought Leaders we speak with Doctor Clare Craig, a consultant pathologist of over 20 years who has carried out extensive research into COVID-19. Clare is Co-Chair of the Health Advisory and Recovery Team or HART, a group of highly qualified UK doctors, scientists and other experts who share concerns about the handling of the pandemic.

    @ClareCraigPath / https://www.hartgroup.org/

    If you have to be persuaded, reminded, pressured, lied to, incentivised, forced, bullied, socially shamed, guilt tripped, threatened, punished and criminalised… If all of this was necessary to gain your compliance. You can be absolutely certain that what is promoted is not in your best interests.

    Dee Ann
    That was very interesting and I have never heard of this doctor before. I was also pleased that she wasn’t constantly interrupted like main stream media reporters often do so thank you for that.

    Chris P. Bacon
    What a change to see such an intelligent interview. Clare allowed to form her intelligent answers the way it should be. Only half way through but have to take issue with the concept that money buys better health care. Yes, it can but does it ? The only countries with real herd immunity are those that had little or no covid vaccination such as African nations and Papua New Guinea. The USA is the most vaccinated place on Earth and yet there is continuing decline in their health outcomes. At age 18 they’ll have had to get well over 60 shots ( lost count!). Look at all our money that could have been used so wisely but has been effectively wasted.

    Paul Whipple
    Speaking as an American, you’re pretty spot on. Trying to get us all jabbed is deliberate, too.

    Chris P. Bacon
    @Paul Whipple It used to be said that America was the land of the free. The more I see the less I can believe that.

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  9. Heart Failure Epidemic? Is this just the beginning?
    Vejon Health
    11,835 views Streamed live 18 hours ago

    Sharing some data regarding ONS figures on heart failure statistics. Up to 60% excess heart failure deaths compared to baseline 2015 – 2019! Explaining the possible links to ACE-2 autoimmunity.

    Marie Curie
    I still struggle to understand how millions of people queued up to receive into their circulation an unknown substance. Not once, not twice, but three or four times. I am 69, in Italy. I was persecuted, blackmailed, threatened, discriminated and excluded from social activities and travel. The worse it got, the more I resisted. Recent blood and urine tests show all systems working well. I did get the flu last week. Got over it in 3 days, without any medication

    v a s
    Interesting perspective… this is what happens in REAL science- an interesting and active discussion on what evidence shows and what it COULD infer! Love it! Critical thinking has been taboo too long! Let’s get down to Real thought & discovery!!!

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  10. Andrew Bridgen, Dr John Campbell and a Strange Happening on Twitter
    31,265 views Mar 20, 2023

    Bridgen speech December 2022

    Bridgen speech March 2023

    Ultron1970 mclovin
    Those MP,s that walked out before the debate in March are covering themselves by clinging to the argument “ I was unaware of the dangers “ ,but at the same time proving they knew enough to walk out …Shame on them all

    Valerie Grimshaw
    Someone crossed the floor to tell others who then left. Bizarre.

    Sherry Dickinson
    @Valerie Grimshaw It was Andrew Mitchell. He`s a mate of Bill gates. Figures !

    As Dr Campbell pointed out, the House was full to overflowing when debating MPs’ pay. But on a matter of life and death, they couldn’t give a toss. I’m starting to think Guy Fawkes had the right idea.


  11. Immune System Suppression at Population Level – What does it mean for you?
    Vejon Health
    5,499 views Streamed live 14 hours ago

    Reflecting on the recent outbreak of Candida across the world.

    What is the mechanism?

    Gerlach, Joachim, et al. „The immune paradox of SARS‐CoV‐2: Lymphocytopenia and autoimmunity evoking features in COVID‐19 and possible treatment modalities.” Reviews in Medical Virology (2023): e2423.
    (Behind a Paywall)

    Why is this happening now?

    FREE Course: Limited time availability
    Mortality Data Review UK

    Could the elephant in the room also have impacted the innate immune system? What is the connection between interferon suppression and for instance activation of complement system? On the side: spike can lead to syncytia in ACE2 presenting tissue, taking out lymphocytes (cell-in-cell structures have been found in syncytia formed through spike and ACE2 binding), was that what you were referring to when you said that T-cells and NK cells are taken out?

    charlie silverman
    I call it the Elephant in the morgue.

    The clot shot did it
    ​ @charlie silverman it’s amazing they can fit elephants into syringes these days, I like jabbattoir

    Kora Klapp
    We need to follow up the health of vaccinated vs unvaccinated people, which is a big elephant in the room!

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  12. MUST WATCH: Senator Paul GRILLS Moderna CEO On Myocarditis: ‚Have You Vaccinated YOUR CHILDREN?’
    The Hill
    149,065 views Premiered 16 hours ago #moderna #covidvaccine #berniesanders

    „Briahna Joy Gray and Robby Soave discuss the grilling that the Moderna CEO received from Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) in Senate hearing. #moderna #covidvaccine #berniesanders According to the CDC all COVID-19 vaccines currently available in the United States are effective at preventing COVID-19. Getting sick with COVID-19 can offer some protection from future illness, sometimes called “natural immunity,” but the level of protection people get from having COVID-19 may vary depending on how mild or severe their illness was, the time since their infection, and their age.

    Getting a COVID-19 vaccination is also a safer way to build protection than getting sick with COVID-19. COVID-19 vaccination helps protect you by creating an antibody response without you having to experience sickness. Getting vaccinated yourself may also protect people around you, particularly people at increased risk for severe illness from COVID-19. Getting sick with COVID-19 can cause severe illness or death, and we can’t reliably predict who will have mild or severe illness. If you get sick, you can spread COVID-19 to others. You can also continue to have long-term health issues after COVID-19 infection.

    While COVID-19 vaccines are effective, studies have shown some declines in vaccine effectiveness against infections over time, especially when the Delta variant was circulating widely.

    According to Pfizer and the CDC, potential side effects from the vaccine include pain, redness, or swelling at the injection site. Other side effects could include tiredness, headache, muscle pain, fever, chills, and nausea. In rare cases, people have experienced serious health events after the COVID-19 vaccination. Any health problem that happens after vaccination is considered an adverse event.

    According to the CDC: Although the overall risks are low, if you are pregnant or were recently pregnant, you are more likely to get very sick from COVID-19 compared to people who are not pregnant. Evidence continues to build showing that COVID-19 vaccination before and during pregnancy is safe and effective. It suggests that the benefits of receiving a COVID-19 vaccine outweigh any known or potential risks of vaccination during pregnancy. COVID-19 vaccines cannot cause COVID-19 infection in anyone, including the mother or the baby. None of the COVID-19 vaccines contain live virus. Vaccines are effective at preventing COVID-19 in people who are breastfeeding. Recent reports have shown that breastfeeding people who have received mRNA COVID-19 vaccines have antibodies in their breastmilk, which could help protect their babies. More data are needed to determine what level of protection these antibodies may provide to the baby. There is currently no evidence that any vaccines, including COVID-19 vaccines, cause fertility problems (problems trying to get pregnant) in women or men.

    According to the CDC layered prevention strategies — like staying up to date on vaccines and wearing masks — can help prevent severe illness and reduce the potential for strain on the healthcare system. Wear a mask with the best fit, protection, and comfort for you.

    If you are in an area with a high COVID-19 Community Level and are ages 2 or older, wear a well-fitting mask indoors in public.

    If you are sick and need to be around others, or are caring for someone who has COVID-19, wear a mask.

    If you are at increased risk for severe illness, or live with or spend time with someone at higher risk, speak to your healthcare provider about wearing a mask at medium COVID-19 Community Levels.

    Alice Henry
    Myocarditis was never in main stream conversation until the vaxxed started dropping like flies

    Tyler Valendza
    I can’t even believe that anyone is still trying to say that the mRNA gene therapy was good for anyone in any way.

    I didn’t realize slowly killing someone was considered to be therapy.

    The Luna channel~
    It’s not just mycarditis guys. There are major safety signals in reproductive health, autoimmune disorders, strokes…The risk benefit analysis has changed.

    Jacob Ladder
    And cancers

    Vanessa Walker
    Over 1239 side effects.

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    • Rand Paul On Rising: Moderna PRIVATELY Admitted The TRUTH About Myocarditis And Vaccines
      The Hill
      6,090 views Premiered 114 minutes ago WASHINGTON

      Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) weighs in on his questioning of Moderna CEO Stéphane Bancel over myocarditis. #covid #covid19

      According to the CDC all COVID-19 vaccines currently available in the United States are effective at preventing COVID-19. Getting sick with COVID-19 can offer some protection from future illness, sometimes called “natural immunity,” but the level of protection people get from having COVID-19 may vary depending on how mild or severe their illness was, the time since their infection, and their age.

      Getting a COVID-19 vaccination is also a safer way to build protection than getting sick with COVID-19. COVID-19 vaccination helps protect you by creating an antibody response without you having to experience sickness. Getting vaccinated yourself may also protect people around you, particularly people at increased risk for severe illness from COVID-19. Getting sick with COVID-19 can cause severe illness or death, and we can’t reliably predict who will have mild or severe illness. If you get sick, you can spread COVID-19 to others. You can also continue to have long-term health issues after COVID-19 infection.

      While COVID-19 vaccines are effective, studies have shown some declines in vaccine effectiveness against infections over time, especially when the Delta variant was circulating widely.

      According to Pfizer and the CDC, potential side effects from the vaccine include pain, redness, or swelling at the injection site. Other side effects could include tiredness, headache, muscle pain, fever, chills, and nausea. In rare cases, people have experienced serious health events after the COVID-19 vaccination. Any health problem that happens after vaccination is considered an adverse event.

      The side effects were not side effects. They were working as they were supposed to. It wasn’t meant to heal, but the opposite.

      White Swan

      They did not do a good job on that either.

      Become familiar with the Talmud

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    • Post covid myocarditis
      Dr. John Campbell
      197,721 views Mar 23, 2023

      The Incidence of Myocarditis and Pericarditis in Post COVID-19 Unvaccinated Patients-A Large Population-Based Study


      The authors declare no conflict of interest.

      Myocarditis and pericarditis are potential post-acute cardiac sequelae of COVID-19 infection, arising from adaptive immune responses. We aimed to study the incidence of post-acute COVID-19 myocarditis and pericarditis.

