1098 Patric Lancaster i jego dokumentacja zbrodni ludobójstwa dokonywanego od 2014 na mieszkańcach Donbasu przez ukraińskich nacjonalistów, nazistów i żydobanderowców

Ukraine Uses Western „Lethal Aid” Against Civilians Again
Patrick Lancaster
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53,281 views Mar 25, 2023 #Ukraine #Russia #RussiaUkrainewar

A huge Attack Hit a Residential Area In Donetsk. 4 Homes were hit. It appeared western supplied rockets were used against civilians again. 03/24

Björn Ganslandt
So ashamed that I am a Westerner. God bless all affected Ukrainians 😪🙏💚

WarmWoolSox Good
Shame is on all of us in the countries whose governments are contributing to WAR in the borderlands. The countries whose governments all know what it’s truly about, and that the people of UKR are being used as the base for a NATO vs. RU war they don’t have to admit that they are paying for. It’s sick and viciously inhuman. I’d like some ppl to explain exactly what they think their governments would do of RU and CH had moved their missiles to the borders of their countries. How would your governments react? “Oh we don’t mind at all!”?? Please.

No words can express my distaste for what these people have been going through for 9 years😪🤯 Thank you Patrick for all you do. Most people only believe what they are told via news programs. I listen to actual boots on the ground and real voices of real residents thanks to you🤗👍

Slavic Brotherhood
Polacy, szerzcie wszędzie informację o prawdzie, wśród bliskich i znajomych! Jeśli ludzie poznają prawdę, możemy uniknąć wielkiej wojny!! Pozdrowienia z Rosji dla braci Polaków!

Asia Zuzasia
Staramy sie to robić (wielu ludzi otwiera oczy na prawdę) Nikt normalny nie chce wojny .Chachły morduja cywilów od 2014r.

Анна Савченко
Jestem Rosjanką, i mogę powiedzieć o swoich znajomych z Polski: jak człowiek chce być ślepy, nikt nie otworzy mu oczy.

Irena Irena
@Анна Савченко Anno jest wielu Polaków ,którzy kochają Rosjan, tak jak ja .Potrzebna zmiana władzy i myślę ,że może się udać wyjść z amerykańskiej okupacji

Przemo P
​ @Анна Савченко Polacy powoli otwieraja oczy…..oby nie za pozno 🇵🇱🤝🇷🇺

Komputer Chrome
Pozdrawiam Rosjan.Mądrzy Polacy dzięki Patrickowi widzą jaka jest prawda.🤍💙❤









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  1. CIA Larry Johnson: „What’s Coming IS WORSE THAN A WW3, THIS IS SERIOUS” in Exclusive Interview
    Red Pilled TV
    175,963 views Premiered 9 hours ago #larryjohnson #interview #redpilledtv
    CIA Larry Johnson: „What’s Coming IS WORSE THAN A WW3, THIS IS SERIOUS” in Exclusive Interview

    Larry Johnson is back on the show to talk about the war in Ukraine. Johnson gives his assessment of where things stand on the ground. They talk about the astounding casualty numbers and the horrifying nature of the battle over Bakhmut. Johnson then gives some predictions for the next stages of the war. They talk about the rising tension with China. They agree there is no need to go to war with China but discuss what may explain the sudden attention shift towards Beijing. Lastly, they talk about the effects of cronyism in the weapons industry and the probability of a nuclear war.

    michael tabor
    CIA does what is in the best interest of the CIA, not the country

    Leo Sullivan
    AND Zionists

    This is your future you should learn to love it… THREADS


  2. The INSANE world of National Socialism’s Aryan Religion
    297,128 views Sep 19, 2022

    This history video discusses the origins of National Socialism, going back to prehistory to look at the Ancient Aryans (the Proto-Indo-Europeans), the rise of nationalism in Germany and Austria-Hungary, the views of numerous völkisch writers like Guido von List, Jörg Lanz von Liebenfels, and Hans Günther (the Race Pope). And we’ll tie that all together by discussing how their beliefs in Hyperboreans, Atlantis, and Fohat played into Hitler’s and Himmler’s beliefs in race, Lebensraum (living space) and a supposed Aryan enclave in Tibet…

    Dear YouTube censors: I’m NOT a National Socialism or anything similar. This video is discussing events or concepts that are academic, educational and historical in nature. This video is for informational purposes and was created so we may better understand the past and learn from the mistakes others have made.

    A couple of notes:
    First, if you’ve read books on this topic from the 1960s and 70s that contradict what I mentioned in this video, you should know that many of the books from that era were flat out wrong. In fact, historian Goodrick-Clarke states this in the opening of his book (The Occult Roots of Nazism). He states while there are a couple of exceptions, most of the authors were writing sensational nonsense just to sell books, so I would disregard them and read a more up-to-date book instead.

    And this leads to my second point. I would like to clarify my book recommendation that I stated at the end of the video. Most of the references in the video were from Goodrick-Clarke’s “The Occult Roots of Nazism” and that’s with good reason! It’s a great book on the topic, and while it is academic in nature (which might put people off), I still think it should be your first choice unless you really insist on reading something lighter. If you prefer an easier read, then Hale’s “Himmler’s Crusade” is the book you should get. And Anthony’s “The Horse, the Wheel, and Language” is only on the Proto-Indo-European history NOT the Nazis, but is really interesting in its own right if you want to dive into the Ancient Aryans.

    Finally, I should point out that this is not a sponsored video or post; I’ll only ever recommend books for people to do their own follow-up reading if I genuinely think the book is worth picking up, and in this case I think these three are. This video is also not monetized and doesn’t have adverts on it because YouTube’s “Community” Guidelines are deliberately vague on what “controversial topics” are or aren’t. So this video could only have been made possible thanks to my Patreons and SubscribeStars. Therefore I’d like to say a BIG THANK YOU once again to all of your who have chosen to support my work. You guys are awesome!

    S Abhishek
    Hey Tik, what do you think about Darwin’s white supremacy style racism which is inherent in the evolution theory? I’m stating because Darwin had everything to do with seriously influencing Hitler. I want you to watch this video as well on YouTube: „Darwin, Africa and Genozide: the horrors of scientific racism” by Discovery Science.

    @S Abhishek I’ll be honest, I don’t know enough about Darwin personally to really comment on that. I do know that „Social Darwinism” was a twisted version of what Darwin’s evolution theory was actually about, and that’s not the same thing. You can’t conflate what Darwin wrote to „Social Darwinism” because they’re not the same theory.

    S Abhishek
    @TIKhistory Actually Darwin was a social Darwinist although he was not as radical as his followers. He did believe that his theory has applications in human societies. I recommend that you read Darwin’s book „Descent of Man” considering you read books a lot. And i recommend that you watch the video of Discovery Science that I cited in my comments because it explains better than i ever could.

    Aleksa Žunjić
    Actually, you @TIKHistory are flat out wrong on this topic, because you deny simple biology. Languages are not created on their own, they are carried and spread by people that use them. And these people do have certain genetic traits that make them distinct from other people. It is a well known fact that even today Indians themselves prefer lighter skin and certain European traits. It is a well known fact that caste systems was designed to prevent free mixing of various ethnic groups. Migrations are also a historical fact. Therefore, setting aside talk about superiority, Aryan theory of origin is quite possible and even believable – except for those brainwashed by modern PC propaganda.

    S Abhishek
    @Aleksa Žunjić I’m Indian and this is absurd. Caste system has nothing to do with ethnicity and it has much more to do with class and family lineage. We don’t prefer lighter skin because of European traits. Lighter skin in Women in Asia and pretty much rest of the world (especially India) is basically a representation of beauty and it has nothing to do with ethnicity or European traits.

    Also Aryan invasion theory or Aryan migration theory is very controversial subject. Many Indians believe that this theory is nonsense and that this was a tool that was used by the British to justify their rule in India. Not everyone will accept it. It’s not an established fact.


  3. Ukraine’s Clear Pattern Of War Crimes Condemned By Amnesty International
    The Jimmy Dore Show
    103,956 views Mar 29, 2023 #TheJimmyDoreShow

    Ukrainians are committing war crimes against their own people, Amnesty International has revealed. The group revealed that Ukraine is using children and other civilians as human shields in its war against Russia, launching attacks from populated areas and turning schools, hospitals, and homes into military outposts — all things that Amnesty International says constitute a violation of humanitarian law.

    Jimmy and Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger discuss these crimes in comparison to the war crimes charges against Vladimir Putin.

    Lockheed –
    All of this evidence keeps piling up, and yet we’re still sending them money. The apathy from our general public is sickening.

    EP Channel
    Watch Oliver Stone’s documentary “Ukraine on Fire”. Some good historical context to the conflict.

    Chadimir Putin
    Ukraine abandoned these kids in the orphanages alone on the front lines, Russia removed them from the frontlines, Ukraine wanted them to become casualties for propaganda purposes and only after they were removed to safe areas Ukraine started crying about the kids they abandoned.

    They still were, by claiming they were kidnapped.

    If the Zelensky regime committed war crimes against its own people, as Amnesty International said, you can imagine what they did against others, foreigners.

    Talking Mudcrab
    I can imagine that Zelensky will be issued an arrest warrant by the ICC too. Right? Right?!

    That’s absolutely spot on THEY ALSO KILLED CIVILIANS TRYING TO ESCAPE 🤬🤬🤬🤬 Watch Patrick Lancaster

    Donaca Tanguma
    Also, Eva Bartlett

    Eric Wedin
    Patrick Lancaster reported about this during the most intense fighting in Mariupol last year. The ukrainian side deployed troops close to civilian targets and in some cases reported by witnesses they didn’t let civilians evacuate the area when the russian troops arrived.

    He does good work.

    Anthony Jagers
    Patrick Lancaster reported about this… That’s what I was thinking. Viewers of Pat, Graham Phillips, Eva Bartlett and other provided videos of this a long time ago.

    Barquero Juan Carlos
    The use of „cluster bombs” on the civilians of the republics in the Donbass by Ukrainian military was documented by independent reporter Patrick Lancaster

    Insane Clown Ponies
    There is no such thing as a Donbas „republic”. You are insinuating that Ukraine is pulling a russia and bombing its own civilians 😂

    Gerald Kinderman
    ​ @Insane Clown Ponies yeah they are. They declared autonomy and broke away from Ukraine. Since 2014. Those regions were not Ukraine. When a region breaks away from your nation. It no longer belongs to you. And if they chose to be Russia who are we to stop them? You cant force areas to a part of a Nation just because of lines drawn on a map. Is that why its Ukraine cause we define a countries borders by lines on a map?

    Gerald Kinderman
    And Ukraine was bombing those people because when they told them if they didnt want to be a part of Ukraine they need to leave. And when they chose to stay because that’s historically Russian land. They decided to force them to leave by shelling those people. Just sick. Just because they were Russian. And spoke a different language and wanted to retain Russian culture in Eastern Ukraine. Just like Hitler man. How can you not see that?

    Cathy Bassett
    @Gerald Kinderman Ukraine did NOT try to force them to leave. The Donbas wanted to retain their Russian language and traditions Because of that they’ve been bombing them since 2014 and have killed over 14,000.

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    • This makes my blood boil.
      The Dive with Jackson Hinkle
      10K views 3 hours ago

      ”An evil man will burn down his own nation to the ground to rule over the ashes.” – Sun Tsu

      Eusi Rogers
      Not only your heart boils, I as an African felt deeply troubled by this…… Western leaders voices are on crickets.😮

      Chairman Meow
      Theyre thinking of ways to „debunk” it.

      lila jason

      Peter Claine
      Russia, period

      Tuyana onnet
      There going to be aka Nuremberg trial

      Not Western Nazis, that’s for sure.

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  4. https://wpolityce.pl/polityka/640788-prezydent-duda-ruski-mir-to-emanacja-cywilizacji-smierci

    Prezydent Duda: Po dramatycznych wydarzeniach w Buczy nie ma już wątpliwości – „ruski mir” to kolejna emanacja cywilizacji śmierci

    opublikowano: za 14 minut

    Prezydent Andrzej Duda podczas wystąpienia w rocznicę wyzwolenia ukraińskiej Buczy spod rosyjskiej okupacji / autor: Jakub Szymczuk/KPRP
    Prezydent Andrzej Duda podczas wystąpienia w rocznicę wyzwolenia ukraińskiej Buczy spod rosyjskiej okupacji / autor: Jakub Szymczuk/KPRP

    Świadomie popełnione zbrodnie muszą podlegać karze. I nikt, nieistotne czy to prezydent, generał, czy którykolwiek z ministrów, nie może pozostać bezkarny – powiedział w piątek prezydent Andrzej Duda w wystąpieniu w rocznicę wyzwolenia ukraińskiej Buczy spod rosyjskiej okupacji. (…)

    Rosja wnioskowała o powołanie niezależnej międzynarodowej komisji do zbadania zbrodni w Buczy. Ukraina nie wyraziła zgody, ani nie zaproponowała alternatywnego rozwiązania. Wynik prac takiej komisji nie zostawiłby pola na spekulacje. Przykład z historii : Międzynarodowa Komisja Lekarska w Katyniu w 1943 roku powołana przez III Rzeszę.

    Jedno mnie ciekawi dlaczego do Buczy nie wpuszczono śledczych neutralnych, dlaczego burmistrz zmienił początkowe swe wypowiedzi , dlaczego zabici niby ukraińcy mieli białe opaski na rękach , które podobno nakazali im wkładać rosjanie znaczące dla żołnierzy rosyjskich neutralność takiego osobnika, szybkie zjawienie się licznej ekipy filmowej jakby na zamówienie a było to zaraz po filmach bezmyślnych ukraińców na których jeńcom strzelano po nogach – jest to temat do dogłębnego rozpatrzenia

    Ukraiński Żyd wie najlepiej , że to nie była inscenizacja

    dlatego banderowcy nie zgodzili sie na miedzynarodowa komisje w buczy bo by wyszło ze to kant. jak z „ruską rakieta ” co zabila dwoch Polaków .gdyby nie jankesy to zapewne juda by przyklepal.. jedyna prawde banderoska. Ten baneroski komediant nawet nie przeprosil za zabicie POLAKÓW z Przewozowa.

    szkoda ze ten zydoski blazen i ukrofil nie zrobil jak nowak i zatrudnil sie u banderoskiego komika . mialby moze wieksze zadecie a moze …i stolek w NATO , jak goleń -:). Dla mnie pysk tego ZDRAJCY POLAKÓW do podarcia. Niedługo wszystko sie zmieni a pisowce „na jesień” pójda do boju …za upadlinu…albo platwus ich wysle za kraty. Do imbecyli w stylu piedonietygonzales piszący o pokonaniu kacapa. pokonac to mozesz co najwyżej „wlasnego wałka w wc ” strategu od gier komputerowcyh . Zamiast grzac klawiature piła w łape ,tryzub na klatę i walcz z twoimi chachłami z upadliny.

    Vetos, a kiedy my wymierzyły sprawiedliwość za zbrodnie ludobójstwa ukraincow na Polakach? Chyba największy już czas tą sprawę załatwić! Poza tym to zajmij się sprawami Polski bo do tego zostałeś zatrudniony!


  5. Ukraine War Is A Scam Admits Ex-French President
    The Jimmy Dore Show
    61,616 views Apr 9, 2023 #TheJimmyDoreShow

    A couple of expert pranksters from Russia tricked former French President Francois Hollande into thinking one of them was former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, and some decidedly interesting revelations came out of the conversation. Most notably, Hollande admitted that the 2014 Minsk Accords, which were supposed to end fighting in the Donbass region of Ukraine were all a sham, intended to hoodwink Russia and allow the Ukrainians to build up their military capabilities to ramp up the war later.

    Jimmy and Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger talk with CODEPINK’s Medea Benjamin about these revelations, which come as no surprise to anyone who knows the recent history of Ukraine, but unfortunately that’s not most Americans.

    castiel vargasTV
    Russia was betrayed for its goodwill and now they have no other Option, they have to do what they do. Its sad.

    Medea Benjamin is great! Very well-informed. She literally wrote the book on this subject, „War in Ukraine: Making Sense of a Senseless Conflict”.

    The reason they admit it is because they know there will be no pushback. People need to take action against incompetence and corruption because until these politicians and bureaucrats know they will be held accountable for their crimes, nothing will change.

    Carmine Campfires
    „We are the most propagandised people in the world we just don’t know it” well said and so true 👏

    Stephen Calcutt
    Turns your stomach when you think how many lives have been needlessly lost!

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  6. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtMGV3SHfVfiAt_w8lnmI8g/community?lb=UgkxSWhs-KfXyehNXHrXzVqrIaO2L_3WuaAj

    1 day ago
    Marked for death. Not sure what I did to be branded American though. https://myrotvorets.center/criminal/dzhons-majk/


    Eduardo Villegas
    Stay safe Mike. Russia will prevail over these Nazi monsters.

    Great, let the world see who are the fascists. I think Elon Musk was there for a while and it didn’t end up well for Ukrainistan. Glory to the people with balls and principles.

    I don’t think Elon was ever in that list, wouldn’t dare to put Elon on that list, he will close the starlink of his and one word from Elon on Twitter, U.S government will have problems protecting that site.

    Regis-Michel Leclerc
    @jaja He was for a few hours, and the screenshot was forwarded to him. He didn’t like it too much…

    @jaja it happened on 16th October 2022, look it up. Since then Starlink coverage has been restricted and now it’s not free for Ukraine

    @jaja He was on the list because he said Starlink was no longer free and will start charging for it. That was hit list talk and Zelensky put him on the list.

    dean precio
    As a fellow English man living in London, In my early 30s and with a Russian wife, I relate a lot to your content considering the blindess of society here, stay safe and keep the movement going you are doing your country proud mate 👍


    • I’M ON THE UKRAINIAN HIT LIST. „Scholz Became A Collaborator” – Hersh. Price Caps Hit The Rouble.
      5,496 views Apr 10, 2023 MOSCOW

      My Myrotvorets profile: https://myrotvorets.center/criminal/dzhons-majk/
      Canadian Lawyer Dimitri Lascaris Shows UN support for US is waning: https://tinyurl.com/2bk7s8hn
      US surveillance victim countries ask Washington for comment: https://tinyurl.com/2cmdztso
      Zelensky made a deal with Poland to confront Russia: https://tinyurl.com/2cnjfoj2
      US wanted to blackmail Russia says Hersh: https://tinyurl.com/28lwucbw
      Seymour Hersh: „Since my first Nord Stream story, Scholz became a collaborator”: https://tinyurl.com/2cwe8ht2
      Pushilin said that more than 75% of the territory of Artemovsk is under the control of Russian forces: https://tinyurl.com/2yaleqdt
      Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank of Russia Zabotkin: the subsidence of the ruble is associated with export earnings: https://tinyurl.com/2d4qwbn5

      Green Hummingbird
      Exactly: „the hit list tells exactly what you need to know about the sort of democracy Ukraine is”. Thank you for your very informative and interesting reporting!!

