1093 Gołąb pokoju MQ-9 z USA był i spadł do morza koło Krymu, agresywnie, nieprofesjonalnie i nieekologicznie oszczany przez ruską odrzutową łopatę

Skillful Russian pilots pee on US drone & down it. Russia recovered it, ready to be reverse engineered
PTE Geopolitics „World Gone Crazy”
8,220 views Premiered 16 hours ago

Russian pilots took down a intact drone, have recovered a hi-tech drone ready to be reverse engineered

Das Omega
„Environmentally unsound”. You made my day, brother. Thank you and Peace, Love & Happiness.

And those horrible Russians misgendered the drone, too.

Kevin Wa
Of course the U.S destroying the Nordstream pipeline was done in an environmentally sound and professional manner.

Leslie Stenta
My first thought too.

Seer Seerwealth
With consideration to local haddock fish.

During the Vietnam war, US lost 3744 planes, 5607 helicopters, 578 UAVs.There is a database maintained by US veterans. I didn’t take into account losses by Australian and other US allied military. Among the Vietnam war aces, 9 are north Vietnamese and one American.

K Khalifah
The US needed to fire 2 missiles to bring down a freaking balloon. In comparison, according to the US, the Russians didn’t even need to fire a single shot to bring down their killer Reaper drone.

PTE Geopolitics „World Gone Crazy”
That’s so true

Russian Jets Take Out U.S. Drone Off Russian Coast!
The Jimmy Dore Show
24,462 views Mar 16, 2023 #TheJimmyDoreShow

One of the biggest pieces of news from earlier this week surrounded reports that Russian jets had shot down or otherwise disabled an American drone that had been operating over the Black Sea, not far from the Crimean coast. Russian and American representatives traded barbs over the incident while many other observers feared the possible repercussions of an incident that inches the two sides ever closer to direct conflict.

Jimmy and Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger discuss how Americans would react if Russia operated drones so close to the American shores.

Charles Pancamo
How dare they defend their own borders! Don’t they know they’re suppose to have open borders like us?!?

Stigandr Mýrardalur
USA take down a $1200 balloon with $400.000 missiles…
Russia take down a $30 mill drone by dumping a few gallon fuel on it….
You just can’t make this shit up 😂😂😂😂

Rohan T
The Pentagon being butt hurt about a Top Gun style takedown is hilarious. Hannity freaking out makes it so much sweeter.

Bojan Prakljacic
American drone is buzzing around Sevastopol, a Russian naval base, and it’s Russians who are doing aggression? Imagine the audacity to say something like that!

Typical US arrogance and double standards

Scroopy Nooperz
Who said they must put their base near our drone? 😂

Drone video. Politico, 100K KIA. Russia, taste victory. Credit Suisse bailout. Jar of tomatoes. U/1
Alex Christoforou
21,585 views Mar 16, 2023

Drone video. Politico, 100K KIA. Russia, taste victory. Credit Suisse bailout. Jar of tomatoes. U/1
Topic 900

Le Koshaque
Today common Russian people from the whole country collected over 1 MLN rubbles as a reward to the pilot who shot down the drone. Thanks, Alex for your daily work and informative update!

Barbara Wilson
Brilliant ❤❤

Ryan Walters
This is very interesting. Do they announce his name? The US military stated the jet crashed.

@Ryan Walters the drone crashed. Nothing happened to the jet . Unless you watched CNN or bbc

So, 13 dollars

Margarita Katrenko
​ @R K it’s like 20,000 dollars.

John Y Reb
That is the coolest air-maneuver in aviation history

Trevor Gough
You serious ?? You’re easily impressed..

@Trevor Gough. You think that Tom Cruise is better? 😂😂😂😂😂

Soylent Green
So the real Maverick is actually a Russian pilot…

Russia Hits US Drone. Military Summary And Analysis 2023.03.16
Military Summary
9K views 2 hours ago

D Turner
👉 YOU ARE MISSING – When the SMO started, Russia Officially announced and Declared a Limited Air Zone (with the Air Authorities) around the area. US was very aware of this added zone to stay away from. They ignored it. (same type zones added when volcanoes erupt in International Air for example) it’s like a warning it is a dangerous SMO zone and to stay clear.

Additionally, according to Douglas MacGregor, the drone turned off its transponder when it got within the limits of the Air Defense Identification Zone of RF. which every country in the world has, – one is supposed to identify itself when flying into the zone, with its transponder ID turned off and encroaching within RF’s ADIZ. it was well within the rights of the RF to down the drone.

N Paj
Russian plane spraying fuel on a drone..like a Lion marking his territory 😂
Good job Russia 🇷🇺 👏 👍 😊

cristi marinescu
well done! It’s like a paparazzi tries to watch what I do in my house.

Vivien Martin
No destruction of the Nord Stream pipelines was carried out from a 15 metre sailboat. To dive more than 30 meters deep to plant these explosives you need specialized dive suits supplied with heliox gas mix, a hyperbaric chamber on board in case any diver gets the „bends”, a crane to lower the specialized explosives to the sea bed, storage room on the boat to transport the specialized explosive… not a chance this was done by any countries other than the US and Norway and possibly the UK.

cristi marinescu
On March 2, 2022, two Romanian military aircraft, flying in Romanian airspace, were shot down by the Ukrainian Nazis Army with two S-300 missiles launched from the Odesa region.

Ljubomir Ćulibrk
One Mig fighter and one Mil-8 whit whole crew that where on search mission to find killed pilot of the mig.

cristi marinescu
@Ljubomir Ćulibrk The helicopter was IAR-330 EH „PUMA”, not Mi-8. IAR-330EH „PUMA” is a romanian helicopter (france licence SA-330H PUMA) specially modernized and equipped in the „search and rescue” version.

Douglas Macgregor – Unheard of Tactics Takes Down US Unmanned Vehicle
Douglas Macgregor Col
4.7K views 1 hour ago

Today, I read somewhere that the Russian plane “clipped” the drone’s propeller, causing the drone to fall into the sea. Absolutely no way! This operation would be suicidal. The other explanation was that through manoeuvring, it forced the drone to lose control and it crashed into the sea. This is much more plausible.

just a guy named Max
In all likelihood, the SU 27 pilot probably just flew close in front of the drone using the jet-wash from its engines to cause cavitation in the air, therefore leaving the propeller of the drone to have no air to push and causing the drone to lose air speed and stall. I have no information to base that on, just what I know of how planes work and certain tactics jet aircraft use to force down planes without shooting them down.

Aqua Fyre
A Russian Pilot shared a story with me. He had an alternate theory that made me laugh –
He said the Russian pilot had a choice of throwing Potatoes or pouring Vodka onto the Drone –
Being properly trained — He kept the Potatoes — Drank the Vodka — And threw out the empty bottles. ✌😎

Thomas Truong
Good story by old-timers. But these days, Russia can only arm its combatants with shovels – according to the great news outlet BBC – so the pilot opened his plane window and hurled his shovel in the direction of the drone. It hit the drone’s propellor and damaged it – as confirmed by the Pentagon – the drone became unflyable and its remote pilot brought it down into the waters.

MQ-9 Reaper drone, military tries to de-escalate. Neocons want to escalate
The Duran
38,723 views Mar 15, 2023

MQ-9 Reaper drone, military tries to de-escalate. Neocons want to escalate
The Duran: Episode 1536

Casimir III
US spends millions bringing down a $20 weather balloon, Russia spends $20 taking down a multi million dollar military drone.

Laurence Thermes
Yea but in fairness they are running out of missiles and so had to resort to using trench shovels….

Olga Tarasova-Chelpanova
Nah, Russians are frantic in search for some more dishwasher chips, so they thought to borrow one from the US drone.

The United States providing intelligence with the drone to Ukraine makes the US an active participant. The drone does not belong in the Black Sea. Let’s do a role reversal: would the US allow Russian drones in international waters to fly near our Naval bases, especially nuclear submarine bases?