      Retrospective cohort study
      N = 196,992 adults after COVID-19 infection
      Clalit Health Services members in Israel
      March 2020 and January 2021
      The control cohort (no infection)
      N = 590,976 adults
      Age- and sex-matched
      COVID infection cohort
      Nine post-COVID-19 patients developed myocarditis (0.0046%)
      Eleven patients were diagnosed with pericarditis (0.0056%).
      Non- COVID infection cohort
      27 patients had myocarditis (0.0046%)
      52 had pericarditis (0.0088%)
      Age adjusted hazard ratio 0.96
      95% confidence interval, 0.93 to 1.00
      Male sex, aHR 4.42; were associated with myocarditis
      Male sex aHR 1.93; were associated with pericarditis

      Post COVID-19 infection was not associated with either myocarditis or pericarditis

      aHR 1.08; for myocarditis
      aHR 0.53; for myocarditis

      We did not observe an increased incidence of neither pericarditis nor myocarditis in adult patients recovering from COVID-19 infection.

      Myocarditis and pericarditis (21st March 2022)


      In 2017


      About 2,000 hospital admissions for myocarditis
      Two-thirds of cases were in men
      Median age for men, 33

      Mostly viral


      Presentation of acute myocarditis

      Subclinical disease too,heart failure, chest pain, shortness of breath, palpitations and fatigue.
      Dilated cardiomyopathy and chronic heart failure

      Sudden death syndrome


      Myocarditis implicated in 12% of sudden deaths under the age of 40
      Acute pericarditis
      Often similar presentation
      Some concurrent myocardial involvement (myopericarditis)

      Constrictive pericarditis is uncommon


      Can myocarditis or pericarditis be caused by coronavirus (COVID-19) infection?

      It is now recognised that COVID-19 infection can lead to myocarditis or pericarditis


      Professional athletes are an atypical group

      Published online 2021 May 27


      1,597 athletes with recent SARS-CoV-2 infection
      (March 1, 2020, through December 15, 2020)
      0.31% were diagnosed with myocarditis using a symptom-based screening
      2.3% were diagnosed with clinical or subclinical myocarditis using cardiac magnetic resonance screening

      Is there an association of myocarditis or pericarditis following COVID-19 vaccination?

      Many studies have now shown that there is an increased risk of myocarditis following vaccination with an mRNA vaccine,





      especially in young men under the age of 40.

      Many of the studies have only limited follow up ……

      This made me think of that German autopsy study from 2022. The study from the University of Heidelberg Hospital showed five of the twenty five people they autopsied who were found dead at home died from myocarditis. Most of the deaths occurred suddenly and unexpectedly within „seven days” of the Fauci sauce. All twenty five died within „twenty days” of getting the sauce and had no prior history of heart disease or myocarditis.

      “During the last 20 years of autopsy service at Heidelberg University Hospital we did not observe comparable myocardial inflammatory infiltration.”

      The doctors at Heidelberg University Hospital haven’t seen anything like this before. Hmm…is that why the CDC and NIH refuse to do a similar study on people who were “suddenly” unalive?

      „Fauci sauce” 😅
      I understand you said that because of the censorship, but it made me laugh.

      @Brandon Glad it gave you a chuckle, but I can’t claim it. I first heard it on the Salty Cracker channel.

      Christopher Edwards
      Correction: Read the paper and see that at Heidelberg there were 35, not 25, people found dead at home. Ten were excluded as autopsy found other causes of death. Of the 5 found with the heart conditions only 2 were likely and only 3 possible.

      @Christopher Edwards Yes, that’s correct. There were 35 and 10 were excluded. It’s interesting that the other 20 died from other cardiovascular causes within „twenty days” of getting the sauce. Limiting deaths where there was no pre-existing heart disease makes the report very conservative as to which deaths it was willing to attribute to the sauce. That doesn’t mean the sauce couldn’t have caused death where there was an underlying cardiovascular condition. Anyway, I still don’t like those odds!

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    • Vaccinated Countries Have Highest EXCESS DEATH Rates – New Study
      The Jimmy Dore Show
      26,173 views Mar 24, 2023 #TheJimmyDoreShow

      A new study covered by retired English nursing professor John Campbell has demonstrated a correlation between countries with high COVID vaccination levels and excess mortality. The study has not been peer reviewed, but if its results hold up to scrutiny, the likelihood that these vaccines have actually driven up death rates will be a huge scandal. Or at least it should be.

      Jimmy and Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger discuss the larger meaning of the study’s results.

      „I’m not saying the vaccine doesn’t offer protection, we’re not allowed to say that.” ~Dr. John Campbell

      Euclides Johnsons
      don’t be silly, he’s just avoiding processes, the study is crystal clear

      Teddy K
      It’s safe and effective after all

      egon gefferie
      Brittish irony ,you ever watched Monty Phyton .

      Avoiding censorship. Smart strategy.

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  13. Szczepionki na Covid: życie ze skutkami ubocznymi | ARTE.tv Dokumenty [CAŁY FILM LEKTOR PL]
    ARTE․tv Dokumenty
    5,629 views Mar 27, 2023 #covid19 #covid #dokument

    Do niedawna życie Pascala Mertensa było zupełnie normalne: 34-latek właśnie wprowadził się do swojej nowej dziewczyny. Pod koniec ubiegłego roku został zaszczepiony przeciwko koronawirusowi i – jak mówi – wtedy wszystko się zmieniło. Może poruszać się tylko za pomocą „balkonika” i nie jest w stanie zejść po schodach bez pomocy. Lekarze zdiagnozowali u niego chorobę neurologiczną. On – i setki innych Niemców – są przekonani, że cierpią na syndrom poszczepienny, stan, który oficjalnie nie istnieje, ale zdaniem pacjentów opisuje ich bardzo realne cierpienie.

    Choć podobnych przypadków nie było wiele (na 900 milionów dawek, którymi zaszczepiono Europejczyków i Europejki od początku pandemii), działania niepożądane szczepionek nie są wystarczająco badane. Często bagatelizuje się także doświadczenia osób, które zgłaszają się z poważnymi objawami po szczepieniu.

    Dokument z lektorem.

    Mops 3
    W ZDF Heute Journal niemiecki minister zdrowia Karl Lauterbach i przyznał, że dźgnięcia spowodowały u ofiar „poważną niepełnosprawność” i „trwałe” obrażenia, które rząd próbował zrekompensować finansowo. „To, co przydarzyło się tym ludziom, jest absolutnie przerażające, a każdy pojedynczy przypadek to o jeden przypadek za dużo” — odpowiedział Lauterbach,

    Mała Mi
    Nie to mnie dziwi że są różne problemy poszczepienne, dziwi mnie to że są ludzie którzy pozwalają sobie wstrzyknąć coś za co nikt nie daje gwarancji a nawet sam producent za nic nie bierze odpowiedzialności. Z jednej strony żal tych ludzi bo ich cierpienie jest realne a z drugiej aż się prosi powiedzieć: sam chciałeś.

    Lepiej być zdrowym foliarzem czy schorowanym jasnogrodem??

    Łukasz S
    Bardzo mądrze napisane !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Krystyna Kurek
    Oni to dobrze wiedzieli tylko teraz już nie mogą tego ukryć bo jest głośno i nie da się tego zamieć pod dywan .No cóż naganiaczom wypada tylko powiedzieć Przykro nam no i wszystko ok .Żadne pieniądze nie zrekompensują straty.W Niemczech przynajmniej to pokazuje a u Nas w Polsce milczenie , kłamstwa i dalej idą w zaparte.

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  14. karol prillwitz © @KarolPrillwitz

    „Nie chcę się chwalić, mam to gdzieś, ale chcę byście wiedzieli, że jestem podwójnie zaszczepiona, wzięłam booster, szczepionkę na grypę i półpasiec i ciągle dostaje okresu! Podróżowałam. Byłam 2x w Meksyku… i nie złapałam Covida. Chyba Jezus kocha mnie najbardziej.” I jeb.

    FakeHunter stwierdził, że „W rzeczywistości, szczepienie nie miało związku z upadkiem McDonald”, a „Lekarze nie znaleźli żadnej konkretnej przyczyny nagłego zasłabnięcia”, co się wyklucza, i że „niemal natychmiast wstała”, co wszyscy widzieli, i że leczy uraz głowy.

    Fajna sztuczka

    Stary Krab
    Niezły Twist od Death, uczciwie należy się 8/10

    Musiało się zrobić cieplutko tym na sali, co są zaszczepieni😎

    Kacper Czajkowski
    Taki stand by, dobrze zagrała zawał

    Takiego zwrotu akcji się żem nie spodziewał.

    Mocne. Szczególnie ten śmiech gdy pada na ziemię.

    Nawet mi ich nie żal. Ewolucja nadal działa

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  15. The Cover-Up: How Pfizer and Biontech FALSIFIED lab results in order to bring vaccines to market
    99,966 views Mar 31, 2023 #redacted #claytonmorris #natalimorris

    Investigative Journalist Sonia Elijah has uncovered data that shows both Pfizer and Biontech were actively falsifying lab results in order to bring their vaccines to market. In this interview, Redacted host Clayton Morris and Sonia Elijah discuss the bombshell report.

    Marie Isabelle
    You should not be asking Pfizer to run ANY tests; this should be done by an independent body, if any independent body actually exists (not politicians, not „scientists”).

    They are allowed to according to current regulations.

    roy allan
    If they falsify results or anything related to their product their contracts and indemnity should be void.

    Not Important
    This was the comment I was looking for. Didn’t have to look too hard!

    Criminal negligence voids all contracts.

    Douglas Rutter

    Widey xyz
    And what else have they lied about? EVERYTHING!

    Eric Rawson
    @sdalt001 It’s not negligence, it is fr**d.

    Vanessa Walker
    And liability should be removed.

    It wont happen. Mark my words. The goverment will reply with: we are democratically choosen. The decision are hence democratic. Therefore YOU choose yourself for it. Mark my words!!!!!! But I totally agree!!!!!!

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  16. How many Covid Boosters are enough? Number 7 on the way!
    Vejon Health
    662 views Streamed live 2 hours ago

    Information coming out of the FDA that a second bivalent booster may soon be available.

    Fred Neecher
    A five-jab colleague of mine has recently spent 3 days in bed with covid. Me, a no-jab person, once had a nasty cold. Something is wrong here.

    John Osti
    You are right had an older friend 4 shots ended up in hospital still struggling.

    Pat Rick
    I take raw apple cider vinegar and raw honey … ain’t had the coviD since 1987 … I found this from a publication of a Doctor!

    k t
    These people are falling out after the first dose! All the people on disability now after receiving it because they can no longer walk is crazy.

