1090 Russia Abandons The West For Asia – This Pivot Will Change The World, Dutch Farmers DEFEATED By Net Zero Government 😡 😢

Russia Abandons The West For Asia – This Pivot Will Change The World
Sean Foo
11,580 views Mar 8, 2023

Russia is moving away from Europe and shifting all its focus to Asia, specifically China and India. This groundbreaking move will shift the world order further away from the West while Asia will continue to gain economic power, and it all hinges on cheap Russian energy. The sanctions have backfired and we could see a situation where the EU could once again knock on Russia’s door to buy oil and gas!

Stephen Joseph
Good times for countries in SE Asia to reap from the conflict by finding ways to bridge East and West. Oil storage facilities in Sing & Mal are already almost to full capacity

You Me
If you think US and it’s satellite states will allow Asia/SE Asia to sleep well, then you’re probably dreamin’.

20 Luzer
It’s not the loss of Russia’s volume of trade that is a game changer, not that it’s not significant, but if Russia can survive within the BRICS + OPEC + Global South then that is a sign for many other countries that don’t want to be subservient to the US and EU that they don’t have to fear economic sanctions from the West and can negotiate with the US and EU on a much more equal footing. And if this alternative trading bloc uses gold/oil backed currency, then many countries will feel comfortable to de-dollarize their domestic and trade which will make it very hard for the US to continue to finance their military expansions and excursions. It’s the migration of this large group of countries to the alternative trading bloc that is a true game changer to the US and EU since they can no longer mobilize multiple countries against their target anymore, basically neuter their weapon of choice which is sanctions.

Correct. And also they cannot weaponize their interest rate further to supress other currency that depend on dolar

Kobe A5 Wagyu
Not only Russia can survive, Russia will thrive with Global South demand. Indians and Africans populations ain’t stopping anytime soon while Chinese manufacturing power are increasing everyday. Russia also have one of the lowest debt-to-GDP in the world and is considered the biggest natural resources superpower in the world, even more than U.S and China combined!

@shaanz I have noticed this too of late, forex is extremely telling. A few years ago shorting USD/RUB netted 400 swap a day.. Aussie was 200 ish, but now there is zero positive swap when going against the US as far as I have seen. Heavily manipulated and rigged.

Dutch Farmers DEFEATED By Net Zero Government 😡 😢
Mahyar Tousi
32,557 views Mar 7, 2023

Land Rover
A Farmer feeds you, a Politician steals off you. Who do you support.

Robin Wells
You need a farmer three times a day. You need a politician…..well…..never really. 😂

Richard Woollaston
I have known many Dutch people and I’m surprised, horrified and disappointed at their lack of support for their farmers and at the way they have swallowed the government propaganda. I wish we could do more to support the Dutch farmers – if there is a way then please let us know.

Same here in the U.K. the government are paying farmers not to farm & sell up & take early retirement.

Ash Pollen
They did this to Britain in the 80’s

Eileen Pritchard
​@palmer3977 N W O.

The Absolute State Of Western Education Part 3
Romanian TVee
14,627 views Mar 7, 2023

Great Cait
„Farming needs to stop.” This guy, whether he realizes it or not, wants to make Hitler and Stalin’s high scores look like baby stuff.

He’s following in mao’s footsteps

I was talking to a vegan a few minutes ago, lives in Canada. He was telling me his dinner was better for the environment because it’s vegan: cashew nuts and coconut milk. Pretty sure they’re imported, in big ships and trucks. But my eggs, which I get from a farm 2km away, well they’re bad for the environment. It’s a nice day, I walked btw. These people don’t think, they simply don’t. I don’t think they ever will. Maybe an benevolent AI telling them what to do isn’t such a bad thing… it is, but some days I have doubts.

People don’t seem to know how much you need to produce to make a vegan diet work. We didn’t evolve to eat only plants, we evolved to eat a heavy meat based diet. Its why a lot of vegan have health problems and a lot of mental illness.

Incey Wincey
Well, his logic is impeccable; if we stopped farming we really wouldn’t need to worry about the climate anymore.

Sir Zorg
instead, hordes of starving techno-barbarians would rapidly hunt all remaining large animals to extinction.

​@Sir Zorg So by large animals, you mean people right? To the music of techno-barbarian hunting chants…

@Sir Zorg Not if they are made unable to hunt or do anything without being provided by the government, they won’t.

Rhiannon Senpai
Yes, ’cause we would all be dead.

Sir Zorg
@alexanderwsm Hunger is a powerful motivator. Even useless urban ratlings will become rather bold when their stomachs start to hurt.

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  1. BRICS+ has begun dominating the global economy ALREADY | US in trouble?
    29,174 views Mar 7, 2023 #brics #brics2023 #chronomy

    The world’s growing eastward shift of economic dominance was one of the most obvious themes in 2022. The Shanghai Cooperation Organization’s continual strengthening originally helped to achieve a lot of this migration (or SCO). 2023 appears to be the year that the BRICS bloc will have the greatest influence on the world’s economic and geopolitical landscape. This is because the BRICS group of five major emerging economies—Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa—has made significant progress in terms of joint policy coordination and because several other economies have made it clear they are interested in joining the increasingly powerful bloc. So, just far is the reach of BRICs plus, and what is their game plan to surpass and dominate western-backed alliances in the global economic playing field? Stay tuned and be kept up to date.

    Mas Miwa
    My impression is that resource rich countries make up a major portion of the BRICS roll call. It is possible that ASEAN countries may also join. India is already a member and Indonesia has applied. One would think as BRICS expands its roll call, more ASEAN states might join.

    I would also think that African and Latin American countries would consider joining. It appears North African countries are following the lead of South Africa and Latin American countries are following Brazil as Argentina seeks to be a member.

    What we are seeing is the collective south is forming a powerful geopolitical organization to stand up to western post-colonial states and its efforts to implement an alternate reserve currency to the dollar is attractive because the US has weaponized the dollar to implement sanctions.

    Merciful Terros
    Essentially what is happening is going to be two global markets. This is an issue. Because human nature will not allow for two economic powers to work side by side.

    Normajidy ABDUL MAJID
    China seeks win-win & mutual respect. US & allies seek total dominance & zero-sum attitude. All the best for future peacefulness & development.

    Yes thats why China does more illegal fishing in African waters than the rest of the world combined. So much respect.

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    • Sanctioning China Will Destroy The Dollar | America’s Ultimate Mistake
      Sean Foo
      5,427 views Mar 12, 2023

      If the United States and its allies impose sanctions on China, this could be the greatest financial mistake in all of modern history. Unlike Russia, China is more resilient and has deeper ties across the global economy. Punishing China will likely backfire against the dollar and unleash a de-dollarization wave that could knock it off the reserve status. Here’s what you must know!

      Rolf Steiner
      China – Iran – Saudi Arabia Alliance is a real game changer.

      And Russia…..

      Now we know why US so upset

      Lien Truong
      I believe it is not a matter of if but when. And China is not sitting idle waiting for the sanctions drop on her head. China will suffer but she will survive and the best of all that the US is so broke, it has to close down its 750 plus military bases around the world. I am hoping that the US sanctions China is not leading to hot wars, a nuclear war and the end.


    • Iran-Saudi Arabia Deal Will Not Be Welcomed by US: Former Military Officer
      CCTV Video News Agency
      4,162 views Mar 12, 2023

      The deal reached between Saudi Arabia and Iran to resume diplomatic relations will not be welcomed by politicians in the United States, as it could harm the country’s arms sale in the region, a former U.S. military officer told China Central Television (CCTV) on Friday.

      Sam Sak
      The world is leaving the UassA behind 😢


      I wish they wouldn’t keep saying in relation to the USA, „defence”, when what they really mean is „offence”. The last time they defended the US mainland was in 1812.

      Ym Khaba
      Evil never welcome peace


    • ASEAN Plan with BRICS+ for New World Order UNCOVERED
      8,314 views Mar 11, 2023 #asean #brics #brics2023

      Throughout 2022, the theme of BRICS expansion has gained significant traction, as China’s BRICS+ initiative has sparked growing aspirations from some of the world’s largest developing economies to join the BRICS grouping. Countries from parse geographies such as Argentina, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, and others have expressed interest in joining BRICS. And now it appears that BRICS intends to engulf the ASEAN bloc, a move that will undoubtedly set in motion a new world order. How will BRICS and ASEAN be able to combine forces? How will this tip the scales of power in favor of BRICS? And how will the West and its allies react to this move? Stay tuned and be kept up to date.

      The United States may have difficulty to convinced the ASEAN members. BRICS will succeed and the ASEAN members will be delighted to join BRICS for economic prosperity tomorrow, not war.

      Panyaboon c
      ASEAN is in Asia and the next door neighbor is far more importance than your thousands mile away friend. Beside a untrustworthy friend.

      Yuvaraj Gopal
      Bricks is causing big headache to USA

      they need a bit of American ‚democracy’


    • Rakowski: Izrael się trzęsie przez reset Saudów z Iranem w ChRL. Izrael już nie jest rozgrywającym
      Radio WNET
      38,225 views Mar 14, 2023

      Grzegorz Winiarski
      Saudowie z Persami!? Uuuuu to niedobre jest!

      Marcin H
      Aj waj !!! Pali się grunt pod stopami narodu wybranego. 😏

      Jan Woldens
      ⚪sytuacja jest prosta dla myślących, Iran i Saudis chca wstąpić ndo BRIC, CHINA podpisała dlugotetminowe umowy na dostawy na weglowdory, tzw zach przegrał, RP na linii autowej

      pawel Lapinski
      U Saudow nie rzadzi ambasada amerykanska tak jak w Polsce

      Arabowie rozegrali USA i Izrael. Znany nam świat się kończy

      Jan Woldens
      ⚪he he, przypłyną lotniskowce us I problem rozwiązany

      piotr melak
      To nie czasy Iraku teraz Chiny nie pozwolą na takie akcje

      Dyrekcja Dzwonków Tramwajowych
      Chińskie lotniskowce już tam będą czekały .

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    • China’s Middle East Victory Has Doomed The Dollar
      Sean Foo
      1,223 views Mar 18, 2023

      China has won over the Middle East, brokering a historic peace deal between Saudi Arabia and Iran. This ends a standoff between the Middle Eastern oil giants and China stands to reap huge economic dividends as their global influence continues to grow. And at the heart of this is how the Petrodollar system is now at risk. Peace in the Middle East could take de-dollarization to greater heights. Here’s what you must know!

      ✅ Timestamps & Chapters:
      0:00 China’s Big Win In The Middle East
      2:53 The Fear Of Western Sanctions
      5:46 China’s Agenda
      8:01 A New Superpower
      10:41A Global De-Dollarization
      13:21 The Next Move

      For Saudia Arabia and Iran to be able to come together, there is either common blame on tensions between both countries towards the US and/or Iran is just agreeing long enough to get Saudia Arabia to stop having the US come to defend them.

      Anil Jethwa
      Excellent analysis. The multipolar world is here. Hold on tight, it’s going to be a bumpy ride as the cornered US hegemony snaps back at the world

      Kenny Lam
      Saudi Finance Minister said Saudi investments into Iran could happen „very quickly” following an agreement to restore diplomatic ties. This is going to be a big game changer in the middle east.

      KS8910 Mr K
      As an asian I see the formation of BRICS will soon become much bigger and much more influential and peacful to the world.


    • LEAKED: How Saudi Arabia & Russia crushing the US and UK economies big time!
      Informed Investors
      4,430 views Mar 18, 2023 #RussianEconomy #SaudiArabiaEconomy #OilWar
      #RussianEconomy #SaudiArabiaEconomy #OilWar

      The 13-Nation OPEC cartel is doing something called a supply-demand mismatch. That is how Saudi Arabia and Russia are planning to crush the economies of the USA and the UK. And this will be the biggest cut since the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. To know what’s happening worldwide and how this could potentially affect us all, watch the video till the end. What is this NOPEC bill all about? What is the UK’s price cap strategy, and most importantly, how will this oil War affect the world?

      Saudi Arabia and Russia are two of the largest oil producers in the world, and their oil has been driving up oil prices worldwide. As a result, the US and UK economies have been struggling – and this video is the perfect place to find out how you can profit from it!

      0:00 Intro
      2:10 Supply-demand Mismatch
      5:01 The Meeting of the 24 OPEC+
      6:42 What is the Price Cap Strategy, and how will it help Europe control oil prices?

      Good news for the countries outside the US, UK, and EU.

      OPEC Plus is on the right side of history.

      Prashant Kharve
      Very nice content topic 👌 US & West should be brought to their knees. They shouldn’t be allowed to decide price cap.

      Andy Penn
      One of the western democratic values – free market – has been devalued by the US 😂… Just watching the democracy degraded 😅

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    • Detailed explanantion on how the China-brokered Saudi-Iran deal will change MiddleEast & Iran India
      PTE Geopolitics „World Gone Crazy”
      2,953 views Premiered 6 hours ago

      Detailed explanantion on how the China-brokered Saudi-Iran deal will change the Middle East and Iran

      Sun Temple
      Victory and unity to
      The People’s Republic of China,
      The Islamic Republic of Iran,
      The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and all of the member countries of „BRICS.”

      Closer ties between Saudi Arabia and Iran opens the door for them to both join BRICS+

      Teo Chiang Tee
      China is a big international player. Untouchable.