The Drone was 60km from Sevastopol. Which is international waters but it was near enough for surveillance and reconnaissance mission, harming Russian national security. It also means the Drone was 8 min. away from the city center of Sevastopol. Little addition: Reaper Drone can also carry Hellfire missiles which classify them as an attack Drone…

A drone without a transponder signal in the war zone!

The reaper drone was purpose built to be an attack drone… the name gives it away.. surveillance is a secondary function of the drone, that requires a special surveillance pod to be eqquipped.

Do we know where it was launched from? Maybe the next Kinzhal, I mean dishwasher chipped hypersonic shovel needs to visit that airfield….

Washington’s Downed Drone + Growing Admissions of Ukraine’s Military Deterioration
The New Atlas
3,145 views Mar 16, 2023

Update on Russian military operations in Ukraine for March 16, 2023:

– Russian warplanes intercepted and apparently clipped the propeller of a US MQ-9 drone carrying out surveillance near Crimea;
– The US has no means of recovering the drone, though Russia may have an opportunity to recover it;
– While the drone operated in international airspace according to the US, it was collecting intelligence on behalf of Ukraine as part of ongoing hostilities, as a party of the conflict and thus threatening Russian national security;
– Bakhmut continues to face encirclement;
– The Western media has begun admitting to the grim deterioration of Ukraine’s forces under the weight of Russia’s strategy of attrition;
– Ukraine has lost the majority of troops trained by NATO over the last 8-9 years;
– Ongoing NATO training is rushed, incapable of meeting or exceeding Russia’s pool of trained manpower;
– Ammunition and weapons are also admittedly running out;
– Ukraine may or may not be diverting reserves for an upcoming spring offensive to instead fight in Bakhmut;
– Any possible counteroffensive around Bakhmut might indicate just how badly deteriorated Ukraine’s forces have become;


The Duran – MQ-9 Reaper drone, military tries to de-escalate. Neocons want to escalate:


US Department of Defense – Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Army General Mark A. Milley Hold a Press Conference Following Ukraine Defense Contact Group Virtual Meeting (March 15, 2023):
War on the Rocks – How to Think About Bakhmut and a Ukrainian Spring Offensive (March 14, 2023):

How to Think About Bakhmut and a Ukrainian Spring Offensive

Politico – Technology concerns imperil Gray Eagle drone transfer to Ukraine (2022):
Politico – ‘Ukraine doesn’t have any time to waste’: U.S. races to prepare Kyiv for spring offensive (March 15, 2023):
Washington Post – Ukraine short of skilled troops and munitions as losses, pessimism grow (March 13, 2023):

The indignation of the United States is absolutely pathetic and arrogant!!!

John Jacobsen
yes – and childish

Mark Faas
The US military passively displays concern over the potential capture of drone technology. While aggressively counters with. That’s really deep water. Good luck recovering it. Displays a reserved concern. That supplies and soldiers are now finite. As resolve slowly dwindles with public support..

Hape Mokenela
​ @John Jacobsen Like the child who never grew up and realize that the world doesn’t revolve around their every need and whim.

Captain Hurricane
Why does the US even have drones in the Black Sea? America is a long way from there.

Vladimir Dorta
The problem for Russia wasn’t the passive „reconnaissance” or the „flying over international waters.” There are plenty of satellites for that. The problem is U.S. drones directing Ukrainian attacks against Crimea, and this was probably the next one.

Елизавета Богданова
Congratulations to the residents of Sevastopol and the Crimean Peninsula on the 9th anniversary of their return home to Russia. March 16, 2014 will forever be remembered as the day of returning home to the arms of his beloved Mother-Russia and fleeing from the terrible Nazi stepmother of Ukraine.

Ukraine War: ‚We do not seek escalation with Russia’ – Pentagon
Sky News
29,803 views Mar 16, 2023 #dronecrash #pentagon #russianaircraft

Pentagon spokesperson Pat Ryder has denied seeking conflict with Russia after a Su-27 plane clipped the propeller of an MQ-9 drone forcing it to be brought down into the Black Sea.

Mr Rider added that while there are indications Russia is attempting to recover the drone debris, it is unlikely they will be successful.

He also stressed the US has not seen any lethal support transferred from China to Russia for use on the battlefield in Ukraine.

We do not seek escalation, except for the fact that we changed the Ukraine government into an aggressive one to Russia, and are making Ukraine a NATO member, base weapons aimed at Russia there and train the Ukraine army. But really, other than that we do not seek escalation….

They don’t seek escalation yet they seek to retaliate in some way 🥴

Quark Soup
„We do not seek escalation. We are very happy to have the Russians commit suicide by walking into mortar and sniper fire without support. We can wait” – The Pentagon

Russia is running out of tanks and aircraft. They will start using T-34 tanks and US supplied P-39 Aircraft from WW2

Calvin Minster
They dumped fuel on it repeatedly lol

John Center
This drone video demonstrates that Russian pilots are master drifters.

I came to the same conclusion. These pilots know what they’re doing.

The jet probably went down after, due to the collision 💥 fact

@RenegadeMasterD But the fact is it didn’t,though the 56,000,000 $ drone didn’t survive the jet pee. 0/10 Ukronazi bot try again🤣

Russian Cockpit Footage of CRASHED American Plane Over Black Sea
Facts Matter with Roman Balmakov
3,358 views Premiered 17 minutes ago

The US flew a combat aircraft (the drone is a „hunter-killer” being used to replace F-16s) from Romania into enemy controlled airspace. In other words the US turned Romania into a military target. The Russians brought down the drone without attacking it directly. Then the Russians retrieved the drone from the Black Sea.

It looks like the Russians has skill and innovation while the US was reckless and amateurish as well as being directly involved in a conflict that risks nuclear war. But it is the DoD who is whining about getting cought with its pants down.

Brian Thomas
30 million and it’s only got a propeller? We’re getting ripped off lol

U.S Air Force footage shows Russian fighter jet crashing into U.S drone over Black Sea
The Sun
46,567 views Mar 16, 2023 #russia #ukraine #usdrone

FOOTAGE released by the United States Air Force shows the moment a Russian fighter jet crashing into U.S drone over Black Sea.

I’m just glad the drone pilot got out okay.

Jordan C.
this is sarcasm right? lol

vladimir kostic
Due to stress, he spilled coffee on his pants but didn’t burn himself much.

Thanks for all the Fish
@vladimir kostic Was just going to say that. He spilled coffee on his bunny slippers.

when you think robots are indestructible until someone decides to pee on it 😂

The camera man said this time he was really scared…

Army of US T released a video of a Russian fighter jet colliding with a US drone
3.4K views 47 minutes ago

sany gorbachev
Красавчик !!!! Включал форсаж и уходил под него. Вот это профи.🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺 Не выстрела, не удара, просто дал струю воздуха из сопла.

Российские асы преподали США поучительный урок в небе над Черным морем!

22 thoughts on “1093 Gołąb pokoju MQ-9 z USA był i spadł do morza koło Krymu, agresywnie, nieprofesjonalnie i nieekologicznie oszczany przez ruską odrzutową łopatę

  1. EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Russian Ambassador Responds To Downed US Drone
    Kim Iversen
    50,228 views Mar 16, 2023

    ***UPDATE: Video footage has now been released proving the Russian fighter jets were in fact harassing the drone and did in fact damage the propeller. US European Command does say the drone temporarily lost communications verifying the ambassadors claim that the transponder was not on, but it seems that may have occurred from the first fuel dump over the drone.

    Yesterday a U.S.A.F MQ-9 Drone supposedly collided with a Russian Fighter Jet. At first, the reports hinted at an accident but today the narrative has changed. General Mark Milley made some very aggressive comments today in a press conference.