    Paul Hailey
    I know an 80 year old Man that was Driving and Walking every day until his COVID 19 VACCINE and Never Walked again until his Death a couple months later

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    • Was it a COVID-19 Vaccine Gamble in Children?
      Vejon Health
      2,201 views Streamed live on Apr 3, 2023
      SAGE (WHO) updates COVID-19 vaccination guidance

      „The low priority group includes healthy children and adolescents aged 6 months to 17 years. Primary and booster doses are safe and effective in children and adolescents. However, considering the low burden of disease, SAGE urges countries considering vaccination of this age group to base their decisions on contextual factors, such as the disease burden, cost effectiveness, and other health or programmatic priorities and opportunity costs.”

      EazyMoney scrapper
      IT’S JUST
      -a face mask
      -3 feet
      -Non-essential workers
      -Non-essential businesses
      -Until we work it out
      -its just A bar
      -A restaurant
      -Care homes
      – schools
      + to keep overwhelming medical services
      – until the cases go down
      – too flatten the curve
      – to keep others from being scared -It’s just a few more weeks
      -It’s just gyms, salon,spas and sport
      churches and mosques
      -It’s just no happy birthdays no sharing
      cakes-IT’S JUST
      -for your passport
      -so you can go in stores
      -so your kids can go to school
      -it’s just so you can get a driver’s license
      -so you can vote
      -just a facility to keep you separate from
      everyone else
      +A few more years
      -it’s just better we keep it this way It’s not that it’s unjust they won’t stop.

      A friend vaccinated all her children, except one son because he has some learning disability and didn’t want to take a chance it would get worse. But she was knowingly willing to gamble on her other children!!! Turned out she was the one to get injured by it and now has POTS. When I asked her why she went along with it she replied that living in California they wouldn’t have been included in society

      Vejon Health
      Made this point over a year ago.

      Petra Maas
      The words „safe and effective” have taken on a whole new meaning 😐

      Halbert King
      ” Primary and booster doses are safe and effective…. ” . If the primary dose was effective , why would you need a booster ?

      Sputnik V never did. 😂

      tony woodham

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  17. A Spike in Mysterious Deaths – Why are Young People Suddenly Dropping Dead Worldwide?
    CBN News
    5,714 views Apr 6, 2023 #breakingnews #politicalnews #christiannews

    Shocking statistics have insurers on Wall Street alarmed. Edward Dowd says it’s time for a national discussion over the latest threat to American’s health.

    Steven Boyd
    Absolutely right, these are people’s lives we are talking about…the smoking gun is being ignored because it doesn’t fit the narrative, this is criminal negligence nothing less

    Jack MeHoff
    Now their gonna put it in food

    Karunanithi N.Ramachandran
    If you knowingly administer poison to someone and kill that person that’s murder 1 .

    Steven Welp
    Very impressed CBN finally has the courage to Speak Truth To Power by having Ed on the show. Now have Lindsay of Sovereign Nations, Dr. Robert Malone, Dr. Peter McCullough & Jordan Peterson.

    I’m surprised the Tubes of You hasn’t taken this down yet… too much truth 🙋🏻‍♀️

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  18. An alarming retraction rate for scientific publications on Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)
    Drbeen Medical Lectures
    10,699 views Streamed live 7 hours ago #drbeen #koolbeens #COVID

    An alarming retraction rate for scientific publications on Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

    Authors in this manuscript demonstrate a high rate of COVID-19 disease publication retractions. They also provide a few reasons and examples. What is interesting for me is that neglected the mainstream publications and lack of rigor for these as well. Neither are any decent examples of incorrect publications that got readily picked up by the mainstream. Quite a biased and poorly written manuscript. Had to buy it. Which seems to be a waste of money as well.

    URL list from Friday, Apr. 7 2023
    Full article: An alarming retraction rate for scientific publications on Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

    An alarming retraction rate for scientific publications on Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

    An alarming retraction rate for scientific publications on Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) – PubMed

    The risks of POTS after COVID-19 vaccination and SARS-CoV-2 infection: it’s worth a shot | Nature Cardiovascular Research

    RETRACTED: Hydroxychloroquine or chloroquine with or without a macrolide for treatment of COVID-19: a multinational registry analysis – The Lancet

    Apparent risks of postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome diagnoses after COVID-19 vaccination and SARS-Cov-2 Infection | Nature Cardiovascular Research

    CIMB | Free Full-Text | Intracellular Reverse Transcription of Pfizer BioNTech COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine BNT162b2 In Vitro in Human Liver Cell Line

    Intracellular Reverse Transcription of Pfizer BioNTech COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine BNT162b2 In Vitro in Human Liver Cell Line – PubMed

    Intracellular Reverse Transcription of Pfizer BioNTech COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine BNT162b2 In Vitro in Human Liver Cell Line – PMC

    What a massive database of retracted papers reveals about science publishing’s ‘death penalty’ | Science | AAAS

    David Lee
    The unscrupulous fooled the gullible and together both pressurized the sensible and cautious to accept the time bomb 💣

    Oswald James
    And the „Conspiracy Theorists” declined; forcefully!😂❤

    Sarah Brown
    It’s a pot calling the kettle black world of bias to everything other then the one narrative. Love how you studied stupidity and called them out. When you have the monopoly you can twist and retract anything.

    Jennifer Larson

    On on top of not retracting biased and incorrect studies, they now also train ChatGPT on them, so it repeats all those biases as gospel to millions of curious people.


  19. AZ vaccine banned in Australia
    Dr. John Campbell
    350,687 views Apr 5, 2023

    AstraZeneca is no longer available in Australia


    There was a link between the AZ vaccine and a rare but serious side effect, thrombosis with thrombocytopenia (TTS)

    AstraZeneca is no longer available as of 20 March 2023, so no further cases of AstraZeneca-related TTS can occur in Australia.

    BHF (UK)


    Evidence shows that mRNA vaccines, Pfizer and Moderna, are more effective at boosting protection from Covid-19, so these vaccines are being recommended for the autumn booster programme.

    In Australia, the rate of AstraZeneca-related TTS

    Aged 60 and over

    2 per 100,000 people vaccinated with AstraZeneca

    Aged under 60

    2 to 3 per 100,000 people vaccinated with AstraZeneca

    Symptoms typically occurred between 4 and 42 days after a first dose

    TTS can cause long-term disability and death.

    TTS blood clotting (thrombosis) combined with low platelets (thrombocytopenia)

    Blood clots can appear in different parts of the body such as the brain or abdomen

    No risk factors were identified that predicted who developed TTS.

    Cases were reported in all ages, and in both men and women.

    TTS appeared to be more severe in younger women.

    Almost all reported cases of TTS occurred after the first dose of AstraZeneca.

    The risk of TTS was much lower after the second dose.

    The Oxford/AstraZeneca (ChAdOx1-S [recombinant] vaccine) COVID-19 vaccine: what you need to know


    The vaccine is safe and effective for all individuals aged 18 and above.

    COVID-19 Vaccine AstraZeneca


    Following AstraZeneca covid vaccination




    241 reports of myocarditis

    226 reports of pericarditis

    9 reports of endocarditis

    Oxford / AstraZeneca vaccine reaches two billion dose milestone



    16 November 2021


    Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen (J&J/Janssen) COVID-19 vaccine is a viral vector vaccine and can be given in some situations.

    Australian timeline

    8 April 2021

    Australian Government received advice and recommendations from the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (ATAGI) about AZ Thrombosis with Thrombocytopenia Syndrome

    17 June 2021

    ATGI, recommended an alternative to AstraZeneca for under 60s

    20 March 2023

    AZ discontinued

    Shandy McJ
    My husband had the AZ vaccines 12/01/2021 he started feeling sick and made an appointment to see the doctor, which the doctor later canceled because they were NOT SEEING PATIENTS FACE TO FACE. within about a week of feeling so bad, my husband suffered Myocarditis and had brain damage as there was no blood to his brain for so long. I found him slumped on the toilet, black nose, and ears. I am disabled and struggled to get him off and do CPR. Long story short he has now also been diagnosed as EPILEPTIC as he has terrible seizures. AND has cognitive impairment for life!..here we sit struggling and wishing we had never taken it despite the government bullying tactics!!! LIFE IS JUST NOT THE SANE ANYMORE. My husband was a very healthy man, never had a day off work sick in his life!!! I am so angry and so trying to cope with this infliction.

    Bob Greenyer
    My mum collapsed 3 days after her first AZ. Rushed to hospital, no known cause. Later, she was diagnosed with Parkinsons, Diabetes and had two fast growing skin cancers removed from upper arm where she had injection. She had confusion for best part of a year. She then got undiagnosed as having Parkinsons and it was then referred to as unexplained shaking. Last year her liver failed giving her Acites and her kidneys are failing. They tried to euthanized her in January with sedatives and opiates, we identified she had Acites, got her drained, prevented the kill medications and she has been at home in relative comfort since.

    I’m from Germany und luckily didn’t take the jab. But the rest of my family did. My father was given Astrazeneca and has since then developed a tinnitus which won’t go away, my perfectly healthy uncle was given Biontech and had a stroke a few months later. My younger brother took Biontech and has developed CFS. He cannot live a normal life any longer because he feels always tired and exhausted and often has to stay in bed. I feel so angry and betrayed by modern medicine and politics which pushed these vaccines onto us.

    Kcop Kcop
    „Why are we paying these people? ” 😂 This is your greatest quote thus far.
    I’ve been following your channel since the beginning of the pandemic because I knew you were passionate about sharing accurate data. Thank you for your honesty, transparency, and dedication for educating and protecting the public. I feel that you deserve so much recognition for your work. A humanitarian award 👏 Much respect for all that you do.

    Recce Rat
    I spoke with a friend yesterday who works in a hospital, she tells me that in the staff rooms and amongst themselves vax injuries is all the Dr’s, nurses are talking about. They have seen such a huge rise in heart problems, strokes etc in people of all ages it is difficult not to see it. However they are pretty much staying silent outside of their little groups, for fear of being sacked.

    Imagine them sacking a whole hospital… in these times.


    • AstraZeneca vaccine discontinued in the UK, while concerns over Canadian and Mexico doses continue
      TrialSite News
      22,711 views Apr 4, 2023

      The Astrazeneca Covid Vaccine has been a subject of controversy over the past couple of years… it was never approved here in the US, but was offered around the world, as a cheaper, easier to access alternative to Pfizer and Moderna. However, scandal followed in its wake. Back in 2021, a story by Reuters broke into the mainstream exposing that the millions of doses of AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine that were shipped to Canada and Mexico and offered to the public… was done so WITHOUT health officials properly inspecting the operations of the U.S. manufacturer.

      Miy Sadochok
      Doctors did not know about the danger ?? Anyone, who can search internet, would be alarmed by information available at least from April of 2021. It was duty of doctors to know.

      Sara Lotti
      Duty of care is gone. Their only duty is to obey their orders.