  2. https://wpolityce.pl/gospodarka/635906-orlen-rosja-wstrzymala-dostawy-ropy-rurociagiem-przyjazn

    Orlen: Rosja przerwała dostawy ropy rurociągiem Przyjaźń. „Wstrzymanie dystrybucji nie będzie mieć wpływu na zaopatrzenie”

    opublikowano: 25 lutego

    Rosja zatrzymała ropę / autor: Fratria

    PKN Orlen poinformował w sobotę PAP, że nie otrzymuje dostaw ropy naftowej z Rosji. Dostawy rurociągiem Przyjaźń do Polski zostały wstrzymane przez stronę rosyjską – podkreśliła spółka.

    PKN Orlen nie otrzymuje dostaw ropy naftowej z Rosji. Dostawy rurociągiem Przyjaźń do Polski zostały wstrzymane przez stonę rosyjską

    — przekazała spółka.

    Bez wpływu na zaopatrzenie
    Jak jednocześnie podkreślił Orlen, spółka jest w pełni przygotowana na taką sytuację, a dostawy do jej rafinerii mogą odbywać się w całości drogą morską.

    Wstrzymanie dostaw nie będzie mieć zatem wpływu na zaopatrzenie polskich odbiorców w produkty spółki, w tym benzynę i olej napędowy

    — zaznaczył Orlen.

    Jak przypomniała spółka, od początku lutego 2023 r., po wygaśnięciu kontraktu z firmą Rosnieft, dostawy rosyjskiej ropy pokrywały tylko ok. 10 proc. zapotrzebowania Orlenu na ten surowiec. Były to wyłącznie dostawy rurociągowe, na które nie zostały wprowadzone międzynarodowe sankcje.

    PKN Orlen podkreślił, że zrezygnował ze sprowadzania ropy naftowej drogą morską oraz gotowych paliw z Rosji już od początku wojny w Ukrainie, czyli znacząco wcześniej niż wprowadzono embarga unijne na tego typu dostawy.

    Dywersyfikacja dostaw
    Obecnie portfel importowy PKN Orlen opiera się na dostawach ropy pochodzącej z Morza Północnego, Afryki Zachodniej, basenu Morza Śródziemnego, a także Zatoki Perskiej i Meksykańskiej. Ważnym partnerem koncernu jest Saudi Aramco, z którym PKN Orlen zawarł w 2022 r. strategiczny kontrakt na dostawy ropy naftowej

    — podkreśliła spółka.

    Przypomniała jednocześnie, że jeszcze w 2015 r. rosyjska ropa stanowiła prawie 100 proc. surowca przerabianego w zakładach koncernu.

    Znaczący spadek wykorzystania tego surowca w polskich rafineriach to efekt intensywnych działań na rzecz dywersyfikacji zaopatrzenia

    — zaznaczył Orlen.

    Spółka ma obowiązujący do końca 2024 r. kontrakt na dostawy ropy z rosyjską firmą Tatnieft. PKN Orlen deklarował, że wstrzyma import w przypadku nałożenia przez UE odpowiednich sankcji, w przeciwnym razie zerwanie obowiązującego kontraktu rodzi ryzyko konieczności wypłaty odszkodowań.


    — Ceny bez zmian! Orlen jest gotowy na embargo na rosyjski diesel. „Powstają nowe szlaki handlu, które pozwolą zastąpić kremlowski olej napędowy”

    — Minister Moskwa: Nie ma już w Polsce gazu ani węgla z Rosji. Obecne 10 proc. importu ropy Orlen jest gotów zredukować do zera

    — Absurdalne zarzuty Greenpeace! Aktywiści oskarżają Orlen o kupowanie rosyjskiej ropy. Hucpa na moście Poniatowskiego w Warszawie


    Z ta ropą z Rosji to wyszło jak z sygnałami dźwiękowymi w wypadku Szydło z Seicento. Zarzekali się na wszystkie świętości ze były sygnały do czasu aż borowik się przyznał. Teraz zarzekali się ze nie biorą ropy, oczerniali Greenpeace jak chcieli by przestali ja importować do czasu aż Orlen ogłosił ze ropa przestała płynąc bo ja Rosjanie zakręcili.

    jesli orlen czerpal ostanimi dniami tylko 10 % to ile czerpaly nadal Niemcy i pozostali za nimi?? dla tu piszących na dobranoc. Zeby dojśc do prawdy trzeba poznać klamstwa wroga. Polacy maja dwoch wrogow: Niemieckich i francuskich przyjaciol rosji i sama Rosje.

    Czyli gdyby Rosja ropy nie odcięła to Orlen nadal by ją z chęcią kupował????


    • European Union Energy Crisis 2023 – Eu Is In Big Trouble Replacing Russian Oil!
      Rich Investors Academy
      11,645 views Mar 11, 2023 #oil #europe #russia

      European Union Energy Crisis 2023 – Eu Is In Big Trouble Replacing Russian Oil!

      Ursula Von Der Leyen, president of the European Commission, claims, “Europe has managed to avoid a severe energy crisis.”

      In spite of this, statistics show that electricity prices are relatively high. There are distinct energy problems in every nation. Electricity costs are higher now than they were a year ago, despite the general trend of falling commodity prices.

      Due to the high cost of energy, some businesses have had to close their doors, and others, like Dow Chemical, have had to lay off employees. To lessen its reliance on Russian oil and gas, the European Union has created new energy partnerships with countries like Qatar, Egypt, Azerbaijan, and the United States.

      Ali Alnajjar
      An important video that expresses the reality of the energy crisis in Europe. Yes, there is a major crisis, but they do not want to admit that pride. How do they weaken in front of their people? A wonderful channel with wonderful content. Thank you for sharing the video

      When the supply is restricted (sanctions), the quantity demanded can be maintained at higher prices – by outbidding poorer countries with weaker currencies for those resources. Those countries will then turn to alternative resources… probably from the very same source whose exports were sanctioned. After a year or so, it has merely amounted to trade displacement, except that the European industries have become less competitive by having to absorb the higher prices in their business calculations. The US wins. Some other countries also win.


  3. Georgia Protests: US Seeks to Open 2nd Front Against Russia
    The New Atlas
    20,991 views Mar 9, 2023

    – Protests in Georgia consist of US-backed opposition groups (literally waving US and EU flags) attempting to block a bill to increase transparency behind political groups to reduce foreign interference;

    – The US has already once overthrown Georgia’s government in 2003, according to the London Guardian;

    – By 2008 after flooding Georgia with weapons and training its military, Georgia attacked Russia, according to a EU investigation;

    – The US seeks to stir up trouble in Georgia again to “extend” Russia as explained in detail by the RAND Corporation’s 2019 paper, “Extending Russia;”

    – The US has pressured other nations attempting to pass bills to protect against foreign interference including recently Thailand;


    BBC – Georgia protests: Police push protesters back from parliament (2023):
    Transparency International – Who Supports Us:
    CNN – Georgia withdraws ‘foreign influence’ bill that sparked angry protests (2023):
    Guardian – US campaign behind the turmoil in Kiev (2004):
    Reuters – Georgia started war with Russia: EU-backed report (2009):
    RAND Corporation – Extending Russia (2019):

    Having a child has somehow become that invaluable action which all of society depends on……AND the crown jewel of irresponsibility if you do before you’re absolutely ready to do so.

    Jimmy Liu
    When “is having children affordable” becomes a real question, there must be something wrong with this world.

    It’s funny cause the ones asking that question is mostly first worlders. The question they are actually asking is „can I keep going on holidays to a 5 star hotel in the bahamas every summer, buy expensive jewelry and cars and afford my every morning’s pumpkin spice latte at my favourite artisanal coffee shop while I work on my 1000 euro laptop if I have a kid?”

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    • SVB collapse. sanctions boomerang. Kinzhal bunker strike. Protests in FR, CZ, BG, CH. U/1
      Alex Christoforou
      100K views 17 hours ago

      SVB collapse. sanctions boomerang. Kinzhal bunker strike. Protests in FR, CZ, BG, CH. U/1
      Topic 896

      We in Bulgaria had anti war protest today. A few thousand people marched, not a squeak on the news.

      MIO PHX
      The media barely spoke of the protest in Washington D.C.

      Kate O’Neal
      They’re hoping we’ll just go away… What’s working in the U.S. is for individuals to speak up when the politicians and others are spouting nonsense. Now there are even some groups training people how to effectively do it.

      Peter Roberts
      Media Blackout All Over Europe..

      Valuable analysis Alex, as usual. Just one gentle correction – the Ukroruinen flag in Prague, it was not hung from ‚SOME’ museum but from the National Museum …. one of the most secret symbols of the Czech national pride. Symbol that dominates Venceslav’s Square … the square that, again after 33 years, got packed with hundreds of thousands of Czechs challenging the government imposed onto them by global elites. Their national symbol got wrapped in the yellow/blue bandage by puppets of the disrespectful government on the day of the demonstration. Wrapped deliberately … to trigger a violent response. It failed to do so. Instead, Czechs sent the government so far the clearest warning – the war further East is not their war. It’s not gonna be fought ‚to the last Czech’ … as intended … by some … governments …

      I would add that in the Czech Republic there is a law about using the state symbols of our country and it requires to use a foreign state flags ONLY with a combo with a czech stat flag. So using like the ukrainian flag by a public institution without accompanying it with the czech flag is an offence and the institution that did so should be fined. The people (it should be said that the topic of the rally was the worsening economic situation in the first place when the government freezed the pensions valorization – that would require 19 bln crowns, while we sent over 50 bln crowns to Ukraine) simply demanded to remove the flag or accompany it with the czech flag. But of course the current government is so deep in unquestionable support of the UKraine (and the west of course) that they simply do not pay any heed to it.

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  4. Is it worth having kids?
    The Economist
    174,657 views Mar 7, 2023 #iwd2023 #internationalwomensday

    Fertility rates are falling across the rich world, as more and more people are weighing up whether to have children. Raising them can be stressful and cost a fortune, but they might bring you a lot of joy. So all things considered, on International Women’s Day, is it worth having kids?

    #internationalwomensday #iwd2023

    00:00 – Is it worth having kids?
    00:36 – Do kids make parents happy?
    03:12 – Why people used to have more children
    04:11 – The expense of having kids
    05:24 – Parental leave
    08:03 – Childcare
    09:42 – The “motherhood penalty”
    13:45 – The macroeconomics of children

    Having a child has somehow become that invaluable action which all of society depends on……AND the crown jewel of irresponsibility if you do before you’re absolutely ready to do so.

    Jimmy Liu
    When “is having children affordable” becomes a real question, there must be something wrong with this world.

    It’s funny cause the ones asking that question is mostly first worlders. The question they are actually asking is „can I keep going on holidays to a 5 star hotel in the bahamas every summer, buy expensive jewelry and cars and afford my every morning’s pumpkin spice latte at my favourite artisanal coffee shop while I work on my 1000 euro laptop if I have a kid?”

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    • 🚨 EU Warns Britain Against Banning Illegal Migrants 😡
      Mahyar Tousi
      3.2K views 25 minutes ago

      Wally Dogg
      They should keep them in France then, shouldn’t they.

      charles cawley
      Who rules Britain. The EU or the Government? Voters may begin to think Westminster is still trying reverse Brexit and the impression of a de facto one party system governing the UK is growing.

      Li so
      They are still telling us what to do … I don’t think that anything will change …. Thank You For the Video 👍👍👍

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  5. Walmart closing 269 stores!
    TheDC Shorts
    223,197 views Mar 6, 2023

    Walmart Announces it’s closing 269 stores. Can you guess why?

    M R
    “It’s like they’re trying to starve the black neighborhood.” — sometimes comedy writes itself.

    Zack Zimmer
    “There’s a reason there are no stores in certain communities.”
    -Thomas Sowell

    These people work hard to keep the stereotype very well alive.

    Pioneer Prepper
    The fact that they are laughing and playing tug of war with the guards shows how bold they really are. This should send chills down everyone’s spine

    John Doe
    He says „they are trying to starve the black people” but it’s black people doing all this to themselves. I also saw „black people” standing around and rooting the shoplifters on instead of getting involved so the costs don’t roll over to the consumers. I applaud Walmart for doing this 👏🏽

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    • WARNING! You NEED To See What’s Going On In Europe Right NOW!
      Neil McCoy-Ward
      113,231 views Mar 9, 2023

      Ellen Gran
      Big Businesses seems to not only want the farm land in Ukraine and the Nederlands, but also the farm land in Spain.

      It’s big money land

      Mel Morrison
      They don’t want the farm land in the Netherlands ( from what I’ve seen) they want the land to build a massive tristate super city of about 40 million people will cover Netherlands, Belgium and… think it was Germany .search tristate city. Aim to be built by 20 30 🤔wonder where we’ve heard that before!

      Judith Mackay
      In the UK as well, our corrupt government are paying farmers to re wild land, retire and are buying up farm land, they are disgusting.

      Ellen Gran
      @Mel Morrison Yes, you are right. In regard to Ukraine I know WEF are talking about transforming the country into some super AI efficient country. However, first they need to get controll of the land =buy land on which they can build factories, houses, farms etc etc.


  6. Biden Admin Gives MALE The International WOMEN’s Award Sparking HILARIOUS Backlash Online
    31,460 views Mar 9, 2023

    Nothing says International Women’s Day like giving the Woman of Courage Award TO A BIOLOGICAL MAN. Real women being erased in real time


    Michael Perry
    That’s what is happening

    Ashley Williams

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    • Male Wins International Women’s Award
      SC Reviews
      10,080 views Mar 10, 2023

      When the public is pushed too far don’t be surprised when there’s a reaction…….

      Allen Silva
      We did men, we have achieved full domination… we can now claim the woman of the year award

      Living in society today is like living in an open air asylum.