      Seriously bothers me when twitter community notes writes „its not a hitlist” whenever people talk about the newest additions to the „not a hitlist”. Disgusts me on so many levels google allows this on their search engine.

      Congrats, Mike. Making the Myrotvorets list puts you in the company of heroes.

      The more I learn the more disgusted I am with the Kiev regime and more so with our governments in the western collective for sponsoring them, it is beyond insanity ,
      Great Yank accent you have Mike 🙂 , brother keep safe and thanks for your update

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    • Ukraine wanna kill Americans – Scott Ritter
      Scott Ritter – Again
      29,968 views Premiered Apr 5, 2023
      Remember, knowledge is power. Nobody can stop us from spreading the truth. Let’s goooooo

      Aurora Dokken
      Thank you for addressing the injustice of the Julian Assange situation, Scott Ritter. How can the government of Australia and all Commonwealth governments stand idly by as the most important journalist on Earth is unjustly persecuted? Americans cannot possibly support this injustice. People, please stand up. Make your voices heard.

      Roza Ksenofontova
      Scott Bennet even was in jail for 5 years for being a patriot of his country

      Bob Mano
      Australia has not had a truly independent government since Whitlam in 75, Hawke and Keating were warned before coming into office that the same would happen to them if they went down the same road as Whitlam. Buying back Australian assets from multinationals and sidestepping the IMF/world bank and closing Pine Gap were not options anymore, and neither is contradicting US foreign policy.

      William Anderson

      William Rutter
      Excellent video, Alex Belfield former BBC journalist whistle blower, youtuber, made poor legal threats to unsavoury characters in the UK establishment, 5 1/2 years in prison.

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  7. Ukraine is Running Out of Soldiers
    19,154 views Apr 17, 2023 #historylegends #ukrainewar

    Ukraine faces shortage of manpower and has to call yet another wave of mobilization. The reason behind is battle attrition, but also the looming arrival of Russian reinforcements.

    Marie Tsuki
    I think this was very foreseeable for a while now. Just by looking at Ukraine’s troops during the beginning of the Russian 2022 invasion. 1-1.3 million, now down to 600’000, with so many waves of mobilization, along with a large amount of supplies, arms, and training from the West. The casualties have to be very high for it to be down to 600’000, especially when we factor in Ukraine has been conscripting teenage boys, women, elderly men, and even the disabled. It’s extremely tragic, and at this point I blame the West and the Kyiv regime for the carnage. I blame the West for continuing to support Ukraine despite the situation being unwinnable, all to slow down when Russia wins, not if Russia wins, even it costs hundreds to thousands or potentially millions of lives, and many more wounded, and even many more traumatized.

    Based on known info, all Russian KIA (including the Donbass militas) since 2014 is likely to be around 20K as of 31 Mar 2023. Using the understanding of superior firepower, Ukrainian KIA is likely to be 7-10x, 140K to 200K.

    Those deemed to be seriously wounded were likely to be 2x more or 400K. Therefore Ukrainian casualties are likely to be around 600K.

    The behavior of the collective West, especially Poland, almost certainly indicates things are going very badly for Ukraine.

    Reuben Mcmurray
    @badofi 🤣😂🤣 20k to 600k, your smoking crack buddy.

    We went from Russia is running out of rockets to Ukraine is running out of men. Truly the war of all time.

    Dr Beechas
    Time for equality to mean 50-50. Where’s the women and the rainbow brigade


  8. https://wpolityce.pl/swiat/643356-fidesz-odrzucil-wniosek-opozycji-ws-aresztowania-putina

    Fidesz odrzucił wniosek opozycji. Miał umożliwić aresztowanie Putina na Węgrzech. „Orbana nie obchodzi los ukraińskich dzieci”

    opublikowano: 30 minut temu

    Viktor Orban, premier Węgier i lider Fideszu / autor: Fratria

    Posłowie Fideszu głosowali w parlamentarnej komisji spraw zagranicznych przeciwko wnioskowi opozycyjnej Koalicji Demokratycznej, który miał umożliwić aresztowanie i ekstradycję do Międzynarodowego Trybunału Karnego oskarżonego o zbrodnie wojenne Władimira Putina, gdyby ten odwiedził Węgry.

    Poinformowała o tym w środę posłanka Koalicji Demokratycznej Agnes Vadai w przesłanym do dziennika „Nepszava” oświadczeniu.

    Viktora Orbana nie obchodzi los ukraińskich dzieci

    — napisała Vadai.

    To dlatego Orban chroni rosyjskiego dyktatora przed aresztowaniem i dlatego posłowie Fideszu odrzucili nasz wniosek

    — dodała.

    Rząd: Statut MTK nie został na Węgrzech ogłoszony
    W marcu szef kancelarii premiera Węgier Gergely Gulyas stwierdził, że Putin nie zostałby aresztowany po przybyciu na Węgry w związku z wydaniem przez Międzynarodowy Trybunał Karny w Hadze nakazu aresztowania prezydenta Rosji w związku z podejrzeniami o zbrodnie wojenne.

    Powodem ewentualnego braku aresztowania Putina ma być to, że statut MTK nie został na Węgrzech ogłoszony, bo uznano go za niekonstytucyjny.

    Międzynarodowy Trybunał Karny w Hadze wydał nakaz aresztowania Putina, który jest podejrzany o zbrodnie wojenne polegające na bezprawnych deportacjach dzieci z okupowanych terenów Ukrainy do Rosji.

    CZYTAJ RÓWNIEŻ: Putin nie zostałby aresztowany na Węgrzech! Powód? Szef kancelarii Orbana: Biorąc pod uwagę węgierskie prawo…

    CZYTAJ TAKŻE: Węgry dementują: Nie zablokowaliśmy oświadczenia UE ws. nakazu aresztowania Putina. Przyjmujemy decyzję MTK do wiadomości


    MTK nie ratyfikowały też USA z obawy by musieli wydać tysiące swoich soldatów i polityków winnych smierci cywilow -vide szpital połozniczy w belgradzie. takze odp … od pana Orbana -wielkiego wegerskiego i europejskiego potrioty


  9. It’s over and NATO is finished | Redacted with Clayton Morris
    477,295 views Apr 22, 2023 #redacted #claytonmorris #news

    NATO is looking for a way out of Ukraine according to recent reports. These claims come on the heals of mysteriously time document leaks showing the war in Ukraine is unwinnable for NATO unless it wants to launch WW3. The news also follows recent independent reports showing that Russia just destroyed a heavily fortified underground bunker that housed over 300 top NATO and Ukrainian leaders. Why is the media silent on this story?

    Even if the people found this out, you might be surprised on the reactions. If the people knew this was in response to civilians being attacked, in most people’s minds, it would be justified. There are many people around the world that know Russia didn’t just wake one day and decided to attack Ukraine. More of the truth has been coming out.

    Chris Wong
    Failure of the Minsk Agreement USA sign with Russia.

    But how many Americans, British and Canadians know 🤔

    100% correct but how many follow the lies ?

    Marc Deckard
    To acknowledge the bunker strike is to confirm that NATO has boots in the ground.

    The Russians know there are NATO top officers in Ukraine. They allowed the NATO officers to escape from Mariupol. But the not so smart Europeans just went too far.
    With tanks, hi tech missiles, and declaring Ukraine will definite join NATO. That’s why they busted the bunker full of them.

    It wasn’t only Zelensky who was devastated about the kinzhal bomb, but also Stoltenberg was shocked. Check his speech after the incident

    What did stolten and zelensky say?

    Irene Lizbeth
    Stoltenberg looked like death warmed up. Devastated. Now we know why.

    He was saying um um um um um um! He’s a warmonger what else did he expect!


  10. The Origins of Ukraine’s Fascists & Why It Matters, w/ Historian Tarik Cyril Amar
    BreakThrough News
    132,464 views Apr 5, 2022 Rania Khalek Dispatches

    For those who just discovered Ukraine two months ago, the fact that Ukrainian nationalism has been dangerously intertwined with fascism might sound like Russian propaganda. But is it?

    How powerful is the Ukrainian far right? Are they really linked to Nazis? Why is the corporate-owned media denying this?

    To place this war and the Ukrainian far right in its historical context, Rania Khalek was joined by Tarik Cyril Amar, a historian from Germany, who is currently associate professor of history at Koc University in Istanbul, working on Russian, Ukrainian, and generally East European history.

    Listen to every episode of Rania Khalek Dispatches anywhere you get podcasts.
    Apple: https://apple.co/3zeYpeW
    Spotify: https://spoti.fi/3za9DRK

    0:00 Intro
    2:48 Origins of right-wing Ukrainian nationalism
    5:03 Ukraine during Soviet times
    8:32 Ukrainian collaboration with Nazis in WW2
    14:27 Ukraine after the Soviet collapse
    16:43 Post-Soviet right-wing nationalisms & historical revisionism
    21:23 Understanding Ukraine’s far right factions
    27:50 Is the US arming neo-Nazis in Ukraine?
    33:44 Azov Battalion infiltration of military
    38:21 Media whitewashing Nazis
    49:48 2014’s contribution to rising far right
    58:30 Far right threats against Zelensky
    1:06:26 Boon to the global far right
    1:11:07 Broken NATO promises to Russia
    1:19:55 What alternatives did Putin have?
    1:25:46 Threat of a more militarized Germany & Europe
    1:39:51 Where to follow Tarik

    Wenke Adam
    Thank you both so much for sharing! This chapter should be called „everything I wasn’t sure of about Ucraine but was afraid to ask”!

    S Ahn
    I didn’t know the situation was so horrible in Eastern Ukraine long before the war began in February. The MSM are unanimous in not talking about it. Amazing!

    Nox Mage
    just look for donbass 8 years of war documentary

    Ashraf Ali
    You have to listen to channels like this to understand the truth and get some depth to complex problems

    The irony is they all reported on it a few years ago and now pretend like their reports and documentaries don’t exist!

    It has been like this forever. It is just that YT America is massively ignorant of history, geography, etc. When told of certain events they Naturally block it out (only a handful will assimilate the new data).

    The indoctrination that is formally and informally presented as „teaching” has rotted their abilities to think, reason, analyise and seek out new information fearlessly. People ONLY want to hear how beautiful they are. How pure and angelic they are. How they are placed on Earth to guide everyone else. How their killing of at least 50 million Indegious and 100s of millions all across the planet is doing God’s work.

    Tyranny unmasked has a great documentary. If i have enough time I’ll send it

    Maria Damen
    Watch: Revealing Ukraine

    Andreas Fris
    Oliver Stones production „Ukraine on Fire” is a good place to learn more. Aaron Maté has critized it for understating Yanukovychs corruption which I don’t necessarily agree with and it glazes over Ukraines history from1992-2004, but that is forgivable for a one hour long documentary. It was filmed while events were unfolding which makes it valuable.

    Patrick Lancaster is an American journalist in eastern Ukraine who has been offering very useful information for understanding and discovering that for many people the bombs and terror of war has been happening for 8 years.

    Rrobert Garnett
    Eva Barnett is also very good

    Simon Wood
    @Rrobert Garnett Her name is Eva K Bartlett:


    Nadja Kuptsova
    You can also check The Duran channel. They do great analytics on current Ukrainian situation as wel as implications on geopolitical level.

    Claudia Jones-Talbot
    This is the first video I have watched at this channel. I enjoyed this thoughtful analysis of the war in Ukraine! I looked up Michael Colborne’s From the Fires of War: Ukraine’s Azov Movement and the Global Far Right mentioned by Tarik Amar. I recommended it for acquisition to my local library. Much appreciated!! This YouTube Channel I can see is going to be one of my new regular go-to places for solid leftist analysis. 🙂

    Azov is military division now, they used to be just a battalion before summer 2014 when their numbers increased by thousands, and they aren’t the only one nazee group there, Aidar, Trident, Right-Sector, C=14, Don and many others increased in numbers since 2014.

    To say that Russia should have just waited ignores the fact that this would have given the Ukrainians and NATO time to develop bioweapons, nuclear weapons, to further militarize, to further develop and spread Nazi ideology and Russophobia, and to further terrorize and kill ethnic Russians in East Ukraine, which they had been doing for 8 years. In this context, to say that Russia’s actions are comparable to the U.S. invasion of Iraq, for which there was NO evidence of an imminent threat, is ridiculous.

    Not to mention that Ukraine is Russia’s neighbor and their militarization poses an immediate threat to their defense whereas Iraq is on the opposite side of the planet from the USA.


    • Give War a Chance: NATO and Neo-Nazis Want Ukraine Conflict to Go on Forever
      BreakThrough News
      173,258 views Premiered Apr 7, 2022 #TheSocialistProgram #BrianBecker

      The war in Ukraine is entering a new phase. NATO leaders are meeting and are clearly worried that the Zelenskyy government might agree to a negotiated end to the war. Brian Becker and Dr. Gabriel Rockhill discuss the internal politics in Ukraine with a focus on the role of the far right, fascists and neo-Nazis.

      Brian is joined by Dr. Gabriel Rockhill, Founding Director of the Critical Theory Workshop and Professor of Philosophy at Villanova University. You can check out his latest article on today’s subject at LiberationNews.org, titled, “Nazis in Ukraine: Seeing through the fog of the information war”

      CORRECTION: The far-right Ukrainian militant shown at 17:15 in this episode is actually Evgeney Karas, not Andriy Biletsky.

      Julia Varchuk
      I’m Russian/Ukrainian and can’t thank you enough for your effort in learning our history and telling the truth to English speaking people. Thank you for bringing honest outlook on the events, thank you for your effort in unleashing the facts suppressed by western media. Please do much more of these analyses to inspire critical thinking across the western countries 👏🏻🙏 Will share this link with my friends and colleagues. Thank you one more time

      Julia Varchuk
      @Jerry Jonas same did Zelensky shutting down 11 channels, same is happening in the USA News with uncomfortable messages (not only about war, but in general to uncomfortable messages for the governing party), so the only way to collect more or less multipolar view is to analyze diverse data.

      Rabi Barak
      Not only we handed weapons to neo-nazis in Ukraine in this modern day , but we even welcomed high-ranking nazi officials after WW2 via Operation Paperclip and changed all of their identities and covered-up their pasts.

      Carolina Guasch
      Not neo just Nazis

      Aleksiej Rostov
      Sad but true…people do not know or do not want to be aware of…

      Rabi Barak
      @Suliman Masoud That’s why it’s called the „Thousand-Year Reich”, even if the Nazis lost the war, they want their policies to thrive for a thousand years. It just shifted from Germany to USA

      Larissa Chase
      I am amazed by how well you know what exactly and why happened! THANK YOU 🙏 for spreading the TRUTH! The more people know, the more chances this destroying of our livelihood is going to advance. Though so little is in our, common people, power.

      R Y
      The truth is too scary for Americans to learn.

      Heidi Benner
      @qjtvaddict exactly, which is why more need to know the truth


    • The Neo-Nazi Past of Arrested Belarus Activist Protasevich
      BreakThrough News
      4,028 views May 28, 2021 #palestinewillbefree #ukraine #BreakThroughNews

      Why is no one talking about the fact that recently arrested Belarusian activist Roman Protasevich is literally a battle-hardened neo-nazi? Journalist Mark Ames explains the real story of Belarus activist Roman Protasevich’s plane being forced down. The president of Belarus has gone after many activists and journalists before, and the planes of far more prominent figures have been grounded with far less coverage. Who is Protasevich and why is this getting so much coverage?

      j w
      Roman Protasevich is a nationalist fighting in a war for Ukraine’s sovereignty. He never had any affiliations with the german nazi party. If your fighting for a country’s integrity of course you’re going to be a nationalist…what else could he be? The Azov Batallion is a special force division….and yes they might have committed atrocities, but so have the Russian-backed militias.

      Nice try. But even a spokesman for the unit has said 10–20% of its recruits are neo-Nazis. Explain the SS logo on helmets, swastika tattoos, nazi flag hanging in barracks, the swedish and serbian people who were known in their own countries to have been members of neo nazi and white supremacist groups becoming members of the batallion? Did they magically stop being neo nazis when they travelled abroad?

      We should send all our militant neo nazis there then. They transform into ‚freedom fighters’

      Justinas Kundrotas
      😀 these hosts are out of reality, but it’s understandable, they watch just too much Putin’s TV, like RT. Protasevich never fought for AZOV, he was a war journalist.

      Understandable that a manager at a lithuanian company specializing in manipulating internet narratives and PR would say that. You’ve personally have had it out for Putin for years so you’re obviously biased.

      You have your pre-conceived understanding and you try to fit everything that happens into it. Even when a unit itself says it has recruited neo nazis abroad you would call it fake news. Well, with your job in mind you would know all about that wouldn’t you. Go away spook.


    • Why the Allies Didn’t De-Nazify Post-War Germany
      Zakazane historie
      47,861 views Premiered Apr 28, 2023 #zakazanehistorie

      In my video today, I will tell you about the process of denazification in post-war Germany. You will find out why both the Western Allies and the Soviets withdrew from the implementation of denazification and what was the reason for this. I titled this video „Why the Allies Didn’t De-Nazify Post-War Germany.” I warmly invite you to watch it.

      Powinni tego uczyc na lekcjach historii

      Zakazane historie
      W podręcznikach szkolnych jest zazwyczaj jedno dwa zdania na ten temat, które nic nie mówią!

      Przede wszystkim powinno się uczyć tego, dlaczego w Polsce nie było dekomunizacji, tylko „grube kreski” i tym podobne głupoty.

      Tomsza7 7azsmoT
      Gdyby uczyli tego w szkole taki odcinek i kanał nie miał by sensu… Pozdrawiam 😉😎

      robert kasprzyk
      Kolejny raz pokazuje Pan jak słaby jest program nauczania lekcji historii i naszym systemie edukacyjnym, oraz w jaki sposób można go przekazać młodym ludziom aby się nie nudzili. Dla nauczycieli , a wszczegulności dla mnistra i ludzi w ministerstwie oświaty Pan kanł powinien być wzorem jak powinna wyglądać nowoczesns larkcja historii . Pozdrawiam.

      Krzysztof Izdebski
      Nie tylko prof. Sutton opisał hodowlę nacyzmu i komunizmu za pomocą pieniędzy z Wall Street. Również popularny program „Fabryki wojenne” pokazuje ścisły sojusz Hitlera i Stalina z Wall Street i amerykańskim przemysłem. Ostatnia akcja segregacyjna (jak za czasów Himmlera) z lat 2020-2022 była również kontrolowana przez Waszyngton i Berlin.

      Dlaczego alianci ułatwiali przedsiębiorcom niemieckim wprowadzenie zdeponowanych w bankach środków?

      Paul Kellerman
      Bo mieli z tego spory procent zysków. Nawet szef CIA Allen Dulles utrzymywał bliskie kontakty z Valerianem Mocarskim (jeden z najważniejszych finansistów III Rzeszy) i pomagał mu w przerzucaniu krwawych pieniędzy na zagraniczne konta. Pieniądze nie śmierdzą.