    UN Russian Ambassador Dmitry Polyansky joins us to discuss and react to Gen Milley’s hostile comments. You can follow the Ambassador on Twitter at: @Dpol_un

    Rusty Spigot
    Why is it that a Russian Ambassador can speak coherently in English while our own leaders struggle to deliver one sentence without zoning out or cackling maniacally?

    I’m just a plain old common Australian bloke……but I feel compelled to comment that the US general sounds like a total propaganda spouting nutcase. The Russian guy sounds quite reasonable.

    Patrick Fitzpatrick
    Can nobody else see the stark difference between Russian diolomats and their western counterparts?? This guy is so articulate and straightforward with his answers!! Also factual 💯

    Nimantha Nadunge
    Douglas Macgregor is the right person if we want get accurate assessment of the current Ukraine. I mean Pin point accurate.

    Hank 21
    This Russian ambassador, sounds way ,way ,way, more honest and clear headed , then any American, ambassador, politician, or president, by a long shot.

    This Russian diplomat leaves US diplomats looking like idiots. You know the truth when you hear it. Great interview.

    Kinsei Sensei
    Thank you Kim for being one of the only true journalists left!


    • US Air Force MQ 9 camera footage: Russian Su 27 Black Sea intercept
      U.S. European Command
      1,948,856 views Mar 16, 2023

      Two Russian Su-27 aircraft conducted an unsafe and unprofessional intercept with a U.S. Air Force intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance unmanned MQ-9 aircraft operating within international airspace over the Black Sea on March 14, 2023. Russian Su-27s dumped fuel upon and struck the propeller of the MQ-9, causing U.S. forces to have to bring the MQ-9 down in international waters. (U.S. Air Force video)

      (Editor’s Note: This declassified video has been edited for length, however, the events are depicted in sequential order.)

      In bird culture this is considered a dick move.

      Fun fact. Birds don’t have a vagina.

      Most sophisticated Russian air-to-air tactic

      Most skilled russian pilot

      Коt Schrёdиngerа
      least crazy russian pilot

      Missiles are expensive

      The Su-27 was just trying to refuel the drone.

      P H C B
      Russians peep on americans))))

      David Stennett
      Except that it isn’t electric. And it was flying with transponder off in a Russian exclusion zone … bye-bye drone. Americans spent 400k on a missile to blow up a Chinese balloon … Russians dumped a few gallons of jet fuel to bring down the drone — ha ha!


    • US Military Releases Video Of Black Sea Drone, Who Told The Truth?
      Kim Iversen
      26,922 views Mar 17, 2023

      The Drone dispute continues between the U.S and Russia with the U.S posting footage of Russian jets dropping fuel on the drone before it went down. US officials pounding their chests about their drone as Russia questioned what the the US was doing near Crimea. Kim updates the story.

      Broken Glass
      It’s so hard to believe an administration who has never actually told the truth.

      Jay Brown
      It pains me to say it, but at this point, nothing coming out of any US government entity can ever be taken at face value

      Zak Martin
      It was intelligent of the Russians to sabotage the drone without shooting it down or firing missiles at it (which could have been interpreted as a more aggressive or provocative action). It’s even possible that their intention was to disable or „blind” it rather than destroy it. In any event it shouldn’t have been there. I’m sure we all know what would happen if Russia was sending drones to spy on US military movements off the coast of Florida or Texas. In this case, the Russians have good reason to respond aggressively, since the information that is being gathered by these US drones is being passed on to the Ukrainian army and used to target and kill Russian soldiers.

      Spring Bloom
      There is no collision. The propeller damage is from getting hundreds of pounds of slushed fuel dumped into it. These planes are much larger than you think, for it to be close enough to make contact would fill the entire frame. The event happens as the plane is passing over the top and disrupting the line of sight satellite comms. For the plane to hit the propeller, it would’ve hit and sheared the vertical structures of the drone. To me, as a former analyst, this looks an awful lot like they were trying to bait Crimean air defense systems, to get intelligence on them.


    • Putin rubs salt into Biden’s wounds; Honours pilots involved in U.S. drone incident with awards
      Hindustan Times
      22,599 views Mar 17, 2023 #russiaukrainewar #putin #biden

      Russian fighter pilots involved in an incident with a US drone that resulted in its crash will be given state awards, the Defence Ministry announced Friday. The move appears to signal Moscow’s intention to adopt a more aggressive stance toward future US surveillance flights, news agency AP reported. Moscow has denied that its warplanes hit the drone, alleging that it crashed while making a sharp maneuver. Watch the video for more.

      Erentxun Lopez
      Russians fighter pilots are out of this world.Those maneuvers are epic.

      Lars-Göran Andersson
      Why are they losing the war in Ukraine?

      @Lars-Göran Andersson Than you must be listening only to BBC n CNN lol

      Понтогон Понтогонович
      @Lars-Göran Andersson , hahahaha🤡🤡🤡

      ​ @Lars-Göran Andersson They’re not losing at all. Even NATO is claiming that Bahkmut, basically the last point of defense to Kiev, is basically lost.

      Vladimir „Giga Vlad” Nimitz
      That Russian Pilot is a real Top Gun Legend no CGI needed just skill. No missiles no guns kill. I realize the first kill of an unmanned aircraft was WW2 tipping a V-1 wing to make it crash but i think this is first 21st century no weapon kill and technically this was a „piloted” pilotless aircraft That Russian Pilot is a real Top Gun Legend

      Polubione przez 1 osoba

    • Russia TROLLS US Over Drone Elimination
      The Dive with Jackson Hinkle
      968 views 20 minutes ago

      Samuel Galea
      The weirdest thing is how the US is personifying these drones like they’re a 20 year old girl “the drones were harassed and followed”😂😂

      Tatjana Kisse
      The Russians are not greedy, they will return the drone after a careful examination of the damage. The patient, who sank 60 km from Sevastopol, where the Turkish Stream gas pipeline passes, needs extended research. Today, a US drone passed 150 km from the peninsula with the transponder on. Learned quickly.😁

      Polubione przez 1 osoba

    • Scott Ritter – Russia warns US to avoid Exclusionary Zone
      Douglas Macgregor Col
      40,814 views Premiered 17 hours ago

      Craig Randall
      So nice to hear someone speaking intelligently and reasonably. The US politicians sound like lunatics.

      Barbara Wilson
      They are lunatics .😂

      The Dolphin
      Best line from Scott: „Name the last Russian bank that went bankrupt”!

      Right. More of Russia still investing in infrastructure as nothing happens. New bridges, railway modernisation to China, state hospitals, schools, state kindergartens, stadiums, new factories are subsidised etc.

      Vitalijus M
      @Alla Russias economy in huge decline. Why you lie? Yes they still living, selling and stuff. But do not compare USA and Russia. Russia is decades behind USA in every aspect. Especially in moral aspect. I have never seen country less tolerant of other nations and people. Every other day i hear on their tv how they going to invade baltic countries poland and so on

      Irina Oleinikova
      @Vitalijus M you are so wrong, no nothing, look what is going on in America, thank goodness I am not leaving there

      Polubione przez 1 osoba

    • Does This Mean World War III?
      The Jimmy Dore Show
      12,146 views Mar 18, 2023 #TheJimmyDoreShow

      New video has emerged from the U.S. drone downed by a Russian jet over the Black Sea suggesting that the drone was disabled when the jet clipped its propeller. In response to this brazen assault on American sovereignty, war hawks like GOP Senator Lindsey Graham are demanding escalation that could easily bring about World War III. “That’s what Reagan would have done!”, Graham insists.

      Jimmy and Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger discuss the insane urge among too many in office to push us into a nuclear confrontation with Russia.

      You Mang
      Why are we flying drones off the coast of Russia?

      Justin Bailey
      Because the earth belongs to America. Haven’t you watched the News?

      Timothy Doyle
      That’s what Putin wants all Americans to ask themselves.