      Was fun to watch Blinken flinch when he had to give the bloke a kiss

      He * loved* it


  7. https://bialczynski.pl/2023/03/09/1-gnn-podczas-pandemii-klamali-klamali-klamali-i-nadal-klamia/#comment-81248

    Białczyński10 marca 2023 o 20:19
    Kacapy zgrzytają zębami w telewizji Rassija, płaczą, żalą się, żebrzą o pomoc Chin, pienią się i bluzgają jadem, chamskimi epitetami – co zawsze jest znakiem kompletnej bezsilności – plują wściekłą śliną, a Międzymorze rośnie na ich oczach. Tyle się tutaj napluli jak pamiętasz na Ukrainę od 2014 – biedaki, tak się starali w Polsce, przez 20 lat ta ich V kolumna w Polsce pracowała, a tu masz. Putler zaatakował i całą ich robotę szlag trafił. Polacy z otwartymi ramionami przyjęli 3 miliony Banderowców – Nazistów, do swoich domów i oddali im własne łóżka i lodówki pełne żarcia.

    Ja cię kręcę. A teraz praktycznie na ukończeniu jest Oś Warszawa – Kijów, Ukraina w NATO i UE, no a zaraz jak tylko front się załamie i Krym padnie a Zielone Ludziki stamtąd wyjadą na Marsa swoim wielkim tęczowym mostem niezdobytym, do Osi Warszawa-Kijów dołączy Mińsk. Wiesz o tym oczywiście? Prawda?

    Sądzę że Rechota-Aku i Opolczyka po prostu z nóg zwaliła ta „mądrość” Wielkiego wodza PUTLERA, któremu składali życzenia imieninowe przez internet i piali hymny na jego cześć jak nie przymierzając Szymborska piała Stalinowi. Oj nie do Rechotu im teraz, nie.

    Polubione przez 1 osoba

    • (…) Putler zaatakował i całą ich robotę szlag trafił. Polacy z otwartymi ramionami przyjęli 3 miliony Banderowców – Nazistów, do swoich domów i oddali im własne łóżka i lodówki pełne żarcia. Ja cię kręcę. A teraz praktycznie na ukończeniu jest Oś Warszawa – Kijów, Ukraina w NATO i UE, no a zaraz jak tylko front się załamie i Krym padnie a Zielone Ludziki stamtąd wyjadą na Marsa swoim wielkim tęczowym mostem niezdobytym, do Osi Warszawa-Kijów dołączy Mińsk. Wiesz o tym oczywiście? Prawda? (…)

      O! Chyba się troszkie nasz odwiecznie nieomylny krakoski hipisek, a obecnie usraelski podżegacz wojenny i fantastyczny wielbiciel banderonazioli z AZOV za bardzo nabzdyczył na Mezamira lub spalił ziołęm, lub nawciągał jakiegoś białka, czy grzybków, czy innego kwasu… i napisał przez przypadek prawdę. 🙂

      Przy okazji, każdy zepsuty zegar dwa razy na dobę pokazuje prawdziwą godzinę dokładnie… Skoro tak, no to czy kiedyś ten krętacz napiszę jeszcze prawdę, że od dawna pisze jedynie turbo-scyto-sarmato-słowiańsko-aryjskie bajki dla potłuczonych? Szczerze wontpiem…


    • Douglas Macgregor o polityce polskiego rządu
      18K views 5 days ago

      artur węgiel
      Powini to w TVP puścić , było by zwarcie w głowie co niektórych z wypranymi mózgami.

      Bardzo dobrze ze tłumaczysz takie wypowiedzi. Dzięki ludziom takim jak McGregor czy Scott Ritter mogłem sobie wyrobić opinie na temat wojny na Ukrainie a przy okazji zostałem ruską onucą.

      Mira B
      Pawel085 – czym wiecej ruskich onuc, tym lepiej

      @Mira B A foliarz💉 tez moze byc? Tak i tak na mnie „wolaja” haha

      D’Orro G.
      Dożyliśmy czasów, kiedy określenie „ruskiej onucy” należy uważać za symbol człowieka niezależnego i używającego przez Boga danego mu rozumu!…
      „Ruska Onuca”! – brzmi to dumnie…😁👍. Ruskie Onuce jednoczcie się ! 🙏🕊🇵🇱🌎 😁

      Les Jendryk
      Pułkownik McGregor prosto w sedno .Prosto w twarz takim Polko i Bartosiakom ☝👏

      Artur M
      Piękne! W trzy minuty facet powiedział wszystko. Genialne 🙂

      Smutne ale prawdziwe :/ Tylko problem taki, że ten rząd nie tylko sam od siebie chce się przypodobać zachodowi ale i oni tego oczekują od swoich marionetek…

      Ben Capitanemo
      To strzał w 10-tke z urywkiem tego wywiadu. A tak naprawdę, podobnych wypowiedzi na YouTube jest o wiele więcej. Wystarczy skorzystać w czasie odtwarzania z automatycznego tłumacza googla. Rodacy gdyby pokonali ociężałość rozumu i więcej korzystali z dobrodziejstw postępu technologicznego, nie byli by takimi ignorantami geopolitycznymi. Mr. Macgregor i jemu podobni sa przerażeni głupotą polityków amerykańskich, europejskich. Panu Sebastianowi dziękuje za ten film. I proszę o więcej. Jako osoba rozpoznawalna w polskim internecie, umieszczanie takich „rodzynków”, zwiększa odzew na hasło „To nie nasza wojna”. Dziekuje.


    • The West and NATO starting to dump Ukraine for their loss to Russia
      56,236 views Mar 12, 2023 UKRAINE

      The West and NATO led by the United States appear to be starting to dump Ukraine over their defeat by Russia. French animators released a short film about the war and how NATO manipulated Ukraine to destroy Russia. Meanwhile America is trying to prove that Nord Stream has been destroyed by pro-Ukraine groups.

      Cee Mor
      The video illustration depicting Zelensky as a little man and a loser is accurate and funny as fukk 🤣😂🤣😂🥊💥👍🏾

      wtf_ usa
      If countries around the world have not figured out yet that accepting „help” from America is the WORST possible thing they could do for their people, then they’re simply not paying attention.

      Dave Saenz
      Spot on! The list is endless.

      wtf_ usa
      „The goal is NOT to win the war. The goal is to USE the war to wash money out of the tax bases of the United States and out of the tax bases of European countries and back into the hands of a Transnational Security Elite. THAT is the goal. To have an ENDLESS war, NOT a SUCCESSFUL war.” ~ Julian Ass.ange – Stop the War Interview – 8 October 2011

      Exactly as I’ve been writing on here since before it all started. Next chapter will include Zelensky mysteriously dying and US and EU will pull back saying they had nothing to do with it all. They don’t want Zelensky open his mouth.


    • Stany mają problem. Rozkład sił na szachownicy się zmienił
      Suwerenny PL
      42,183 views Mar 10, 2023

      Michał Jagiełło
      Polska – ukrainizacja
      Obecnie Polskie szkoły uczęszcza 150 tys. 648 uczniów z Ukrainy. W Rydze mieszka moja znajoma, jej najmłodsze dziecko chodzi do przedszkola, mają też wielu uchodźców z Ukrainy. W przedszkolu dzieci uczą się historii Ukrainy, Łotyszy uczy się historii Ukrainy, mówi się im czym jest Ukraina. Mówi, że na mapie świata z wielu flag dziecko od razu znajduje ukraińską, ale nie znajduje swojej łotewskiej. Ukrainizacja, to proces stworzony przez człowieka i jest on prowadzony celowo i we wszystkich krajach, gdzie są ukraińscy uchodźcy. Znajomy zwrócił uwagę na agresywne i bezczelne zachowanie ukraińskich uchodźców

      Andrzej Lasek
      dopiero teraz ukrów poznajecie ? trzeba było zainteresować 10lat wcześniej.

      Sylwester Albrecht
      Dlaczego powiedziałeś polscy rządzący, oni są tylko polskojęzyczni a większość rządu ma korzenie z tego małego kraju o którym wspomniałeś.

      Michał Jagiełło
      ⛔🇵🇱Polacy do tej pory z naszych podatków zostało wydane ponad 50 miliardów złotych więc możecie się już przestać się dziwić czemu jest tak drogo 😎

      Eternity Snow
      jesteśmy już bankrutem

      Przebijam 120 mlrd zł 3 siła od pomocy

      Jacek Makaveli
      ​ @Eternity Snow też tak uważam nie wierzę że ten kraj nie zbankrutował

      Irena Z.
      To jak? Odkąd żyję, a już idę na emeryturę zawsze musiałam zaciskać pasa, bo Polska to biedny kraj, niech ich szłak trafi !

      Mops 3
      Victor Orbán w rozmowie z węgierską stacją radiową Kossuth wyraża obawę, że niektóre państwa europejskie lub NATO wyślą w końcu siły zbrojne do wojny na Ukrainie.

      Rafal Sieku
      Słuchaj, jeśli dziadzia biden zrobi tak jak mówił w Kijowie, że jeśli zelenski nie rozstrzygnie w0jny to do jesieni to przestanie przesyłać im swoje zabawki tak więc wielce możliwe że tak się stanie jak mówisz,

      Maciej Warna
      Chiny powiedziały wprost z jak nato przyśle żołnierzy to chiby przysla tu tyle sprzętu i amunicji że będą zdechnieci z planszy a maja przemysl z 50 razy większy niż polin wiec będzie to gra w statki !!

      Rafal Sieku
      @Attanus Froliszev ukry bez zachodu mogłybyc zajęte w parę dni tak jak wowa przewidywał

      Anna S
      Pięknie się świat polaryzuje… Kto by pomyślał jeszcze z dziesięć lat temu, że tak to się wszystko potoczy.

      basher basia
      To sie nazywa multipolar world….gdzie kraje funkcjonuja niezaleznie a laczy ich jedynie umowy bez ussmanskiego bita na twarzy


      Through the eyes of
      54K views 19 hours ago

      Mariusz Talar
      Dziekuje Scott za prawde i te prawdziwe wydarzenia w Gruzji. Pozdrawiam z Polski.

      Kf Hee
      Wake up Georgian! Wake up before its too late!

      Joe Ziutek
      Skoda ze w Polsce tak mało ludzi słucha takich mediów, polecam również , w polskich reżimowych mediach niczego się nie dowiesz sama ukraińska propaganda.

      Dot Tester
      I’m in tears. Scott Ritter is a 1st class humanitarian, how many medals can we give him. An extrodinary man.

      Butt Hole
      Ania I just want to say that has to be the most hard hitting interview I’ve ever seen. I’m a grown man and not ashamed to say it broke me because I’ve heard Scott speak about his wife’s connections to Georgia so I feel his pain when he talks. So once again I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being one of the only brave and honest voices left in this terrible world. Stay strong and be proud of what you do because this is evidence that we will play for children, friends and family in the future so they will never lose faith in humanity. God bless you and protect you in everything you do. Big hugs and all our love go to you and all like you and know that we salute you 🫡 ❤️🙏🇬🇧

      Hugh Evans
      From the bottom of my heart, I agree

      Klara Chiamarsi
      As a Georgian (tho Russian citizen) I teared up when Scott talked about Georgia. He is so right, he really understands Georgia better than many young Georgians do. It’s so horrible that many people can’t think with their own head, can’t trust their own eyes and just believe what they are told — how could they be hostile to Russia, if they lived within Russia for 200 years (first Russian Empire and then USSR), and Russia ensured they preserved as a nation, preserved all their culture and traditions, whereas their „friends” EU and US demand them to change, to „accept EU values”, pressure them to reject that law and so on. Every day they walk though their cities and see all around them: appartment buildings, factories, hospitals, schools, universities, hotels, sanatoriums, roads, theaters, electric stations and many, many more, that was built during the Soviet era, and no matter what they see with their own eyes, they still believe the narrative that Russia somehow treated them as a „colony” during that time… Georgia and Abhkazia lived better than most parts of Russia during the Soviet times, I lived in both places and I know that for a fact.

      Marianna GK
      @Klara Chiamarsi you know history, thank you. Was in Georgia just before COvid, the young people have been brainwashed not unlike the way young people in Ukraine were. All older people speak Russian.

      Am White Russian (left 1917 born in Manchuria). My Great-grandfather was one of the chief engineers who built the Georgian-Military road through the Caucasus. I’ve had the blessing of being on it, my grandmother was born in Vladikavkaz. This is a main road through all of Europe! This is so so terrible. I’ve lived in an AUKUS country since childhood, hve been to Russia often. My father was a historian.
      All that they tell young people is just lies & propaganda.

      My other grandmother was born in Poltava (Малороссия) now Ukraine. So all our homelands are being targeted. You & I know who we are, we know our history & we know what our cultures & common interests are. Blessings to you, I hope Georgia sees sense. (Обожаю вашу страну всего хорошего)

      Natali O.
      I am Georgian. My father was fighting in Abkhazia, what Scott says about that war is 99% accurate.
      In regards to current situation in Georgia his point of view is 100% right in the neck.
      I just hope my people will have enough wisdom to safe themselves from woke-globalists-LGBT barbarism.
      Really great interview!

      Yes, 1% is a lot. This must have included the bombing by a Georgian helicopter of the civilian ship Kometa-44 flying the Russian flag on August 27, 1992 and the tragedy near the village of Lata on December 14, 1992, when a Russian Mi-8 was carrying more than 80 refugees, among whom were 35 children and 8 pregnant women. The helicopter was shot down by the Georgians, killing everyone inside.
      There is much to remember about Georgia’s generosity to both Abkhazians and Russians.