      Gregor Grzegorz Pychowski
      Wredna polityka ma niewiele wspólnego ze sprawiedliwością, denazyfikacją, czy inną terminologią. USA, czy W.Brytania były okupowanie setki /USA/, czy tysiące lat wcześniej /UK/, czyli nie znają tego pojęcia. A kuriozum jest, żeby to czynili kolaboranci! Te kwestie powinny być przekazane tym, którzy BYLI okupowani. Odnośnie wykorzystania naukowców, to Jankesi byli lepsi od Sowietów – przejęli wysokiego funkcjonariusza SS, niejakiego Wernera Brauna i inne znakomitości. Moskalom został pośledni sort. Pan Doktor o tym zapomniał? Dziękuję za wykład i pozdrawiam!


    • NATO’s Fascist Inheritance & the Long War On the Third World, w/ Pawel Wargan
      BreakThrough News
      24,600 views Feb 8, 2023 Rania Khalek Dispatches

      To understand how this new Cold War might play out, we have to understand the foundations of the original Cold War of the 20th century. What was NATO’s role? What did it mean for the Third World back then? What does it mean for the Third World today, particularly those countries that seek an independent, sovereign path? What is the danger of rising fascist movements? And what are the lessons for anti-imperialists who live and organize in the imperial core?

      To discuss this and more, Rania Khalek was joined by Paweł Wargan, an organizer and researcher based in Berlin, the coordinator of the secretariat of the Progressive International and author of the recent Monthly Review article “NATO and the Long War on the Third World,” in which he looks to the past for lessons about the future, concluding that capitalism cannot be overcome until the arteries of imperial plunder are severed.

      Article discussed in this episode:

      Woody Tobias jr
      Rania nailed it when she said fascism goes hand in hand with capitalism.

      ☭Comrade Natalie☭
      „Fascism is capitalism in decay.” – Lenin

      Alexander Abdulov
      Yep. Capitalism is an economic basis. Political structure can be liberal or fascist, and ideology of society can be liberal or fascist.

      Thorbjørn Fritzbøger
      If some people weren’t greedy capitalism would probably work fine….

      Alexander Abdulov
      @Thorbjørn Fritzbøger Capitalism is not aboud greed – it is about monopolization of financial capital and centralization of production. And Communism is not about charity – it is only about eliminating private ownership on monopolies and on the means of production.

      Alexander Abdulov
      ​ @Thorbjørn Fritzbøger Capitalism is not slavery. Capitalism is when people get paid for their socialized labor – capitalist society does not consist of small individual craftsmen, it consists of mass production and mass wage labor. Capitalist society can use slave labor like in 18th-19th century, but still capitalism is based on centralziation of private industry and centralization of wage labor. And liberalism is truly appeared centuries ago as political ideology of freedom for rich individuals who voted in the rich men’s club called „parliament”. Nowadays liberalism has adopted some social-democratic values of Communism to compete with Communists in 20th century. Classic liberalism of Thomas Jefferson who owned 1500 slaves does not exist anymore.

      Woody Tobias jr
      @Thorbjørn Fritzbøger capitalism is the control of the means of production for profit. That’s the simplest definition.


    • Springtime for Fascists In Israel: Far Right & Theocrats Take Power, w/ Ali Abunimah
      BreakThrough News
      8,256 views Dec 20, 2022 Rania Khalek Dispatches

      It’s springtime for fascists in Israel as the secular war criminals are being replaced by an alliance of the far-right, with religious extremists and organizers of racist mob violence. The head of America’s Union for Reform Judaism called the appointment of Itamar Ben Gvir as public security minister akin to “appointing David Duke, one of the heads of the KKK, as attorney general.” To discuss this and more, Rania Khalek was joined by Ali Abunimah, director of The Electronic Intifada and author of “The Battle for Justice In Palestine.”

      Great show again Rania. Always good to hear Ali Abunimah. Can you get Asad abu Khalil on again? Here in Australia Israel is portrayed in the media as a wonderful democracy surrounded by terrorists. The ruling Party in Australia, the ALP is pro-Israel, pro-war and has refused to allow any debate or discussion about Palestine within the Party. The ALP here is the Australian version of the US Democrats. Keep up the great work Rania.

      Ungrateful Ninja
      In the1960s Israeli professor & polymath, Yeshayhu Leibowitz cautioned that the state of Israel & Zionism had become more sacred than Jewish humanist values & controversially went on to describe Israeli conduct in the Occupied Palestinian Territories as „Judeo-Nazi” in nature, while warning of the dehumanizing effect of the occupation on the victims & the oppressors.

      Guido Bächi
      Calling a person an anti-semite because he cheers for „free Palestine”, is a joke, a bad one. As far as I know, the majority of the Palestinians are semites. Correct me if I’m wrong. What about Israelis? No, I’m not allowed to go any further. Happy New Year to all of you. Stay healthy.


    • What The Media Isn’t Telling You About Ukraine
      BreakThrough News
      49,063 views Feb 23, 2022 #Ukraine #Russia

      The media wants us to believe that Putin is solely responsible for tensions in Ukraine. But this narrative conveniently leaves out the decades of Western aggression towards Russia that got us here. BT’s Kei Pritsker explains why the only path to peace is ending NATO’s expansion along Russia’s border.

      Anthony E
      Sad fact is that NATO expansion is good for the military industry complex. US is stumped at the moment and the EU can’t stop buying oil and gas from Russia. So it is a stalemate at the moment.

      Abigail Hong
      I agree that NATO has gone too far, yet even with fear of being attacked next, killing and firing missiles at a country is no way to resolve it. I will research this more before continuing, but honestly both sides are at cause, of this chaos imo.


    • Foreign Fighters and the Ukraine Blowback — Lessons from Syria and Iraq
      BreakThrough News
      32,472 views Mar 17, 2023 Rania Khalek Dispatches

      Whatever happened to Ukraine’s foreign fighters? What are the parallels between Syria and Ukraine? And where does the Cold War against China fit into it? To discuss this and more, Rania Khalek was joined by investigative journalist Seth Harp, a contributing editor for Rolling Stone and author of the forthcoming book The Delta Force Murders, which will be published by Viking Press.

      Seth’s articles discussed in the episode:



      You can listen to all episodes of Rania Khalek Dispatches anywhere you get podcasts.
      Spotify: https://spoti.fi/3za9DRK
      Apple: https://apple.co/3zeYpeW

      JetTrd_utility chnl
      They are not nazis. They are electricians that throw hands to catch their taxi. And they like Bandera because he was very efficient manager in Abwehr’s Slavic Nations Final Resolution team, like best employee of the year.

      Joey Steel
      13:00 They literally wear a WW2 Na zi symbol. Pictures with them in 2015 holding the ww2 Na zi flag. Its okay to call the duck a duck.

      13:00 I’m trying to listen with an open mind because he obviously knows a lot of valuable information, but this is such a bad take that he finds the terms „Nazi” and „neo-Nazi” unhelpful because World War 2 was so long ago.

      See The Nation article „Neo-Nazis and the Far Right Are On the March in Ukraine” By Lev Golinkin. Also:

      „One of Poland’s most prominent journalists, Konstanty Gebert, said he is quitting what many regard as the country’s newspaper of record after it demanded that he describe Ukraine’s controversial Azov Battalion as “far-right” instead of “neo Nazi.”

      The Azov militia, a small subset of a few thousand soldiers within Ukraine’s military, often sport Nazi imagery on their clothing and flags.

      Gebert, who is Jewish, announced his resignation Thursday in his weekly column, “The Weather Forecast,” which he has penned for many years and published in Gazeta Wyborca, a left-leaning publication.

      “If we cannot come to an agreement on the essentials, we will have to part ways,” wrote Gebert.”

      – Polish journalist quits after paper rejects ‘neo-Nazi’ term for Ukrainian militia, Times of Israel

      People who are the victims and targets of Nazis and neo-Nazis feel very strongly that it is important not to minimise what is nothing less than Nazism or use any other term but that. They literally have a Black Sun and a Wolfsangel as their logo, it’s crazy to make this argument that „neo-Nazi” is unhelpful. These are the kinds of arguments which open my eyes to how important Russia’s denazification objective is, and how anti-fascists need to support it more strongly.

      Wow, Rania, I can’t believe you agreed with him that Ukraine is an extremely homogeneous society. What about the Jewish Ukrainians, the Romani Ukrainians who have been at the receiving end of pogroms, the ethnic Russians they targeted for genocide that made up 8 million of the population??! Ukraine is so diverse. Where are these arguments coming from? Just what Biletsky told him with his disginenuous claim to have bene de-radicalised?

      ellie kwong
      The sad part is that USA recruited, expanded and funded the neo-Nazi groups in Ukraine. It was USA’s handy work to incorporate neo- groups into Ukrainian armed forces called national guard, like Gestapo. A former French soldier was there on a „humanitarian mission” said in an interview, he saw azov battalions everywhere in Ukraine. They were not hiding it He also saw crimes against minority groups.

      Hadi El Ali
      Initially he was talking sense until he started calling other countries „regimes” but keeps the word government when talking about the US, and he says, „oh well, I wouldn’t call those elements in Ukrain Nazies, but they’re just probably ultra-nationalists” I’d like him to explain the ink they injected into their skin forming all sorts of Nazie symbols, does he think that’s a fashion statement?

      Akira Kurusu
      Was going to comment on the exact thing about regimes vs governments. I’d probably give him the benefit of doubt; he seems to be anti-US intervention, but hasn’t seen through all the imperialist talking points.

      ​ @Akira Kurusu To me, he is trying to be „neutral” or none bias on the issue of the nazis

      Крис Досс
      Technically, they are not Nazis. Nazism holds Ukrainians to be subhuman, and they think that Ukrainians are superbeings. But that is technical. They have massive overlap with Nazis and are close enough that the difference is academic.

      Ranya, I Iived in Moscow and Baltics almost ten years, worked in Ukraine and often traveled to more of the region. So, Im not a full outsider. The huge thing missed here in the interview is the re_education of UA and the deep hate theyre indoctrinated into. The children’s books are horrible, pastries of russian babies to tear apart, russians as mixed race subhumans is common. Post soviet RU hate is real, maybe it takes more that just a journalist’s experience to understand/see it?

      bhaasha tepe
      I watched a BBC documentary on Ukraine, an ethnic Russian who lived in Donbass showed a footage of what happened in Kyiv in 2014, when the school – age protesters chanting ‚hang the Russians .. hang the Russians’.

      Let me recommend to examine WL about that. Preparation goes back a long way. They explained in the cables what was done with Victoria’s budget through years. New radios, cable and internet channels, newspapers, incubator academies for young journalists with awards for skillful „westernization”, afterschool clubs, sports clubs, book clubs. What have you. And this ignited a chain reaction. Simply because Svoboda, Pravy Sektor, Lyashko, Biletsky and many others enjoyed a free ride with this.

      Robert M
      This guy massively underestimates how important the Nazism is to Ukraine’s transformation into a battering ram against Russia, this proxy war never would have been possible without the Nazification of Ukrainian culture, both the more subtle kind like the rehabilitation of the Nazi collaborators OUN and Bandera as national heroes and the aggressive kind of literal Nazi armies

      Too Odd
      Don’t forget the Bandera Youth camps.

      W F
      Unfortunately, this will mean the decimation of the male population of Ukriane …

      Buriram Bob
      Robert M agreed. Many years ago, when I was a kid growing up in southern Ireland, a ‚mixed marriage’ was one between a protestant and a catholic, A coloured marriage was less of an issue., but a visor would not understand this until he got very into the culture. Ukraine strikes me to be similar. Bandarist or Ukrainian racism is directed at people with different racial origins, traditions and religion rather than simply colour. I think it is very deep rooted and not common elsewhere.

      Michael M
      ​ @Too Odd and singin bandera songs in schools its how japan and germany conditioned a whole generation to become fanatics

      alexander leuchte
      In 2021 Ukrainians held a march in honor of the „14. Waffen Grenadier Division” („Galizische 1.”) the Ukrainian $$ volunteers in WW2. Just like Latvia did two days ago… We must not forget that N@zism in Westukraine isnt „neo” at all it stands in this tradition that was kept alive during the soviet era not at last with support by the CIA who nurished Banderism as a destabilizing factor in the cold war against the USSR

      Joker Wick
      Latvia loves their SSVeterans day parade

      I’m disagree with Seth’s view on Nazi, if KKK is allowed to integrate into US force as a unit and allowed to practice what they want to practice, it will be a small portion for sure, but will you be ok though. Just because you don’t like Russia doesn’t mean that you have to be aligned with their counterpart

      Pat M
      Media headlines before 24th Feb 2022: Hundreds march In Ukraine In annual tribute to nazi collaborator; Nazi symbols, salutes on display at Ukrainian nationalist march; German tv shows nazi symbols on helmets of Ukrainian soldiers; Neo-nazis and the far right on the march in Ukraine; „Defend the white race” American extremists being co-opted by Ukraine’s far right. UK media headlines after 24th Feb 2022, : Slava Ukraine!

      @Pat M This has a lot to do with American oligarchies buying anything Ukraine, means mines and minerals, hydrocarbon regions (Al Jazeera said that Burisma held fracking licenses in Eastern Ukraine – go figure), they have projects for the fruitful soil, they want real estate, they want control over the very vital and talented population. After the colonial undertaking had failed in Russia (recall Yukos, Khodorkovski, Abramov, Browder etc.) some heads exploded, and they try it again in the smaller Ukraine, which is more chaotic and easier to tempt and undermine. But again, Putin stopped that. And he had warned them, and Kissinger, Mearsheime and a hundred more scholars had warned them.

      Serge Vtorushin
      Great discussion, thank you both. I believe Seth greatly underestimates the influence of ultranationalists in Ukraine. They not suppose to be the majority either in the government or in the military in order to dominate the politics and the narrative.

      Joker Wick
      I somewhat agree. For example, the Black Shirts were not supported by the majority of Italians when they took power. They had a paramilitary force that the capitalist class needed to break strikes and leftist resistance, so they keys to power were practically handed over to them when the Italian state was in crisis.

      There is just one remark to understand. I think Biletsky said that, or was it Parubiy. „Without our guns, the whole Maidan would have been barely more than a pride parade.” Now one can condemn such a statement, but the thing is – it is relevant. It is what happened, and it has defining force for all Ukrainian sentiment and politics after the Maidan and for all new governments.

      Barquero Juan Carlos
      No, it’s worse. Immediately after 9-11, the Taliban, the then gov’t of Afghanistan, sent the US condolences, like did most countries around the world. Then, the Taliban offered to extradite Osama bin Laden, if only the US promised a fair trial. Al Qaeda consisted only of a few thousand members; they were not headquartered in Kabul but in a specific region in countryside of Afghanistan. The Taliban’s offer to extradite Osama was reported in the media throughout the world, except in the US where it was hardly noted. Then, when the Afghanistan surrendered in December 2001, the Bush admin said, it doesn’t negotiate with terrorists. So, it’s quite understandable years later the Afghanistan Papers reported the situation in Afghanistan was so bad that at times the US military didn’t know who they were fighting in the country.

      Seth Harp is very naive. „Neo-Nazi” is a new („neo”) version of Nazism, but „Nazism” it is. Azov Movement, the Battalion’s international PR group, has made contact with like-minded neo-Nazis groups throughout Europe and the US. If a group calls itself „neo-Nazis”, we ought to pay attention, instead of dismissing them.

      Harp is ignorant even about „racism”. Skin color prejudice or bigotry does not define „racism”. It could be directed at any racial or ethnic group.

      He has fallen into the same trap as many American foreigner visiting Ukraine. Seeing all „white people” they claim Ukraine is very „homogeneous”. Quite the contrary, within Ukraine there are not only Russian-Ukrainians, but also Greek-Ukrainians, Romanian-Ukrainians, Hungarians-Ukrainians. There’s so many of the latter that the Hungarian government specifically recognized their mistreatment by Kiev

      Per T pesc
      Founder of Azov is Kolomoiski. The oligark that also is behind Zelensky and he’s political party ” Servent of the people”. Promissing to get an end to the 8 year long sivil war in Ukraina. Many many Azov soldiers have tatos of Hitler ,Swastikas, SS , totenkopf, the dark sun , Stephan Bandera . They call them self Banderaits after the nazis who fhought together whit nazi germany in ww2. . Who was behind the killing of tens of thousands of jews and responsible for the genocide against 100.000 + polish farmers in todays Lviv region. Singing Slava Ukraina . Stephan Bandera are a national hero of Ukraina together whit Roman Shukhevych a former Ukrainien SS offiser under Hitler. Statues of this two are to find in New York and Toronto ( Edmonton) .Only legal political party in Ukraina to day is Svoboda. The nazi party. All other opposition partys are forbidden. Also only state sponsored media are allowd.

      You Row, Joe!
      There’s also a statue of Shukhevych in Edmonton.

      egon gefferie
      snt it ironic that Kolomoiski is Jewish so is Zelenski !

      You Row, Joe!
      @Per T pesc Not wrong, exactly. The Toronto suburb of Oakville has the monument to the 14th Waffen-SS „Galizien”.

      Kevin Wayne
      Please have Patrick Lancaster on as s guest. He’s an indie journalist who reports regularly from the Donbas region in Ukraine. Let him relate the atrocities of the Azov battalion as the locals have related to him. Then have Scott Ritter and/or Douglas MacGregor on to talk about the war is general. This guy you have on now is way too much like an embedded reporter for my tastes.


    • On the Ground In Donbas: Ukraine, Russia & ‘Unworthy Victims,’ w/ Fergie Chambers
      BreakThrough News
      51,716 views Mar 28, 2023 Rania Khalek Dispatches

      When most people in the West think of the war in Ukraine, they think of February 24, 2022 when Russia bombed Kiev. But for 8 years prior, there had been a war raging in the eastern part of the country that received little attention because its reality was inconvenient for mainstream Western narratives.

      In the Donbas region, an estimated 15,000 people had died following what many there described as a US-backed coup in 2014 that gave rise to an anti-Russia government and helped empower far-right sentiments across Ukraine.

      To discuss the war in the Donbas, Rania Khalek was joined by Fergie Chambers of Berkshire Communists and a journalist who recently published a piece in Globetrotter about his time in the Donbas, titled “A Donbas Diary: Looking Back at Early Stages of Conflict in Ukraine.”

      Fergie’s article discussed in this episode: https://www.newsclick.in/donbas-diary-looking-back-early-stages-conflict-ukraine?amp

      Mini Me
      Terrific interview of a very bright young man who is a world traveler. Glad you were able to bring him on and here an unbaised truthful perspective of the truth in this region..most all of my personal friends are so stupidly brainwashed in Westen MSM and have zero clue on the truth and refuse to even listen to these interviews from actual real journalists who stay true to the core values of true journalism. My God protect you on your travels and keep you safe. God Bless you young man. Im American and my sister lived 25 yrs in Russia. She obtained her masters degree @ the University of Moscow in Languistics and became an interpreter. Traveled all over the Soviet union before it was dismantled and left in 2010 for family reasons back home. She absolutely loved the Russian people, was fine w/ their government and accepted their way of life even though sometimes harsh @ times. She is absolutely disgusted as am in what our US Government is doing.