      The Russian diplomat had a very good point.

      H Cruz
      Cheaper than a $400k missile hitting a hobby balloon.

      Parker Peters
      Only cheaper for Russia. US drone was like 32mill

      The Canadian Onlooker
      @Parker Peters sounds like a good reason to keep it off russias border

      The Angry Canuck
      US: Weather balloon causes nation to go insane for a week shooting down balloons
      Russia: Drops military equipment flying in militarized zone

      I think it’s very professional of the Russian pilots to be able to damage a dangerous drone without damaging their own craft. They’re pilots, that’s their profession, so professional.

      Chuck Hooks
      As professional as the Su-24 pilots that were just shot down near Bakhmut

      @Chuck Hooks it’s always hilarious when Ukron4z1s always flip it around. The Ukron4z1s lost a plane in Bakhmut and said it was Russian. Just like how Russia shells itself.🤣

      Polubione przez 1 osoba

  2. Military recruiter gets blasted by men on the left and right. No one will save us.
    Better Bachelor
    64,785 views Mar 16, 2023

    Secretary of the Army posts asking for the best of the best to step up and it did not go well.

    Davide Tralli
    As a foreigner i used to think that America was the land of opportunity. Now im more and more convinced that it is the land of insanity.

    Klas Peppar
    As a young bloke, I absolutely refuse to join the Swedish Armed Forces. I will not risk my life for a country that has betrayed me repeatedly.

    It’s almost like denigrating and insulting majority of your fighting force and labor force is an epic way to destroy a functioning society…

    Rooster Cogburn
    I got out of the marine corps in 2017 and I remember thinking it was a joke. I had to sit through a power point presentation about how we need to be inclusive of transgender marines. This was is late 2016 so I can’t imagine how much worse its gotten.

    Same, got out of the army in 2017, and I’ve been contacting since 2019. I can absolutely tell you the military is bleeding people like a femoral artery wound, and everyones morale is extremely low

    Why would any sensible man choose to willingly get drafted in the military of any country in the west. It’s like you sacrifice yourself for the bemefit of your worst enemy.

    ultimate stoic
    I just got out of the navy and believe me, it’s not worth it. I recommend people to not join the military but if they’re going to do it, join the reserves.

    Der Magnus
    I am german. I have served 30 years ago. But now with a rifle in my hands I would not enter the battlefield but heading to my treacherous government without a blink.

    A Sparrow
    It’s a self-flagellating quest. Only a sadistic masochist would sign up.

    Rich Jews telling me I have to fight with Nazis for Ukraine and Transamerica is peak hilarity.

    A decade ago I made application to join the Aus military. I’d kept myself very fit, had two Master’s degrees and was simply ready for life outside of corporations and wanted to be part of something that I thought had some meaning. Having progressed to interviews, the local media indicated that the word had already come down: no white males. I spoke to them and told them I was no longer interested. Woman – of course since it’s the administrative roles they’ve filled – told me just 10% of the force is female. And? So damned what. That’s a great media soundbite but it only has meaning if you tell me what percentage of applicants are female. Maybe that’s all of them. Stupid stuff. Our military head is equivalent to the US one – woke, determined to fill the military with anyone but white males, has introduced objections to anyone being toxic by having slogans on their helmets (if I recall correctly) and basically wants the military to do no more than ‚represent us’ when they march in a parade. Watch the whole thing shift in an instant if the oft’ discussed war with a certain Asian nation blows up in the next three years. What else will they do? Draft the influencers or the women of TikTok? They’ll be painting their faces in foreign flags as a show of solidarity with anyone but the West. I’d rather watch it all burn sometimes.

    2000 mules
    Don’t fight for them – they hate you. Hopefully when the enemy comes they will eradicate this poison.

    The US Marine Corps along with the other branches has a similar policy concerning white males.

    Why sometimes ? They lost me 8 years ago, I will never lift a finger for them

    The Count de la Fere
    I’m a former British Army Infantry Officer, and looking at the weak, effeminate leadership of our Army, they seem to have forgotten that the type of people who cry over hurty words, probably aren’t best suited to advancing on the enemy, before stabbing them in the face with a bayonet……. utterly deranged.

    This is the same general who was obsessed with being PC and failed miserably in the Afghanistan withdrawal. The only thing this general can be all he can be is an embarrassment

    Project Masculinity
    Hmm did he try and Woke Up the Taliban ???

    Red Scout
    How far did he run 🏃‍♂️ before he went up to it? Before you judge? Do you know what he did before that? Come on joker! Think! You’re being silly! It’s easy to lift unless you’ve lifted enough to break you

    He’s also the general who told China not to worry about Trump and that he would warn them if we ever tried to attack them.

    Der Magnus
    General milley the traitor I think.

    Ralphs Channel
    He didn’t fail in Afghanistan. He did exactly what he was paid to do, demoralize the military and arm the enemy.


    • Army Brings Back, „Be All You Can Be” Recruiting Ad & FAILS!
      Jamesons Travels
      99,545 views Mar 7, 2023

      New US Army Recruiting Ad. Army Brings Back, „Be All You Can Be”. Too Little, Too Late.

      Be all the genders you can be.

      The new army slogan „straight White men need not apply”

      Randy Cassidy
      Be all that you can be… unless you’re going against the agenda. Then you get demonetized.

      Joeywheeler II
      No way I’m fighting for the groomers. Serving in the military today is fighting for the interests of people who hate you and want to do harm toward your young.

      Jamesons Travels
      yeah, i think they wrecked the mystique of the military in 3 years they wreck 20 years of recruiting potential.

      shaun smith
      Russia and china are laughing at the american military recruitment vids

      T O
      God help us….we don’t stand a chance with this crap!!!


  3. Russia is Trying to Provoke NATO
    Jake Broe
    223,324 views Mar 16, 2023 #Ukraine #Russia #NATO

    A Russian Su-27 pilot collided with an American MQ-9 drone over the Black Sea two days ago. Russia denied they were doing anything wrong and the Pentagon declassified and released the video of Russian pilots attempting to spray the drone with jet fuel. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has also come out and publicly stated he does not support Ukraine and claims Russia is just engaged in a „territorial dispute” that is not in America’s „vital national interest.”

    Silvia Autenrieth
    This dumping of fuel is so sickening, also because of the disastrous environmental impact. But I am glad that the footage was declassified and everyone can watch the Russian side blatantly lying once again. Thanks for your great work, Jake. ❤

    every airliner dumps full now and then …

    Katoshi Takagumi
    It’s still probably the least environmentally damaging thing they’ve done in all this war, but yeah, it’s disgusting.

    Mark Brisec
    15 hours ago
    And the greatest irony is the thing that happened today, after Russia has claimed that the Reaper fell from the sky because of „the unsafe and heavy maneuvers” and that Russia has nothing to do with it.. After US released the video Putin gave military honors to pilots that were involved in this „incredibly brave and skillful maneuver” . I mean, first they claim that they had nothing to do with it and that the US pilot is a moron who doesn’t know how ti fly the Reaper and then after they’ve been caught in a lie with a video to prove it they completely change the story and honor the pilots for their bravery and skills.. Russia doesn’t only have a pathetic military, their propaganda and intelligence agencies are as abysmal as their kinetic forces…. Old KGB officers must be turning in their graves after seeing this boondonggle..

    Katoshi Takagumi
    @Mark Brisec Yeah, it’s a clown show these days in the Kremlin.

    Aaron Sinclair
    @Mark Brisec That right there… „We didn’t do it” – „Here’s an award for doing it”

    sam van mieghem
    yeah blowing up that pipeline sure wasnt bad for the invoronment or economy iether


  4. Russia’s Unstoppable New Weapon & The Legalities – Ukraine Map Update / Analysis 10MAR23
    Willy OAM
    18,775 views Mar 10, 2023

    As many say Russia has started its offensive there are a few critical pieces that are under heavy fighting, Today we explore why this City in the Donetsk oblast could be critical to both Ukraine and Russia.
    Also Russia’s new Hypersonic missile.