      Vőllig Egal
      It was just money, nothing else.

      Absolutely 100%

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    97,050 views Premiered Apr 7, 2023

    najbardziej śmieszą mnie frajerzy którzy brali w ramię po 5 dawek eliksiru 😂😂😂

    Maro Osw
    Ostatnio gadałem z typem w pracy. Mówi ,że wczoraj nie przyszedł, bo przyjebał 5 dawkę, jednodawkowego preparatu i myślał, że zejdzie

    Majki z bajki
    ​ @Maro Osw selekcja naturalna 😅😂

    Maro Osw
    @Majki z bajki szczerze, to bardzo się zdziwiłem. Myślałem, że każdy już pokumał o co chodzi i zapomniał o tym temacie

    Ja w Polsce pracuję z takim co wziął 3 i wciąż uważa to za dobry wybór, ale co się dziwić gdy okazało się że wg niego za Wołyń odpowiadają Rosjanie.

    Wu Er
    Grubo. W Polsce dwa razy ogłoszono warianty, które nie istniały. Brytyjski i czeski, więc nie widzę za dużej różnicy w machlojkach polityków, mimo różnic geograficznych.

    adapte Sunflower
    ludziom mozna wszystko wcisnac jak jest w pieknym opakowaniu …ludzi juz nie ma sa tylko masy zombi

    Wszyscy wykonywali te same polecenia.


    Cały świat został wyj…ny w dupke bez mydła przez kilkanaście osób. Kiepsko to świadczy o naszym gatunku… Wesołych Świąt.

    Tak se brzdękam…
    Nie jest tak źle, wielu zdało egzamin na inteligencję…

    dominika kamińska
    @Tak se brzdękam… Dokładnie kilka testów za nami ale też kilka przed nami.Pozdrawiam serdecznie 😊

    Bez mydła ale z białkiem kolca na pierd…ca.😅


  21. FDA Director Issues Shock Threat if you DON’T take new jab
    Dr. Suneel Dhand
    84,956 views Apr 10, 2023

    A stern warning from one of nation’s top Public Health Officials:


    Carla Pierle
    As a „retired” RN, I’m so ashamed I stayed in the abhorrent sick care system for 21 years. Before Covid, I was already fed up with how horrible hospitals treated their employees and their patients. My license was on the line DAILY with how short staffed they ran things. Their response to Covid was the last straw. I quit even before the shots were mandated which gave me A LOT of time to do research on all the stuff hospitals were ignoring. I’m thankful there are at least a few doctors like yourself with some integrity left. I got lucky in that my own doctor never bought into the mainstream and began following the FLCCC protocols almost immediately (along with stopping acceptance of insurance and Medicare).

    Nothing Really
    Wow, my family’s greatest catastrophe was when my sister and mother were both seriously harmed by the mRna jab. They were both „wanting to have their lives saved”. Thank you medical establishment…

    Treasure Forever
    Thank you for sharing your story so other people can be protected ❤

    But nobody will save them from there injuries now!

    Andy harpist
    Lisa Shaw 34 took their advice and was dead within the week.

    Red Hammer
    Sadly my family and friends ignored me. My sister died of a heart attack two weeks after her Pfiser booster. My brother who has blood shot eyes after the AZ shot took the Pfiser booster then developed a serious tachycardia problem and has now developed pancreatic cancer. His daughter developed pericarditis after her second Pfiser shot some 12 months ago and is still not well. Her two daughters both developed problems with their menstrual cycles. Another brother ended up in ICU 24 hours after his second Pfiser shot and in his case the doctors confirmed the shot had caused a major clash with his diabetic medication. My sister in law has developed shingles and a nephew who since his second Pfiser shot has lost his appetite, his muscle mass is now half of what it was. Here in Australia they are still pushing the CDC recommendations yet all discussion around vaccine injuries is pushed well and truly under the carpet. Anger with all of them is not a strong enough word.

    Tery Wetherlow
    I’d respond the same re: Family catastrophe Ex almost died. Sure didn’t expect to have to worry about our late 30/40 year old kids having a death experience
    from Dad. It left me medically done. I have a lifetime’s stories of near malpractice chapters. If I had to Question Dr. they’d get nasty, obstinate, and then I’d leave with my families charts, and find another. Wtf do they think they are??


  22. Swiss vaccination stopped
    Dr. John Campbell
    340,045 views Apr 10, 2023

    In principle, no COVID-19 vaccination is recommended for spring/summer 2023.

    You are up to date with your COVID-19 vaccines,


    when you have completed a COVID-19 vaccine primary series, and got the most recent booster dose recommended for you by CDC.

    From the CDC site today (10th April)

    People aged 6 months through 64 years, and especially males aged 12 through 39 years, may consider getting the 2nd primary dose of Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna, or Novavax

    8 weeks after the 1st dose.
    Coronavirus: Vaccination

    In principle, no COVID-19 vaccination is recommended for spring/summer 2023.

    People at especially high risk can receive a vaccination following an individual consultation with their doctor.


    Is vaccination recommended for spring/summer 2023?

    In principle, no COVID-19 vaccination is recommended for spring/summer 2023.

    Nearly everyone in Switzerland has been vaccinated and/or contracted and recovered from COVID-19.

    Their immune system has therefore been exposed to the coronavirus.

    Seroprevalence data from mid-2022 98% + had antibodies against SARS-CoV-2.


    Seroprevalence of Infection-Induced SARS-CoV-2 Antibodies — United States, September 2021–February 2022


    In spring/summer 2023, the virus will likely circulate less.

    The current virus variants also cause rather mild illness.

    For autumn 2023, the vaccination recommendation will be evaluated again and adjusted accordingly.

    What applies to people at especially high risk?

    In principle, it is also not currently recommended for people at especially high risk to receive a COVID-19 vaccination.

    They can, however, receive a vaccination following an individual consultation with their doctor.

    Vaccination may be wise in individual cases, as it improves protection against developing severe COVID-19 for several months.

    This applies regardless of the number of vaccinations you have already received.

    People at especially high risk include:

     People aged 65 or over
     People aged 16 or over with a chronic condition
     People aged 16 or over with Down’s syndrome
     Pregnant women

    If a wave of infection were to emerge in spring/summer 2023, the vaccination recommendation would be adjusted.

    If your doctor recommends that you get the COVID-19 vaccination, the following applies:

    Vaccination timing

    The COVID-19 vaccination can be given from 6 months after the last COVID-19 vaccination or from 6 months after a known coronavirus infection.

    Other vaccinations with inactivated vaccines can also be administered before, at the same time as or after a COVID-19 vaccination.


    We advise you to get vaccinated with a bivalent (i.e. variant-adapted) mRNA vaccine,

    or with the protein-based Novavax vaccine.

    Which vaccine(s) you have previously received is of no importance here.

    Please note: If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, or if you have a severely weakened immune system, you should get yourself vaccinated with an mRNA vaccine.

    Jed W
    They promised us „safe and effective” but gave us „suddenly and unexpected”

    Neda Salimi
    I am Swiss, and we’ve never had a vaccine mandate (except for health care providers). There was a lot of advertisement for getting your jab but never a mandate. I know a lot of people who refused to get the vaccine and they didn’t pay any consequences, which is good. But vaccine harms also have never been covered and acknowledged by our government and that is a shame.

    Daniela Anderson
    Acknowledging the harm done with these jabs is the next step hopefully. My heart breaks for the injured and them being denied a voice. Not jabbed myself it was worth putting up a fight and the ridicule, the ‚anti vaxxer’ and ‚conspiracy theorist’ label. My health is intact

    Polubione przez 1 osoba

    • Confirmed vaccine adverse event
      Dr. John Campbell
      229,510 views Apr 12, 2023

      Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine

      BBC, Lisa Shaw had first vaccination in May 2021. Died a week later. Aged 44



      August 2021

      Newcastle coroner Karen Dilks, Ruled Lisa had died from vaccine-induced thrombotic thrombocytopenia.

      Gareth Eve (widower) reached out attempted to engage with the government, MPs and three prime ministers

      It’s not in my make-up to turn around and say I want to sue somebody but for almost two years we’ve tried to engage with the government and tried to engage with MPs since Lisa died and not one of them has reached out or engaged with us at all.

      Any engagement is fleeting at best so that’s the reason that we’re left with no alternative – if the government or AstraZeneca don’t want to engage with us then what else are we supposed to do?

      These things have happened to too many people and we’re made to feel like it’s a dirty secret, that we’re talking about something we shouldn’t be talking about.

      It’s established it’s been caused by AstraZeneca’s Covid vaccination – it’s not about Covid, it’s not about how many lives the Covid vaccination has saved, it’s about what this vaccination has done to Lisa and other families and not about how successful it was or whether somebody is anti-vax.

      Mr Eve wanted some sort of acknowledgement or recognition that these deaths have occurred

      We’re not crackpots or conspiracy theorists, we’re husbands and wives and family members who have lost somebody – that’s all it is. Whatever the money, it’s not going to bring my son’s mam back.

      Consumer Protection Act 1987

      Solicitor Peter Todd, Scott-Moncrieff and Associates the vaccine was a, defective product in that it was not as safe as consumers generally were reasonably entitled to expect.

      Department for Health and Social Care

      The Vaccine Damage Payments Scheme (VDPS) provides financial support to help ease the burden on individuals who have, in extremely rare circumstances, been severely disabled or died due to receiving a government-recommended vaccine.

      AstraZeneca told the BBC

      We are unable to comment on ongoing legal matters. Patient safety is our highest priority and regulatory authorities have clear and stringent standards to ensure the safe use of all medicines, including vaccines.

      Our sympathy goes out to anyone who has reported health problems. Evidence showed the vaccine had,
      an acceptable safety profile the benefits outweigh the risks of extremely rare potential side effects.

      Mr Potato Head
      Accountability is desperately needed. Here in Australia, all those who peddled this ‚safe and effective’ line need to be held to account.

      Warren Klein
      And explain the 30k excess deaths in 2022, 8k in 2021. Nil in 2020 before vaccines.

      Mark Angelo RS.
      Yeah, personal accountability and responsibility. We all must accept the consequences for our actions and decisions.

      Canada too


  23. Increase in Excess Deaths in Young People: 2023 Latest Official Data
    Dr. Suneel Dhand
    80,941 views Apr 25, 2023
    Here are some official January-March numbers from Scotland


    Scotland Government Data:

    Click to access monthly-mortality-march-23-report.pdf

    USA is extremely good at collecting data on everything under the sun, except vaccine stuff

    My triple jabbed neighbor’s doctor just told him the severe clots in his legs and lungs is from a mild case of covid he had many months ago. The hospitalist and vascular dr both agreed. Unbelievable.