      Red Ross
      Neo Nazi battalions in Ukraine
      1)Azov battalion
      2) Tornado battalion
      3) Trident battalion
      4)Aidar battalion
      5)Dniper battalion
      6)Donbas battalion
      7)C14 militia
      8)Kharkov Police battalion
      9)Shakhtar Police battalion
      10)Centurial battalion
      11) Kraken Unit
      Just to name a few

      Michael Harvey
      Don’t use the nickname – nazi. Use National Socialists.

      Also Misanthropic division


    • Journalist in Donestk: Ukrainian Gov’t Put Me On a Hit List Because of My Reporting
      BreakThrough News
      23,431 views Dec 9, 2022 #BreakThroughNews

      As the Ukraine-Russia conflict escalates, the Ukrainian government forces have increased their bombing of civilians in Donetsk. Fighting in the Donbas has claimed over 15,000 lives since 2014. Journalist Johnny Miller has been living in Donetsk and joins the show to provide the on-the-ground reality of the daily attacks on civilians there and what are their real attitudes towards Russia and Ukraine.

      Deschutes Maple
      Miller is mistaken: he’s not the only American journalist in Donetsk; Patrick Lancaster has been reporting from there for last 9 months and before that. Also Canadian journalist Eva Bartlett is there as well publishing numerous articles and videos, not to mention Sonja van den Enden from Netherlands.

      Thank you! I know many journalists working in Donbass but it’s the first time I’m hearing about Sonja, always delightful to learn new names!!!

      Julius Galacki
      Patrick Lancaster (American) and Eva Bartlett (Canadian) have been in the Donbass for years. However, they’re not affiliated with any western news organization which is what I think Johnny Miller means by no American or British journalist are in Donetsk.

      Too Odd
      In Mariupol, the Azov battalion shelled and sniped civilians that were trying to escape via a civilian corridor. Then they blamed Russia for civilian deaths.

      chris malcomson
      I thought the Russians turned mariiupol into a pile of rubble? I had no idea it was a false flag opperation and the Azov brigade did it themselves?

      Marine Boy
      @chris malcomson Mariupol was destroyed by Russia and Azov etc. Eye witness accounts attest to Ukrainian tanks and snipers firing at civilians and residential buildings, particularly setting fire to apartment entrances. Also Russia was fighting Azov and Aidar etc in civilian areas and were sometimes told there were no civilians in some places. As ever, civilians suffer the most in this war

      Eve Churchill
      a CIA inspired tactic.

      @Eve Churchill Everything is the CIA when you’re a nut

      @Z Patrick Lancaster has several, literally stepping over bodies killed by snipers and drones inside Ukrainian territory. People in the videos were talking about how Azov were luring them in to execute them…Check it up if you’re interested.


    • Roots of the Ukraine Crisis
      BreakThrough News
      60,468 views Jan 19, 2022

      What’s really happening in Ukraine, and why is NATO expansion a red line for Russia? Most Americans have no sense of the vital political and historical context that created this crisis. It has been completely hidden by major U.S. media.

      This is so true! Most of us in the US even all over the world do not know the whole picture to correctly understand the situation of Ukraine.

      Marxalo Show
      AMERICA: „We love Naz… I mean Patriots!”

      At the present the craziness has reached Sweden. The media was reporting daily as some troop transport was travelling through the Baltic Sea. Were only told half of the equation, everything bad being done by Russia -never when they are threatened. I’m no fan of Russia, don’t want to live there etc! I do however understand that they can feel threatened.

      Александар Кузмановић
      Pablitto junior But the fact is if Ukraine would join NATO, which was just a matter of time, the strategic balance between USA and Russia would be changed in favor of USA and would give USA the upper hand, which means that in case of a American nuclear attack against Russia they would not have enough time to respond. Russia told USA to back off but USA refused so now we have this war in Ukraine. Similar thing happened between Soviet Union and USA in the sixties, called the Cuba crisis, when the Soviets was going to put nuclear weapons on Cuba and disrupt the strategic balance, USA then threaten to start a nuclear war against the Soviet Union but it ended well back then because the Soviets pulled back the nuclear weapons.


  11. https://wpolityce.pl/swiat/644638-dochodzenie-w-ai-po-kontrowersyjnym-raporcie-nt-ukrainy

    Kontrowersyjny raport AI nt. Ukrainy. Co ustalono w trakcie wewnętrznego dochodzenia? „Był pod pewnymi względami prawni wątpliwy”

    opublikowano: 5 godzin temu

    autor: PAP/EPA

    Kontrowersyjny raport opublikowany w ubiegłym roku przez Amnesty International (AI) był „pod pewnymi względami prawnie wątpliwy”, a napisano go językiem „niejednoznacznym i nieprecyzyjnym” – ocenili eksperci w trakcie wewnętrznego dochodzenia w organizacji. Do płynących z ich analizy wniosków dotarł amerykański dziennik „The New York Times”. Wyniki dochodzenia nie zostały dotychczas oficjalnie opublikowane przez organizację.

    Oburzający raport AI
    Publikacja raportu w sierpniu ubiegłego roku wywołała w Ukrainie powszechne oburzenie. Raport – przypomniał w piątek portal dziennika „The Guardian” – sugerował, że „wiele lub większość cywilnych ofiar wojny zginęło w wyniku rozmieszczenia sił ukraińskich w budynkach mieszkalnych”, szkołach czy szpitalach.

    Wśród tych, którzy potępili raport, był prezydent Ukrainy Wołodymyr Zełenski, który oskarżył Amnesty International o „przeniesienie odpowiedzialności z agresora na ofiarę”. Oksana Pokalczuk, szefowa ukraińskiego biura Amnesty, złożyła w proteście rezygnację, nazywając raport podarunkiem propagandowym dla Rosji, zaś doradca prezydenta Ukrainy Mychajło Podolak oświadczył, że Amnesty International bierze udział w rosyjskiej kampanii dezinformacyjnej.

    AI wyraziła ubolewanie z powodu wywołanego przez raport „wzburzenia i gniewu” i zapewniła, że jej priorytetem „w tym i każdym innym konflikcie jest zapewnienie ochrony cywilom.” Zobowiązała się również do zlecenia analizy dokumentu.

    Analiza, do której dotarli nowojorscy dziennikarze, powstała w konsekwencji tamtego konfliktu. Została przeprowadzona przez zespół międzynarodowych ekspertów specjalizujących się w prawie konfliktów zbrojnych. Wyrazili oni wątpliwości co do tego, czy autorzy raportu prawidłowo zinterpretowali prawo międzynarodowe dotyczące Ukrainy jako ofiary agresji, jak również tego, czy dysponowali dowodami, że decyzje dowódców ukraińskich narażały ludność cywilną.

    Kto jest agresorem, a kto ofiarą
    Poproszona o komentarz Pokalczuk, była szefowa ukraińskiego biura Amnesty, stwierdziła, że AI powinna teraz opublikować krytyczną analizę ekspertów.

    Chcę, aby sprawiedliwości stało się zadość

    — powiedziała Guardianowi. Zwróciła też uwagę, że tworzeniu raportu nie towarzyszyła dyskusja na temat „szerszego kontekstu wojny i tego, jak ten raport działał na korzyść rosyjskiej propagandy”.

    Musimy rozmawiać o tym, kto jest agresorem, a kto ofiarą

    — dodała.


    To oni nie wiedzą, że o bandersyńskich mor dercach mozna pisac tylko dobrze? W innym wypadku to jest bezprawne, kontrowersyjne, niejednoznaczne, a ci którzy napiszą prawdę, czyli „źle” muszą przepraszać? Taką mamy tzw demokrację amerykańską, „kto nie z nami to jest przeciw nam”! Kłania się m.in Irak, Libia, Serbia, itd.!

    Raptem wiarygodny raport AI nie podoba się? Podobno oni zawsze prawdę piszą!

    @gdańszczanin / tropiciel to kto kogo w końcu zaatakował 24 lutego??? buahahaha taa Wołn/bandra/Szuchewycz /Wołyń/Banera…. itd nie nudzi wam sie to juz onuce??? buahahahahaha

    Zełenskiemu i jego przyduptasom to w głowie się przewraca. Tacy mądrzy u siebie jeszcze nie zakończyli wojny, a chcieli iść na Moskwę tylko USA im nie pozwoliło. Przysyłali do Polski napromieniowane śmieci a nie zboże i inną żywność, teraz oburzenie, że tego nie chcemy. Niech sobie zeżrą to oligarchowie z Niemiec, Holandii, Belgii albo tam zawiozą. Francja hamuje pomoc dla banderowców a oni już przydzieli im koleje do odbudowy. A Polska jak na razie nie ma nic. Nawet nie przeprosili za Wołyń. Wredny nacja.


  12. May 2 – The Bloody Date Of Ukrainian History. Military Summary And Analysis 2023.05.02
    Military Summary
    5,067 views Premiered 19 minutes ago

    This video describes the military situation in Ukraine on the 2nd of May 2023

    Atlanta Bill
    The people in the Odessa House of Trades were unarmed. They were being protected by the police, who got a call from Kiev telling them to remain neutral. A crowd of about 200 football hooligans (actually Pravy Sektor) began beating them with wooden clubs and such. That’s when they went into the building for refuge. The hooligans lit the building on fire. Those who jumped from the windows were beaten to death. On May 2, 1933 the Strurmabteilung (SA) of Hitler attacked the Berlin Trade-Union Center and began murdering union officials and union organizers in the building and throughout Germany.

    Odessa massacre was the main starting point of this war, even western media widely cover rising extremism and nazi ideology in Ukraine before this war, now they don’t mention it anymore

    It’s interesting to see how singular events can change/affect the course of history. No, there was no resolution through Ukraine’s justice system, but it put them on a slow path to war.

    The Odessa massacre will not be forgotten. -No-matter how much Kiev attempts to rewrite history.

    Lol stfu. No one’s cares. Two groups of rioters clashed and pro Russia lost. Stfu. The only Odessa massacre is of 1941.

    Delta phase Plutonium
    Not forgotten by who? Don’t forget that 99.999% of the people don’t even know or care about it. We are utterly screwed bunch of cattle thinking only about breeding and food mowing together with the herd. The politicians can do as they please.


  13. Ukrainian Delegate PUNCHES Russian Representative!
    The Dive with Jackson Hinkle
    7,195 views May 5, 2023

    They were displaying the flag on the russian spokes woman of the summit

    Ryan Davies
    What do you expect from Ukraine Fascists

    Bad Wolf
    I would’ve ignored it. That would’ve made the Nazis feel irrelevant

    Iam Aim
    Trident is not really a nationalist symbol. It is more general ukrainian stuff. Descendent from Ruricks family emblem. Founder of ancient Rus kingdom. So it is a part of russian history too.

    But black and red are the colors of Germany, absolutely. Not even modern Germany, but the second world war mass murderers who killed civilians in millions, including ukrainian too.


  14. Ukraine Jails US Commentator Gonzalo Lira for Speaking Uncomfortable Facts
    The New Atlas
    14,835 views May 6, 2023

    Ukraine Jails US Commentator Gonzalo Lira for Speaking Uncomfortable Facts

    – US political commentator Gonzalo Lira was arrested by the Ukrainian SBU for allegedly “producing Russian propaganda;”

    – The Kharkov Oblast Prosecutor’s Office posted a video of “evidence” which included Gonzalo pointing out Ukraine’s Nazi problem and the fact that the Ukrainian government has killed 1,000s by shelling the Donbass region;

    – These are verified facts admitted by the both the Western media and Western governments now supporting and sponsoring Kiev in this current conflict;

    – Pressure must be placed on the US government and Western “human rights” organizations;

    – It is Gonzalo Lira today – it could be someone else you have more in common with or even yourself tomorrow;

    Retweet this tweet tagging the US embassy in Ukraine, HRW, and Amnesty International: https://twitter.com/BrianJBerletic/status/1654677154851098625

    Please tweet and tag the following people/organizations to pressure them to do their supposed jobs!




    Daily Beast – ‘Red Pill’ Dating Coach Gonzalo Lira, Accused of Shilling for Putin, Is Arrested in Ukraine:

    Kharkov Oblast Prosecutor’s Office – Foreign Blogger Who Publicly Supported the Russian Federation (VIDEO):

    • За клопотанням прокуратури взято під варту іноземного блогера, який публічно підтримував дії рф

    BBC – Neo-Nazi threat in new Ukraine: NEWSNIGHT (2014):

    • Neo-Nazi threat in new Ukraine: NEWSNIGHT

    Reuters – Ukraine’s neo-Nazi problem (2018):
    The Hill – Congress bans arms to Ukraine militia linked to neo-Nazis (2018):
    United Nations – Conflict-related civilian casualties in Ukraine (2022):

    Click to access Conflict-related%20civilian%20casualties%20as%20of%2031%20December%202021%20%28rev%2027%20January%202022%29%20corr%20EN_0.pdf

    Human Rights Watch – Ukraine: Widespread Use of Cluster Munitions (2014):
    Amnesty International – Eastern Ukraine: Both sides responsible for indiscriminate attacks (2014):
    AFP – Surgeons in Ukraine’s rebel Donetsk confirm cluster bomb usage (2014):

    André Sarmento
    That’s ukrainian democracy for you, folks.

    Ukraine have democracy?

    No that is American democracy and freedom inside of Ukraine

    ​ @GoldenFireMonkey96 Ukraine says they do, but arresting independent journalists for stating facts tells the real tale.

    ad de vries
    As a government loses more and more control, the more aggressive it becomes towards its citizens. You also see that with the western governments towards its citizens.

    Михаил Сергеевич
    Much respect for you, Brian, for not being afraid of speaking about this, while so many others are just afraid to lose their own YT channels.

    Pusi Goosee
    Holy shit, I’m shocked.😂 their showing him saying facts even the west used to admit. And claiming its “Russian propaganda”.

    Steen Romme
    8 years have past and most forgot. BBC clips are still on YT though.

    To be honest, much of the European Union is moving to supress free speech. Ukraine is on the leading edge, even though its not an EU member, yet.

    „Democracy” at its finest!!

    d m
    Honestly, if Ukraine keeps going further down this vector, they are going to end up like Canada or the USA.

    He told the truth! Free Gonzalo Lira!❤


    • Red Pill is done, and for a long time…maybe forever. Brave or foolish?
      Better Bachelor
      8,345 views May 6, 2023

      If you’re the only one sticking your neck out, the axeman will notice.

      Bruce Meyers
      I have nothing but respect for Gonzalo Lira. He chose Ukraine as his new home and he chose to stay in his adopted country and speak what he felt was the truth of the situation regardless of the consequences. We need a million more just like him in the world.

      Frank Verisco
      When u live in a country where you can be arrested for talking or having an opinion you should leave. In america you get your accounts blocked but we are getting closer to this.

      I got my reddit account permanently suspended yesterday apparently and I have no idea why. This is like my 5th account. I quit reddit for good.

      I’m honestly afraid that it will happen in America soon and that’s extremely scary. It’s already actually happening here in some cases. I feel like all of us know the truth but are afraid to speak it now.

      In Britain, you can get arrested for social media posting.


    • Free Gonzalo Lira
      The Dive with Jackson Hinkle
      259 views 7 minutes ago

      Mike Pravica
      This will happen here in the US as we have lost free speech. Hearing an „American” say that it’s OK to arrest a journalist for reporting the truth is deeply tragic. The Nazis did this to anyone who dared to challenge their propaganda. The State Dept. will do the same. We should all be DEEPLY CONCERNED! Free Gonzalo Lira!

      Karl-Heinz Konopek
      Gonzalez Lira is a one of the best Truth telling person my hero !!!! Detained by the Ukraine Gestapo !!!


  15. What neo-Nazis have inherited from original Nazism | DW Documentary
    DW Documentary
    4,508,291 views Sep 21, 2019

    What resemblance do today’s ethnonationalistic ideologies bear to those which surged during the rise of the Nazis in the Weimar-era? Quite a lot, this documentary shows. Germany’s far-right neo-nazi scene is now bigger than at any time since National Socialism.

    History may not repeat itself, but one can still learn from it. The years of the Weimar Republic were scarred by post-war trauma, political extremism, street fighting, hyper-inflation and widespread poverty. But they also saw economic boom, the establishment of a liberal democratic order and a parliamentary party system. Nobody could really imagine that the Nazis would brush aside the achievements of this young democracy just a few years later. But there were signs, warnings even that all was not well.

    So how does that resonate today? How do today’s right-wing populist movements and parties achieve their political aims? Which slogans, images and stereotypes played a role then, and which ones are playing a role now?

    The film also looks beyond Germany’s borders. How has Europe changed in the last few years and how have far-right movements been able to gain such influence? In the interwar period, democracies across the continent collapsed one after the other like a house of cards. What about today? Riding on the coat-tails of the political party the Alternative for Germany (AfD) the far-right has become a factor in both national and state parliaments, united by nationalist and often racist ideologies directly linked to those of the 1930s. At that time, global economic crisis and mass unemployment drove people straight into the fascists’ arms. So what will happen if crisis strikes now? Are our democracies and their achievements today any more stable than they were in the years before the Second World War?

    Henry Mmene
    This is the perfect example of why as a society we should never censor history lessons because a few can’t handle it. We humans have a tendency of repeating patterns of the past.

    Davit David
    Exactly the opposite. The fact that they are distancing themselves from the og nazis shows that the fact we know about nazis is uncomfortable to them. Tendencies and ideologies passed down through private conversation can not be censored, unless we are talking about a 1984 style sruvalience state. Thorough examination of the ideology of fascism and the simple, but hard to accept knowledge, that we are always at risk to reheating their actions is how you fight fascism.

    If you never learn, you are doomed to repeat. Very sad to see this in this day and age. Our schools across the world should highlight the past, not censor it when teaching our children history. Only that way will this generation see the wrong and learn not to repeat the mistakes of the past.

    This program emphasizes parallels between today’s identitarian movement and the NSDAP. The crucial fact that it almost completely avoids mentioning is the provocation that leads to such a reaction. The flood of undesirable immigrants under Merkel in 2015 is mentioned briefly, but not as the provocation that it was; rather it is framed as a circumstance that was exploited. The reality is that Merkel and Faymann (most likely obeying orders from the USA) created this rightwing reaction with the flood of immigration that they foolishly accepted. It was not any clever manipulation by far-right leaders but the reckless destructiveness of the satraps ruling Germany, who made identitarianism strong.