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      • Russia Severs Route Out of Bakhmut! Ukraine Daily Update 14 Mar 23
        Combat Veteran Reacts
        13,867 views Mar 14, 2023

        I feel like there may be a Ukrainian end-game here. Their Intel is too good to sacrifice men for a city with limited strategic value. It would not surprise to see some resources in reserve used to trap an overextended and undersupplied attacking force. Nothing tangible just a more hopeful projection. Thanks again.

        Rebound Rides
        I feel like you have been saying bakhmut will be cut off in a matter or days for a longgg time now.

        Bruce MacKinnon
        Blind Freddie could see this coming. Why the shock?


      6.1K views 53 minutes ago

      Jon Dorsett
      „We won’t lose Afghanistan in a weekend.”
      „Inflation, not gonna happen.”
      „Noone making under $400,000….”
      „Safe and effective.”
      „Uh, er, um, you know.”
      „There will be no Nordstream pipeline.”
      1 for a thousand.
      Nothing is built. Nothing is back. Nothing is better.

      Memes will prevail in this infowar 😂

      I love playing along with all the music in these gems. It just adds to the fun. Please never stop making them. 🎶

      Mark Morash
      Kirk talking with a bunch of characters you’ve never seen before, implies they’re all gonna die. It’s killing me with giggles.

      Andrés Hernández
      The red shirt means they’re goners 👋🏻

      Christopher Jacobs
      I wonder just how many people these days would actually get the Star Trek Red Uniform reference . 😀

      The Star Trek was the best…Gotta laugh or we’ll all go crazy.Thanks for your Channel !!!

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    • African leaders, collective west is not the only game in town
      The Duran
      6,313 views Mar 14, 2023

      African leaders, collective west is not the only game in town The Duran: Episode 1535

      German John
      The west dominance has peaked and is in decline. It is time for others to take the helm and advance humanity.

      Girl Has No Name
      Agree. Empires have fallen for millennia..same as it ever was.

      Eritrean Traveler
      Love your increased commentary on African issues. You are right Africans and there leaders no longer want to lectured.

      Paul Meaney
      Africa can never forget the west colonial past in Africa while of course both Russia and China had never had one in Africa, thus explains why both powerful nations are welcomed by Africa with open arms.

      Polubione przez 1 osoba

    • Mexico’s President Humiliates United States & Joe Biden!
      The Jimmy Dore Show
      13,448 views Mar 14, 2023 #TheJimmyDoreShow

      Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador recently upbraided the United States, calling out Joe Biden and Secretary of State Antony Blinken by name, for hundreds of years of imperialism, colonialism and otherwise “meddling” in the affairs of other nations all over the globe. And contrary to the U.S.’s self-image as a promoter of democracy around the world, the United States itself is not a democracy, AMLO says, but rather an oligarchy.

      Jimmy and Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger discuss AMLO’s comments as well as the recent push among certain Republicans for the U.S. to invade Mexico.

      Adverse Reactor
      The US „two of our citizens were murdered in your country, we might invade”
      Meanwhile to Russia „Sure Ukraine killed thousands of Russian speaking civilians from 2014 until you invaded but that doesn’t count”

      Marcus Jackman
      „Do as I say, not as I do”

      Dat Doo
      This is happening as Mexico is talking about joining the BRICS. Not a coincidence


    • French Riot Police fight off millions marching against Globalism & NATO
      Aussie Cossack
      21,057 views Mar 12, 2023

      Violent suppression of democratic protests, in France hundreds of thousands have been demonstrating all week against Macron policies, the main french cities look like a war zone.

      if only the police realized that these people are protesting for the rights of the police and their families as well.

      FXDF 369
      Just goes to show , the police are just thinking of them selves in these situations all over the world . No wonder there is no respect for them 😟

      I always wonder what instructions the riot police are given prior to these events. ‚If you see a protestor fall to the ground kick them once and then run off’ 😂😂

      Icepak Packie
      The common people have finally had enough of this crap from our government.. hopefully this is just the start of the revolution


    • Nowa Nadzieja
      Przegłosowano dyrektywę wywłaszczeniową, która zmusi do remontów klimatycznych wszystkich budynków! Oni byli za, LISTA HAŃBY:


      Nowa Nadzieja
      Od 2028 wszystkie nowe budynki mają być zeroemisyjne, rząd będzie musiał wytypować 15% „najbardziej emisyjnych” budynków w kraju i do 2030 wymusić ich termomodernizację, a do 2050 wszystkie budynki mają być bezemisyjne i obowiązkowy remont obejmie wszystkie nieruchomości.

      Janusz Polityki
      Te same nazwiska powtarzają się przy każdej ustawie antypolskiej dlatego nazywanie tych europosłów polskimi chyba nie jest na miejscu.

      Poczet komunistów polskich

      A potem ci od „mieszkanie prawem a nie towarem” zdziwieni, że klatka dla gołębi, nazywana szumnie apartamentem 14m2, będzie ich kosztować 3 pokolenia pracy.

      ika jabłonska
      To zwykle kurwie

      Mirosław Chodur
      Szok! 😲😱Będzie czyściej i ekologiczniej!

      Krzysztof Krajewski
      Kohut chyba nigdy nie zagłosował za projektem, który byłby korzystny dla naszego kraju, jak to możliwe, że on jeszcze nie siedzi?

      oTOOLony 🇵🇱
      Zawsze te same zdradzieckie mordy

      Kamil 🇵🇱
      W ogóle mnie nie dziwi, że Ci okupanci za tym głosowali.

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    • https://wpolityce.pl/polityka/638319-premier-rezygnacja-z-polityki-klimatycznej-to-jest-polexit

      Premier Morawiecki: Rezygnacja z polityki klimatycznej byłaby jednoznaczna z wyjściem z UE. Nie dam się wepchnąć w narrację Polexitu

      opublikowano: za 39 minut

      Premier Mateusz Morawiecki / autor: Fratria

      Gdybyśmy chcieli zrezygnować z polityki klimatycznej UE byłoby to jednoznaczne z wyjściem z Unii Europejskiej – ocenił premier Mateusz Morawiecki. Dodał, że on nie da się wepchnąć w narrację Polexitu. (…)

      Rezygnacja z polityki klimatycznej to rozsadek. PMM jest tchorzem i lasi sie do Rzeszy Niemieckiej zamiast realizowac racje stanu RP. Na co przysiegal? Lojalnosc Polsce czy Rzeszy Niemieckiej?

      Zniszczyć Polskę takie zadanie dostał Morawiecki od Chabad-Lubawicz-Inflacja konsumencka wyniosła 18,4 proc. w ujęciu rocznym w lutym 2022 r. – podał Główny Urząd Statystyczny (GUS). To najwyższy poziom od grudnia 1996 roku. Ile kosztuje nas rosyjsko-ukraińska wojna? Znajdujemy się w przededniu dziejowego kryzysu ekonomicznego, którego głównymi przyczynami będą: 1) najpierw lockdowny gospodarki wprowadzone z powodu pandemii COVID-19, 2) następnie oddanie lwiej części naszego majątku na rzecz najbardziej skorumpowanego w Europie państwa, a także dla przesiedleńców przybyłych z niego. Możemy spodziewać się, że efektem powyższych decyzji będzie bieda w Polsce w najbliższych latach.

      Morawiecki jesteś szkodnikiem , nigdy nie powinieneś piastować urzędu namaszczonego przez tego małego napoleona- także szkodnika ubranego tak jak i ty w patriotyczne hasełka

      No jasne, innej opcji nie ma geniuszu ? Tylko słuchać Timermansa z jego fit455 i niszczyć Polskę pod dyktando szkopów? Tak mocno trzymają za jajca ?

      Energia z węgla jest najtańsza, więc należy na tym oprzeć gospodarkę. Wzrost cen energi z węgla wynika że sztucznych napisów w rodzaju ETS itp. To nie ma nic wspolnego z rynkiem. Trzeba opuścić UE i na powrót Polska stanie się konkurencyjna.







      Dyrektor Generalny Lasów Państwowych: Atak ma ma podłoże gospodarcze. Cała narracja o ochronie przyrody to tylko zasłona dymna

      opublikowano: 3 godziny temu

      autor: Fratria

      Nie mam wątpliwości, że atak na lasy ma przede wszystkim podłoże gospodarcze. Cała narracja o ochronie przyrody to tylko zasłona dymna. Nie możemy się temu biernie przyglądać – powiedział dyrektor generalny Lasów Państwowych Józef Kubica w wywiadzie opublikowanym w środę w „Gazecie Polskiej”. (…)

      Lasy Państwowe są wielkim majątkiem na który jest tylu chętnych aby go przejąć, i w tym celu ci chętni, planują wykorzystać przekupnych unijnych polityków aby stworzyć przepisy na przejęcie Polskich lasów.

      Chodzi o uwalenie bardzo dochodowego przemysłu drzewnego i meblarskiego ! Pracę straci pół miliona Polaków !

      Lasy to 1/3 powierzchni Polski – taki obszar chce przejąć Unia Niemiecka !

      Czy już wiemy dlaczego od kilku lat CODZIENNIE w mediach (wyborcza, tvn, wp, onet itd.) oczerniani są polscy leśnicy? Czy już wiemy w jakim celu i w czyim interesie przeprowadzono akcję „Rospuda” i akcję „Puszcza Białowieska”? Czy już wiemy, dlaczego dzisiaj forsowane jest kłamstwo o „pierwotnej puszczy karpackiej” rzekomo wycinanej przez polskich leśników? Obudźmy się, Polacy!


      • https://wpolityce.pl/polityka/638367-beata-szydlo-w-pe-watpie-ze-zielony-lad-poprawi-sytuacje

        Beata Szydło w PE: Śmiem wątpić, że forsowane w UE przyspieszenie zielonej transformacji poprawi sytuację Europejczyków

        opublikowano: za godzinę

        autor: Fratria

        Śmiem wątpić, że forsowane w UE przyspieszenie zielonej transformacji i Europejskiego Zielonego Ładu poprawi sytuację Europejczyków – mówiła w środę w Parlamencie Europejskim była premier RP, a obecnie eurodeputowana PiS Beata Szydło. (…)

        Ekoterror prowadzi do nikąd, a jedynie do zubożenia ludzi. Unia Europejska jest tak mała w świecie, że gdyby nawet produkowali tlen i całą swoją emisję zjadła, to i tak reszta świata, z wulkanami włącznie nadrobią z nawiązką. To jest totalny absurd. Po prostu skończyło się zlodowacenie i zaczyna się ciepło. Ziemia zna taką kolej rzeczy.



        Reakcja Zbigniewa Ziobry na słowa premiera Morawieckiego: Nie zgadzamy się, by obrona taniej energii była przedstawiana jako Polexit

        opublikowano: za 10 minut

        Zbigniew Ziobro, Mateusz Morawiecki / autor: Fratria

        „Nie zgadzamy się, by obrona taniej energii była przedstawiana jako Polexit. Premier Mateusz Morawiecki zgodził się na zaostrzenie polityki klimatycznej UE” – napisał minister sprawiedliwości, lider Solidarnej Polski Zbigniew Ziobro na Twitterze, w odpowiedzi na słowa premiera Morawieckiego w sprawie polityki klimatycznej.

        Echa wywiadu premiera Mateusza Morawieckiego, udzielonego w podcaście Jakuba Wiecha w sprawie polityki klimatycznej, nie pozostały niezauważone przez koalicjantów partii rządzącej z Solidarnej Polski. Z tezą, że rezygnacja z unijnej polityki klimatycznej oznaczać będzie Polexit nie zgadzają się minister Zbigniew Ziobro i europoseł Patryk Jaki.

        Ponieważ polityka klimatyczna UE jest rdzeniem polityki gospodarczej całej UE i wszyscy, którzy znają się na UE, wiedzą, że gdybyśmy sobie chcieli wyjść z polityki klimatycznej, tak po prostu zrezygnować z polityki klimatycznej UE, byłoby to jednoznaczne z wyjściem z Unii Europejskiej de facto

        — mówił Mateusz Morawiecki.

        Odpowiedź koalicjanta
        Nie zgadzamy się, by obrona taniej energii była przedstawiana jako Polexit. Premier @MorawieckiM zgodził się na zaostrzenie polityki klimatycznej UE. Chcieli tego Niemcy, Tusk i lewica. Dlatego mamy dziś drożyznę i inflację. Propozycja @SolidarnaPL jest racjonalna – zawieszenie europodatku ETS

        — napisał na Twitterze Zbigniew Ziobro.

        Nie. Rezygnacja z polityki klimatycznej nie oznacza wyjścia z UE. Oznacza jej ratowanie. I ratowanie Polski. Co więcej Traktaty w wielu obszarach związanych z polityką klimatyczną dają państwom prawo weta. Tak może mówić PO. Ręce opadają

        — napisał Patryk Jaki.

        Co więcej jest jeszcze art 194 i inne 👇Nie wiem, trzeba wreszcie niektórych ludzi z otoczenia premiera wysłać na szkolenie . Tylko nie wiem czy bardziej z prawa UE, czy z tego czym jest suwerenność

        — dodał europoseł Solidarnej Polski.

        CZYTAJ TEŻ:

        — Premier Morawiecki: Rezygnacja z polityki klimatycznej byłaby jednoznaczna z wyjściem z UE. Nie dam się wepchnąć w narrację Polexitu

        — Solidarna Polska i PiS pójdą razem do wyborów? Lider SP: „Moim celem jest wspólna droga w ramach Zjednoczonej Prawicy, ale…”

        — Europoseł Jaki dobitnie w PE: Wzrosną koszty zakupu mieszkań i ich utrzymanie. Za waszą ideologiczną hucpę zapłacą najbiedniejsi!