    Laurie Griffin
    Well they are highly motivated to lie and so they do.

    david templeton
    I’m from Scotland and there was another study on miscarriages and still births and they’re also up about 10% too.

    John Campbell did a video on those numbers.


  24. Dr John Campbell Censored for Following the Science!
    Vejon Health
    799 views Streamed live 32 minutes ago

    The mantra of Dr John Campbell is…”follow the science, wherever it may lead.”

    Recently, an interview with Andrew Bridgen MP (in the UK) was censored by YouTube.

    Here is the comment on Twitter from Dr Campbell:

    „My video with Mr. Bridgen, MP has been removed by YouTube, with a strike. So, Im banned for a week and you can’t watch the video any more on YouTube.”

    When will the censorship of science end?

    The evidence from prior attempts to make a vaccine with SARS-COV, suggests caution in humans.

    Is it different for SARS-COV2?


    Valerie O Shaughnessy
    Only The ‚TRUTH’ Is Censored Because It Cannot Be Either Debated Or Refuted. . . Simple.

    Scuba Doo
    With the level of ignorance and corruption in our society surely it’s only a matter of time before we do irreversible harm or even destroy ourselves.

    Polubione przez 1 osoba

  25. https://wpolityce.pl/spoleczenstwo/644877-niedzielski-pisze-do-pfizera-trzeba-zmienic-kontrakty

    Niedzielski pisze do Pfizera: Konieczna jest gruntowna zmiana kontraktów szczepionkowych. „Przedsiębiorstwo staje się częścią problemu”

    opublikowano: 2 godziny temu
    aktualizacja: godzinę temu

    autor: Fratria

    Pfizer planuje dostarczyć do Europy setki milionów szczepionek, choć jest to całkowicie bezcelowe z punktu widzenia zdrowia publicznego. Konieczna jest gruntowna zmiana kontraktów szczepionkowych – napisał minister zdrowia Adam Niedzielski w przekazanym PAP liście otwartym do udziałowców koncernu.

    Spór z firmą farmaceutyczną Pfizer dotyczy kontraktów zobowiązujących Polskę do zakupu kolejnych partii szczepionek przeciwko COVID-19. W obliczu wielomiesięcznej nadpodaży tych preparatów, a także obciążeń dla finansów publicznych w konsekwencji rosyjskiej agresji zbrojnej na Ukrainę, Polska postanowiła renegocjować umowy zawarte na wcześniejszym etapie pandemii COVID-19.

    W przekazanym PAP liście minister Niedzielski przypomniał, że „od początku pandemii Pfizer Inc. jest częścią odpowiedzi na COVID-19”.

    Jako jeden z kluczowych graczy w światowym przemyśle farmaceutycznym, firma Pfizer, korzystając ze wsparcia finansowego UE (…), zdołała wynaleźć, wyprodukować i dostarczyć do wielu krajów jedną z najpowszechniej akceptowanych szczepionek przeciwko COVID-19, przyczyniając się do ocalenia dziesiątek milionów istnień ludzkich na całym świecie.

    Jak jednak zaznaczył, „z oczywistych względów – nie odbyło się to bez należytej gratyfikacji za ryzyko, inwestycje i inne koszty nierozerwalnie związane z każdym projektem biznesowym. Jest rzeczą oczywistą, że zysk to najlepsza zachęta biznesowa. Jednak nawet w biznesie powinien mieć on swoje granice” – napisał szef resortu zdrowia.

    Zwracając się do udziałowców amerykańskiego koncernu farmaceutycznego, Niedzielski wskazał na nowe problemy, które zajęły miejsce kryzysu pandemicznego: spowodowaną przez rosyjską agresję na Ukrainę „największą falę migracji w Europie od czasów II wojny światowej, po której nastąpił kryzys energetyczny i niespotykana od dziesięcioleci inflacja”. Przypomniał, że od napaści Rosji w lutym 2022 r. „prawie 11 mln osób przekroczyło granicę polsko-ukraińską, a prawie 1,5 mln osób zostało w Polsce i znalazło nowy dom”.

    Polski rząd zaproponował im bezpłatne schronienie, opiekę zdrowotną, edukację, przystosowanie do rynku pracy i wiele innych usług, na które ci ludzie zasługują

    — podkreślił szef MZ.

    Polska administracja państwowa wszystkich szczebli skierowała wszelkie dostępne środki na pomoc i wsparcie naszych sąsiadów. Wiąże się to z ogromnymi nakładami finansowymi

    — zaznaczył.

    Niedzielski zwrócił uwagę, że sytuacja epidemiczna w krajach Unii Europejskiej ustabilizowała się, a „mimo to Pfizer nadal planuje dostarczyć do Europy setki milionów szczepionek. Jest to całkowicie bezcelowe z punktu widzenia zdrowia publicznego, ponieważ większość z nich ulegnie zniszczeniu ze względu na ograniczony okres przydatności do użycia i ograniczony popyt” – zauważył w liście minister zdrowia. Zaznaczył, że w grę nie wchodzi nawet odstąpienie nadmiarowych preparatów bardziej potrzebującym krajom, gdyż „obecnie nie ma rządów zainteresowanych przyjmowaniem darowizn szczepionek na COVID-19 – nawet za darmo”. Tymczasem „akceptacja tych szczepionek powoduje ogromne obciążenie finansowe nawet dla władz rozwiniętych krajów europejskich, utrudniając zabezpieczenie pozostałych potrzeb zdrowotnych” – wskazał.

    Dziś żyjemy w zupełnie innej rzeczywistości niż dwa lata temu. Globalne przedsiębiorstwa, takie jak Pfizer, muszą być tego świadome i aktywnie realizować społeczną odpowiedzialność biznesu. Nie będzie to możliwe bez dodatkowego porozumienia z Pfizerem w sprawie gruntownej zmiany kontraktów na dostawę szczepionek przeciwko COVID-19 i odciążenia finansowego zainteresowanych rządów

    — podkreślił szef resortu zdrowia w liście do akcjonariuszy amerykańskiego koncernu.

    Niedzielski przypomniał, że „Polski rząd prowadzi nieustanny dialog z kierownictwem firmy Pfizer na temat tego, jak możemy zaradzić tej sytuacji. Trudności z zaakceptowaniem proponowanej liczby szczepionek były wielokrotnie wskazywane (…) z myślą o wypracowaniu porozumienia co do dalszych działań. Wezwaliśmy również spółkę, aby zaproponowała alternatywne, realistyczne rozwiązania, które moglibyśmy rozważyć. Obecna propozycja firmy Pfizer przewiduje zmniejszenie dostaw, ale nadal wymaga uiszczenia opłaty za anulowanie zamówień – połowy ceny za dawkę, która nawet nie została wyprodukowana” – zauważył minister.

    W ocenie szefa MZ „Pfizer nie jest gotowy do wykazania się zadowalającym poziomem elastyczności i złożenia jakiejkolwiek realistycznej propozycji, która odpowiadałaby całkowicie odmiennej sytuacji w Europie”. Jak stwierdził Niedzielski, „zamiast wykazać się solidarnością, spółka nadal chce zarabiać na środkach przeznaczanych przez państwa członkowskie UE na ochronę zdrowia publicznego” i „jedynie deklaruje gotowość do dialogu”.

    Z przykrością stwierdzam, że przedsiębiorstwo, które wszyscy przez długi czas uważaliśmy za część rozwiązania (…), teraz samo staje się częścią problemu

    — czytamy w liście sygnowanym przez ministra.

    Jako strażnik interesu zdrowia publicznego wzywam firmę Pfizer, by podtrzymała zaufanie do procesu szczepień i przyjęła odpowiedzialność wobec obywateli UE i państw członkowskich oraz by podjęła działania w dobrej wierze na rzecz sprawiedliwego dla wszystkich rozwiązania

    — podsumował Adam Niedzielski.

    Jak informował na początku kwietnia br. minister Niedzielski, porozumienia w sprawie zmiany kontraktów szczepionkowych udało się wypracować z dwoma producentami preparatów – firmami Moderna i Novavax. Pod wpływem nacisków ze strony ministrów zdrowia Polski i innych krajów – Bułgarii, Litwy, Łotwy, Chorwacji, Słowenii i Węgier – które nie zgadzają się na dalszą realizację umów na obecnych warunkach, w negocjacje z Pfizerem w marcu br. została zaangażowana Komisja Europejska.

    Od 27 grudnia 2020 r., gdy rozpoczęły się w Polsce szczepienia przeciw COVID-19, do kwietnia 2023 r. podano 57 mln 966 tys. szczepionek. 15 kwietnia br. wystawiono e-skierowania na piątą dawkę szczepionki przeciw COVID-19 dla 1,7 mln osób.


    Dlaczeg nie porusza się problemu powikłań i śmierci po szczepieniach? Taki wysyp śmierci sportowcow po szczepieniach to świat nie widzial przed 2021, a pewien 37 letni trener Grzegorz Olech aktywny sportowo 3 dni po szczepieniu umarł! ——-> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6TCqbwmfZ3M


    Okręgowy Sąd Lekarski w Krakowie w grudniu 2022 roku odebrał dr. n. med. Zbigniewowi Martyce prawo do wykonywania zawodu na jeden rok. Specjalista ds. chorób zakaźnych jest oskarżany o to, że kwestionował zasadność stosowania masek ochronnych oraz masowe testowanie społeczeństwa w kierunku zakażenia wirusem SARS-CoV-2.

    Radio Maryja 27 kwietnia 2023

    Jak widać na przykładzie COVID-19, pokazywano wiele fałszywych obrazów, specjalnie wprowadzano ludzi w błąd, żeby się wystraszyli

    – Dlaczego nie można tego mówić o szczepionkach? Obecna europoseł Anna Zalewska mówiła, że każda wypowiedź, która nie jest zachętą, ale próbą dyskusji na temat szczepienia, jest nieodpowiedzialna. To absurd. (…) Po szczepieniach na COVID-19 w ciągu roku jest więcej powikłań w tym śmiertelnych, niż z powodu wszystkich innych szczepień, jakie istnieją na świecie, w ciągu ostatnich 10 lat. Dlaczego nie wolno tego powiedzieć? – pytał dr n. med. Zbigniew Martyka.

    – Znałem prawdę, docierałem do prac naukowych i w swoich wypowiedziach podpierałem się nimi, więc byłem przekonany, że nikt nie może postawić mi zarzutu, bo nie były to moje słowa, tylko cytowane wyniki badań naukowych. Okazało się, że zostałem pociągnięty do odpowiedzialności, bo nie wolno mówić prawdy – dodał.