    The real parallel between present-day German identitarianism and interwar German nationalism is in the provocation: both are reacting to destructive foreign impositions. Very famously Adolf Hitler led the reclaiming of German sovereignty against the notoriously unjust Treaty of Versailles. Germany today is again subject to hostile foreign impositions. If you don’t think that today’s Federal Government is under the USA’s control read Udo Ulfkotte.

    Miles Schofield
    There were only two main political groups at this time. The Communists & The Socialists. The Socialists were nationalistic in their thinking and were to the RIGHT of the communists. The Far right were National Socialists (Nazis)or as the Germans now say Conservative. However, the German version of ‚conservative’ & Islington version of ‚conservative’ are very different. Over the years academics have managed to shift the ‚Far right’ label from the National Socialists to just plain conservative minded people. One of the main puzzling factors around the modern ‚Neo Nazis’ is that they are predominantly made up of low income working class who are politically socialist in their thinking, who feel disenfranchised and forgotten (like the original Nazis). Nazism is a socialist problem. Why? A conservative minded person does not want anything from you, or ask you to do anything. They just want to get on with living their life. A socialist on the other hand wants to continually meddle in your life and lay down rules regarding what you can say, what you can think, what you can eat….. etc etc etc.

    This trend is concerning in Germany given it’s recent history, but far-right sentiment is a growing everywhere in the world. The recent shift into far-right politics in the USA sounds very similar. Fox News talks about the great replacement theory on national television like it’s a fact. In my home country of UK, support for Brexit was motivated by anti-immigrant sentiment from average British citizens. Italy has now elected a populist far-right prime minister who openly praised Mussolini.

    The wars in Ukraine and the middle-east, as well as the now inevitable climate crisis is going to make things worse. Millions of people have been displaced – a number that will continue to grow exponentially. I find it very frightening. We have to organise movements that not only counter the far-right ideas, but to give people something new and better to believe in. The left doesn’t seem to be as good at organising as the right. Moderation is also not the answer here, as it is always the results of the status-quo becoming more unbearable for people that leads to radicalisation. When people who try to live normal lives can no longer make ends meet, they will tip towards one side or the other. The question is, how violent will it be and what ideas will prevail?

    Gerald Veneracion
    The last time Germany went far right, they went far right into Poland.


    • Ukraińcy i III Rzesza. Historia realna, bez mitów i propagandy
      Historia jakiej nie znacie
      23,803 views Premiered Feb 9, 2023

      Moim gościem jest Piotr Zychowicz @HISTORIAREALNA , więc rozmawiamy o historii realnej Ukrainy w czasie II wojny światowej bez mitów i propagandy.

      Piotr Zychowicz to także autor książki „Ukraińcy”. Tytuł w listopadzie ukazał się nakładem Domu Wydawniczego Rebis. Porozmawialiśmy o najważniejszych sprawach związanych z okresem największej eskalacji konfliktu polsko-ukraińskiego, od zakończenia I wojny światowej aż do brutalnego wytyczenia granicy przez Józefa Stalina i akcji Wisła. Najważniejsze tematy odcinka:

      – Jaki status miała ukraińska mniejszość narodowa w II RP, która na części wschodnich rubieży państwa była w istocie większością
      – Dlaczego sanacja zapomniała o idei Józefa Piłsudskiego i wyznawała w stosunku do Ukraińców ideologię czysto endecką
      – Ukraińcy stawiali na pomoc Niemców już w latach 20. w. Dlaczego to miał być ich najważniejszy sojusznik
      – Jakie idee w stosunku do Ukrainy ścierały się w kręgach władzy III Rzeszy i dlaczego Hitler popełnił największy strategiczny błąd właśnie na Ukrainie – Dlaczego powinniśmy pamiętać o Wołyniu, ale nie powielać mitów związanych z SS Galizien.
      – Z czyjej inspiracji Ukraińcy dokonali w 1943 zbrodni ludobójstwa na Wołyniu? Zapraszam.

      Beata Wolk
      Bardzo trzeźwy wywiad i poważne ,uczciwie postawienie problemów w wyważony sposób. Zgoda buduje , a nikt rozsądny z pamięci doświadczeń nie będzie wymazywal . Szanujmy i czcijmy pamięć osób , którym się ona należy. Mordercy już za nic nie odpowiedzą, ale przyszłe pokolenia uczą się ,jak odróżniać dobro od zła .

      Magda Ty
      tylko że obecne pokolenia nazywają tamte zbrodnie bohaterstwem, a to wiele mówi, to znaczy ze pochwalają tamte zbrodnie i nie odróżniają dobra od zła

      @Magda Ty Albo nie wiedzą. W zasadzie, to oni głównie nazywają bohaterstwem walkę z bolszewikami, a tutaj trudno odmówić racji.

      Irena Linda
      „walka” ukrów z bolszewikami polegała głównie na wskazywaniu inteligencji polskiej do wywózki na Syberię.

      Jarema W
      @Beata Wilk Trzeźwy wywiad z Zychowiczem?! 🤔 Pani mu schlebia i najwyraźniej nie czytała jego mokrych snów spisanych w książce „Pakt Ribbentrop-Beck”. Co z wami ludzie? Przecież to prowokator!

      Jarema W
      @Beata Wolf ”…przyszłe pokolenia uczą się odróżniania dobra od zła…” Pusty banał. Współczesne pokolenia ókrów odwołują się do tamtych „bohaterów”, budują im pomniki i noszą ich portrety w pochodach z okazji powstania UPA. Wiedziała pani, że w Kanadzie ciągle wydaje się Litopis (Kronikę) UPA? W czym objawia się to „rozróżnianie dobra od zła” pani zdaniem?

      ​ @Jarema W kwintesencją jest cała działalność zychowicza w odniesieniu do wojny na Ukrainie i te jego wywiady ze skrzypczakiem i innymi generałami… Jpdl… 😂

      Jarema W
      @edcgj86] Zychowicz to narcyz. Sformułuje najbardziej kontrowersyjną myśl, żeby tylko o nim mówiono. Manipuluje przy tym faktami, a właściwie przemilcza je. Np w swoje analizie stosunków polsko-ókraińskich nie wspomina słowem o jednoznacznie wrogim stosunku kleru grekokatolickiego (i większości wiernych) wobec państwa polskiego. To właśnie ta wrogość była przyczyną pacyfikacji cerkwi grekokatolickich. Mówienie przy tym o „niespotykanym okrucieństwie” polskiej policji pacyfikującej cerkwie wobec tego, co stało się na Wołyniu jest po prostu żałosne.

      Panie Zychowicz, a jakim to cudem Ukrainiec stał się generałem jeżeli polska broniła im dostępu do szkół i urzędów!? Coś Pan kręci tendencyjnie

      Konrad Nachyla
      Bo to jest Zychowycz, pewnie po Akcji Wisła.

      Stara sie wybielic swoich pobratymcow. Zwala na innych wokoł , na niemcow , stalina i polakow.

      arthur gordon
      Co do mnie-to jak najdalej chce mieszkać od U-krańców i najchętniej już nigdy bym o nich nie usłyszał. Bylem 2 mają 2014 roku w Odessie,czego zychowcz na pewno nie zakosztował.

      Fernando R
      Zykchovych to pewnie U-kr

      Maciej Zaborowski
      Pan Zychowicza to sprzedajna D.D.,sługa ukraiński. Umiejetnie zapomina o wielu faktach. Panstwo polskie nie mogło patrzeć się przez palce na tych co kwestionowali istnienie Państwa Polskiego.

      2 maja w Odessie Ukraińcy pokazali jak kończą wrogowie narodu. W Polsce by było inaczej ?

      @gits1 Polacy to nie barbaria z Dzikich Pol.

      Faster Bigger Stronger
      Fajny material aczkolwiek mowienie ze Ukraincy nie beda problemem w przyszlosci to zart. Juz sa. Za duzo wybielania ich dzialan, od wiekow bylismy wrogami i prawda jest taka ze przy jakiejkolwiek okazji wbili by nam noz w plecy poraz kolejny. Ale polacy sie nie ucza na bledach i teraz bedziecie ich utrzymywac a niebawem sie odwdziecza pluciem na nasza flage i deptaniem polskich symboli i zaklamywaniem historii. Ale obudzicie sie jak zwykle jak bedzie za pozno z reka w nocniku… zwlaszcza ze jest ich juz ponad 5 milionow. Ale polski rzad zawsze pomagal innym a nie swoim i sprzedawal wszystko na lewo i prawo.

      Z pewnymi tezami się nie zgadzam. Konflikt pomiędzy Polakami a Ukraincami wcześniej czy później wybuchnie na nowo. Mimo że Ukraincy mają już swoje państwo, nadal roszczą sobie prawa do terenów które leżą obecnie w naszych granicach. Poza tym Ukraincy to naród zupełnie odmienny od Polaków. Są zawsze zbuntowani , roszczeniowi i ciągle niezadowoleni. Mieszkam w USA ponad 25 lat i wielokrotnie z nimi pracowałem. Porozumienie na lini zwierzchnik – pracownik jest praktycznie nie możliwe. Jest jeszcze aspekt korupcyjny , lepiej zakombinować niż uczciwie zapracować. Ostatnie zdanie wypowiedziałem w najłagodniejszej formie jakiej mogłem się wyrazić. W Kanadzie diaspora ukraińska jest zdecydowanie większa jak w US i problemy z nimi również nieproporcjonalnie wieksze.


  16. The far-right group threatening to overthrow Ukraine’s government – Newsnight
    BBC Newsnight
    402,346 views Jul 23, 2015

    Right Sector is a far-right group in Ukraine. They want to bring about another revolution in the country. Gabriel Gatehouse has had exclusive access to the group.

    Women and the Azov battalion in Kyiv, Ukraine | DW Documentary
    DW Documentary
    565,835 views Mar 10, 2017

    The Azov battalian is far-right and has a reputation for being a fierce fighting force. The group openly uses fascist symbols.

    The group is recruiting more and more young people – many of them are women. Concern about democracy in Ukraine is growing.

    Exciting, powerful and informative – DW Documentary is always close to current affairs and international events. Our eclectic mix of award-winning films and reports take you straight to the heart of the story. Dive into different cultures, journey across distant lands, and discover the inner workings of modern-day life. Subscribe and explore the world around you – every day, one DW Documentary at a time.

    I love how these past videos of Ukraine is resurfacing on YouTube recommendation, making people get the whole picture, ground reality and new perspective.
    -Don Tom

    Vova Keep
    11 months ago
    Azov: We are Nazis!
    European authorities: No, no, you are not Nazis!
    Azov: We are Nazis! We’re throwing Nazi salutes! Swastikas are everywhere! Even the patches have Nazi symbols on them!
    European authorities: No, no, you are just patriots! You are a little confused!

    The international information campaign for the rehabilitation of the Nazis of the Azov regiment continues.

    Big Brother
    The nazis never used the word ‚Swastik’ for their symbol. Their symbol was called ‚Haken Kreuz’ or ‚Hooked cross’. Swastik is an Indian symbol of peace and prosperity.

    Diana G
    Azov was found in 2010 at least, sponsored by Kolomoisky oligarch (he also sponsored Zelensky presidency campaign). In 2014 they were officially integrated into the Ukrainian Army.

    ThePuckington TV
    western media then: look at these azov nationalist militia forming in Ukraine
    western media now: Azov who?

    1 year ago
    The BBC told me this was not real and have now disabled comments on every video they made about the far right in Ukraine for 8 years.

    James Cese
    Wait really?

    B Troy
    Hypocrites media

    Polubione przez 1 osoba

    • Out of Control: Ukraine’s Rogue Militias
      10,810,959 views May 25, 2018 VICE International S1 E83

      In 2014, Ukraine was under siege and the military was unprepared. Desperate, the government urged anyone to get to the front and fight the Russian-backed separatists. As the war drags on, Ukraine claims their military is now in control and the volunteers have all been disbanded. But we tracked down some rogue volunteers still out there fighting, not prepared to hand over their weapons anytime soon.

      Dalton Hessenflow
      This aged like fine wine to 😂 I love seeing all these vice documentaries about terrible Ukraine millitas and extremism but now they’re like “we love Ukraine, they’re all hero’s 😭”.

      You should look in CNN channel from 4 years ago 🤣🤣hypocrites

      Ukraine’s far-right children’s camp: ‚I want to bring up a warrior’
      The Guardian
      1,566,924 views Sep 5, 2017 UKRAINE

      In Ukraine, the far-right Azov militia is fighting on the frontline – and running a summer camp for children.

      The Guardian visited the camp and followed 16-year-old Anton through his experiences. Is the Azov battalion really creating a modern Hitler Youth organisation, or is it trying to prepare young Ukrainians for the tough reality that awaits them?

      Don Tom
      I love how these past videos of Ukraine is resurfacing, making people get the whole picture, ground reality and new perspective.

      I love how they’re the bad guys until the media says otherwise 😂

      Chris N
      But the guardian told me there is no extreme right in Ukraine 😦

      I hope more people will see it and understand what is really going on in Ukraine

      6:05 „we prepare kids for stressful life situations” that’s a solid euphemism for training child soldiers.

      Big Tex
      That 16 year-old kid is probably on the front lines right now at 20 years old. That’s crazy

      Under Fire with the Azov Battalion: Russian Roulette (Dispatch 76)
      VICE News
      1,166,728 views Sep 7, 2014 Russian Roulette S1 E76

      The Azov Battalion is a volunteer militia based in Mariupol, Ukraine that is allegedly linked to neo-Nazism. The fighters have been very active during the crisis in eastern Ukraine, carrying out nightly patrols around the city and manning checkpoints.

      VICE News correspondent Simon Ostrovsky embeds with the battalion while they train and conduct a patrol, then watches as they retreat from their outposts when pro-Russia separatists began firing artillery toward the city.

      Putin is a cunt
      I love how vice goes from calling azov Nazis to calling them heroes. They’re just people.

      Talibans was also heroes for time they been fighting with soviets but then US come up and they become terrorists

      Polubione przez 1 osoba

      • „Azov is not over, it’s ready to destroy Russians” – 9 years since establishment of „Azov” regiment
        255K views 2 days ago

        Wayne’s Underground Adventures
        12 years in the Australian Infantry, and this brings a tear to my eye and drives honor in my heart. I feel your pain and honor. You guys are heroes, and now you shall avenge your comrades. The fight now will be hard,and the fight after will be harder, but never have I seen a country of people more ready and deserving of victory. Slava Ukraine.

        Максим Хасков
        All war criminals, including Azov regiment, will be held responsibility for their crimes!

        ruwan chaminda416
        stand with ukraine stand with democracy..victory for ukraine people

        Pete Henderson
        There is an intensity to these men and women that just oozes „We don’t take shit, not from Russia, not from anyone, THIS IS OUR LAND!” Slava Ukraine

        Umbrella Corporation
        Heroyam Slava 🇺🇦Hugs to all Allies 🍀

        Tomas Gogashvily
        Well, this isn’t a Russian propaganda video, why are there Wehrmacht cross symbols on the vehicles, including torches like in the Nazi Reich, I thought that Ukrainians aren’t Nazi

        The Real Dohos
        @Tomas Gogashvily u arent reading the news properly then

        Juan Olivier
        Not sure why something so simple has to be explained, but being a nationalist and pro white does not make you a national socialist.

        Tomas Gogashvily
        @Jon Thinks 🤔 Troll. LOL@!? What? Of course, all critics of Azov Battalion are trolls, that makes entire Israel as a troll State. I don’t understand why Zelensky begs Israel of Iron Dome, if everyone there are trolls.

        Piotr D.
        Respect to the people of Ukraine. Stay strong Ukraine..👍 Greetings from Poland.

        Umbrella Corporation
        I Love that Poland an Germany are Part of the Allies! Not longer enemies. Thank you Poland for supporting Ukraine!! Dziekuje♥️sorry If i write this wrong.🇪🇺🇺🇦

        Tomas Gogashvily
        @Umbrella Corporation Well, this isn’t a Russian propaganda video, why are there Wehrmacht cross symbols on the vehicles, including torches like in the Nazi Reich, I thought that Ukrainians aren’t Nazi

        @Tomas Gogashvily most are nazi symbols existed before the nazi party and are of pagan origin.. also why are there wagners running around with totenkopf patches ??

        Tomas Gogashvily
        @TerraNova The symbol of Swastika is a religious symbol that has a different aspect of representation, but the idea of Azov nationalism is based on Neo-Nazi ideology, including copy-past symbol of Wehrmacht.

        Not to mention the fact that Ukrainians aren’t Russians, so i don’t understand why you’re comparing them to Russians. I don’t understand why Ukrainian nationalism has to link itself with nazi Germany, they already have their own language, culture and identity, why Nazi?

        Polubione przez 1 osoba

  17. The Nazi Streets of Ukraine
    The Real Politick with Mark Sleboda
    5,267 views May 12, 2023

    The West-backed Kiev Putsch Regime in Ukraine has accelerated a total program of societal De-Russification and Pro-Banderization, erasing the countries past of brotherhood with Russia and manufacturing a Ukrainian nation that glorifies WW2-era Nazi Collaborators, Banderite Fascists and Holocaust Perpetrators in its place. The recent Kyiv City Council directive to rename a street after the fascist and rabidly anti-semite editor of the Nazi propaganda newspaper „Volyn”, Ulas Samchuk, is just the latest obscene example of this, – The Real Politick with Mark Sleboda

    The full transcript with huperlinked sources & citations is available in article form on my substack: https://marksleboda.substack.com/p/the-nazi-streets-of-ukraine

    Reckless Abandon
    Be careful Mark, I got a hate speech strike for referring to Ukrainian Nazis.

    DA20 238E
    Those Nazis were not dealt with after WWII. That’s the problem.

    Mags Wilson
    I’ve been amazed that Poland is so entrenched with Ukraine, especially when you look at its history. I’d like to know what the ordinary Pole thinks about these policies, it’s horrific.

    Ukraine glorifies anti-polish people and yet one of their biggest allies is Poland. So ironic tbh

    Mpaka Kas
    they are looking to future annexations of regions back to Poland. That is why they are patient.

    Tsolmon Colo
    @Mpaka Kas I think they doing it because Biden asked

    Joy Larson
    My Father fought in the 2nd World War against the Nazi’s and our debauched country and Europe is funding them to fight Russia who lost 26million people in that war! How debauched is that? Is this a universal return to Nazism? But what is mind blowing is that Poland is funding them.😥 God Protect, Bless and Save Russia!

    Thank you Mr. Sleboda for educating some of us, at least me about history. It’s unbelievable that a Russian speaking/ Jewish president promotes these kind of things or if not him , then allowing US to do it in his country. It goes to show that he completely lacks any scrupules. On the other hand I saw some news about Netanyahu secretly arming Ukraine at the same time crying and accusing many of anti semitic

    Steve Jarosz
    That’s impossible there’s no nazis in Ukraine. 🐩

    The MSM Loves war
    Another observation. The AFU have symbols on their armoured vehicles that seem similar to WW2 Wehrmacht symbols.