        — Minister Ziobro ostrzega: Unijny zakaz sprzedaży samochodów spalinowych spowoduje dwukrotny wzrost składek OC


        A co się dziwicie? Morawiecki to doradca Tuska. Dopóki on jest w PiS, nie zagłosuje na nich.

        Mnie wręcz przeraża fakt, że osoba pełniąca funkcję premiera nie widzi życia poza UE! Pozwolę sobie postawić tezę, że z takim stosunkiem do niepodległości Polski RP wolną nie pozostanie! Rozumiem również, że premier godzi się na oddanie we władanie UE 1/3 powierzchni państwa, czy li lasów państwowych. Czy konstytucja pozwala na taką operację i czy społeczeństwo wyraża nań zgodę?!

        Mateusz zgadza się na wszystko. Olbrzymich kosztów jakie ponosimy w związku z wojną nie potrafi przekuć na sukcesy. Łatwo dawać, ale nic nie uzyskaliśmy od jewropewjskiej czy też z przyszłych zamówień z UA. Dalej jewropejska straszy nas, nie dadzą zreformować sądownictwa. Co więcej ile tego było aha z 200 mld pomocy kowidowej poszło na pomoc zagranicznym bogatym firmom. Po co to było potrzebne? Niech padną a na to miejsce powstaną polskie small biznesy. Z resztą cała ta pomoc jest nic nie warta. Robienie większej dziury budżetowej. Inflacja i tak rośnie.

        Brawo Zbyszek ! punktować tego łgarza , niech wszyscy zrozumieją wreszcie jak bardzo złą robotę Morawiec robi dla Polski


    • US Banks In Panic Mode! | BAILOUT CRISIS COMING
      Sean Foo
      11,078 views Mar 15, 2023

      The SVB collapse has spread a contagion now affecting regional banks in the United States. Regional banks are seeing a crazy stock plunge as investors are pulling out their money. But it gets worse. The SVB bailouts have set up a bailout crisis that could spike inflation higher if more banks collapse. The higher interest rates go, the more pain the banks will feel. Here’s what you must know!

      The US: „It’s time to blame China for all this… Tiktok, Shein and Temu too. It was the ballon”

      Gogogo Lyra
      Havent u heard? Biden blamed this on Trump

      Jacqueline Morgan
      Anything else except the US.


    • It’s time to leave earth.
      John Talks
      108K views 11 hours ago

      Microsoft Sam Reloaded
      I’m proud of being called a transphobe, it’s another name for „person with common sense”

      That’s what I always said from day 1 when that meaningless word was used against me, transphobe is code word for someone with common sense

      no thanks
      The problem with common sense is that it’s not too common 😂

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    • „My nie jesteśmy od pomagania Polakom” Bezczelne słowa rządzących o obywatelach
      Suwerenny PL
      23K views 20 hours ago

      Maria Pecho
      Wyborcy pisu to nie cała Polska

      Piotrek P.
      „Następni w kolejce”co za idiota,plan Anglosasów szczucia Słowian na siebie się spełnia,80% niewolników w Polsce nie powinno mieć prawa wyborczego.

      The Rat News
      ale zaraz zaraz to innym pomagamy na nasz koszt a nasi rządzący twierdzą że oni nie są od pomagania nam ? ja chyba muszę iść do lekarza przebadać słuch i wzrok

      Optymalion Optymalion
      Oni już sprywatyzowali państwo. PiS jest partią posiadającą państwo polskie. Jak kiedyś, Prusy były armią w posiadaniu państwa.

      Barbara B
      Oni są od pomocy Ukrainie, to jest teraz najważniejsze.To już nie jest rząd Polski 🙆🤦

      Waldi Kowalski
      od 89 roku, zaden rzad nie byl polski

      Oni służą Ukraińcom!

      K. K.
      Nie muszą nam pomagać, niech przestaną nas okradać.


    • Detailed explanantion on how the China-brokered Saudi-Iran deal will change MiddleEast & Iran India
      PTE „Wolf Warrior Diplomacy and Geopolitics”
      545 views Premiered 7 hours ago

      Detailed explanantion on how the China-brokered Saudi-Iran deal will change the Middle East and Iran

      Ie Lee
      The US talk about wars daily and never try to encourage countries with different religion or view come together. US country got rich from wars, conflicts, regime changes and create division and instability in the rest of the world.

      Watch out this week very exciting not only for busy Xi but the world Xi will be in Moscow to meet Putin . This comes just after Xi conclusion of the 2 sessions at home , inauguration of his 3rd term in office n announcement of the Global Civilisation Initiatives. ,The GCI is another additional initiatives to his Global Dev Initiatives, Global Security Initiatives n BRI. So much speculations on what will emerged from his moscow trip. On his return from Moscow, he will be receiving the visit of Brazil Lula who will be coming to Beijing with a large delegation. Very important visit from latin america


  8. Fed Panics as 2nd Bank FAILS; Biden Announces Federal Takeover
    Facts Matter with Roman Balmakov
    57K views 6 hours ago

    V. T.
    Biden is the last person to instill confidence in this problem

    If Joe Biden says anything I believe the complete opposite.

    Shawn M
    And the FED is promising to print MORE money, thereby increasing inflation further. This much incompetence can’t be accidental, it has to be on purpose.

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    • https://wpolityce.pl/gospodarka/638197-dlaczego-upadl-najbardziej-poprawny-politycznie-bank-w-usa

      Kulisy upadku Silicon Valley Bank, czyli dlaczego upadł najbardziej poprawny politycznie bank w Stanach Zjednoczonych

      opublikowano: wczoraj

      autor: PAP/EPA

      Amerykańska gospodarka od piątku żyje krachem Silicon Valley Bank – szesnastego co do wielkości banku w Stanach Zjednoczonych. To trzecie największe bankructwo w historii USA i najpoważniejszy upadek w sektorze bankowym od 2008 roku. Eksperci analizując wydarzenie, które wstrząsnęło nowojorską giełdą, koncentrują się głównie na czysto finansowym aspekcie tego zjawiska, nie zauważając szerszego kontekstu. (…)

      Mam nadzieję,że bardzo poważnymi klientami tego banku są zboczki i towarzysze walczący z globalnym ociepleniem bo im oziębią się konta skoro państwo zwraca tylko 250tys $ i może wpłynie to otrzeźwiająco na durniów z KE w tym na Timmermansa

      I tak właśnie Trzaskowski i jego świta doprowadzi do bankructwa Warszawki !!!

      Morał z tego taki aby nie trzymać pieniędzy w takich tęczowo-lewackich bankach


    • 6 USA Banks at Risk of BANK RUNS as $1 Trillion Uninsured Deposits Raises Risk of Bank Failures
      Joe Blogs
      212K views 17 hours ago

      This hasn’t just crept up on us. What a great time for the UK government to remove the cap on bankers’ bonuses and be set to deregulate the financial services.

      Don Greek
      The thing is regulations do not stop them from making large profits and bonuses. It just stops them from making ridiculous profits and bonuses and leaving customers high and dry. If the government always has to step in and save them thy why not have the government run them instead.

      basil magnanimous
      they deserve it. they work so hard. while we, layabouts, dont even want to grow vegetables and drive trucks anymore. shame on us ! we can do better than that. we owe apologies to our Lords !

      Biden Slams The Door On Reporters’ Questions About Bank Bailouts
      The Jimmy Dore Show
      141,780 views Mar 15, 2023 #TheJimmyDoreShow

      In the wake of the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank, the Biden administration has taken the extraodinary step of guaranteeing all the bank’s deposits — even those well above and beyond the $250,000 limit guaranteed by the government’s Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. The blame game on the bank’s failure is well underway, with Democrats pointing fingers at Donald Trump, but many Democrats went along with the 2018 deregulations that the GOP-led Congress passed.

      Jimmy talks and Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger discuss this latest episode of government intervention in the U.S. banking system.

      Taking anything Joe says seriously is like listening to Jim Cramer for financial advice.

      Brian H
      It’s amazing that a bank can fold due to complete mismanagement and yet, the federal government bails them out and no one goes to jail.

      „They had 209 billion dollars and somehow they failed capitalism” is George Carlin-worthy line.


    • SVB, Signature Bank and Silvergate Were PURPOSEFULLY Collapsed In Order To CRUSH Crypto
      Kim Iversen
      74,446 views Mar 15, 2023

      Bank Seizures Were An Attack On Crypto, Silvergate was the first to go, then Silicon Valley Bank, then Signature bank. Kim breaks it down.

      Thereasa André
      The government has really made things more difficult for its citizens and we cannot sit back and take all the consequences of bad government. it is obvious that we are heading for hyperinflation, it is always the poor who take the hit

      Nobody ever learns from their mistakes if they are protected from the consequences of their actions.

      Kim is one heck of a reporter 👏

      Roger Westgate
      Imagine how much easier life would be without our government

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    • Fear & Panic Strikes Banks | Liquidity Crisis Is Breaking The Financial System
      Sean Foo
      31,370 views Mar 19, 2023

      Wall Street is scrambling for money, borrowing record amounts from the Federal Reserve. The liquidity crisis is getting worse as big banks are now injecting money into First Republic bank to prevent a collapse. They are all afraid of further bank runs and trust in the financial system is eroding. As rates go higher, the banking crisis is going to get more painful. Here’s what you must know!

      ✅ Timestamps & Chapters:
      0:00 Massive Liquidity Panic
      1:48 Panic Borrowing!
      4:00 The Big Bank Run Fear
      6:27 Bailout Crisis Getting Worse
      8:27 Too Big To Fail
      10:40 Crisis Going Global

      James Hafford
      Raising the rates — even 25 basis points — will push more banks into failure, and then they will feed on each other and drag everything down. They do not have the „tools” to defy mathematics. Two months ago, many analysts were forecasting some sort of black swan to mess up the system, but they didn’t know this was coming.

      If they don’t raise the rates we’ll see localized inflation begin to damage companies across the west coast-this bailout of SVB account holders is going to induce them to push out a lot of money in a burst as they all secure longer-term deals with their suppliers (something that will be demanded by equity holders). When First Republic is pushed into a consolidation sale, the bank run will increase due to perception of failure, which will also lead to more purchases in the coastal area. Regardless of the type of business you run, you have to deal with locally-derived overhead, so not raising rates will essentially leave a ton of companies, including most of Big Tech at the mercy of runaway local inflation. Basically, either way the market loses.


    • System RIGGED: Confidence In Banking System COLLAPSING | Gregory Mannarino
      Stephen Gardner
      175,854 views Mar 18, 2023 #ssdi #ssi #scottritter

      Gregory Mannarino talks about how fragile the stock market and global banking system is. Talks about Fed chair Jerome Powell and predicts a 25 basis point hike to curb inflation. Inflation will go higher and so will rates as Powell brings the banking system to its knees to wipe out small banks and sell their assets and clients to bigger banks.

      Jimmy Loftis
      I’m ready to fight. I’m tired for these thieves spending my kids and grand kids money. That is taxation without representation, if I’m not mistaken. I’m just tired of paying for these „people of the people.” Bunch of damn liars


    • The Fall Of Credit Suisse | Bondholders Wiped Out, $17 Billion Now Worthless
      Sean Foo
      14,862 views Mar 21, 2023

      Credit Suisse has fallen with UBS agreeing to buy the bank in a shocking takeover. Not only did they get a cheap deal, but the bondholders of Credit Suisse’s high-risk debt were also wiped out. $17 billion is now worthless! Here’s what you must know about the Credit Suisse bailout and how the banking crisis likely isn’t over yet.

      ✅ Timestamps & Chapters:
      0:00 The End of Credit Suisse
      1:51 The Big Bailout!
      4:10 $17 Billion Bond Implosion
      6:54 Bond Crisis Getting Worse
      8:51 A Credit Crisis Coming
      11:02 Running To Warren Buffett

      BÍ UlaÍmh
      Share holders were bailed out in Credit Suisse but not bond holders. When Silican Valley Bank failed, depositors were made whole but not bond holders. So it looks like those who were traditionally more likely to be bailed out are now least likely to be bailed out. This could lead to higher yielding bonds due to the risk and an immediate sell off in certain types of bonds.

      and collapse of bond markets too…

      Lee Matthews
      Banks during the good times: „Yes, our sky-high bonuses are totally justified”. Banks during the bad times: „Give us all your money!!”

      Chip Chat Hoh
      I have a gut feeling that it could have something to do with the fact that they chose to forgo their neutrality position in the Russia/Ukraine conflict..?

      Wild Fire
      Or just a sign that it could collapse like a stack of cards

      By doing so, they inexorably linked themselves to the US’s financial system and all the problems that go with it.

      America has caused most non-western Swiss bank customers to seek more secure places for their investments.

      Happy Melon
      The lesson is quite simple. Whichever bank need to follow U$ agenda to sanction other that lost credibility are NOT safe. Just like Credit Suisse need to follow U$ agenda. Saudi freaking out , after knew Credit Suisse need to follow U$ agenda.

      Happy Melon
      @oliverlaw02 😅After seeing Russian personal saving get confiscated , Saudi Arabia freaking out …
      They also see Singapore follow some agenda of the west. So HK is the best choice now.

      6-2-2023 The Hong Kong and Saudi stock exchanges signed a pact to cooperate working to convince oil giant Aramco to list in the Asian financial hub.

      ​ @Happy Melon This is the end ot Europe

      Black Knight
      By joining to the sanctioning team that had blocked russian assets in their banks, they’ve introduced additional counterparty credit risk for chinese investors in case of special military operation near Taiwan.