    Ktos wziął do kieszeni za te nikomu niepotrzebne preparaty! Ktoś podpisał kontrakt za nikomu niepotrzebne preparaty! A teraz obudzili się? I tak Polska za to będzie płacił jeszcze nie wiadomo ile lat bo społeczeństwo nie wie na ile lat oni to podpisali! Tamci nie odpuszczą bo to jest interes a umowa jest umową! Niech teraz sami się zaszczepiają z rodziną do oporu aż wszystkie zużyją!

    bylo glownym problemem ale wtedy towarzysz sontag mial krysze i wydawał kasę na prawo i lewo, a teraz wieksxosc poszla na ukraine i jest problemik…

    Tyle tylko może – napisać list otwarty. Tak jest z Polską pod rządami PiS.

    A któż to podpisywał te – pachnące kryminałem – umowy, dające Pfizerowi totalną przewagę nad polską stroną i obciążające finansowo nasze państwo?! Niech ci którzy przez swoją nieodpowiedzialność – albo inne mechanizmy o których opinia publiczna nie jest informowana – dopuścili do tak skandalicznej sytuacji, że rząd jest bezradny wobec roszczeń Pfizera…niech za to odpowiedzą finansowo i karnie… Panie Niedzielski, panie Morawiecki, zamiast pisać po niewczasie tromtadrackie wezwania do szczepionkowych macherów, proszę się stawić przed sądem i wyjaśnić ten skandal.

    Kiedy sie czlowiek otrze o wyzszy szczebel przemyslu farmaceutycznego, zrozumie ze najpotezniejsze mafie to jedynie bidoki i poczatkujacy praktykanci.

    Będziesz Pan płacił (naszymi pieniędzmi) za ten wyrób szczepionko podobny.

    Najprostszą metodą zdyscyplinowania Pfizera jest zbadanie zawartości poszczególnych partii preparatów pod kątem zgodności ich zawartości z deklaracją producenta.Jeżeli znaleziono by tam np. grafen a podobno tam jest,to Pfizera należałoby oskarżyć o ludobójstwo i żądać odszkodowań dla ofiar tego eksperymentu / nagłe zgony.zakrzepice,udary,zatory,choroby autoimunologiczne itp/.

    Haha. Kundelki. Podpisały cyrograf. Teraz skomlenie. ” Pardzo brosimy” :))) Bo momy inne wydatki :))) „Bo nam się kasa w buczecie nie dopina” :)) PS. Abstrahując, że tłooki (tylko?) układały się z szalbierzami nie swoimi pieniędzmi. Tragedią, że w Sejmie jedynie Konfederacja się dystansowała. ( nie liczę SP -poki w ramach ZP (Społem)- MOrawer-NIedzielski)

    Przypomnijmy kto domagał się by rząd z budżetu państwa opłacał koncerny ponadnarodowe z powodu covida-19 i już macie tę zorganizowaną grupę przestępczą jak na dłoni.


  26. Scientific explanation for strange embalmers’ clots. Is it serious?
    Vejon Health
    8,029 views Streamed live 16 hours ago

    Why would these long complex fibrous clots be present in a number of individuals after death? Scientific explanation provided.

    Long complex fibrous clots have been noted for some time by embalmers, but thought to be a conspiracy theory.

    This topic was recently discussed by Dr John Campbell after autopsy exploration by pathologists in Germany. The video is no longer on YouTube but can be found in the Eventbrite description. Use link above.

    There is a disease in which excessive clotting on cooling of blood has been observed and could be associated with the very high serum IgG levels after Covid vaccine boosters.

    This pathology already exists and may help to explain specific diseases that are occurring at present.

    Helga Bruin
    I am pleased you are looking into this discovery. The serum dose had to be refridgerated to maintain it’s integrity…. l wonder if it warmed up and then cooled again, that it would congeel in the dispense jar.

    Fraser Edk
    Please expand on this Helga ?

    @Fraser Edk the v a c c i n e s had to be refrigerated in transport. I think that is what she means.

    Mel Morrison
    Yes, at the outset they said the ‘fizzer’ one must be kept at -70, then all that seemed to stop, and not bother them 🤔

    It’s quite extraordinary what YouTube Is deciding to ban – WHY? Luckily I saw JC’s talk on this. We have to catch PM’s and JC’s talks as soon as they land for fear they will be gone forever. The Western world is something Brezhnev would now be proud of!

    Many thanks Dr. McMillan. I watched Dr. Campbell’s video where he discussed this clotting phenomenon triggered by blood being cooled. It was a stunning revelation. The thought that this clot is in liquid form while the blood is at normal temperature but comes out of solution and solidifies at cooler temperatures is quiet shocking. What happens if a person with this condition is subjected to very cold conditions either atmospheric or underwater where the blood in their extremities may cool to that critical temperature threshold? This absolutely cannot be ignored. Cheers.

    Vejon Health
    The cooling is what was the clue to the cause. Challenges ahead.

    Jack Tempore
    @Vejon Health The few the breakdowns of what I have seen gathered so far over the course of the last year is that these fibrous cIots are not made of blood at all; and should not even be referred to as „blood cIots” as it affords disingenuous people a means to downplay the severity of these things, as well as misdirect the nature of them. I have seen them originally referred to as ‚calamari clots’ over a year ago, and more recently as ‚extreme cardiovascular blockages/obstructions’ or as ‚large fibrous clots’.

    Also, I have seen footage of surgeons removing one of these from the still-beating heart of a living patient; so these things are not likely to be forming solely due to lowered body temperatures, although it very well could be that various temperatures possibly have an impact on the durations at which they form.

    Vicki Roman
    „Is it serious?” has to be a rhetorical question, since they’re on the embalming table. Thank you for bringing truth.

    Irina Rusakova
    Thank you very much for your investigation. I’m afraid about autoimmune epidemic around the world.

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    • FDA Claims Licensed Vaccines Do Not Need to Prevent Infections or Transmission
      TrialSite News
      20,409 views May 2, 2023

      Recently, during the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) contemplated changes to the COVID-19 vaccine status, they elicited a commenting period. An organization called the Coalition Advocating for Adequately Labeled Medicines (CAALM) tracked by TrialSite News filed a petition requesting that the agency update the COVID-19 vaccine product labeling –for both Pfizer and Moderna products—to reflect their actual safety and efficacy more accurately. The third entry was titled “Requests that the FDA require that the sponsors of Comirnaty, Spikevax, Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine and Moderna COVID-19 Vaccines (collectively, ‘Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines’) amend current product labeling.” While the principals behind CAALM are experts and offer the FDA valid points in their comments, the FDA flatly rejects the organizations requests, declaring that a licensed vaccine doesn’t need to demonstrate that they prevent infection or transmission nor does a vaccine authorized under provisional emergency use authorization need to demonstrate infection prevention or transmission.

      jez mac
      Never will I be a pharma customer
      Never will I trust the medical profession
      Never will I trust government
      Never will I trust banking
      Never will I trust authority again

      jayjay nella
      You are on the very correct and informed path to living free of harassment of your body and mind. 😀

      Vassilios CA
      The politicians, the doctors, the lawyers, the social and the mainstream media managed to keep the lid on the powder keg!😁

      Eileen Coulter
      Yep and for obeying their bank accounts grew

      Topaz Dreamer
      Remember the definition of a vaccine and criterion for pandemic was refined during this event. Presumably to ensure the shoe was a closer match to the proverbial foot. Also need to lay conditions and precedents for the next pandemic they are advertising with confidence.

      Myles Hagar
      Or the foot was being redesigned to fit the boot.

      For the definition of vaccination, the CDC changed „immunity” to „protection”, because people think that immunity means 100% protection.
      For the definition of vaccine, the CDC changed „a product that stimulates a person’s immune system to produce immunity to a specific disease” to „a preparation that is used to stimulate the body’s immune response against diseases.”

      The definition of pandemic has always been vague.
      Ref: What Is a Pandemic? Fauci

      M O
      What is a vaccine now? If it does not prevents infections or transmissions what does it do?

      Gretchen K.
      Experiment with genes

      Kevin Knotts

      James Fergus
      It makes them rich, bringing in the money!

      Janet Ed
      All of the above☝️

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  27. A symbolic end to the COVID pandemic
    Sky News
    10,303 views May 5, 2023 #skynews #covid19 #covid19pandemic

    The World Health Organization (WHO) has said COVID is no longer a global health emergency, marking a symbolic end to the pandemic.

    Sky’s Thomas Moore takes a look at how this pandemic, which in three years killed nearly seven million people globally and made billions sick, as well as changing the world.

    Ydna Llah
    I never cowed down to the scaremongering, I stood my ground amid hoards of fearful sheep. No mask, no jabs, no fear. I’m proud I had the balls to withstand the nonsense.

    Raleigh Walter
    It killed my dad and uncle

    J K
    @Raleigh Walter What is the Covid-related mortality for non-elderly persons with no comorbidities???

    Joshua Brown
    @Raleigh Walter No, fear and anxiety sent them to hospital. They were given incorrect treatment there which killed them.

    Carole Chastaing
    Talk about the vaccine side effects

    Dark Knight 🦇
    They won’t talk about it because it doesn’t suit the agenda

    Super Nova
    ​@Dark Knight 🦇 because it has no factual basis in science. Look at actual data & analysis, like educated people do, don’t just listen to braindead conspiracy theorists!

    Barney Magee
    They all refuse to talk about it , only the most servile would not wonder why.

    J Adler
    ​ @Super Nova No refunds jabbie

    Twitchy B
    @Super Nova braindead conspiracy theorists hmmm try telling that to the numerous health professionals who have come forward saying what it does to the heart and brain. That it has lithium, mercury and aluminium in it. Conspiracy theories are usually right.

    Irene C
    @J Adler of course not because 🐏 🐏🐏🐏🐏🐏🐏signed up an informed consent before getting jabbed 🥴

    Hræfn Cyng
    Covid is still ongoing, it is not over. The UK has the 6th highest death toll in the world with 223,396 deaths and rising. Millions of vulnerable left isolated and 24,569,895 cases.

    Reformed White Knight
    Was never a thread. The real thread were the governments….

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    • Andrew Bridgen and Fraser Myers clash in fiery debate on Covid vaccine harms
      24,273 views May 8, 2023

      There was a time in history when the term „anti-vaxxer” or the phrase „gone down a rabbit hole” were consigned mainly to websites dedicated to conspiracy theories.

      But since the pandemic, an entire community of people who doubt the efficacy and safety of the covid-19 vaccine has emerged.

      They point to data around vaccine harms to strengthen their calls for an inquiry into the role big Pharma played in the rollout.