    Not to defend Russia here, but I remember the U.S targeting civilian infrastructure during the invasion of Iraq the night before the invasion. Particularly the power grid and forms of communication, this was a part of the whole „shock and awe” doctrine, to create as much chaos as possible to make it hard for the enemy to organise. All lines of communication where cut which stopped the Iraqi forces from communicating with each other, pity for them they didn’t have access to star link. I think a lot of the water supply was cut off as well. In Russia’s case they didn’t start targeting this infrastructure until September last year, something that could be seen as a mistake on their part that they did not go all in when they still had the capability 12 months ago

    HowThen Ganley
    Kinzhal is an air version of land launched 500km range, up to 700kg warhead Iskander missile, a kind of JDAM kit, russian version/style … Being air launched, it got a 2000 km range + mach 7 kinetic force on impact . What’s interresting in this attack is the number of Kinzhal missiles : 6. To date, Kinzhal is launched by Mig31 which can carry onle missile. But Tu-22 3m has been modified to carry and lauch up to 4 Khinzhal , and i suspect this attack is the first use, the test bed of Tu-22 + 4 Khinzhal. Targets obviously are of high value and on west frontiers of Ukraine …


  5. Nobody Believes Official Narratives on Iraq War: Former U.S. Marine
    CCTV Video News Agency
    19,911 views Mar 19, 2023

    Even the U.S. marines who participated in the Iraq War did not believe the official narratives released at the time, and many of them had realized that they were not defending their country, but just starting a war, said former U.S. marine Brian Berletic recently.

    Brian is one of the best analysts out there – his huge advantage is that he tells the truth 😅

    Imre Kalman
    Constantly telling the truth makes maintaining a narrative much easier. There’s no need to twist facts to support a lie.


  6. F*ck off
    Scott Ritter – Again
    57,823 views Mar 20, 2023 #scottritter #ukrainewar #bakhmut

    #scottritter #biden #nato #zelensky #ukraine #ukrainewar #russiaukrainewar #unitedstates #russia #eu #europe #bakhmut #donbass Please subscribe, like and share to show that you care. Remember, knowledge is power.

    Rade Krnic
    All congratulations to Scott because people in the world see that there are normal analysts in America, they do not portray the economic chaos in Europe as Scott predicted

    Fernando Fonseca
    „We are the cancer to the world”.Great and true statement. Congratulations and thank you Scott!!…This is one of your best videos ever.

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  7. MQ9 Reaper Crash Su-27 Fighter Jets | How it Crash #mq9reaper #drones #su27 #fighterjet
    108,945 views Mar 17, 2023

    Comment below your Versions
    who knows we might redo the entire Animation base on the Assumptions above.
    Choose Scenario 1 ,2 or 3 or Comment to help us Animate better.

    The MQ-9 Reaper is the primary offensive strike unmanned aerial vehicle for the U.S. Air Force, took it’s first flight in the year 2001, at an estimated Cost of $32 million.

    While the Russian Sukhoi Su-27, Natoh designation Flanker, is a Russian air-superiority fighter plane, introduced into the air forces in 1985.

    Used by Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Indonesia, India, China, and Vietnam it was built at an Estimated cost of around $35 million.

    Iraqi v1nce
    Nah, Russian jet ran out of fuel back in March, they simply used shovels to destroy the drone.

    Chris Johnson
    Just wait another week and the pentagon will release the video too. Anonymous well positioned source tells me it was Flying Igor, with a pre WWII shovel.

    Iraqi v1nce
    ​@Chris Johnson nahh, it will be caveman shovel!! And the source is from the trustworthy BBC.

    Ricardus Danisworo
    Perhaps one these drone contribute the sinking of Moskva ship by providing intel..nothing innocence in this war

    Iraqi v1nce
    @Ricardus Danisworo now that’s an actual good theory, I mean I did see a lot of drone activity before the sink of moskova.


  8. How the United States military took down the Chinese spy balloon – courtesy of the Simpsons
    Tall Can Audio
    1,072 views Feb 4, 2023 #spyballoon #chinesespyballoon #china
    #china #chinesespyballoon #chinaspyballoon #spyballoon

    Brian Wilson
    Bidens military.

    Eric Wofford

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  9. https://wpolityce.pl/swiat/645455-ukraincy-stracili-hipersoniczny-pocisk-kinzal

    Putin zapewniał, że tej rakiety nie strąci żaden system obrony. Przeliczył się. Ukraińcom udało się zestrzelić hipersoniczny pocisk Kinżał!

    opublikowano: wczoraj

    autor: Fratria/Twitter

    „Tak, zestrzeliliśmy +nie mający sobie równych+ pocisk Kinżał!” – oświadczył w sobotę na telegramie dowódca sił powietrznych ukraińskich sił zbrojnych Mykoła Ołeszczuk; dodał, że hipersoniczny pocisk, o którym Putin mówił, że nie strąci go żaden system obrony przeciwrakietowej, został zestrzelony dzięki amerykańskiemu systemowi Patriot.

    Gratuluję narodowi ukraińskiemu historycznego wydarzenia!

    — napisał Ołeszczuk.

    Jak dodał, rakietę strącono podczas nocnego ataku 4 maja nad obwodem kijowskim. Ponaddźwiękowe rakiety Kinżał obejmują swoim zasięgiem całą Ukrainę – mają zasięg 1,5 – 2 tys. km. Poruszają się z prędkością kilka razy większą niż prędkość dźwięku (mogą osiągnąć 10 machów, czyli ponad 12 tys. km na godzinę), mogą manewrować i uważane są za trudne do wykrycia przez systemy obrony przeciwrakietowej. Są zdolne do przenoszenia głowic jądrowych lub konwencjonalnych.

    W ocenie radia Głos Ameryki, precedens ten może poważnie utrudnić Kremlowi kontynuowanie strategii atakowania celów na Ukrainie z dużej odległości.

    Pociski Kinżał były wielokrotnie wykorzystywane przez siły rosyjskie w wojnie przeciwko Ukrainie. Pierwsze znane bojowe użycie tej broni miało miejsce 19 marca 2022 roku, kiedy Rosja wystrzeliła pocisk w kierunku składu amunicji w południowo-zachodniej części napadniętego kraju.


    Chciałbym wiedzieć ile „Patriotów” i innych pocisków wystrzelili by to strącić i ile było wcześniej prób przy innych okazjach? O ile oczywiście to jest prawda a nie jak z dronami strącanymi przez babuszki przy użyciu przetworów.


    • Kiev Denies Downing Khinzhal, Downs Own TB-2 Drone + Russia Plans Slow Grind After Ukraine Offensive
      The New Atlas
      4,111 views May 7, 2023

      Update on the conflict in Ukraine for May 8, 2023…

      – Russia adds FAB-250 bombs to its arsenal of precision-guided glide bombs. More FAB-250s can be carried per sourtie and can glide up to 80km, twice the distance as the current, larger glide bombs Russia is using;

      – Ukraine shot down one of its Turkish-built Bayraktar TB-2 drones over Kiev after allegedly losing control of it;

      – Ukraine’s Air Force spokesman denied claims that Ukrainian air defense forces downed a Russian hypersonic Kinzhal missile. Despite denying the incident, the Western media continues writing articles about the “downing” of the missile;

      – PMC Wagner has nearly total control over the Donbass city of Bakhmut. Wagner head Prigozhin has aired differences with the Russian Ministry of Defense publicly in a manner inconsistent with military protocol and discipline;

      – Russian commanders have said that after weathering the Ukrainian offensive, they will continue grinding down Ukrainian troops in the same incremental manner they have been throughout the special military operation;

      – CNN admits Ukrainian HIMARS are being jammed by Russian electronic warfare, diminishing their effectiveness on the battlefield;