    Greek Warrior
    Slava Ukranazia!


    • The Nazi Streets of Ukraine

      13 MAJ 2023

      Since the West-backed Maidan Putsch seized power in Ukraine in 2014, they have embarked on a massive de-Russification and pro-Banderization campaign, tearing down statues and monumentsreplacing plaques, and renaming towns and streets – getting rid of anything  dedicated to Russians and Soviets, and frequently erecting honours and memorials to WW2 era West Ukrainian Nazi collaborators, who are glorified for fighting those Russians and Communists, despite their bloody massacres of Ukrainian Jews, Poles, Hungarians, Russians, and Leftists in their place.

      This policy has been accelerated even further in recent days as Zelenskiy has recently put into force directives that Ukraine must be completely de-Russified by the end of the year.
      A Ukraine where before the West-backed Maidan Putsch in 2014, 20% of the population was ethnic Russian and over half of the country spoke Russian on a daily basis.

      This is a West-backed & funded geopolitical project to rewrite history and manufacture, by fire, jackboot and blood, a virulently anti-Russian Ukraine, forcing the national identity conception of the Galician West of Ukraine where Nazi Germany was welcomed in WW2 – over the whole of the country.

      In the latest round of erasing and reconstituting Ukraine’s history and identitythe Kiev city council has now renamed Stolyetova  Street in Kiev, Ulas Samchuk Street in honor of Ulas Semchuk a rabid ideological anti-Semite and fascist , and Nazi collaborator.

      During 1941–1942, Ulas Samchuk worked for the Nazi’s, within the Reichskommissariat Ukraine, as chief editor of the pro-Nazi newspaper Volyn in Rovno in West Ukraine.

      Volyn was published in thousands of copies and was widely distributed.  In his articles, Samchuk lied, incited, justified the murders and called for the extermination of Jews Poles, Leftists, Russians, and other “undersireables” in Ukraine.

      Samchuk wrote his anti-Jewish articles calmly cheerleading the massacre of 25,000 Jews in Rovno, including 6,000 children that it inspired. Incidentally a statue of Ulas Samchuk has also now been erected in Rovno

      Some of Ulas Samchuk’s best published quotes,

      Where the Ukrainian state will be built, there will be no Jews there

      Samchuk wrote of the mass murder of Jews in Kyiv at Babi Yar, “Today is a great day for Kyiv.”


      The element that settled our cities, whether it is Jews or Poles who were brought here from outside Ukraine, must disappear completely from our cities. The Jewish problem is already in the process of being solved.”


      All elements that reside in our land, whether they are Jews or Poles, must be eradicated. We are at this very moment resolving the Jewish question, and this resolution is part of the plan for the Reich’s total reorganization of Europe. The empty space that will be created, must immediately and irrevocable be filled by the real owners and masters of this land, the Ukrainian people

      Samchuk also wrote articles lionizing his personal idol — „Adolf Hitler”.

      In Ukraine today, Ulas Samchuk is promoted by the West-backed Kiev Putsch regime as a hero and great figure of Ukrainian literature and culture, taught and required reading in schools.

      Figures such as Samchuk glorified by the Kiev regime are airbrushed away with apologism by the Western MSM as “controversial historical figures”. Controversial?!? There is nothing “controversial” about them. THAT is historical revisionism of the most obscene kind. They are Nazi collaborators and fascists. That is not excused away and exonerated by the fact that they hated Russians & leftists too. This is not just “Holocaust denial.” It is “Holocaust Celebration”.

      Israel and the Simon Wiesenthal Center, among others, have repeatedly condemned this systemic and state-promoted glorification and heroization  of WW2 era Nazi collaborators, war criminals, and Holocaust perpetrators like Stepan Bandera, Roman Shukhevych, and many others by the West-backed Kiev Putsch regime in Ukraine.

      The Israeli Ambassador to Ukraine has quietly but officially asked the Kiev regime to remove Ulas Samchuk and other Nazi collaborators and Holocaust perpetrators from its “List of Heroes” and stop glorifying them – to no avail. But in the end, geopolitics trumps history and memory of the Holocaust, I guess.

      This is the Ukraine that the West is supporting and building in Ukraine. The Ukraine of Ulas Samchuk.



    • Spot That Nazi!!!
      The Real Politick with Mark Sleboda
      10,299 views Apr 29, 2023

      It’s time once again for everyone’s favorite online game show “Spot That Nazi”, where our contestants try to find the hidden, or not so hidden, Nazi, Banderite, or other associated far far right nutters, self-identifying and photobombing through their ubiquitous NeoNazi tattoos, patches, symbols, flags, shirts, or other regalia, that has become almost a guaranteed prerequisite over the last year in Western MSM photos, vids, and reports on the West-backed Kiev Putsch regime’s military forces in Ukraine.

      Our challenge today comes from a recent Reuters report on the Spartan Storm brigade, or SS Brigade (wink wink) one of the 12 new Ukrainian Offensive Guard, or assault brigades, that have been newly and hastily assembled for the Kiev Putsch regime’s much ballyhooed spring offensive.
      Reuters interviews the SS brigade stormtrooper „Adolf”.

      – The Real Politick with Mark Sleboda

      Full transcript in article form on substack with huperlinked sources & citations:

      Good morning Mark remember how the UK media lost it over the young princes wearing Natzis uniforms at a party not a mention of this .

      If it smells like a nuttsie, looks like a nuttsie, speaks like a nuttsie, lies like a nuttsie, salutes like a nuttsie, and threatens the world like a nuttsie – it is a nuttsie.

      David Lazarus
      Reuters will follow up this series with Ukrainian solder with the call sign ”Himmler.” Again not a Nazi!

      The US spends 50 years teaching me about Nazis….then tells me to ignore what they taught me. lol.


    • Ukraine’s Three Armies
      The Real Politick with Mark Sleboda
      27,436 views Jan 27, 2023

      The West-backed Kiev Putsch Regime in Ukraine has already lost 2 armies in the conflict with Russia and is now desperately begging for a third one from the US and the rest of NATO. – The Real Politick with Mark Sleboda

      Full transcript in article form on substack with hyperlinked sources and citations:

      Scott Deagan
      Watching that snippet of the Ukrainian Nazis taking the little boy’s father away was heartbreaking.

      John Jones
      Yes, the presence of the child made it ten times worse. It’s hard to cope with living in a world like this sometimes.

      Ailin O’faolain
      Many such cases at this point the Hungarians aren’t happy about the conscription of ethnic Hungarians from the transcarpathia region.

      They lost close to 300K men in battle. They will snatch men everywhere they see them to send them to the slaughter in Donbas.

      Magna Carta
      Plenty of other video’s on Telegram of similar content. Literally kidnapped of the streets whilst walking with the wife.

      If the west would just be honest and admit that the world needs Russia and we have to play along with our neighbors this would be over and Ukraine would still be a country. Albeit one without Nazi nationalism.

      rizzy glizzy69
      Beacon of democracy my arse


    • Ukraine’s Commander in Chief is an Open Fascist
      The Real Politick with Mark Sleboda
      13,608 views Jan 14, 2023

      The Kiev Regime’s top general, Valeriy Zaluzhniy, the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, is an open ideological Banderite Fascist – as his own PR photos, social media, and associations make clear.
      Why would NATO support the military forces commanded by a brazen and open fascist in Ukraine? – The Real Politick with Mark Sleboda

      Full transcript in article form on substack with hyperlinked sources and citations:

      Shaolin Matador de Porco
      Great video. Mr. Zaluzhniy will occupy the same place in hell as Bandera, Shukevich and his contemporary mates such as Yevhen Karas, because of his crimes against his own people.

      di yg
      Very good information about Ukraine. I live in Europe but I am ashamed that the politicians and military support groups like the Taliban, Islamic State and the fascist groups in Ukraine. My sympathy goes to the Russian Federation even I am against any war.

      No one mentions Oleg Lyashko what he did tp the Russian civilians in 2014

      Ukraine War Awareness
      Well done report! This video report has briefly mentioned Dmitro Yarosh – The Leader of Right Sector. He’s a figure that’s worth his own separate video I believe. A person that is personally responsible for making a lot of everyday civilian citizens within Ukraine greatly suffer since 2014 with his Nationalist Policing.

      H. W. Lee
      It’s unbelievable how those fascists could be tolerated.

      Now I get why Duda is so much in love with Zelensky. The putrid ideologies we thought dead in 1945 are alive and looking forward — to be kicked again, this time, buried for all eternity.

      Nino Belov77
      Swastika Kolovrat is a symbol of Slavic Rodnoveric/Ynglistic/”Slavic Pagan” religion which Nazis stole and falsely presented it as a germanic symbol which it isn’t. And the U-Krain(a)ian Nazis copied and adopted it after the German Nazis. So funny when you see a nazi copy of Slavic Rodnoveric sun symbol which the nazis copied and painted it black and called it The Black Sun symbol. Or when U-Krain(a)ians copied a Slavic Rodnoveric Trident symbol and put it on a flag as a symbol of U-Kraina and U-Krain(a)ian army. Or when U-Krain(a)ian Nazis copied two Slavic Rodnoveric runes S-sila (force) & I-izvor (source) and put them both together into a newly invented „rune” symbol of Azov battalion when Slavic runes are always displayed seperate and never together as one symbol because if they are put together they lose all meaning and power and they just become an U-Krain(a)ian Nazi Mambo-Jumbo silly crap symbol that means nothing.

      Baby Gerald
      It is fun to watch this video now that we have news that Zaluzhniy is probably hanging with Bandera in hell. Glory to Russia! 🇷🇺


    • NeoNazi Blowback: Azov Targets Europe & the US for Fascist Revolution
      The Real Politick with Mark Sleboda
      8,575 views Nov 23, 2022

      Italian police foil plotted massacres by Azov-allied Italian NeoNazis. US DHS is worried about American violent white supremacists leveling up with Azov on the battlefield in Ukraine and returning home. This all aligns with Azov’s geopolitical plan for Reconquista – gaining power in Ukraine, conquering Russia and then spreading their „fascist revolution” to to the rest of Europe and the USA. To reclaim it for „the white race”. – The Real Politick with Mark Sleboda

      Full transcript in article form on substack with hyperlinked sources and citations:

      René Sintemaartensdijk
      Our governments support Ukraine and it is impossible that they don’t know about this!

      Nukkin Futs
      They knew… Everything!

      Stevan Rozic
      They know, but are following USA orders

      Duncan McKeown
      This is seriously worrying! It should be for Western governments, especially after the experience of Al Qaeda…but this would be infinitely worse because there is no religious/cultural barrier to an American and European population increasingly despairing of the atrophied political choices available to them, and now exposed to severe standard of living declines.

      Brigitte L Jones
      That was a succinct coverage of the NAZI presence legitimised by Ukraine. Can you do a similar second video coverage of how Badera is is seen as a hero and is a further part of far white Neo Nazi ideology by many Western Ukrainians.Then also show ordinary West Ukranian civilians attending rallys by the ASOV. How these are more of the same, plus the children organisations with this ideology. This may be more difficult to do, but how extreme Nationalism is often tied to NAZI ideology, your Nation being superior to others, the others not fit to exist. Then a third video about how this translates into atrocities.Not just soldiers. History of Bandera, and to modern Ukraine’s horrific victimising of the Donbass. Evil acts by the ASOV, supported by West Ukraine.That citizens under this ideology can have have various levels of collusion.


      • NeoNazi Kraken Guns Down Retreating Ukrainian Troops
        The Real Politick with Mark Sleboda
        4,620 views Aug 25, 2022

        The NeoNazi Kraken formation of the Kiev regime operating as a blocking force gunned down a hundred other Kiev regime troops for retreating from their positions at the front in Ukraine. – The Real Politick with Mark Sleboda

        Djinghis Khan
        MOD needs to prove that claim, not only for Russia’s credibility, but if true, it would be a massive phycological weapon against Ukraine’s conscripts.

        María Angélica Brunell Solar
        They already know it. It has been explained by other Ukrainian POW.


    • All of This Has Happened Before: The Last Time the CIA Supported Nazis in Ukraine Against Russia
      The Real Politick with Mark Sleboda
      2,473 views Jul 6, 2022

      The CIA’s Operation Red Sox in the early 1950’s Attempted to Launch an Insurrection of Nazi Collaborating Banderite Fascists Against Moscow – The Real Politick with Mark Sleboda

      Tove Irene Strand
      The CIA has been training Ukrainian far-right militant forces at a secret facility in the US since 2015 – no surprise since all of this has actually happened before. In the days just after WWII, and what would then become the opening days of the Cold War as a result, the US government sent intelligence agents and special forces into Ukraine to stoke (stir up) and lead an armed force of west Ukrainian ultra-nationalists, Nazi collaborators, and Holocaust perpetrators from the organization of Ukrainian nationalists, an Ukrainian insurgent army in a bloody but completely failed insurrection against the then Soviet Union. The same was also done in Poland and the Baltics (Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia). This is from declassified US documents – Operation Red Sox. The American secret service and military began recruiting high-ranking Nazis and Nazi collaborators for the ideological, political and military struggle against the Soviet Union. Fascists and war criminals from Germany and Eastern Europe who had been directly involved in the Holocaust and the murder of millions of Soviet civilians were utilized for covert activities by the US intelligence agencies, or worked for propaganda outlets like Radio Free Europe. The network that the CIA built up in the 1940s and 50s in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union rested heavily on this web of Nazi collaborators. A key role was played by Reinhard Gehlen who had led Hitler’s military intelligence service on the Eastern Front – from 1946 he worked for Washington to organize other Nazi collaborators in an insurrection in Ukraine.
      One declassified CIA document reads: „This guerrilla war in Ukraine became the prototype for similar operations by the CIA throughout the world during the Cold War.” Those with extremist ideologies have often become geopolitically useful pawns and proxies for the US: US support for right-wing death squads South and Central America, support for the al-Qaeda allied terrorist Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) in Serbia, jihadists in Afghanistan, Syria, and Libya, and now circling back to supporting far-right western Ukrainian ultra-nationalist in Ukraine once again, no doubt many of them direct descendants of the originals.

      Baby Gerald
      Most Americans know little or nothing at all about this. If they know anything at all, it’s the usual ‚Werner von Braun got us to the moon before the Russkies’ type of propaganda. Check out the interview with author Christopher Simpson about his book ‚Blowback’. Also see John Loftus interviews on his book ‚The Belarus Secret’. Then there is Eric Lichtbaum’s more recent The Nazis Next Door. All of these can be found on YT. I read ‚Blowback’ in the early 90s and it opened my eyes.

      2:28 – that’s Reinhard Heydrich, nazi appointed head of protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia who was assassinated in a famous operation of Czechoslovak government in exile. This is Reinhard Gehlen: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/1/1c/Bundesarchiv_Bild_183-27237-0001%2C_Reinhard_Gehlen.jpg

      Richard V
      Good video. The photo of the nazi officer shown at 2:28 is not Reinhard Gehlen, but Reinhard Heydrich.

      Tove Irene Strand
      …Reinhard Gehlen (1902-1979)…Reinhard Tristan Eugen Heydrich (1904-1942)…same German/American Nazi/fascist shit…Prescott Bush, the grandfather of baby Bush, was associated with the German steel magnate Fritz Thyssen, an early supporter and financier of the Nazi Party…

      Danny Miletic
      CIA = NAZI

      David Collishaw
      Gladio is alive and well.

      Oren medicks
      This is not surprising, given the US financed Hitler himself


      • Stephen King Glorifies Ukrainian Fascist Stepan Bandera
        The Real Politick with Mark Sleboda
        1,534 views Jul 26, 2022

        Stephen King Glorified WW2-era West Ukrainian Fascist Leader and Ideologue Stepan Bandera
        The Real Politick with Mark Sleboda

        The horrors depicted in Stephen King’s novels pale in comparison with REAL LIFE HORRIFIC HAIR-RASING HORRORS perpetrated by Bandera and his ilk.

        Andrey Che
        Yep, he didn’t know anything except that Russians didn’t like Bandera: so he was eager to support! A typical American!

        aurocks Castillo
        the guy who liberated Kiev from the na zis was killed by bander death squad.

        Why Bandera is Whitewashed & Glorified Today
        The Real Politick with Mark Sleboda
        1,658 views Jul 26, 2022

        Why is WW2-era West Ukrainian Fascist Leader Stepan Glorified by the Kiev Regime in Ukraine and Whitewashed in the West Today? – The Real Politick with Mark Sleboda

        Max Kazzora
        Mark, you are spot on, and this ideology is so Imoral and disgusting. No matter how obscene this ideology is people have a fundamental right to their views. Having said all of that, people who share Banderas ideology have to understand that their beliefs are not everyone’s beliefs and shouldn’t be persecuted for it.

        Aleksandra Gorvat
        Wow. This video deserves a lot more views! There’s a monumental body of work by historian Grzegorz Rossolinski-Liebe called “Stephan Bandera. The Life and Afterlife of a Ukrainian Nationalist. Fascism, Genocide and Cult” Its an 800 page research book detailing the life of this particular “hero” and all the “heroic” things he did. What’s especially peculiar is his description of the push back he received for simply researching and talking about this subject, many people advised against touching this at all. His work is based strictly on documents he found in archives all over the world.

        Zelensky was picked to play the President of Ukraine precisely because of his Jewish nationality, to be the foil for the Nazis. So that the idiots could say „How could there be Nazis in Ukraine? Zelensky is a Jew!”

        Peter Simmons
        Good commentary . However being Jewish apparently does not exclude one from being a Nazi. Pictures exist (from a Spanish tourist) taken at the Wailing wall of an Azov member wearing a skullcap – and having a Swastika tatooed on the back of their neck.

        Frank Fucwit
        Many videos of giant nazi rallies with giant swastikas hanging from buildings,.. In haiffa israel..
        If anyone is curious of history

        Volhinia anyone?


    • A Look Back at the West-backed Maidan Putsch That Began It All
      The Real Politick with Mark Sleboda
      752 views Jun 15, 2022

      A Look Back at the West-backed Maidan Putsch in Kiev That Began It All
      TheRealPolitick with Mark Sleboda

      Powerful (truthful) framing. Without even mentioning the „heavenly-100” the state dept required. The nazi elements the CIA has cultivated since WWII. And excludes Ukraines AGREEMENT (Minsk) giving autonomy to the Donbass, before building trenches, building up troops, (after acting like a de facto nato member) in preparation of imposing harsher conditions than the previous 8 years killing ~15,000 deaths. As crazy as the YEC who believe the grand canyon was caused by a great flood, and the earth is all of 10,000 years old, this makes incumbent upon us believing the universe started on 24-February … and nothing else matters.


      • Ukraine is FINISHED and Blackrock is taking over | Redacted with Clayton Morris
        255,636 views May 12, 2023 #redacted #claytonmorris #natalimorris

        It’s happening! Ukraine’s President Zelensky has met with executives from BlackRock to auction off Ukraine for profit. He solicited this in a recent speech and now it is happening. In case you were wondering who would be enriched by this war: big business. Not you.