      Andrew Lim
      Yes, …..no more neutrality and it’s dispensable.

      Charles k
      Was it deliberate by the US, or just blowback

      Bill Y
      There’s a lot they’re not telling us. It’s worse than they’re saying. Utter failure

      Bev Smith
      Yes, plus the impact of banking crisis 2007, Archegos, and Greensil plus others. They were unable to retreive the situation and everything has now come to a hault.

      Anything Under The SUN by Arsh
      Its about US financial system, its crazy more to come.


  9. Tucker Carlson: The core claims about Jan 6 were a lie
    54,217 views Mar 14, 2023 #redacted #claytonmorris #natalimorris

    In our sit-down conversation with Tucker Carlson this weekend, he pointed out inconsistencies with the January 6 footage that he reviewed. His staff was careful not to impugn people without facial recognition software but the footage brought up more questions than answers. Yet the leftist media continues to impugn Tucker personally. Why won’t they respond to the inconsistencies and ask to report the story themselves in order to get to the bottom of it? Because they think you’re stupid, that’s why.

    I knew that day something was up. Cops letting people through the barriers. I also remember there being something about needing permission to request the Maryland state police to come into DC. And I’m like where are all the other police in DC??? In case you don’t know, basically every federal law enforcement agency in DC also has a uniformed division. There’s a FBI police. A uniformed secret service, US parks police, even the national cathedral has a little tiny police force. Not even mentioning the DC metro police. All of them have agreements to help out the others. But that day I saw nothing. I’m like why do you need police from out of town for those guy as when DC is one of the most heavily law enforcement cities in the world. They even finally requested NYPD to come. Like really?? It all smelled like a set up

    Eddie Gee
    And Antifa dressed as patriots. Why the Trump supporters didn’t see this? This is big lesson to learn. .

    @Eddie Gee so did feds

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  10. ‚Whole bunch of vision’ from around the world shows electric vehicles ‚exploding’
    Sky News Australia
    135,294 views Mar 13, 2023

    Sky News host Paul Murray says there was a story that he was surprised made it through the editorial decision-making of the taxpayer funded news websites over the weekend.

    “They pulled together a whole bunch of vision from around the world of electric cars exploding … batteries exploding, going on fire,” Mr Murray said.

    “Now, does this mean that every electric vehicle’s about to go on fire? No.”

    John Smith
    Even boat builders who are looking at hybrid diesel-battery options are pushing back on electric boats. If you have a lithium ion fire at sea no fire system can put it out, the fire engines won’t be coming and your boat will sink FAST increasing the risk of death from the explosion and drowning. It’s an absolute no go on a boat, but some boat builders are putting lithium ion bank batteries in boats. It’s a disaster waiting to happen.

    David Ryall
    That’s why you would do the LFP batteries – way less susceptible to fire than NMC batteries

    And just wait until you see what happens to a lithium battery when it comes into contact with salt water!💥💥

    Rob Anderson
    Well, like the old saying goes… Worse things happen at sea.

    Just brilliant. Lithium, water and boats you say. That’s just f…..g brilliant love it.


  11. How Putin’s Genius STRATEGY is making RUSSIA SUPER-POWERFUL? : Geopolitics Case study
    Think School
    1,008,261 views Premiered Mar 9, 2023

    Allen Abishek
    This route will put Finland’s loyalty to the US to the test. But it will be hard for them to say no know to the free money that will come into their nation because of ships passing through their waters.

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  12. What is a 15 Minute City?
    Randy Hillier
    9.2K views 1 day ago #EXPERT #SCIENTIFIC #15minutecity

    Want to visualize our lives in a 15 minute city?

    Perfect visual analogy! They exactly want to herd us like farm animals.

    Ryan Harnadek
    Well done, Randy. You have a real knack for laying the truth out, plain and simply.

    Al Turcot
    Very good analogy Randy! We are but animals to the WEF.

    edmund blackadder coc

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  13. ICC Issues Arrest Warrant For Putin
    Romanian TVee
    4.7K views 8 hours ago

    Tim the Enchanter
    This International Criminal Court seems pretty selective about whom it chooses to prosecute.

    Funny thing about war crime charges, they only stick if the accused’s side loses the war. If the accused ends up winning, it’s as if the charges were never made.

    Esran Zarnath
    As far as I know the ICC does NOT have any jurisdiction over the USA.

    Adrian 0
    nope it doesn’t ,no idea why he says that.

    yeah, it’s a the league of nations situation, the USA pushed for an international body then refused to join it xD

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    • Update from Ukraine | The beginning of the end for the Ruzzian dictator | Arrest warrant for Putler
      Denys Davydov
      394K views 12 hours ago

      Nessy of the Lynn
      It does mean something to have a warrant out for him. Now he cannot travel to any country that recognizes the ICC without being arrested.

      Daniel Dos Santos
      The US doesn’t even recognise the ICC loo

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    • https://wpolityce.pl/swiat/636939-prezydent-duda-rosyjska-agresja-to-wojna-neokolonialna

      Prezydent Duda w Katarze: Rosyjska agresja na Ukrainę to wojna neokolonialna. Imperium porywa ludzi, w tym dzieci

      opublikowano: 5 marca

      Andrzej Duda / autor: PAP/Marcin Obara

      Rosyjska agresja na Ukrainę to wojna neokolonialna; imperium napadło na sąsiedni kraj, aby mu zabrać jego ziemię i ukryte w niej bogactwa i czerpać z nich zyski; imperium porywa ludzi, w tym dzieci – powiedział w niedzielę w Katarze prezydent Andrzej Duda. (…)

      Słyszę Prezydenta w Drodze mówiącego o kolonializm od i dziwię się, że nie wymienił Uni europejskiej w odniesieniu do jego kraju. Ubezwłasnowolniani kraju, zabieranie zarządzania w różnych dziedzinach, bezprawie ustanawiane, okradanie narodu z pożyczek. Państwami kolonialnymi w Polsce były Niemcy i Rosja. Teraz jest to Unia która z Polski robi jedyne państwo kolonialne niemurzynskie

      Bardzo dziękujemy panie prezydencie za tak intensywne i efektywne zajmowanie się Polskimi sprawami i walką o Polską Rację Stany. W szczególności za takie sukcesy, jak przyspieszenie i wdrożenie reformy sądów, rynku medialnego i szkolnictwa, za świetnie wynegocjowane przez rząd: pakiet praworządności i kamienie milowe kpo oraz miliardy z kpo spływające do nas wartkim strumieniem, za modernizację armii i finansów publicznych poprzez pozbycie się starego uzbrojenia i niepotrzebnych pieniędzy, za plany finansowania rozwoju pańskiej krainy, za przekazanie gospodarki leśnej w lepszy zarząd, aby jakieś nieekologiczne polskie meble, okna i drzwi nie zaśmiecały europy, oraz wiele, wiele innych działań na rzecz bliskiego pańskiemu sercu kraju i narodu…

      A mówiono, że PAD poleciał promować polskie firmy.





    • https://wpolityce.pl/swiat/638781-zacharowa-i-miedwiediew-kpia-z-decyzji-trybunalu-w-hadze

      Zacharowa i Miedwiediew kpią z decyzji MTK. „Nikomu nie trzeba wyjaśniać, gdzie ten ‚papier’ powinien zostać wykorzystany”

      opublikowano: za 12 minut

      autor: PAP/EPA

      W piątek Międzynarodowy Trybunał Karny (MTK) w Hadze wydał nakaz aresztowania Władimira Putina. Powodem dla których zdecydowano się podjąć decyzję o ściganiu przywódcy terrorystycznego państwa są dowody na szereg zbrodni popełnionych na Ukrainie przez Rosjan. Jak poinformował portal internetowy „polsatnews.pl” dokument przygotowany przez MTK został błyskawicznie skomentowany przez rzeczników zbrodniczej działalności Kremla na Ukrainie. (…)

      a przyda im sie wszystko bo onuce środkowe pełne ze strachu!!! hehehehehe jak to sie mówi!! dobra mina do złej gry!!! heheheheh



      Putin wśród afrykańskich polityków i wojskowych podejrzanych o krwawe zbrodnie. Co w praktyce oznacza nakaz MTK?

      opublikowano: 3 godziny temu


      W piątek Międzynarodowy Trybunał Karny (MTK) w Hadze wydał nakaz aresztowania prezydenta Rosji Władimira Putina, który jest podejrzany o zbrodnie wojenne polegające na bezprawnych deportacjach dzieci z okupowanych terenów Ukrainy do Rosji. Stawia go to w jednym szeregu z podejrzewanymi lub skazanymi watażkami z krajów afrykańskich. (…)

      USA nie uznaje MTK jakby ktoś nie wiedział..

      Cały ten MTK i UE. Putinowi mogą skoczyć


  14. How Farmers Won the Netherlands’ Local Elections
    TLDR News EU
    76,082 views Mar 18, 2023

    Compare news coverage. Spot media bias. Avoid algorithms. Be well informed. Download the free Ground News app at: https://ground.news/tldr

    Local elections in the Netherlands have dealt a huge blow to the incumbent governing coalition, as the anti-government BBB party came out on top. So how did this all play out? Why did the pro-farmer party win? And could this spell the end for Mark Rutte?

    This is actually one of the Better election summaries i have Seen. The news is reporting mostly on voter emotion forgetting to analyse the impact in the “real political world”. You quite well captured there are still options for Rutte with all other stuff parties. Dutch politics demands messy coalitions and compromises. Single “Big wins” won’t change that much on tomorrows government direction. This really differs from for example us or uk’s systems

    The reason for the Nitrate policy from the government is actually a bit more complex than that, at least as I understand it. The nitrate emissions are actually EU mandated, and are to strict because anywhere within 25km of a Natura 2000 zone (a natural reserve) is protected terrain. Now early in the 2000s, the previous government decided it was a good idea to designate EVERY pond, forest and lake as a Natura 2000 zone to the EU. Since unlike say, France, the Netherlands has a lot of interspersed nature zones between its cities and towns, this means that a large amount of these zones overlap infrastructure, and farming zones. Which is a major problem…

    Other countries have to follow these laws as well, but often have more space and are not nearly as densely packed with these natura 2000 zones as the Netherlands is. France for example has major Natura 2000 preserves, but they are few and far between. so it doesn’t matter.

    As such, now, a major part of the Netherlands territory can’t exceed certain emission levels due to the Natura 2000 zones being too close to them.
    While previously the government tried to sidestep this by allowing emissions to be offset from elsewhere… the ruling from the regulatory body (and the EU) basically made this bypass null and void. As a result, from one day to another, suddenly, the Netherlands had no more allowance in many of these zones to build, farm or well do much of anything. Even building windfarms or solar plants is restricted by these idiotic zones.

    Its gotten to the point major construction projects, like the Dutch airport are buying out farmers just to be able to expand one of their runways and fly more planes…

    Eli Brahams
    Nitrate emissions can be bad. Especially for humans if they inhale them. However not eating, or losing your livelihood Is objectively worse.

    Arno de Jong
    You are damn right!!! That’s the problem but people only think they have to protect the farmer, the farmer is still a director of a company so they wanna make money.

    The ‚nature’ that we have is under severe pressure from our agroculture, that’s why groups of nature preservation activists have started farms with nature inclusive food production. Like agroforestry and foodforest systems, even tho the numbers are far better then on a regular farm but it takes longer till it makes good money. The farmers refuse those systems because they rather drive their tractors 😅

    Prohibiting farming in practice due to this law is an example of „The disease is annoying, but the cure is lethal.”


    • Political EARTHQUAKE as Dutch Farmers Score MASSIVE VICTORY!!!
      Dr. Steve Turley
      236K views 1 day ago

      This is amazing news! Congratulations to the Dutch farmers! They are truly fighting the good fight! 🙏🏻

      The Pendulum is Swinging!! Finally.
      The Patriot Party🦅⚖️🗽🇺🇸

      trump putin meloni victory for common sense

      Mary E
      Hope this helps people stand up against globalists worldwide.

      We have no choice but to stand up.

      Stephen !
      Trucks MOVE America et al

      Tobias Isaksson
      This is a huge win ! As a norwegian this was much needed and heart warming news to know that our brothers in Netherlands will be able to secure some common sense and food stability in our region and fight back!!


  15. U.S. veteran speaks out on life in Russia after sanctions
    Real Reporter
    145,593 views Mar 13, 2023

    In the midst of Ukraine’s crisis, Daniel Castellon @WildSiberian, American combat veteran who served in Afghanistan, arrives in Russia and settles in a small unassuming village in Siberia. Soon, he becomes an unlikely witness to some of the country’s most dramatic events: sanctions, war and mobilization. Watch to learn his story!

    Ксения Кравинская
    Как я за него рада! Не каждому дано найти гармонию внутри себя! Счастья ему и мирного неба!

    Группа Товарищей
    Даже из америанца можно сделать ЧЕЛОВЕКА)))

    Watched this till the very end, I simply deeply shocked, surprised and amazed how this man has decided to settle where many tough Russian people live for not just decades, but centuries. This world is broken, and only us normal people, who do respect each other no matter where are we from, can fix this totally fucked up situation. Well done our American friend, stay there please, cause we need you as an inspiration and reminder of how awesome our mother Russia is and how warm and welcome it is. If I ever come to Russia I really would like to meet with this brave man who deserves a medal for coming to find himself new version to the place where everyone would think least of to search for him

    Polubione przez 1 osoba

    • Young Woman DESTROYS pronoun Users While DELUSIONAL Young Woman Show Their Stupidity
      SC Reviews
      19,294 views Mar 18, 2023

      The Bob Loblaw Show !
      I went to a post office the other day. As I step up to the counter I realize the young woman is wearing a face mask with he/him written on it. She asks me if I need any help. I politely decline and leave. No need to be rude or anything. I just made a conscious decision not to participate in her delusion. I ignore them because it’s the attention they seek. If we all do the same watch how quickly this stupidity dries up when they aren’t catered to.