      – The EU’s plan to produce “1 million” 155mm artillery rounds per year is still under discussion, when implemented it may take several years to reach the desired output similar to US efforts to expand shell production;


      TASS – Upgraded FAB-250 bomb is high-accuracy ammunition — source:
      ABC – VIDEO: Video captures Ukrainian forces destroying its own drone over Kyiv:
      The New Voice of Ukraine – Ukrainian Air Force denies reports Kinzhal hypersonic ballistic missile downed over Kyiv:
      Newsweek – Did Ukraine Down Russia’s ‚Unbeatable’ Hypersonic Kinzhal Missile?:
      TASS – Wagner fighters to hand over positions in Artyomovsk to Russian troops on May 10:
      TASS – Ukraine to have no forces left to resist Russia after counteroffensive — Russian commander:
      TASS – Russian troops persistently grinding down enemy forces in Ukraine operation — commander (October 2022):
      CNN – Russia’s jamming of US-provided rocket systems complicates Ukraine’s war effort:
      China Daily – EU to ramp up ammunition after agreeing on new plan:

      Colonel Panic
      There is NO WAY Ukraine can shoot down a hypersonic missile with ANY air defense system, and definitely not with a Patriot. Impossible.

      kamal chandramoney
      They can if provided with an integrated s 500 system of several SAMs or if they launch all patriot interceptors missiles at once

      André Sarmento
      I guess you never heard about the legend of the Ghost of Kiev. lol

      temi ola
      The same people who gave us the ghost of Kiev want us to believe they shot down a hypersonic missile? Ha!

      Berta Maria-Bender
      With jar of pickles

      David Lazarus
      Next they will claim to be able to shoot down Russian shovels!


    • Victory day. Telegraph, Russia out of missiles. China warns EU. Ursula in Kiev, Happy Festivus. U/1
      Alex Christoforou
      1K views 5 minutes ago
      Victory day. Telegraph, Russia out of missiles. China warns EU. Ursula in Kiev, Happy Festivus. U/1 Topic 954

      „If you believe in illusions and repeat your wish through mass media 1000 times – it becomes a fact”. – from the book „The Young Neocon’s Guide … or How to Break the Dumber”😂😂😂

      Patriot couldn’t stop one SCUD missile in Iraq and when they did manage to hit something it was usually a friendly fighter jet or chopper.

      Cornelis van voorthuizen
      Raytheon really wants to sell their Patriot missile systems , maybe that’s why we have CNN and others doing promos for Raytheon despite Kiev denying the statements of the Pentagon . Thanks for your insightful analysis Alex! Cheers

      Alex, thank you for new video analysis! 💞 VD in Moscow, meanwhile another provocation in Poland with Russian Ambassador 🤦🏼‍♀️😤: Andreev, ,unable to get past through the crowd to get to the monument of the Mausoleum of Russian Soldiers in Warsaw, laid the flowers he had brought in front of the Ukrainian flags stuck in the ground. The activists trampled the flowers and hung the attached Russian flag on a dummy missile. Then Sergei Andreyev turned on his heel, got into the limousine and drove off. I got nothing but respect for this guy!!!!! ❤ He kept it cool!

      Ramsay Elias
      Ursula is in Kiev celebrating Azov and Bandera day!!

      Slamma Jamma
      Happy NATO Day to all N a z i’s. For the rest of humanity who’re not warmongering imperialist psychopaths, Happy Victory Day ❤

      Eventhough I don’t speak a word of Russian, I do pay attention whenever Putin delivers his speeches. They are clear, concise and always with a touch of history. Unlike some in the west who only preaches some ‚values’ ‚democrazy’ ‚freedom’, whatever they mean. Congrats Russia on this special day of your country.

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    • After the Shameful Failure of the US Patriot System, Israel Refused Ukraine to Transfer Iron Dome
      5,520 views May 20, 2023 #BORZZIKMAN

      After the Shameful Failure of the US Patriot System, Israel Refused Ukraine to Transfer Iron Dome

      The so-called passions around destroying the American air defense system seem to have not subsided. On the contrary, this topic does not descend not only from the agendas of the Western military but also from the screens of almost all news channels and newspapers. Moreover, this topic acquires not only new details but also consequences. More and more eyewitnesses of the incident and some representatives of the defense departments of the West say that the Patriot system was not only completely destroyed by the Russian hypersonic missile KINZHAL but also caused the death of about 10 American officers who were inside and near the command post of this destroyed system. According to experts, on that day Ukraine and its Western allies lost almost $ 1 billion in an attempt to destroy the hypersonic missile KINZHAL.

      I Stand With Russia (Z O V)
      Love how they call it a minor damage like they can super glue the Patriot system back together 😭🤣😂😂

      saying it was a little damaged is like saying i am a little pregnant 😂

      Relaxing Sounds
      US: we spent 1.2 billion dollars to protect the skies with our best – top in the class – superior technology – untouchable system …Aaand It’s Gone 😂😂

      BULLSEYE! Russian Hypersonic Missile KINZHAL Destroyed the U.S. PATRIOT System in the Center of Kyiv
      56,055 views May 16, 2023 #BORZZIKMAN

      BULLSEYE! Russian Hypersonic Missile KINZHAL Destroyed the U.S. PATRIOT System in the Center of Kyiv

      Well, folks, it still happened. Forecasts of numerous experts that Russia will definitely respond harshly to the recent unsubstantiated statement by the PENTAGON that the Ukrainians allegedly shot down the Russian hypersonic missile KINZHAL with the help of the Patriot air defense system have come to life today. It was impossible to imagine such a worse scenario for the Pentagon. Today, in the center of Kyiv, the latest modification of the Patriot system was destroyed, which guarded the presidential residence, where the head of the Ukrainian state receives important foreign guests from Western countries. It is reported that the hypersonic missile KINZHAL was moving towards the target along an absolutely straight trajectory, reaching speeds of up to an incredible 15,000 km/h.

      Rafael Lastra com
      32 missiles = $158 million, 1 Patriot Battery = $1.1 Billion, Taking it all out with ONE missile: Priceless

      Probably the best advert for Russian weapons, ever. US has overpriced junk…lol😂

      Indeed Prosimulate, Talk about more than 30 years of Projecting. HAHAHA!😂

      ….just like the F-35.

      @EDDIE HAH exactly

      ashmita repswal
      @EDDIE HAH not just like f35 ,usa just overpriced all weapons

      ​ @ashmita repswal and mark up (commission) as well…😂😂😂

      PENTAGON started Choking on the Fact that the Russian Su-35 became World’s Most Resultative Fighter
      21,707 views May 18, 2023 #BORZZIKMAN

      PENTAGON started Choking on the Fact that the Russian Su-35 became World’s Most Resultative Fighter

      This month can rightfully be considered the real month of confessions and revelations. And this is very annoying not only for the Pentagon generals but also for the top leadership of the North Atlantic Alliance. The anger and irritability of Russia’s rivals can be understood since every time they try to denigrate or underestimate Moscow’s technological successes, many experts, including some experts from the West, immediately give weighty refutations to this, putting the Pentagon and NATO in a ridiculous position.

      Chadimir Poutine.
      Russia has a military strategy. Nato and Elensky have a media strategy. Chuck Hooks has a COPE strategy


  10. https://wpolityce.pl/polityka/645587-incydent-nad-morzem-czarnym-rzecznik-rzadu-prowokacja

    Co oznacza incydent nad Morzem Czarnym? Müller: Zachowanie rosyjskiego wojska należy odebrać w kategorii prowokacji

    opublikowano: za 23 minuty
    aktualizacja: za 26 minut

    Rosyjski SU-35 / autor: Dmitry Terekhov from Odintsovo, Russian Federation/flickr.com/CC/Wikimedia Commons

    To zachowanie ze strony rosyjskiego wojska należy odebrać w kategorii prowokacji – skomentował w TVP Info zdarzenie z udziałem samolotu Straży Granicznej nad Morzem Czarnym rzecznik rządu Piotr Müller.