        Rose Marie Leonard
        Christia Freeland was clapping, she is Trudeau’s vice PM and George Soros’s book writing assistant.

        Sandi Klein
        And board member of the WEF

        Sam She
        Finance might minister of the WEF. Free loader

        Cl1nton Body count
        She is a ukranian banderite

        Artem Karev
        and her ancestor was SS officer

        David Whitworth
        Her grandfather was a Ukrainian Nazi, during Second World War, she helped with his book back in Ukraine, and Hillary is related to Trudeau, through ancestors, they would be my 3rd cousins on my grandmothers side


    • Od terroryzmu i ludobójstwa po walkę o Ukrainę. Historia UPA – ukraińskiej zbrodniczej armii
      Historia jakiej nie znacie
      20,506 views Premiered May 4, 2023

      Co znajdziesz w odcinku:
      (04:10) Dlaczego świat nadal nie uznaje rzezi wołyńskiej za ludobójstwo
      (10:00) Kim byli pierwsi ukraińscy nacjonaliści i terroryści z czasów II RP
      (17:47) Postawa Ukraińców od 17 września 1939
      (24:51) Prawda o Stepanie Banderze w czasie okupacji
      (30:00) UPA vs NKWD nieznana historia 16-letniej wojny domowej
      (41:50) Walka z UPA w powojennej Polsce, kult Świerczewskiego i Akcja Wisła

      Rok 2023 wyznacza ważną rocznicę. Już w lipcu będziemy obchodzić Narodowy Dzień Pamięci Ofiar Ludobójstwa na Wołyniu 2023. Ale “ludobójstwo” to termin, który wymaga dookreślenia. Oczywiście straszna zbrodnia jest zbrodnią, ale co musi się stać, żeby świat uznał wydarzenia z 1943 oficjalnie za taki czyn, to nie jest takie proste?

      UPA. Trzyliterowy skrót, który w Polsce przez dekady budził grozę. Ukraińska formacja militarna odpowiedzialna za bestialskie mordy Polaków na Wołyniu i Podolu, grasująca po zakończeniu wojny już jako bezlitosne dla każdego oddziały partyzanckie, atakująca wszystkich możliwych przedstawicieli władzy w mundurach, nieważne czy po polskiej czy radzieckiej stronie granicy wytyczonej po roku 1945. Ale też mająca na swoim koncie naprawdę bestialskie czyny.

      Andrzej Skowroński
      ZAKOŃCZENIU TRZEBA TEŻ UWZGLĘDNIĆ REKOMPENSATY ZA MIENIE OBYWATELI II RZECZYPOSPOLITEJ by nie utwierdzać Ukraińców na stanowisku że zbrodnia popłaca !!!

      Magda Ty
      za późno, cała obecna polityka Polski i kilku innych krajów utwierdza ich w tym przekonaniu

      świat wie też że mają listę wrogów do zamordowania (coś takiego miała też Trzecia Rzesza) o nazwie myrotvorets, sukcesywnie mordują ludzi z tej listy np. Duginę i chwaleni są za „bohaterstwo”

      __Jarek __
      Należy pamiętać o pomordowanych bestialsko rodakach 🙏. To ważne aby znać historię naszego narodu. Ps. Obawiam się, że szybko skasują Ci niestety ten filmik ..

      Aga Katarzyna
      no pamiętamy a w zamian Polacy ich wzięli pod swoje dachy do własnych łóżek ,,biedaków,,

      lopez z
      Dać im taką możliwość to dalej by Polaków wyrzynali. Wystarczy przekroczyć granice, tam na wioskach widać na słupach flagi bandery.

      Bardzo podobala mi sie konkluzja z tego programu. Po pierwsze, ustalic czego tak naprawde chcemy, co nas zadowoli i nie wymagac NICZEGO wiecej. Po drugie, zajac sie wylacznie tym na co mamy wplyw. Pseudo-Wplywanie na to na co wplywu nie mamy jest szkodnictwem

      Ps. Wierze i chce by prawdziwenpojednanie miedzy naszymi narodaminstalo sie faktem. Wiem, ze UPA, Bandera itp sa dla nas czyms nie do zaakceptowanja a jednoczesnie rozumiem, ze ich kult n Ukrainie, w 99,9% przypadkow jie la noc wspolnego z wrogoscia do obecnej Polski i Polakow

      Piotrowski Janusz
      Proszę Cię podaj mi ich gesty przyjaźni w stosunku do Polski. Nawet teraz gdy otrzymują tyle pomocy od Polski plują na Polskę. Domagają się kar z UE na Polskę bo nie chcemy ich zasranego zboża, nałożyli embargo na polski nabiał.

      Roy 11
      Pojednanie między narodami jest możliwe tylko na prawdzie ale oni nie są do tego zdolni , takie frazesy jakie wypisałeś to naiwność z czego ukr się śmieją

      Jarema W
      @PLkamil1982 „…a jednoczesnie rozumiem, ze ich kult n Ukrainie, w 99,9% przypadkow jie la noc wspolnego z wrogoscia do obecnej Polski i Polakow…” Jesteś przykładem tępego polaczka, który notorycznie odmawia wyniesienia lekcji z naszej tragicznej historii. A przecież w każdej książce o Wołyniu pada pytanie, co nagle stało się ókrom?! Przecież przez tyle lat żyliśmy obok siebie. Świętowali razem, pomagali w polu, nawet żenili między sobą. Pytanie to prowadzi do wniosku, że z ókrami można żyć w zgodzie tylko do czasu. Dlaczego tacy jak ty ignorując tureckie ludobójstwo na Ormianach, wydarzenia w Belfaście, w kraju Basków, w północnym Iraku, w Jugosławii, w Rwandzie twierdzą, że dwa narody mogą się pojednać?

      Andrzej Kitta
      @Piotrowski Janusz To sa wlasnie ich „GESTY PRZYJAZNI”!!! A. Melnyk tez stosowal „GESTY PRZYJAZNI” !!! Przewodow to tez znaczacy „GEST PRZYJAZNI”!!! No coz „SLUGA UKRAINY” widac tylko na tyle zasluguje !!! Ile jeszcze KOPOW !!! musimy zebrac , aby POCZUC TA PRZYJAZN!!! BARDZIEJ DOGLEBNIE!!!???

      Adam Rzepecki
      Kolejny materiał, z którego można się dowiedzieć, że akcja „Wisła” to była zbrodnia i odpowiedzialność zbiorowa. Ja chciałbym się dowiedzieć od autora powyższych słów, na czym polegała zbrodniczość tej akcji i skąd pomysł, że akcja „Wisła” była karą.

      Odpowiedzialność zbiorowa z definicji jest zbrodnicza.

      Adam Rzepecki
      @KapitanGzehotnik Z definicji? No to poproszę o tę definicję. Żeby w ogóle w kontekście akcji „Wisła” mówić o odpowiedzialności zbiorowej, najpierw akcja ta musiałaby być karą.

      eryk wnuk
      W czasie akcji Wisła zginęło …27 cywilów ukraińskich bynajmniej nie tragicznie lecz wskutek chorób. To jest ta zbrodnia ?

      Wojciech Obuchowski
      Bandera,banderowcy, UPA, Ukraina te hasła przerażają 😖brak słów żeby wyrazić jak bardzo😖

      Magda Ty
      dla nich to duma narodowa, a my to finansujemy

      Największym osiagnięciem UPA jest obecnie kooperacja z najbardziej demokratycznymi państwami Europy i przeniesienie ciężaru obecnej wojny na polskiego podatnika . Te działania stawiają UPA w gronie wpływowych organizacji z którą szczególnie liczą się polskie media głównego nurtu, pozostające równieź na utrzymaniu polskiego podatnika. Ta historia przedstawiona przez panów jest interesująca , ale panowie zapomnieli wspomnieć , że Bandera po zakończeniu wojny żył na zachodzie pod czułą opieką zachodnich wywiadów , którzy go trzymali z myślą o wykorzystaniu w planowanej konfrontacji z ZSRR, co właśnie się stało i trwa . Utopijne i zbrodnicze marzenia Bandera nie umierają, odżywiane przez kraje „kochające” demokrację.

      Piotr Olsztynski
      Zastanawiająco cicho jest na temat prawdziwej historii. Jako część historii o której należy mówić. Tak ku przypomnieniu… i pewnej refleksji… Tylko prawda nas w końcu wyzwoli…

      Operacja „Wisła” to najlepsza rzecz jaką zrobiły wladze PRL. Odcięto UPA od zaplecza i tym samym zakończono wojnę z banderowcami, która trwałaby jeszcze wiele lat pochłaniając liczne ofiary. Szkoda tylko, że tałatajstwo wspierające banderowców wywieziono na zachodnie ziemie odzyskane zamiast do ZSRR. To był poważny błąd.

      Magda Ty
      Nie popierasz odpowiedzialności zbiorowej? A np. kwarantanna czy reżim sanitarny to też odpowiedzialność zbiorowa. Należy odróżniać to co ma służyć czemuś pozytywnemu co np. Łemki musieli rozumieć jeśli mieli w sobie choć krztynę ludzkich odruchów od odpowiedzialności zbiorowej jaką stosowali np. Niemcy w czasie okupacji w Polsce, gdy za śmierć 1 Niemca rozstrzeliwali grupę Polaków.

      Ale ja też uważam akcję Wisła za niepotrzebną, należało ich zabijać w konfrontacji a pozostałych osądzić i wieszać, a nie rozpraszać po Polsce, np na Śląsku gdzie bandytyzmy jeszcze długo trwały po wojnie bo werwolf z banderowcami robili co chcieli.

      Historia ukraińsko-polskich relacji w skrócie:
      1648 – Ukraińcy mordują tysiące polskiej szlachty — powstanie Chmielnickiego
      1768 – Ukraińcy mordują 100 tys. Polskich mieszczan i szlachtę — koliszczyzna
      1817 – Ukraińcy mordują 2 tys. Polaków w Małopolsce Wschodniej
      1918 – Ukraińcy strzelają do tysięcy polskich dzieci we Lwowie — Orlęta Lwowskie
      1920 – Ukraińcy nie potrafią obronić Kijowa oddanego im przez polskie wojsko
      1931 – Ukraińcy mordują wojewodę Hołówkę
      1934 – Ukraińcy mordują ministra Pirackiego
      1939 – Ukraińcy mordują setki polskich żołnierzy broniących Polski
      1943 – Ukraińcy dokonują ludobójstwa – około 250 tys. Polaków — Rzeź Wołyńska UPA – nie da się dokonać dokładnej estymacji ofiar. Strona ukraińska zakazuje…
      1944 – Ukraińcy mordują tysiące Polaków na Kresach Płd. Wsch. — czystka etniczna
      1945 – Ukraińcy mordują tysiące Polaków na Podkarpaciu — czystka etniczna
      1991 – Ukraińcy otrzymują pierwsze niepodległe państwo w historii — od ZSRR 2015 = 2015
      2022 – już kilka milionów Ukraińców zamieszkało w Polsce… lub więcej

      Nigdy nie było żadnej przychylnej Polakom myśli na ukrainie. Od doktryny doncowa, ich “dekalogu” , później u.p.a itd… w założeniu było mor….dowanie Polski i Polskości.

      A poniżej odrobina ukraińskiej poezji – t.szewczenko – ich wieszcz narodowy – fragment poematu “Hajdamacy”… Skasują?

      Dajcie noża, siłę dajcie,
      Męki Lachom, Męki!!!
      Kary Lachom kary!
      Jak szalony, wiesza, pali,
      Sieka trupie ciało:
      Dajcie Lacha, dajcie 7yda!
      Mało mi ich, mało!
      Dajcie Lacha, krwi dawajcie!
      Mięsa z krwią i pianą!

      Były jeszcze rz..ezie np : Batoh , Humań – gdzie zam.ordowali bes.tialsko ok 20 tyś Polaków i 7ydów – Ich zbr…odnię na Polakach i 7ydach zdają się nie mieć końca…Jeszcze jako EsesGaliz…. „Halyczyna” SS Galizien – Huta Pieniacka, Chodaczkowo WIelkie, Prehoryłe, Smoligów, wieś Borów… ostatnio zaatakowali nas znowu – Pr.//wodów – 15 listopad 22. Było jeszcze np. przystąpienie wraz z H.i.tlerem oddziałów u.k.r nacjonalistów 1 września i atak na Polskę…W Baligrodzie w Bieszczadach dołączyły do niemieckich sił, oraz sformowany przez hitlerowską Abwehrę pod dowództwem prowidu OUN Romana Suszki i Osypa Bojdunyka – Legion Ukraińskich Nacjonalistów.

      W skład wchodziły 2 bataliony zwanych z ukraińska kureniami – w sumie około 600 żołnierzy. Batalionami dowodzili: por. Jewhenij Hutowicz „Norim” i por. Osyp Karaczewśkyj „Swoboda”… 17 września 1939, głównodowodzący Armii Czerwonej Ukrainiec Kliment Woroszyłow, dowodzący Frontem Ukraińskim Ukrainiec Siemion Timoszenko. Katyń, główny planista i organizator Zbrodni Katyńskiej, Ukrainiec Piotr Soprunienko, szef wydziału NKWD od Spraw Jeńców Wojennych i Internowanych. Cóż. Trzeba to puścić w świat. Nawet za Katyniem stali ukraińscy szowiniści… ale próbują zatuszować prawdę w tej całej ukropropagandzie głównego nurtu…

      @Max Blitz „Kiedy niby Polacy przekazali Petlurze obronę Kijowa?”

      Gdy polskie wojsko zajęło Kijów pod czas wyprawy Kijowskiej, miasto przekazano Petlurze i miał w nim stworzyć państwo Ukraińskie. Po miesiącu mu się nie udało i musiał uciec przed sowiecką ofensywą.

      „Zato Ukraińcy utrzymali dla nas oblężony przez bolszewików Zamość i walczyli ramię w ramię z Polakami przy odpieraniu nawały Tuchaczewskiego. W podzięce zdradziliśmy sojuszników i wsadziliśmy ich do obozów”

      Zamość który nie miał strategicznego znaczenia i miał zerowy wpływ na przebieg wojny. Nie zdradziliśmy sojuszników tylko Petlura miał małe poparcie wśród Ukraińców. Mało kto chcę pamiętać, że przed Wielkim Głodem Ukraińcy byli wtedy prosowieccy.

      Magda Ty
      To było to samo co dziś na Ukrainie – nacjonaliści ukraińscy wówczas odmawiali tożsamości ukraińskiej Ukraińcom, którzy chcieli żyć w zgodzie z Polakami, a dziś nacjonaliści ukraińscy odmawiają tożsamości ukraińskiej Ukraińcom Ługańska, Doniecka itd, którzy chcą żyć w zgodzie z Rosją. To jest ta sama polityka.

      A te najstraszniejsze metody mordowania to już kozacy takie stosowali.

      Dlaczego odniosłem wrażenie, że faktycznie doszło tu do gloryfikacji UPA?

      co to za laurka dla zbrodniarzy???

      Historia jakiej nie znacie
      Jaka laurka?

      przedemną nie udawaj… czuć na kilometr cichą gloryfikację banderowców… a na sam koniec ż sie niedobrze robi

      @CRUSTI@N kolejny zerojedynkowy. Gdzie masz tutaj laurkę?

      @KapitanGzehotnik mnie nie nabierzesz… wiem co to psychologia stosowana i socjotechnika. jak tego nie widzisz to Twój problem nie moj

      @CRUSTI@N ale gościu, w treści powiedziano mnóstwo razy, że UPA to ludobójcy, więc z czym ty masz problem?

      Magda Ty
      @KapitanGzehotnik Może się nie podobać np. że wybielają UPA, uzasadniają dzisiejszy kult UPA rzekomą walką przeciw ZSRR.

      1)Pada np. że nacjonaliści ukriańscy nie odwoływali się do kozaczyzny, a metody UPA przypominające metody kozaków to przypadek?

      2) Pada np: „często ci ludzie którzy wypisują jakieś komentarze pod adresem współczesnych Ukraińców nazywając ich banderowcami chyba nie do końca wiedza że Bandera przebywał w obozie” co ma jedno z drugim? Po pierwsze ktoś kto zna tę historię oddziela banderowców od Ukraińców, czyli określenie banderowcy nie dotyczy wszystkich Ukraińców, gdyż byli i są tacy Ukraińcy którzy nie podążają ślepo za kultem OUN-UPA i Trzeciej Rzeszy, określenie banderowcy odnosi się tylko do fanów Bandery, OUN-UPA, Trzeciej Rzeszy. Po drugie Bandera siedział w obozie ale na warunkach takich jakie mieli SSmani, sami Ukraińcy o tym piszą, można info o tym znaleźć w źródlach po ukriańsku, Niemcy go chronili a nie przetrzymywali, był dla nich istotny bo wydawał zgodne z tym co chcieli rozkazy, Bandera nigdy nie stworzył wolnej Ukrainy, on tworzył satelitę Trzeciej Rzeszy na ziemiach polskich tak jak dziś Zelenski i jego banderowcy tworzą zmałpowaną Trzecią Rzeszę a Ukrainę niszczą.

      3) pada np. „UPA broniła tożsamości ukraińskiej” – bzdura, UPA mordowała Ukraińców, w imię szerzenia wpływów Trzeciej Rzeszy

      4) pada np. w lutym 1944 ciężko ranny został gen. Watutin oficer Armii Czerwonej, który wkrótce zmarł, zabili tez kilkudziesięciu innych w latach ’44-45 – i to jest przedstawione jako coś pozytywnego, a i czym to świadczy? o dalszej kolaboracji z Trzecią Rzesza i nic więcej, przecież ZSRR był już w tym momencie sojusznikiem aliantów, UPA walczyło przeciw aliantom, wstrzymywała wyzwolenie ofiar obozu Auschwitz, wstrzymywała pomoc dla Warszawy

      5) Sowieci stracili 12 tys zbrojnych w walkach z banderowcami? To wobec Polaków banderowcy byli „lepiej” zorganizowani”, ale też bezbronnych łatwiej się morduje niż zbrojnych. Mówca zdaje się pochwalać metody jak podwieszanie min do flag ukraińskich, co jest typowym haniebnym podstępem stosowanym i przez Trzecią Rzeszę to tylko szkolenie a nie pomysłowość.
      „działali spektakularnie”

      Sporo tych kontrowersyjnych słów tu pada. Nic mi nie imponuje u bandytów i to ze względów obiektywnych. Mnie imponuje egzamin z człowieczeństwa zdany przez tych Ukraińców, którzy pomagali Polakom wbrew temu czego chcieli ukraińscy nacjonaliści. Ta pomoc, to były przejawy prawdziwej odwagi i brawury.