      That woman hits the nail right on the head, pronouns on your CV = walking lawsuit in waiting

      Agent Cooper
      You would have to be insane to hire one of these people. They are just looking for ways to be offended and things to sue their employer and coworkers over. Morale would plummet and all your talent would flee for their professional lives.


    • Woke Actress BIG MAD After Her Kid Gets ROASTED (Hollywood is a Dumpster Fire)
      SC Reviews
      140,393 views Mar 16, 2023
      Turn off the TV and avoid the cinema………

      Joseph Brown
      When Tom Cruise, a man who has a high ranking position in Scientology, is one of the most sane people in Hollywood, you know that Hollywood has lost it.

      Cyberleader Andy
      She destroyed her sons life, made him a weirdo and now is trying everything she can to justify what she did. Her actual daughter is s virtually ignored.

      Michelle Stone
      I loved JLC in the 70’s and 80’s but now, I wouldn’t piss on her if she was on fire.

      Spot the Borg Cat
      Seriously, just pass the marshmellows.

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  16. Men Are Refusing To Get Into Relationships…and Women are Panicking!
    Oshay Duke Jackson
    99,168 views Mar 16, 2023

    This is a true story. Men have given up on relationships COMPLETELY!

    I’m 46 years old and living happily single. What I learned about female nature, is enough to understand that the juice was never worth the squeeze.

    I don’t want to spend the rest of my life:
    – Sleeping with one eye open, looking if she’s dating someone else.
    – Acting like a strong guy 24/7, so she doesn’t get turned off.
    – Grinding just to see her take half of what I got, because she isn’t happy.
    – Taking care of kids that might not be mine and even if they are, she can still take them away in case of a divorce.
    – Deprogramming all the brainwash modern society keeps throwing at women.

    K Shillingford
    46 also and can’t find a single fallacy on your list.

    Stephen Andrano
    I’m stand with you fellas I’m doing the same thing. That list basically hits the mail on the head. Relationships are tiring and I hate pretending to be this person I wasn’t. I’ve come to the realization I like my own space. I don’t want someone in my face 24/7

    Dead on accurate. I definitely liked when you said ACTING LIKE A STRONG GUY 24/7 hits home with me cuz that’s exactly how I feel

    I’m 45 single with no kids and happy. I can look at any women without some one getting mad.😎

    Jay J
    Same here, but I’m a dad with custody so women run anyhow

    Corey Colbert
    I’m 46 as well, and everything here is also accurate.

    Precisely. I’m good financially, health wise, stress wise, and I don’t need risking someone messing that up for me. I literally spent “life force” to get where I’m at.

    Rick H
    Your winning brother 🥇

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  17. Western civilisation is crumbling before our very eyes: Neil Oliver | Alexandra Marshall
    ADH TV
    1,956 views Mar 21, 2023

    ‘People forget that freedom and civilisation have to be worked for and fought for every minute of every day.’

    Archaeologist and author Neil Oliver joins Alexandra Marshall.

    Regents Park Music
    Somewhat metaphorically speaking: The barbarians are no longer at the gates… They’re being ushered in and given preferential treatment by the castle guard.

    2000 mules
    Managed destruction

    Spot on 👍

    B Rad
    And it’s collapsing BY DESIGN

    Maru Maru
    By invasion

    ​ @Maru Maru by invite!

    ​ @Maru Maru Is that because the 1% are bored and want something new too

    Magic Dinsmore
    Bronze Age: fell to the ‚sea people’.
    British Age: fell to the ‚sea people’.

    Keith Goodrick-Meech
    Every empire that has ever existed has fallen, and the main reason is diversity.


  18. history was just made…
    The Dive with Jackson Hinkle
    26K views 16 hours ago

    Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin held a multi-day meeting in Moscow, discussing military, economic, and cultural cooperation between their countries. They have signed over a dozen documents on increased cooperation in fields ranging from trade and industry to science and the military. Both countries are moving away from the dollar, with their bilateral trade reaching over $200 billion in 2022. They also want to expand cooperation in the fields of technology and artificial intelligence. The two leaders are said to be building a new multipolar world, as they believe US hegemony is over, and the US is an empire in decline. The West is getting weaker, while Russia and China are getting much stronger.

    with Russian resources and Chinese production with both having good relations all over global south they have pretty good foundation to build a new world

    Power Guy
    Imagine what would happen if European (Germany\Netherlands) technology would enter the mix. How much better would the world be? Too bad Europeans don’t see this side of the story.

    @Power Guy : They are making belligerent decisions, which are contributing to their demise,

    Brian Lowe
    China. Is already investing in its own tech with Russia.

    already happened…BRICS is 31.7% vs g7 at 30.4% with BRICS having a far faster growth and the g7 as stagnant ….


    • China & Russia Just Shocked The World | A Multipolar Future Confirmed
      Sean Foo
      77,333 views Mar 23, 2023

      China’s President Xi met with Putin and they are moving to shape a new multipolar world. They have outlined an economic plan that seeks to break away from the west and forge new economic deals with the rest of the world. China and Russia’s quest to de-dollarize the world is accelerating and as investors, we must pay attention. Here’s what you must know about Putin & Xi’s pledge to reshape the world. A multipolar future has come.

      ✅ Timestamps & Chapters:
      0:00 A Multipolar World Is Coming
      2:24 The Oil Alliance
      4:41 Bilateral Trade Surging
      7:04 The Great De-dollarization
      9:48 Weaponizing Gold?
      12:19 Response From The West

      Jimmy dseeker
      Russia provides energy and food while China provide products, a supply chain, infrastructure, and manufacturing. This is unbeatable.

      Seetsa Molapo
      Technology seems to be very important also these days

      @Seetsa Molapo And China is rapidly catching up to the US in chip design/manufacture and they are producing a million STEM graduates a year, the US and West in general is producing lawyers and arts graduates.

      Copetimus Maximus
      @L98FIERO you forgot to mention gender studies graduates, they seem very important for the west for some reason😂


  19. Putin cancels Africa’s debts worth over US$20 billion
    The New Africa Channel
    47,617 views Mar 28, 2023 #AfricaNews #TopAfricaNews #MIZIZI

    Putin cancels Africa’s debts worth over US$20 billion. Russia has become a key ally to many African countries, and Putin has made significant strides in strengthening the relationship between the two regions. At the „Russia-Africa in a multipolar world” conference, Putin reiterated Russia’s commitment to prioritizing cooperation with African nations. The cancellation of African debts is just one example of the bold steps Russia has taken to build a more productive and mutually beneficial relationship with the continent over the years.

    Putin has cancelled more than $20 billion in debt owed by African countries. This debt had been accumulated during the Soviet era. In the past, Russia had attempted to collect these debts, which were mainly a result of Moscow’s previous alliances with African countries that supported its communist ideology. During this time, Russia provided military equipment and technical assistance to countries such as Angola, Algeria, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Ethiopia, Namibia, Mozambique, Morocco, and South Africa, among others. As a result, many African nations found themselves heavily indebted to Russia, with official documents estimating the total amount at $20 billion.

    Brad Golding
    The big difference between the western nations and Russia and China is that both Russia and China have been invited to Africa, whereas the western nations have not and were not invited! That was a great gesture by Russia in cancelling that huge debt, one I believe, that will be greatly appreciated by Africa! Africa, your time has come!

    Don Brown
    Russia cancellation of Afrika’s Debts is an Extraordinary show of Good Will and Good Faith.

    Robert Underdunk Terwilliger
    Not to mention a smart business move.

    Don Brown
    @Robert Underdunk Terwilliger i agree. it’s all about doing business deals for mutual benefit we would think. The days of it’s my way or the Highway-is dead.

    the who?
    @Robert Underdunk Terwilliger smart business move isn’t a correct word. Its 20 billions US dollar debt if their purpose is to do business to earn money why not just simply collect the debt?

    @Robert Underdunk Terwilliger your right a smart BUSINESS move. Unfortunately. they will want something in return because no country does anything for free.

    Debasis Mohanty
    ​ @the who? they will earn lots of money because africa full natural resources

    it is + on top of that smart business mvoe.

    Polubione przez 1 osoba

  20. Russia obsession drives Blinken to warn India ahead of G20
    The Duran
    10,678 views Mar 29, 2023

    Russia obsession drives Blinken to warn India ahead of G20
    The Duran: Episode 1549

    BH O
    You can always count on US regimes, present one included, to really screw things up for themselves. Congrats to the Indians on standing their ground!

    Charles Vincett
    Goodbye AFU, NATO, EU, UN, WHO, IMF, Banksters, and the US petrodollar… nothing left, but the crying and the finger pointing…

    Hurricane Tasha
    Just waiting for the moment they all start pointing finger at each other and finally get into a massive squabble amongst themselves, finishing each other off. So the rest of us, people, can go on with our lives

    Polubione przez 1 osoba

    • Europe’s Greatest Nightmare Has Begun | The Russia-China Economic Alliance
      Sean Foo
      2,212 views Mar 30, 2023

      Russia and China are moving to shift the economic order and Europe is in panic mode. Leaders from the EU are flying to Beijing in order to build stronger economic and diplomatic ties. But why is there so much fear? Why is the EU wary of the Russian-Chinese economic alliance? Here’s what you must know!

      ✅ Timestamps & Chapters:
      0:00 Europe’s Biggest Fear
      1:59 EU Is Losing Too Much Money
      4:04 The Big Rush To China
      6:27 Energy Crisis Won’t End
      8:53 Saudi Arabia Is Breaking Away!
      11:33 A New Economic Bloc Is Here

      Sutikare Oluwagbenga
      Just imagine! All of this could have been avoided. Here it is you’re incapable of realizing that throwing away your best energy deal by trying to destroy the Russian economy, comes back and destroys your economy. What the heck were you thinking??!? Amazing!

      Jacqueline Morgan
      That’s why the horse never knows the use of its tail until it has lost it.

      Robert Blando
      „….now suddenly half of Europe is booking flights to Beijing”, now there’s an image, thank you for the laugh! :))

      Belly Button
      Multipolarity is here to stay, and speeded up due to all the unnecessary sanctions. China is interested in trade and friendship but if it is means giving up its sovereignity to make their own friends then so be it.

      james teh
      Sean, you hit the nails on their heads😊😊😊


  21. End of the dollar by this year? Saudi Join SCO and buy Chinese Stealth, Brazil ASEAN trade in Yuan
    PTE Geopolitics „World Gone Crazy”
    1,249 views Premiered 104 minutes ago

    End of the dollar by this year? Saudi Join SCO and buy Chinese Stealth, Brazil ASEAN trade in Yuan

    Great segment on digital banking and international banks, the first 15min very straight forward reality check to come. HORRORS to come in USA and around the world.

    Sun Temple
    🌍🌍Victory to BRICS 🌎🌏


  22. The Dollar’s Decline Can’t Be Stopped | A Return To Gold Is IMPOSSIBLE
    Sean Foo
    33,050 views Apr 11, 2023

    The dollar’s decline is unstoppable. Even if de-dollarization ends, the dollar will keep losing purchasing power. However, a big question is if the US dollar can return as a gold-backed currency. Will a new gold standard or Bretton-Woods type currency save the world reserve currency? While it will stabilise inflation, it will wreck the entire US economy in the process. Here’s why a gold standard is impossible for the dollar and why inflation will never end.

    ✅ Timestamps & Chapters:
    0:00 The Dollar Is Losing Trust
    2:07 Gold Can’t Save The Dollar
    5:31 The US Can’t Buy More Gold
    8:46 China And Russia Will Benefit
    11:01 The US Government Can’t Spend!
    13:28 It’s All About Control

    Hammad Sethi
    The fall of the US dollar is inevitable and all the currencies linked to it including the RMB resulting in a global chaos. I totally agree with your analysis. The US Dollar can be brought down within a day by a belligerent nuclear power but the consequences will be disastrous for the entire humanity. That is why China and Russia are treading so slowly. But mankind is sitting on a ticking time bomb. Return to gold standard will make monetary expansion by governments limited but it will also solve the inflation issue from the core.

    Kora Na
    Good analogy with the ticking bomb. The only problem is that nobody knows the time on that bomb, and the collapse of the dollar could happen at any moment, as far as I understand.

    Joe Kahno
    You are correct. The United States government will never revert to a „gold standard” in the sense of a pegged value convertible on demand at any federal reserve bank. However, there will always be a free market price for gold in US dollars. This price is only partially under their control, being a composite of the known quantity of dollars in circulation modified by public demand for those dollars. Their attempts to weaponize the dollars status as reserve currency has shattered trust to such an extent that they could freeze the current money supply without slowing it’s decline in perceived value. All it would accomplish is tipping the country into the worst depression in the history of the planet.

    Sean Foo
    yes, the Fed has sandwiched itself and checked into the inflation motel, possibly forever.

    Something else that is missing from the equation. When the international money merchants were designing the Federal Reserve Act, they demanded collateral be put up or else they weren’t going to front the United States government any credit. So the government put all of us Citizens of the United States up as collateral to these international bankers. Citizens were priority 1 creditors. We supplied the juice.
    Then a funny thing happened. Instead of us remaining listed as creditors , Citizens became debtors. I won’t go into details mainly because Americans don’t listen anyway.
    But bottom line; we used to be the creditors but are now the debtors. Peasants continually get out – foxed.