    W niedzielę rano rzeczniczka Straży Granicznej por. Anna Michalska przekazała PAP, że w piątek nad Morzem Czarnym doszło do incydentu z samolotem SG, który brał udział w misji Fronteksu. Do polskiego samolotu Turbolet L-410 trzy razy zbliżył się rosyjski myśliwiec, który wykonał agresywne i niebezpieczne manewry. Podczas zdarzenia polska załoga utraciła chwilowo kontrolę nad samolotem i straciła wysokość.


    — Do samolotu Straży Granicznej niebezpiecznie zbliżył się rosyjski myśliwiec! „Przeciął tor lotu w niebezpieczniej odległości”

    — TYLKO U NAS. Gen. Polko: Incydent z SU-35 to wyraz frustracji, dzikości i kacapowości Rosjan. NATO musi postawić czerwoną linię

    Niebezpieczne zdarzenie
    Podczas lotu patrolowego samolotu Turbolet L-410 polskiej Straży Granicznej, podczas operacji Frontex pod dowództwem Rumunii, na terenie operacyjnym wyznaczonym przez Rumunię, miało miejsce niebezpieczne zdarzenie

    — przekazała porucznik.

    O to zdarzenie rzecznik rządu Piotr Müller został zapytany w poniedziałek w TVP Info.

    Niestety będziemy się spotykać z takimi prowokacjami, przypomnijmy to jest misja polskiej Straży Granicznej w ramach agencji unijnej Frontex, czyli ochrony i monitorowania granic zewnętrznych UE, w tym wypadku na terenie Rumunii. To zachowanie ze strony rosyjskiego wojska należy odebrać w kategorii prowokacji. Rosja niestety szuka takich pól, gdzie może doprowadzić do jakiegoś wypadku, zdarzenia, które miałoby zły wymiar, a jednocześnie zdarzenia, wobec którego mogliby umyć ręce, stwierdzić, że to nie ich wina, bo samolot przeleciał obok

    — mówił Müller.

    Rosja nie radzi sobie, tak jakby sobie życzyła, na froncie rosyjsko-ukraińskim, więc szuka dla własnej propagandy pewnego rodzaju +sukcesu+, żeby na wewnętrzne potrzeby pokazywać to swoim obywatelom

    — dodał.

    Rzecznik został zapytany, czy rosyjski ambasador będzie wezwany do MSZ w związku z tym incydentem.

    Problem z Rosją jest taki, że my oczywiście będziemy stosować tak jak zawsze w takiej sytuacji standardowe działania dyplomatyczne, jeśli chodzi o noty i tego typu procedury, ale nie oszukujmy się, Rosja zupełnie nie bierze pod uwagę prawa międzynarodowego, żadnych zwyczajów międzynarodowych. To są rzeczy, które musimy zrobić, ale nie łudźmy się, że Rosja wyciągnie z tego jakieś wnioski

    — powiedział Müller.

    To są rzeczy które musimy tłumaczyć naszym zachodnim partnerom, że z Rosją nie da się w ten sposób rozmawiać, bo Rosja na każdym polu będzie oszukiwała, jeśli chodzi o ustalenia

    — dodał.

    Przypomniał, że Rosja kiedyś zapewniła gwarancje bezpieczeństwa dla Ukrainy, a „widzimy, jak je teraz realizuje”.

    „To jest dylemat”
    Pytany czy potrzebne są w ogóle stosunki dyplomatyczne z Rosją, Müller zaznaczył, że „są potrzebne relacje międzynarodowe po to, aby opiekować się naszymi obywatelami na terenie Rosji”.

    Inne duże państwa też nie wydaliły dyplomatów rosyjskich. To jest dylemat, tak etycznie człowiek chciałby zareagować jednoznacznie, niestety sytuacja tutaj jest trochę bardziej skomplikowana

    — powiedział rzecznik rządu.

    Przyznał zarazem, że podobne prowokacje jak wobec polskiego samolotu „będę pojawiały się częściej”, mogą też się zdarzać prowokacje np. wobec polskich miejsc pamięci. „Niestety z tym musimy się liczyć, to jest taka przewaga, którą dysponują kraje autorytarne, które nie przestrzegają zasad demokracji, że mogą posuwać się do takich kroków” – zaznaczył Müller.


    należy odebrać w kategorii prowokacji…ktoś w redakcji ma pełne gacie ze strachu? Może sie ruscy nie pogniewają? Boszszsze..

    teraz tylko zakaz lotów dla rosyjskich linii lotniczych nad obszarem UE i tyle w temacie…


    • https://wpolityce.pl/polityka/646059-jak-andriejew-zareagowal-na-note-wiceszef-msz-zdradza

      Jak Andriejew zareagował na notę protestacyjną? Wiceszef MSZ zdradza kulisy: „Przedstawia stanowisko niezwykle defensywne”

      opublikowano: 5 godzin temu

      Ambasador Rosji w Polsce Siergiej Andiejew podczas próby złożenia kwiatów przy Cmentarzu-Mauzoleum Żołnierzy Radzieckich w Warszawie 9 maja / autor: PAP/Tomasz Gzell

      Reakcją ambasadora Rosji wzywanego do MSZ najczęściej jest absolutne odrzucenie naszego stanowiska, przedstawia stanowisko niezwykle defensywne, odrzucające to, co my mu mówimy – powiedział w czwartek wiceszef MSZ Paweł Jabłoński w Programie Pierwszym Polskiego Radia.

      W środę do MSZ wezwany został ambasador Rosji Siergiej Andriejew, któremu wręczono notę protestacyjną dotyczącą incydentu z udziałem rosyjskiego myśliwca wobec samolotu Straży Granicznej nad Morzem Czarnym.

      SPRAWDŹ SZCZEGÓŁY: Do MSZ wezwano ambasadora Rosji! W tle incydent nad Morzem Czarnym. „Stanowczo potępiamy prowokacyjne zachowanie”

      Jak zareagował Andriejew?
      Jabłoński podkreślił w czwartek, że podczas spotkania przedstawiono stanowczy protest strony polskiej i oraz wezwanie, by Rosja zaprzestała tego typu działań prowokacyjnych.

      Tego rodzaju incydenty absolutnie nie powinny mieć miejsca i jeżeli będą się powtarzały spotkają się ze zdecydowana odpowiedzią

      — mówił Jabłoński.

      Dopytywany o reakcję Andriejewa, odparł, że podczas wezwań do MSZ jego reakcją najczęściej jest „absolutne odrzucenie naszego stanowiska”.

      On działa zgodnie z instrukcjami z Kremla

      — dodał.

      Najczęściej w tego rodzaju sytuacjach ambasador Rosji przedstawia stanowisko niezwykle defensywne, odrzucające to, co my mu mówimy, ale przyjmuje to, co mu przekazujemy oczywiście zgodnie z Konwencją Wiedeńską

      — dodał. Zaznaczył, że nie ma jednak realnego dialogu.

      Persona non grata
      Jabłoński pytany czy nie warto uznać Andriejewa za persona non grata odparł, że taka decyzja nie została podjęta. Jak dodał, że „przez to, że jest ambasador Rosji w Polsce możemy do pewnego stopnia, choćby takie działania podejmować, jak jego wezwanie w sytuacji, gdy jest to niezbędne”.

      Mamy też ambasadora Polski w Moskwie, co też daje nam pewne możliwości, przynajmniej w kontekście bezpieczeństwa polskich obywateli, którzy mieszkają czy przebywają w Rosji

      — zaznaczył.