      But others argue that the millions who are vaccinated, and go about living their lives as normal, suggest that the extent of the adverse effects has been exaggerated.

      Spiked columnist Fraser Myers entered the argument with an article entitled „the delusions of Andrew Bridgen”, referring to the MP who was expelled from the Conservative Party for what he called ‘raising concerns’ about vaccine safety.

      The pair joined Andrew Doyle on GB News in a fiery debate.

      ashcon oskoo
      Andrew Bridgen is the sensible one here. The Nuremberg code was broken illegally and those responsible need to be held to account with immediate effect.

      Gordon Hamilton
      If you do not believe in something are totally against it, the FACTS don’t get in the way. This guy Myers is in cognitive denial.

      Lin Lin
      Anyone using the words conspiracy theorist or anti vax, instantly lose all credibility.

      15 Minute Prisons
      School playground insults.

      Its disturbing that Frasier Myers can ignore reality and keep waving away hard evidence.

      NJ Parkin
      Maybe check who pays his wages.

      15 Minute Prisons

      Carlito R
      Not just fraser parliament as a whole

      peachy pie
      God bless Andrew Bridgen, a brave and honest man,

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    • Excess deaths in UK rise
      Dr. John Campbell
      297,297 views May 8, 2023

      Excess deaths, dramatic increase, week ending 21 April 2023


      The number of deaths registered in the UK in the week ending 21 April 2023

      (Week 16)

      Was 14,024

      22.1% above the five-year average

      2,540 excess deaths, of these deaths, 615 involved COVID-19

      England and Wales

      Week 16, 12,420 deaths were registered in England and Wales

      538 of these deaths mentioned novel coronavirus (4.3% of all deaths)

      Of the 538 deaths involving COVID-19, 66.5% (358 deaths) had this recorded as the underlying cause of death

      The number of deaths was above the five-year average

      Private homes (29.0% above, 771 excess deaths)

      Hospitals (20.2% above, 924 excess deaths)

      Care homes (25.3% above, 525 excess deaths)

      Other settings (11.7% above, 92 excess deaths)

      Could Bradford Hill criteria help?

      The larger the association, the more likely that it is causal.

      Consistent findings observed by different persons in different places

      Lack of alternative explanations

      The effect has to occur after the cause

      Greater exposure should generally lead to greater incidence of the effect.

      A plausible mechanism between cause and effect is helpful

      Coherence between epidemiological and laboratory findings increases the likelihood of an effect.

      Occasionally it is possible to appeal to experimental evidence

      Analogies or similarities between the observed association and any other associations.

      Sometimes, reversibility

      Andy P
      I really don’t know how to react to this. Part of these excess deaths are likely made up by the same individuals who supported a 2 tiered society and, even worse, wished the same death to people who, like myself, were not and still not are vaccinated. I live in Melbourne and I lost my job and my marriage for this. Still one of the best decisions of my life.

      Respect to you, dude. I fell out with a couple of mates (permanently) and felt hard done by but, not a marriage and a job. So many people have lost so much over this madness.

      Warren Klein
      Best wishes for the future. You are far smarter than those individuals who supported a 2 tiered society. I can’t understand how Dan got re-elected.

      @Warren Klein Stockholm Syndrome is real. Same in New Zealand. Ardern resigned but Hipkins, her replacement, one of the local architects of the crime had rising popularity.

      Chris P. Bacon
      The UK data John is quoting also lists the number of deaths since week 11 2020 to the current week. The cumulative total is 1,184,160 registered deaths. It also gives a figure compared to the average of 5 previous years. Most people expect deaths to fall off after a pandemic ( you can only die once). The current total excess death figure is 183,574 and it is not falling. It’s about time someone started asking some questions !

      christopher robinson
      The current total excess death figure of 183,574 is a cumulative figure and can only fall if the excess deaths are negative during a calculation period, usually a week.

      Excess Deaths = Total Deaths – 5 year average Deaths (expected deaths)

      The fundamental problem with this simple approach is that changes in the population affect Total Deaths, a corresponding adjustment is not made to the estimation of the 5 Year average Deaths. Such changes are births, aging population immigration/emigration etc. The overall result is that in normal times there are about 2 – 4% excess deaths. The range is wide because it depends which age group is mainly affected (eg; immigrants tend to be of childbearing age).

      This means that for the cumulative total to decrease and the excess deaths to be negative the fall in excess deaths has to overcome this bias.

      Over time as the pre-COVID-19 years drop out of the calculation of the 5 year average and new COVID-19 years are included the 5 year average will increase and hence excess deaths will become negative and the total (cumulative) excess deaths will decrease. After the pandemic has blown through the total excess deaths will settle at around 20K.

      The good news is that the total excess deaths is only 184K and the COVID-19 deaths are 204K, which is a good indication that other factors are not making huge contributions. However, there are studies that show that there is an elevated risk of dying from other conditions after infection with SARS-CoV-2, which is masking the culling of the „dry wood”/”low hanging fruit”.

      The real problem is that very few understand these data, unless they are an actuarial mathematician, which I am not; however I do teach people to fly and one of them wrote the standard textbook on the subject, so I have learn a little at the foot of the master.


  28. Rochelle Walensky Resigns as Head of the CDC
    TrialSite News
    12,498 views May 10, 2023

    This past Friday, Rochelle Walensky, the head of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) resigned. Her departure comes days before the Biden administration’s declared end to the Covid health emergency. In her resignation letter to the president, Walensky gave no specific reason for her departure but said the country was in a moment of transition as the Covid emergency declarations are ending. No interim director was named, and Walensky will leave the CDC on June 30.. “I have never been prouder of anything I’ve done in my professional career,” Walensky wrote in her resignation letter. In addition to the letter to President Biden, Walensky announced her departure at a CDC staff meeting.

    Mark Cox
    I sincerely hope we will see Dr Walensky again. In court. Facing retribution for the incalculable damage she did to children.

    doreene close
    The CDC needs to be completely dismantled and built again. Until pharma money is out, there will be no hope of these agencies acting in the interest of the people they are tasked to serve. Go RFK!

    Cynthia Raiser Jeavons
    Good riddance. Her continual lying has been terribly destructive to human lives, and public health. Was she just completely incompetent, lying to us on purpose… or both?

    Those who have done their treasonous and treacherous jobs with distinction are rotated to higher responsibilities….

    John S
    Rochelle Walensky is the Kamala Harris of science.

    Watch her go from the $67,244 annual salary she was getting at the CCD to a multi-$million annual salary, just like Psaki and all of the other „captured leadership” does on a regular basis… since they played the game and made their cronies ridiculous amounts of money.

    JoAnn Leichliter
    It is important to remember that although the federal government can dictate to its employees–to a lesser degree than it assumed–it could not shut down businesses or churches or keep you out of a local park or lock you in your house. All of that was done on the sometimes dubious authority of state and local officials. These people desperately want you to blame someone else and keep them in office.

    Joel Alone
    She needs to go to jail

    I don’t think it matters who is technically in charge. ALMOST ALL THE COUNTRIES MOVED in UNISON. The edicts are coming from much further up. What was most telling to me were the rules for those who were institutionalized (in hospitals and nursing homes). It was a strong push AGAINST any kind of TRANSPARENCY whatsoever.

    One crooks resigns to be replaced by a worse crook

    Jax El
    Walensky helped guide me through Covid…I just did the opposite of what she said to do and, so far, I haven’t gotten Covid.

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  29. The potential link between serum Cryoglobulins and Embalmers Clots
    Vejon Health
    6,328 views Streamed live 21 hours ago

    Recent scientific presentation on how cryoglobulins could be linked to the pattern of fibrous clots noted by embalmers.

    Watch full presentation at our COVID-19 educational platform.

    This stuff has been observed already in early 2021, and last year the embalmers said they are seeing this now All the time, hardly anybody WITHOUT it, and they hadn’t seen anything like this EVER before.

    Prayer Warrior
    Exactly!! You are correct. The doc seems to be changing his mind suddenly, must have been threatened by the evil ones in control of US😏

    Lucie Dagesse
    I have a friend who is an embalmer and he told me last year that he was seeing these clots and he asked many other embalmers that he knows if they were seeing the same thing and they all said yes, also this only started after people got COVID vaccines.

    Helga Bruin
    This is a nightmare! Our town newspaper has gone from a half page of obituaries, to four pages of obits in the last two years.

    Jeani Nardi
    Ours too

    Elaine and Steve Corke
    Wow, the truth is gone, wrong is right and right is wrong….. just like the bible said.

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    • Increased Blindness Associated with mRNA Vaccines
      Drbeen Medical Lectures
      11,293 views Premiered 8 hours ago #drbeen #koolbeens #COVID

      Blindness HR 2.19 Associated with mRNA Vaccines

      This study by Taiwanese and Stanford researchers on the US vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals shows an alarming statistical increase in the retinal vascular occlusion. Let’s review

      Paul E
      There are far more people who regret taking the „heavily advertised medical procedure” than not having taken it.

      That’s not a fair comparison. No one who didn’t get it regret it. Many who were forced to get it regretted it immediately. While we unvaccinated individuals were punished those who were in the middle were mocked and shamed and also have the regret from getting it.

      ralph holiman
      The people who didn’t take it don’t have a ticking time bomb in them.

      I know of this woman (not personally. Mum told me) who woke up completely blind after having gotten the jab. She has two little kids and is divorced, so she is their primary caretaker. She was forced to get the vaccine. I’m not sure if her eyesight has returned as this was a couple of years ago, but she had to go to the hospital a couple of times for it. Losing one’s sight is scary asf.

      Vassilios CA
      Safe and effective for those who did not take it😁

      Stay far away from those who did and still can shed the dread!

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  30. How COVID Turned People Into Fascists – Explained By Psychologist!
    The Jimmy Dore Show
    23,074 views May 13, 2023 #TheJimmyDoreShow

    The COVID crisis ushered in an episode of “mass psychosis” among the populace where rationality, critical thinking and skepticism flew out the window. As a result of increasing anxiety, loneliness and isolation among the population, COVID arrived at a crucial time to “infect” the masses with a collective hypnosis where the dominant narrative could not be questioned — all this according to University of Ghent professor of psychoanalytic psychotherapy Mattias Desmet.

    Jimmy and Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger talk to Professor Desmet about how mass formation works and why COVID struck at just the right moment to virtually hypnotize so many of us.

    „No matter how paranoid or conspiracy minded you are, what the government is actually doing is worse than you can imagine”. ~William Blum

    Mark II
    Because corporations pay them to.

    @Mark II The US has been a profit-driven corporatocracy (and not a democracy) for a long time.