  23. US will do a Nordstream2 on TSMC? China fights back western sanctions & destroys Petrol Car industry
    PTE Geopolitics „World Gone Crazy”
    6,686 views Premiered 7 hours ago

    US will do a Nordstream2 on TSMC? China fights back western sanctions & destroys Petrol Car industry

    David Lazarus
    China is producing 7nm chips with DUV technology. Plus they are leading in other computer chip technologies which may make EUV redundant.

    By this time next year, TSMC may be considered obsolete cos the Chinese engineers have overcome any difficulties/challenges or probably the Chinese may start promoting photonic chips or other types of chips.

    So True
    What happened to Philips Electronics will happen to TSMC with the advent of photonic chips.

    Lok Tom
    What happened to Kodak film will happened to ASML.

    PTE Geopolitics „World Gone Crazy”
    Of course and don’t forget Toshiba

    George Sais
    Well A J you have proved Henry Kissenger right: when you are an enemy of the U S it’s dangerious; when you are a friend it’s fatal. Poor Taiwan, poor Germany, poor Europe, poor Australia, poor South Korea, poor Philippines and very poor Ukraine.

    Propagandasaurus Rex
    Why poor? They fully deserve the misery that’s coming their way.
    Not only should they have know better, they actually did know better but still opted for economic suicide.

    Fred Tan
    @Propagandasaurus Rex Absolutely! Fools.

    You forgot poorer Japan

    And poooooooorer Uk🤣


  24. Shocking Data Shows A Horrific Recession Is Coming | Bank Of America’s Deadly Warning
    Sean Foo
    1,700 views Apr 14, 2023

    The recession is coming as Bank of America issues a big warning. Inflation might have come down, but the damage from higher rates is starting to take effect. The economy is beginning to crumble and signs of a credit crunch are building. Here’s why it could be too late for the economy and a final market collapse could be coming.

    ✅ Timestamps & Chapters:

    0:00 The Economy Is Still Screwed
    2:01 Yield Curve’s Big Warning
    3:30 OPEC Senses A Recession
    5:51 Deadly Credit Crisis Building
    8:38 Stocks Will Suffer
    10:30 Markets Are Still Delusional

    George Wee
    The FED has run out of ammo. Next step will be to print dollars to infinity.

    Siew Kon Sum
    US Regime is declining and failing. Worldwide, the over-printed & inflated Usd is heading south, hence many people are de-dollarizing when the US Regime weaponized it at the onset of the Ukraine-Russia conflict, which also threatened other countries too.

    Thereon BRICS countries and others started trading in their own currencies to suit one another especially Russia, China & India. Eventually the Usd will become just another one of the currencies for international trade, and US Regime has so less influence in geo-politics! What a good evolution in Humanity! 👏👏👏

    Remember digital dollar is coming tho we won’t know what kind of danger it pose


    • The Dollar Is In DANGER! | Yellen Admits The Obvious, U.S. Hegemony At Risk
      Sean Foo
      6,216 views Apr 20, 2023

      Janet Yellen admits that weaponizing the dollar against Russia is risking the status of the reserve currency. This admission tells us how severe de-dollarization has become and how badly the sanctions are backfiring. However, Yellen goes on to say that the economy is still strong and the banking crisis is just a minor event. Here’s what you must know and why more economic chaos is likely to come!

      ✅ Timestamps & Chapters:
      0:00 Yellen Admits The Obvious
      2:10 Dollar Hegemony In Trouble
      5:07 Hard Landing Coming!
      8:08 Inflation Crisis Not Ending
      10:47 The Ultimate Mistake
      12:54 Yellen Tells Us Not To Panic

      Anti Imperialism
      Sean, 83% of the world’s population are celebrating the inevitable end of the Imperialist’s hegemony.

      The rest of the world „Let’s go Brandon. Go woke go broke” woohoooo

      Iron Tom
      more like 83% unaware of whats going on lol

      Grouchy Patch
      ​ @Iron Tom How dare you?

      Steve Austin
      The volume of USD that has flooded the economy over the past decade is mind-numbing.

      Armament Armed Arm
      And the need of foreign banks and investors to use those dollars will be diminished. Hmm. wonder what happens then?


    • This $300 Trillion Time Bomb Is Why Inflation Will Never End
      Sean Foo
      39,281 views Apr 23, 2023

      The world is drowning in debt, in fact, the amount is over $300 trillion and this threatens to implode the global financial system. While the consequence of a US default is enormous, the emerging markets debt pile is far more severe. This will inevitably cause the Federal Reserve to print money to prevent a deflationary spiral. Here’s what you must know about why inflation is forever!

      ✅ Timestamps & Chapters:
      0:00 The $300 Trillion Bomb
      2:07 This Is The Real Risk
      4:30 The US Can’t Afford To Default
      7:35 Global Money Printing
      11:02 The Fed Will Pivot
      12:57 Inflation Will Be Forever

      I read an article by Alasdair McLeod entitled „How quickly will the dollar collapse?” earlier today. I think Sean is on the same page, although watching the flashing red lights from a different geopolitical region from a different perspective. Our politicians in the west have failed us badly, They no longer represent the citizens . . . it is so sad. The younger generation is so dumbed down by their degraded university educations. So good to see a young fellow like Sean so incisive in his analysis. Hope there is someone in his life who respects him for the smarts that he has!

      Björn Larsson
      Unfortunately, the politicians in the West do represent their citizens. They are constantly re-elected. So the core of the problem is the Western citizen, the highest decision maker and the one who alone bears all responsibilities for the consequences. If people voted differently, politics would be different. And this problem will not go away until the western citizens are poor and oppressed enough to finally lack influence in the world.

      During a single lifetime, the most prosperous and free societies in world history have permanently devastated themselves. All done completely voluntarily and democratically on the initiatives of the citizens themelves. I know of nothing similar ever having happened in world history. The ancient Greeks have emphatically been proven right in their skepticism towards democracy. When the highest decision maker simply doesn’t care how he votes, total disaster is inevitable. Democracy has now gotten itself such a very bad reputation that I doubt that we will ever see that experiment happening anywhere ever again.

      The natural form of governence is Royal dictatorship, of which Liechtenstein is a brilliant example. Their Prince has written a book „The State in the Third Millennium” explaining his constitutional idea, where the Prince can veto any decision made by parliament or referenda. The Prince, like a traditional farmer, has the long-term well being of his realm as his interest, since it will be inherited by his children. Just see how many family farms have been run well for many centuries on that very principle.

      This „debt ceiling” game has gone on in the US Congress for as long as I can remember. „You need to keep inflating the bubble or the entire system will implode” is a great summary to your video. The problem for the US seems to be that for every fix we implement we are making the eventual default (it will happen one day) more catastrophic.

      BRICS De-Dollarization Push Gaining Momentum – Jakarta

      Indonesia is following the lead of the BRICS group in its policy of shifting away from the US dollar in trade and financial transactions, and has introduced transactions in the local currency to settle cross-border trades, according to the Bank of Indonesia.

      Indonesia has already implemented the practice with a number of countries, such as Thailand, Malaysia, China, and Japan. It also plans to sign a cooperation agreement with South Korea regarding local currency trading in early May.

      The BRICS economic bloc – comprising Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa – claims to be working on establishing a joint payment network to cut reliance on the Western financial system, and on the dollar in particular.


  25. Putin JUST SHUTDOWN All US & EU Sanctions Collapsing The US Economy!
    Investing Future
    38,786 views Apr 25, 2023 #china #geopolitics #investingfuture

    Europe’s oil refiners, already making do without longstanding shipments of Russian crude, are now struggling with the loss of similar supplies from northern Iraq and a shock reduction in output by several of the world’s top producer nations.

    Flows from Russia — formerly the European Union’s top supplier — have plummeted by more than a million barrels a day since the country’s invasion of Ukraine in February of last year, amid ever-tightening sanctions.

    Those reductions are now starting to bite harder because Iraq has halted shipments that reach Europe via a Turkish port in the Mediterranean Sea. In addition, OPEC+ producers including Russia have announced supply curbs starting next month that will cut output by about 1.6 million barrels a day by July.

    For Europe, the loss comes at an unfortunate time. The Russian and Iraqi grades are of similar density and sulfur quality, and refiners in Asia — notably China — are ramping up demand of this so-called medium-sour oil that forms their staple diet.
    “A tough battle between Europe and Asia awaits, and Asia could outbid Europe for barrels, potentially triggering European run cuts to balance the crude market,” Energy Aspects Ltd. analysts Amrita Sen and Christopher Haines said in a recent note discussing global oil markets, including medium-sour crude.

    Russian Flows to Europe Take a Big Dip
    In March, the EU imported 95,000 barrels a day of Russia-origin Urals, compared with almost 1.2 million barrels daily in February last year, data compiled by Bloomberg show. All cargoes were shipped to Bulgaria which has exemptions from EU sanctions on seaborne crude imports from Russia.

    Europe has replaced at least a quarter of Russian supplies with crude from the Middle East since the spring of 2022, according to Energy Aspects. Flows from the Atlantic Basin, from Norway and Angola to the US, also increased in the first three months of this year, the International Energy Agency said in its monthly report earlier this month.
    But now there’s a further wrinkle from the Middle East. Since last month, about 450,000 barrels a day of crude supplies from Iraq’s Kurdish region have been halted amid a payments dispute. In March, at least 169,000 daily barrels of this oil — shipped via Turkey’s port of Ceyhan — went to EU nations, tanker-tracking data show.

    The curbs add to tightness in the market for medium-sour crudes, as Middle East producers are also using more of their own oil to boost processing at new domestic refineries.

    In the Mediterranean, prices for grades like Iraq’s Basrah Medium, which are usually heavily discounted compared to others because of their sulfur levels, have rallied to a level that many traders see as too pricey.

    Greek refiner Hellenic Petroleum SA also issued a rare tender — the first in two years — to purchase prompt supply of Basrah Medium. Some traders said the move signaled the tight availability of such barrels in the spot market amid the loss of Kurdish grades.

    Russian diesel exports hit record highs as the sanctioned fuel cuts into the US market share.

    Russian diesel exports saw their highest-volume month on record in March, despite more restrictions on Moscow’s energy supplies, according to commodities analytics firm Kpler.

    T Bob
    I’ve never seen such sentiment against the USA from its own citizens in wishing victory to our supposed enemy….and I’m with you….

    Tbh they were never our enemies. Their enemies were and had always been on Capitol Hill. They just wanted to make us believe they were out enemies too. What has a Russian civilian did to you or your family personally that would make them your enemy? All of this was (Cold War)and is over different political and social ideologies. That’s all it is.

    JVS 3
    Imagine if there was an orchestrated “trifecta”. All done simultaneously.

    1. Cut off all oil/gas to the US/
    2. A global dumping of the
    Dollar (sanctions)
    3. China halts all exports to the
    US/EU/Uk (collapsing the
    supply chains).

    I know it be difficult to do and it would also hurt China, Russia and other countries, but if it was well orchestrated with safety nets to friendly nations. It would decouple the US/West leaving them isolated. All this combined with at a time the US needs buyers to its debt ($33T) and Europe’s deteriorating industrial complex

    Peter Clack
    Sanctions are nothing more than declaring war by other means. Hopefully, American bullying will be brought to an end. The world is a far poorer place due to American greed and covert damage.


  26. Russia’s Revenge Will Unleash Economic Hell | Massive Escalation From Kremlin Attack
    Sean Foo
    7,018 views May 5, 2023

    The Kremlin attack has taken the conflict to a new level, it has escalated once again. Russia isn’t going to take this lying down and the economy has to prepare for an inflation hell. We are moving into dangerous territory that threatens to take down the world economy as banks are already imploding. Here’s what you must know

    ✅ Timestamps & Chapters:
    0:00 The Kremlin Escalation
    1:19 We Are In The Danger Zone
    3:08 Russia’s Retaliation
    5:11 Economic Chaos Is Coming
    7:30 An Inflation Shock Crash
    10:53 Recession Or Even Worse

    Terry Aherne
    zelensky then („we only fight on our own territory’) has forgotten the regular attacks on cities such as Belgorod and others in what even bllinken would accept as Russian. Apparently zelensky has the same map that liz truss when uk foreign minister used. He is either a liar or stupid. Not much to be proud of in either characteristic

    Xi Jinping
    Zelesnky is a comedian. 1 act to another.

    Kora Na
    The conflict is definately going to escalate there’s no question about it. However, I don’t think it will be like an immediate spike. I think that the escalation will raise gradually ,slowly.

    No it was rising slowly before. Now The United states have directly increased that pace. Russia can not look weak or have their bluff called and thr citizens are furious.
    They will make drastic decisions.

    Crypto Dynasty
    Don’t forget Russia could ban the exportation of fertilizer and uranium to the NATO countries and their overlord USA. And also reduce its oil production capacity. Hopefully, you will do a video on those possible scenarios.

    Buffalo Lodge
    Great video, Sean! I am of the same opinion as you. Although I am an American, I wholeheartedly support Russia and China in all of their endeavors. I share their world view and aspirations to make this a better and fairer world for everyone. I detest the arrogance and juvenile foolishness that is so prevalent in the collective West. I doubt that anything could make me happier than to see the total destruction of the West. I believe that by our atrocious deeds, we have forfeited the right to exist amongst peace loving nations. In the name of justice, we must be punished! Glory to Russia! Glory to China!



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