      Incydent z samolotem polskiej Straży Granicznej
      W piątek nad Morzem Czarnym doszło do incydentu z samolotem SG, który brał udział w misji Frontexu. Do polskiego samolotu Turbolet L-410 trzy razy zbliżył się rosyjski myśliwiec, który wykonał agresywne i niebezpieczne manewry. Podczas zdarzenia polska załoga utraciła chwilowo kontrolę nad samolotem i straciła wysokość.

      Kwatera Główna NATO informowała w poniedziałek, że oddziały NATO Air Policing zostały postawione w stan podwyższonej gotowości w odpowiedzi na niebezpieczne zachowanie rosyjskiego samolotu wojskowego w pobliżu polskiego samolotu Frontex nad Morzem Czarnym w pobliżu Rumunii.


      — TYLKO U NAS. Gen. Polko: Incydent z SU-35 to wyraz frustracji, dzikości i kacapowości Rosjan. NATO musi postawić czerwoną linię

      — Do samolotu Straży Granicznej niebezpiecznie zbliżył się rosyjski myśliwiec! „Przeciął tor lotu w niebezpieczniej odległości”


      To defensywne stanowisko, to jest przetłumaczone na dyplomatyczny język tradycyjne stanowisko Moskwy, czyli „pocełujtie nas w rzopu!”

      Pytam. Czy to prawda że rząd Mateusza Morawieckiego wypłaca obcokrajowcom emerytury już po jednym dniu pracy w Polsce? Czy wypłaca inne zasiłki i dodatki wypracowane przez Polaków jak np. dodatek górniczy.


    • https://wpolityce.pl/polityka/646287-jest-komunikat-bbn-dot-rakiety-pod-bydgoszcza-sprawdz

      Jest komunikat BBN ws. rakiety pod Bydgoszczą! „Informacje nie uzasadniają podjęcia decyzji personalnych dot. kadry dowódczej WP”

      opublikowano: za godzinę

      BBN / autor: Fratria

      Informacje, w posiadaniu których jest aktualnie prezydent Andrzej Duda nie uzasadniają podjęcia decyzji personalnych dotyczących najwyższej kadry dowódczej Wojska Polskiego, a ponadto prezydentowi nie przedstawiono żadnego wniosku w tej sprawie – głosi wydany w piątek komunikat Biura Bezpieczeństwa Narodowego.

      Komunikat BBN
      Wicepremier, szef MON Mariusz Błaszczak oświadczył w czwartek, że procedury i mechanizmy reagowania ws. obiektu znalezionego pod Bydgoszczą zadziałały prawidłowo do poziomu Dowódcy Operacyjnego Rodzajów Sił Zbrojnych, który nie poinformował go, „ani odpowiednich służb o obiekcie, który pojawił się w polskiej przestrzeni powietrznej”. Błaszczak zaprzeczył, by odmówił zlecenia poszukiwań obiektu. Zaznaczył, że ewentualne decyzje personalne lub dyscyplinarne zostaną podjęte po konsultacji z prezydentem.

      Informacje, w posiadaniu których jest aktualnie Prezydent RP nie uzasadniają podjęcia decyzji personalnych dotyczących najwyższej kadry dowódczej Wojska Polskiego, a ponadto Prezydentowi RP nie przedstawiono żadnego wniosku w tej sprawie

      — głosi komunikat Biura Bezpieczeństwa Narodowego.

      W ocenie Prezydenta RP konieczne jest odpowiedzialne działanie w celu uniknięcia podejmowania pochopnych decyzji. Biuro Bezpieczeństwa Narodowego prowadzi działania zmierzające do ustalenia pełnych okoliczności zdarzenia

      — podkreślono.


      — Rakieta pod Bydgoszczą. Dowódca Operacyjny zabiera głos: Apeluję o rozsądek i ważenie emocji. Nie dawajmy pożywki przeciwnikowi

      — Rakieta pod Bydgoszczą. Szef MON: Dowódca Operacyjny zaniechał swoich instrukcyjnych obowiązków, nie informując mnie o obiekcie

      — Szef MON zapowiada raport dla premiera i prezydenta. Sugestie Onetu? „To kłamstwo! Nie było w tej sprawie żadnych decyzji politycznych”

      Informacje o znalezisku
      BBN poinformowało również, kiedy Biuro i prezydent otrzymali informacje o znalezisku pod Bydgoszczą.

      26 kwietnia 2023 r. ok. godz. 20.15 szef Biura Bezpieczeństwa Narodowego Jacek Siewiera został poinformowany przez wicepremiera, ministra obrony narodowej Mariusza Błaszczaka o znalezieniu w lesie pod Bydgoszczą niezidentyfikowanego obiektu wojskowego, który może być pociskiem manewrującym produkcji rosyjskiej, noszącym cechy długotrwałej ekspozycji na czynniki środowiskowe w miejscu odnalezienia

      — głosi komunikat BBN.

      Prezydent, Zwierzchnik Sił Zbrojnych – podano – „został o tym fakcie poinformowany niezwłocznie – ok. godz. 20.30 (godz. 2.30 czasu lokalnego w Mongolii, gdzie Prezydent przebywał z wizytą), w bezpośredniej rozmowie przy użyciu łączności specjalnej”.

      Uprzednio informacja została poddana weryfikacji w jednej ze służb specjalnych. Prezydent RP polecił w trybie pilnym przygotowanie w BBN spotkania, które odbyło się o godz. 9.00 (27 kwietnia 2023 r.) i miało charakter niejawny. Jego celem było ujednolicenie wiedzy zaangażowanych organów. Zwierzchnik Sił Zbrojnych zażądał od właściwych służb i resortów przekazania informacji

      — poinformowało BBN.


      Próba zamydlenia sedna problemu. Czy powiedział, czy nie powiedział…. Fakt jest taki, że ruska rakieta przeleciała przez pół Polski i nasze wojsko jej nie zestrzeliło. Ale żadnych działań wyjaśniających ten fakt nie ma.

      Szczury zaczynają się tłumaczyć że swoich rządów blaszczak z rakiety miernota morawiecki z KPO. Oni doprowadza do wojny z Rosją to są chorzy ludzie.



      Rakieta pod Bydgoszczą. Dowódca Operacyjny zabiera głos: Apeluję o rozsądek i ważenie emocji. Nie dawajmy pożywki przeciwnikowi

      opublikowano: godzinę temu
      aktualizacja: godzinę temu

      Dowódca Operacyjny RSZ gen. Tomasz Piotrowski / autor: screenshot YouTube Combat Camera DORSZ

      Apeluję o rozsądek i ważenie emocji, abyśmy nie dawali pożywki ambitnemu i agresywnemu przeciwnikowi, byśmy nie dawali się dzielić na grupy; by nigdy więcej nie dochodziło do sytuacji, które pomagają przeciwnikowi, a szkodzą nam – napisał Dowódca Operacyjny RSZ gen. Tomasz Piotrowski. (…)

      Dziwny zbieg okoliczności. Rakieta po pół roku sie znalazła. Właśnie teraz, kiedy głośno oukraińskim kontraataku…czyżby NATO miało teraz zielone światło na włączenie sie do wojny?

      Moim zdaniem sprawa jest prosta .Błaszczak wiedział, ale zakazał Generałowi Piotrowskiemu szukać rakiety i dalszego zajmowania sie tą sprawą, bo idą wybory i to zaniepokoiłoby opinię publiczną.Miał nadzieję że incydent się nie wyda.Zobowiązał także generała do tajemnicy wojskowej.Dlatego generał Piotrowski milczy jak go obsobaczają i twierdzi że zrobił wszystko co należy.

      Rakieta warta 1.5 mln dolarów długa na 6m ważąca 1.5 tony ląduje na środku polski między dwoma zakładami jeden produkuje materiały wybuchowe drugi produkuje miny. I te miernoty myślą że tak po prostu spadła z nieba pewnie przypadek. Banda naiwniaków z blaszczakiem Duda Morawieckim i kaczorem na czele.



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