    Brian Storm
    „A paranoid is someone who knows a little of what’s going on. A psychotic is a guy who’s just found out what’s going on” – William S. Burroughs

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    • Seryjny samobójca wśród naukowców a pandemia
      PL1 TV
      8,194 views Premiered May 11, 2023

      Kiedy rozpoczęły się przygotowania do walki z koronawirusem?

      Halina Ciurkot
      To byli prawdziwi ludzie,którzy prawdopodobnie nie poszli na układ z ciemną stroną. CZEŚĆ ICH PAMIĘCI.

      Karolina Misz
      Ale co najmniej jeden był zwolennikiem szczepień, więc tu musiało chodzić o coś innego niż obrona ludzkości. A może likwidacja konkurencji przez obce wywiady ? Niewiadomych jest wiele

      Ramka Ramka
      mieli kręgosłupy moralne i etyczne zapewne. Szkoda , że większość z nich niestety takich zalet nie posiada.

      Grzegorz Dudek
      Pani Aldono dziękuję za materiał, jest to ogólny zarys projektu „srovid i srandemia”, zabrakło jednak wielu ważnych wątków tego projektu, w tym informacji o zlikwidowaniu wielu innych naukowców, którzy stwarzali bardzo poważne zagrożenie dla tego globalnego oszustwa, czy też o innych patentach związanych z C-19. Niemniej jednak wykonała Pani ogrom pracy, dziękuję serdecznie.

      Pawel Sawicki
      17:53 nie pomylila sie co do wirusa – czytalem kilka patentow zarejestrowanych w USA, ktore obejmowaly modyfikowanie wirusa ptasiej grypy wlasnie w kierunkach, o jakich tutaj sie mowi. Patenty byly…z poczatku lat dwutysiecznych…. Polecam sobie sprawdzic, to jest dostepne publicznie tylko po angielsku chyba

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    • Karwelis: Pandemia to był skok Big Pharmy na kasę. To był teatr. Po szczepionkach jest wysyp chorób
      Radio WNET
      51,890 views May 12, 2023

      Szkoda, że Pan Redaktor nie zadawał takich wnikliwych pytań Szumowskiemu, Niedzielskiemu, Simonowi etc…..

      Great Koyot
      Nie ma niezależnych mediów. Nie ma niezależnych ekspertów. Ta Plandemia to pokazała.

      Plandemia pokazała, ze sposób finansowania mediów (ale nie tylko ich, także np. lekarzy) powinien ulec zmianie. Jest bowiem schizofrenią to, że nie pozwalamy na finansowanie partii politycznych przez wielki biznes (są limity), a jednocześnie nie widzimy nic złego, gdy ten sam wielki biznes kupuje sobie media narzucające miliardom ludzi na świecie sposób myślenia

      Wielki, wielki szacunek Panie Karwelis. Wreszcie po 3 latach jakaś zwięzła, spokojna, zdroworozsądkowa konkluzja, która mam nadzieje obnaży tą zmowę milczenia. Podpisuję się pod każdym aspektem poruszonym przez Pana. Bardzo mi Pan zaimponował. Dziekuję za pana wieką pracę

      Bardzo mądrze zaproszony pan mówi. A Pan redaktor dalej żyje w nieśmiadomości i oparach absurdu. To właśnie media były kołem napędowym tego szaleństwa. Politycy i urzędnicy zdradzili ludzi. Dziennikarze, naukowcy, lekarze też zdradzili ludzi.

      Gal anonim
      I jeszcze dorzuce do wora kosciół..

      Violetta Wasielak-Winkler
      Szacunek Pan Karwelis. Codziennie czytam dziennik. Pana przekaz pomógł mi wytrwać przy mojej własnej ocenie sytuacji tj, rzekomej pandemii. Wystarczyło czytać ze zrozumieniem i myśleć. Ludzie, którzy wydawali mi się inteligentni, polegli i dali się zmanipulować. Widocznie wiedza, logiczne myślenie, sceptycyzm i instynkt samozachowawczy musza iść razem.

      Ad Bor Outdoor&..
      Racja. Prosty przykład manipulacji danymi, który mógł sprawdzić każdy. Pod koniec 2021 i w początkach 2022 r. w mediach stanowiących tubę dominującej narracji podawano liczbę zgonów wśród osób niepokłutych i pokłutych, przy czym tylko przy tych drugich mówiono o tym, jaka część miała choroby współwystępujące, które niejako miały być usprawiedliwieniem tego, dlaczego w tych przypadkach preparat nie zadziałał. To one, a nie nieskuteczność preparatu, miały być głównie odpowiedzialne za zgony. Powtórzę, nie podawano tego w przypadku osób, które nie dały się ukłuć. W tym samym czasie na stronach ministerstwa były przedstawiane dane liczbowe, które pokazywały, że ilość zgonów nie różniła się zbytnio dla obu grup oraz że ilość chorób współwystępujących u obu również była niemal identyczna.

      Cala ta ZAFAŁSZOWANĄ statystyke obnażał – sukcesywnie Grzegorz Placzek i TO SIĘ SAMO KOMENTOWAŁO 🤔😝

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  31. Nie nadążają z nekrologami. Na Uniwersytecie w Poznaniu ludzie znikają
    Suwerenny PL
    79,769 views May 19, 2023

    Mówili prawdę, że to była „ostatnia prosta”. Oni zawsze mówią prawdę, tylko trzeba czytać między wierszami.

    Tak smao jak preparat okazał się… skuteczny

    Artur T
    ostatnia prosta jest zawsze do ,,nieba,,

    Simon Simon
    Dla mnie to brzmiało jak nazwa ulicy prowadzącej na cmentarz, albo nazwa zakładu pogrzebowego, ostatnia posługa, ostatnia prosta:)

    Grzegorz Slowianin
    Trafili na taką serie berbeluchy, ale politycy mają się dobrze.

    Karolina Kajtek
    Wrogowie Polski i Polaków zawsze zaczynali walką z nami od eksterminacji polskiej inteligencji.

    Teresa Z
    Z tą inteligencją to przesadziłeś!!! To jest małe środowisko i nie mogli się wspólnie przeciwstawić?! Nie wierzę, że nie można było odmówić, bo np mój syn jest lekarzem wojskowym i nie dał się zaszprycować!!!

    Chyba raczej yntelygencja, resortowa

    Shamtu Powrót
    Nikt im nie strzelał w głowę, sami poszli po strzał z własnej woli. Inteligencja wspaniała.

    Najbardziej przerażające jest to że osoby 💉💉💉 to nadal ciemnota która nie dopuszcza do siebie prawdy


  32. UK stopping covid primary vaccinations
    Dr. John Campbell
    26,883 views May 23, 2023

    UK to stop primary covid vaccine course

    Getting a 1st and 2nd dose of the COVID-19 vaccine


    Currently, 75 + or comorbidities

    CDC advice as today


    J and J in the US

    About 19 million people

    More than 31.5 million doses

    December 2021 (UK)



    A spokesperson JCVI

    The results of the COV-BOOST trial conducted during the summer of 2021 provided good evidence that mRNA vaccines are the most effective option for the UK’s booster programme.

    (Denmark stopped AZ in April 2021)

    Patients launch legal action against AstraZeneca over its covid-19 vaccine (BMJ)


    AZ been sent pre-action protocol letters

    First step in a legal claim, 75 claimants

    Some have survived with catastrophic injuries following blood clots.

    Relatives representing others who suffered adverse reactions.

    Consumer Protection Act 1987

    Must show that the vaccine was not as safe as the public were entitled to expect

    Vaccine Damage Payment Scheme

    Limited to £120 000 per claim, applicants must prove severe disablement

    Administrative staff, four to 80

    Freedom of information request

    NHS Business Services, by 6 March 2023

    Scheme had received 4,017 claims

    622 concerned AstraZeneca vaccine

    348 the Pfizer

    43 the Moderna vaccine

    334 were for a severe adverse reaction, (claims by relatives)


    Population, 26 million

    3,374 claims

    Andrea Rodigari
    Even if they stop this afternoon, is way too late…….
    They reached already their goal.
    Total submission to authority.
    Good luck to all the jabbed.

    And I heard the MRNA can be spread person to person, so even if you never got the jab, your partner may have, and it will soon be worldwide, like an unknown STD.

    Sadly, people are easily led, history proves that. I, honestly, fear for those who were manipulated and scared into taking this experiment because that’s what it is.

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    • Senate Votes AGAINST Investigating Excess Deaths!
      Vejon Health
      14,683 views Streamed live 21 hours ago

      Can anyone explain why this research into understanding the cause of excess deaths is not appropriate? Highest level of excess deaths in Australia since World War II. A 15% rise above the 5 year average.

      Read article here:

      Australian Senate motion against investigating excess deaths:

      Provisional Mortality Statistics (Australia)

      Good Comrade
      100% understandable: those who perpetrated the fraud do not want to be revealed as the criminals that they are; those who have been fooled do not want to be revealed as the idiots that they are.

      willow woods
      exactly right, and investigations would be them admitting there’s been a crime committed against humanity.

      Petra Maas
      Thank you dr. McMillan. Another voice in the growing chorus of medical professionals asking the questions that must be asked. Let’s analyse the situation. Worldwide in many countries excess deaths have been counted. A trend independent of the registered COVID-19 deaths, that seems to be continuing into 2023. Investigations world wide are close to zero. Sometimes you see an investigation into a part of the deaths, but the whole problem is not tackeled. Why? Are the governments not interested in the health of their people? They seemed very concerned when the pandemic was declared: all people had to be vaccinated to save them from the apparent threat. Then suddenly the concern seems to have evaporated. Do the parties involved fear the the outcome of an investigation could show an unwanted cause?

      Vejon Health
      Excellent point. The interest in the health of the public has evaporated. 🤔

      I have written and called my local member here in Sydney about my concerns around excess deaths. The first time was about 6 months ago and I got the equivalent of a pat on the head and a soothing “there there” Next I called her office and was told that the TGA had everything in hand, so I forwarded her Dr.Campbell’s video, explaining how criminally inadequate the TGA’s investigation of the safety and efficacy of the “procedure” was. I am now blocked by my member of parliament, I’m sure my emails go to their spam folder, my phone number has been blocked and if i turn on No Caller ID, they hang up on me when they realise who’s calling……………you have to love Australian democracy.

      bill hanna
      You actually got a reply WOW

      John Dewever
      Everyone knows the cause of excess D’s, but is terrifying to confront the cause head-on; is much easier to pretend nothing is happening and hope the increasing trend in D’s goes away – the problem is that real experts like Geert Vanden Bossche have already said it’s only going to get worse.

      Vejon Health
      Yes. This will not go away.



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