      Szkoda ze nie wspomnieliscie o roli CIA

      Temat CIA będzie innym razem. 🙂

      Moze i tak… ale tu miala kluczowe znaczenie. Mozna by odniesc wrazenie ze UFO zeslalo Bandere czy UPA😜

      @Monika CIA nie miało kluczowego znaczenia dla UPA, było jedynie ciekawostką z końcowego okresu istnienia tej formacji. Chyba, że uważa Pani, że w sumie sześć zrzutów spadochronowych, 33 spadchroniarzy i 10 radiostacji było kluczowych dla UPA.

      Ok… czyli idziemy po slusznej linii partyjnej🙃

      Nie, idziemy zgodnie z faktami historycznymi. CIA miało znikome znaczenie dla działalności UPA.

      Miłosz B.
      Raczej generalnie zachodu i utrzymywania ukraińskiej zbrodniczej armii


    • https://wpolityce.pl/polityka/647310-szokujace-wpisy-ambasadora-ukrainy-burza-w-sieci

      Szokująca reakcja ambasadora Ukrainy na słowa rzecznika MSZ o przeprosinach za Wołyń. Burza w sieci

      opublikowano: 5 godzin temu
      aktualizacja: 5 godzin temu

      Vasyl Zvarych / autor: Gov.pl/CC BY 3.0 PL/Twitter

      „Tego nie zrobiło państwo ukraińskie, ale prezydent Zełenski powinien wziąć jako Ukraina jednak większą odpowiedzialność” – tak rzecznik MSZ Lukasz Jasina w programie „Onet Rano” odpowiedział na pytanie, czy „prezydent Zełenski powinien przeprosić za Wołyń, za rzeź wołyńską”. Na tę wypowiedź w szokujący sposób zareagował ambasador Ukrainy w Polsce Vasyl Zvarych. Jego wpisy na Twitterze wywołały powszechne oburzenie w sieci.

      Jakiekolwiek próby narzucania Prezydentowi Ukrainy czy Ukrainie co musimy w sprawie wspólnej przeszłości są nieakceptowalne i niefortunne. Pamiętamy historię i apelujemy o szacunek a wyważenie w wypowiedziach, szczególnie w trudnych realiach ludobójczej agresji rosyjskiej. Co więcej, dobrze znana formuła prawdziwego pojednania w stosunkach ukraińsko-polskich, która została przyjęta przez hierarchów naszych Kościołów, brzmi: „wybaczamy i prosimy o wybaczenie”.

      — napisał na Twitterze Vasyl Zvarych, ambasador Ukrainy w Polsce.

      Fala oburzenia w sieci po wpisach Zvarycha

      Wpisy ambasadora Ukrainy w Polsce wywołały burzę w sieci.

      Przykro powiedzieć ale ambasador @Vasyl_Zvarych swoim wpisem bardzo przysłużył się Kremlowi. Powinien zostać odwołany.

      Mieliście dekadę, żeby przeprosić. To takie trudne?

      Panie Ambasadorze, ludobójstwo na Wołyniu było aktem, który nie da się wytłumaczyć w jakikolwiek racjonalny sposób, ponieważ dotyczyło cywilnej ludności polskiej, która zamieszkiwała te tereny. Nie da się wytłumaczyć okrutnego mordowania kobiet i dzieci.

      Zło jest złem, i tym było ludobójstwo na obywatelach polskich na Wołyniu i Galicji. Naprawdę nie rozumiem, po co Państwo to robią jako profesjonalni dyplomaci. Budujemy mosty między państwami ale one potrzebują solidnych fundamentów. Fundamenty między ludźmi buduje się na prawdzie.

      Panie ambasadorze, conajmniej niefortunny wpis. Kolejna woda na młyn dla wiadomo kogo… Bez załatwienia tej sprawy nie można mówić o wspólnej przyszłości. Wspólny wróg łączy tylko w teraźniejszości.

      Łukasz Jasina nie powiedział niczego kontrowersyjnego. Mówiąc szczerze, dziwi mnie ta połajanka ze strony ambasadora Ukrainy i na pewno będzie wodą na młyn dla szurów różnej maści. Szkoda. Dyplomacja to jednak sztuka, którą nie wszyscy opanowali.

      Zarówno Pan @RzecznikMSZ jak i Pan @Vasyl_Zvarych powinni udać się do Przedszkola i tam omówić nurtujące ich kwestie. Wygląda na to, że Polacy i Ukraińcy znowu wariują, skoro tak drażliwe kwestie jak Wołyń mają być rozstrzygane połajankami na Twiterze, ku uciesze gawiedzi i Rosji.

      W przejmującej ciszy prezydent Duda złożył wieniec na skraju zbożowego pola. Nie mógł tego uczynić przy pomniku, bo nie ma tam pomnika. Nie mógł pochylić głowy przy krzyżu, bo nie ma krzyża. Nie ma żadnego śladu po pełnej życia polskiej wsi Pokuta. Takich miejsc na Wołyniu i Galicji Wschodniej są tysiące. 80 lat temu spłynęły krwią na rozkaz dowódcy UPA Romana Szuchewycza. Szuchewycz został pośmiertnie nagrodzony tytułem Bohatera Ukrainy przez prezydenta Juszczenkę. Ma swoje pomniki i ulice. Podobnie inni ludobójcy i zbrodniarze. W Łucku, w którym prezydent Duda modlił się w intencji ofiar Rzezi Wołyńskiej honorowym obywatelem jest Stepan Bandera, a jedna z głównych ulic nosi nazwę Bohaterów UPA. Nie ma za co przepraszać?

      Wdzięczność po Ukraińsku! Ludobójstwo na Wołyniu jest faktem historycznym! I żadne oświadczenie tego nie zmieni!

      Wypowiedź ambasadora Ukrainy to buta i arogancja. Nawet teraz ukraińskie władze nie zamierzają zająć jasnego stanowiska ws. ludobójstwa na Wołyniu. Murem za @RzecznikMSZ. Mam nadzieję, ze jego wypowiedź będzie częściej powtarzana. Dość udawania, ze to tylko deszcz pada.

      Nie da się budować na uczciwych zasadach i dobrych fundamentach wspólnej przyszłości – której Polska i Ukraina potrzebują – bez rozliczenia wspólnej przeszłości, nawet jeśli jest trudna. Na wspólnym wrogu można zbudować najwyżej teraźniejszość.

      Szanowny Panie ambasadorze, Polska wspiera i będzie wspierać Ukrainę militarnie oraz humanitarnie w obronie przed haniebną, rosyjską agresją. Polsko-ukraińskie relacje muszą być jednak oparte o prawdę historyczną. O trudnej przeszłości należy rozmawiać. Nie można jej przemilczać.


      żałosne yebane poliniackie ciocie i qrwy bez honoru
      mordy w kubły i z uśmiechem głębiej wylizywać rowy waszych upadlińskich panów!


      • https://wpolityce.pl/polityka/638353-cichocki-reaguje-na-slowa-arestowycza-bzdura

        Polska zgodziła się zapomnieć o zbrodni na Wołyniu? Ambasador Cichocki reaguje na słowa Arestowycza: Bzdura!

        opublikowano: 15 marca

        autor: Fratria/Twitter

        Polska miała zapomnieć o rzezi wołyńskiej „przez jakiś czas”? Ambasador RP w Kijowie twierdzi, że to bzdura!

        Ołeksij Arestowycz, były doradca szefa biura prezydenta Ukrainy, udzielił wywiadu tygodnikowi „Do Rzeczy”, w którym odniósł się do własnych słów, w których miał przekonywać, że w imię dobrych relacji z Ukrainą „Polacy zgodzili się zapomnieć” o zbrodni na Wołyniu.

        Usłyszałem nieoficjalne zapewnienie, że Polska zapomni albo przynajmniej przez jakiś czas przestanie przypominać o rzezi wołyńskiej. Brzmiało to mniej więcej tak: Mamy teraz idealną szansę, aby przestać żyć przeszłością

        – powiedział Arestowycz.

        Reakcja ambasadora
        Do słów Arestowycza odniósł się ambasador Rzeczypospolitej w Kijowie. Bartosz Cichocki w zdecydowany sposób zdementował słowa Ukraińca.


        – napisał Cichocki na Twitterze.


        Papla z tego Arestowycza! Wszystko musi wygadać!

        Co rząd PiS zrobił w sprawie ekshumacji i godnych pochówków ofiar ukraińskiego ludobójstwa?

        Banderowskie czerwono-czarne flagi powiewają w czasie oficjalnych uroczystości w Kijowie !!! Pogrzeb 10.03.2023 „Da Vinci” Dymytro Kotsubailo w obecności na klęczkach Zeleńskiego, dowódcy armii, itd. Przy otwartej trumnie 2 flagi: banderowska czerwono czarna i państwowa niebiesko żółta – zdjęcia w The Telegraph…

        Wg mojej oceny Ukraińcy i Ruscy są wrogami Polski.Na Ukrainie kult Bandery i UPA rozszerzył się na cały ich kraj.To Polsce nie rokuje nic dobrego.Nie pomogą wydane na Ukraińców miliardy zł i przekazanie broni.Po zakończeniu wojny będziemy mieli podobne problemy jak przed rozpoczęciem tej wojny.


      • https://wpolityce.pl/swiat/639226-ukrainiec-z-wolynia-chcial-zostac-pochowany-z-polska-flaga

        TYLKO U NAS. Chłopak z Wołynia poległ na wojnie z Rosją. „Mamo, chcę na grobie polską flagę z napisem: wszystko dobrze”

        opublikowano: 21 marca

        Bogdan Szczerbyk z miejscowości Usicze na Wołyniu / autor: archiwum rodzinne / wPolsce.pl
        Podziel się

        Niezwykłym gościem programu „Ukraina w ogniu” telewizji wPolsce.pl była dzisiaj mama poległego ukraińskiego żołnierza, Neonila Samchyk. Jej 26-letni syn, Bogdan Szczerbyk, poległ 14 września 2022 roku na froncie, gdy na jego pozycje uderzyły rosyjskie rakiety. Mężczyzna wcześniej wysłał do mamy niecodzienną prośbę:

        Kocham Was wszystkich. Szczęśliwej drogi. Jeśli umrę to chciałbym, żeby na moim grobie 2 flagi. Ukrainy, Polski i napis: „wszystko dobrze”. Kocham was.

        Bogdan pochodził z wsi Usicze pod Łuckiem, na Wołyniu. Rodzina nie miała żadnych polskich korzeni, a po prostu po 2014 roku pani Neonila wyjechała do Polski, do pracy. Po kilku latach dołączyć do niej także i Bogdan. 24 lutego 2022 roku, w dniu pełnoskalowej inwazji na Ukrainę, mężczyzna postanowił wrócić do kraju i wstąpić jako ochotnik do wojska. „Przysięgałem bronić wolności” – tłumaczył mamie. Pracodawcy, którzy się zaprzyjaźnili z ukraińską rodziną, chcieli go powstrzymać, planowali nawet – półżartem, półserio – zabrać mu paszport, by nie wrócił na Ukrainę. Ostatecznie kupili mu potrzebny sprzęt jak np. kamizelkę kuloodporną czy hełm. Bogdan pojechał bronić kraju.

        Ukraińscy żołnierze nie informują nikogo gdzie dokładnie służą i na jakim odcinku walczą. Bogdan niewiele też mówił, gdy w sierpniu przyjechał z frontu na dziesięciodniowy urlop. Przez całe lata dał się poznać jako wrażliwy chłopak, pisał wiersze, śpiewał piosenki, miał artystyczne zacięcie, które zjednywało mu ludzi, a nawet zwierzęta. Dziś już wiemy, że walczył na najtrudniejszych odcinkach w Donbasie, że przez całe dnie bronił pozycji „zerówki”, czyli naprzeciw rosyjskich żołnierzy. I właśnie pewnego dnia, jakby przeczuwając swoją rychłą śmierć, napisał sms z prośbą o polską flagę na swój grób. Zginął cztery dni przed swoimi 27 urodzinami.

        Całe Usicze brały udział w jego pogrzebie, ludzie klękali na drodze przejścia trumny okrytej dwiema flagami: ukraińską i polską. Do dziś na jego grobie powiewa także biało-czerwona z wymarzonym napisem „wszystko dobrze”. W programie „Ukraina w ogniu” telewizji wPolsce.pl Neonila Samchyk opowiada ze wzruszeniem jak jej syn ukochał Polskę, która mu pozwoliła godnie żyć i więcej marzyć. Gościem Jakuba Maciejewskiego jest też Dariusz Wołosiuk, polski wolontariusz, który odkrył całą historię podczas powrotu z przyfrontowych terenów. W drodze do Polski kątem oka zobaczył na wołyńskim grobie biało-czerwoną flagę i myśl o tym, że być może leży tam poległy na wojnie Polak nie dawała mu spokoju. Gdy nawiązał kontakt z mieszkańcami Usicze natrafił na opowieść o Bogdanie.

        -opisywał w mediach społecznościowych swoje odkrycie Dariusz Wołosiuk.

        Mama poległego ukraińskiego żołnierza opowiada w telewizji wPolsce.pl o tym jak jej syn, przed śmiercią, poprosił, by na jego grobie umieścić polską (!) flagę z napisem: „wszystko dobrze”. Największym wyzwaniem tej rozmowy było się nie rozpłakać ☹️#wszystkodobrze

        -pisze w serwisie społecznościowym Jakub Maciejewski


        Zespół wPolityce.pl

        Wyswiecic go na swietego. Przypomina to troche telenowele niewolnica Isaura, az sie poplakalem.

        Ale propaganda że aż zęby bolą

        CZĘŚĆ I CHWAŁA BOHATEROM Zginął za twoją wolność bo jak zbrodniarz Putin zwycięży to kolejną ofiarą jego zbrodniczego imperializmu będzie Polska

        Do ”TerazPolska” Zero wrogów wśród sąsiadów. Polityka wielowektorowa. Opowiadamy się za pokojem i polityką pokojową, nastawioną na dobre relacje ze wszystkimi sąsiadami. Normalizacja tych relacji musi odbywać się z zachowaniem polskiej racji stanu i polskiego interesu narodowego. Kluczem do rozwoju Polski jest rozwój gospodarczy wykorzystujący w pełni potencjał naszego położenia geograficznego.Bezwarunkowa pomoc udzielana Ukraińcom nie jest w interesie narodowym Polski. Tolerowanie kultu na Ukrainie zbrodniarzy takich jak Bandera czy Szuchewycz oraz ludobójczych organizacji jak OUN, UPA jest hańbą i policzkiem dla każdego Polaka. Dopóty dopóki na Ukrainie rozwija się szowinizm i kult zbrodniarzy nie może być mowy o żadnej pomocy finansowej ani tym bardziej militarnej dla tego państwa. Nie ma naszej zgody na rozdawnictwo publicznych pieniędzy na pomoc socjalną dla migrantów z Ukrainy ani na zorganizowaną akcję przesiedleńczą na terytorium RP.

        Polski nie będzie miał kto bronić. W Polsce młodzież kształtowana przez potomków ubeków, zagrzewana do walki o aborcję (jako prawo człowieka) przez lemparcizm, zamiast dzieci wybiera pieski. Pieskom, przystrojonym w kokardki, kubraczki, wysadzanym na klomby i trawniki, poświęca czas i uczucia. Nie dzieciom. Polska wymiera. Polski nie będzie. POzostaną pieski !


      • https://wpolityce.pl/polityka/647322-tylko-u-nas-wiceszef-msz-odpowiada-na-wpisy-zvarycza

        TYLKO U NAS. Wiceszef MSZ odpowiada na wpisy Zvarycza. „Teraz nie jest czas na szukanie problemów we wzajemnych relacjach”

        opublikowano: 3 godziny temu

        autor: wPolsce.pl

        Ambasador Ukrainy Vasyl Zvarych zdecydowanie zareagował na Twitterze na wypowiedź rzecznika MSZ Łukasza Jasiny w programie „Onet Rano” o tym, że jeśli chodzi o przeprosiny za Wołyń, to prezydent Zełenski „powinien wziąć jako Ukraina jednak większą odpowiedzialność”. Czy MSZ zareaguje jakoś z kolei na wpisy ambasadora Ukrainy? Portal wPolityce.pl zapytał o to wiceszefa MSZ Piotra Wawrzyka.

        Jakiekolwiek próby narzucania Prezydentowi Ukrainy czy Ukrainie co musimy w sprawie wspólnej przeszłości są nieakceptowalne i niefortunne. Pamiętamy historię i apelujemy o szacunek a wyważenie w wypowiedziach, szczególnie w trudnych realiach ludobójczej agresji rosyjskiej. Co więcej, dobrze znana formuła prawdziwego pojednania w stosunkach ukraińsko-polskich, która została przyjęta przez hierarchów naszych Kościołów, brzmi: „wybaczamy i prosimy o wybaczenie”.

        — napisał na Twitterze Vasyl Zvarych, ambasador Ukrainy w Polsce.

        CZYTAJ WIĘCEJ: Szokująca reakcja ambasadora Ukrainy na słowa rzecznika MSZ o przeprosinach za Wołyń. Burza w sieci

        „ Nie twórzmy problemów we wzajemnych relacjach”
        Czy polskie MSZ zamierza w jakiś sposób zareagować na powyższe wpisy?

        Nie powinniśmy szukać problemów na siłę. Teraz nie jest czas na szukanie problemów we wzajemnych relacjach, a skupmy się raczej na tym, żeby wspierać Ukrainę

        – zaznacza w rozmowie z portalem wPolityce.pl Piotr Wawrzyk, odnosząc się do stanowiska ambasadora Ukrainy.

        Nie twórzmy problemów we wzajemnych relacjach, nie zajmujmy się tym. To nikomu nie sprzyja poza Rosją

        – dodaje.

        not. as

        Zespół wPolityce.pl

        tak jak napisałem wcześniej
        mordy w kubły i…



        NASZ WYWIAD. Waszczykowski: Zagrożenie rosyjskie nie może być wymówką, aby nie rozwiązywać historycznych sporów z Ukrainą

        opublikowano: za godzinę

        autor: Fratria

        „Sprawa naszej trudnej historii powinna być rozwiązana zanim dojdzie do istotnych decyzji w sprawie przyszłości międzynarodowej Ukrainy” – podkreśla w rozmowie z portalem wPolityce.pl Witold Waszczykowski, europoseł Prawa i Sprawiedliwości, były szef polskiej dyplomacji. (…)

        także i tu tak jak napisałem wcześniej
        mordy w kubły i…


  18. Journalists CONFRONT Ukraine Ambassador To USA
    The Dive with Jackson Hinkle
    28,648 views May 25, 2023

    Existent Oneness
    It’s not the Ukrainian government you should be asking, rather what’s the US Congress saying about the issue!!!???

    Vadim Malinovskiy
    As an example, this site „Peacemaker” contained the data of the Ukrainian writer and journalist Oleg Buzin, who was shot almost on the threshold of his own house. His killers were found almost immediately, there was evidence of their guilt, even a DNA test, but they were released by the Ukrainian government. This is how this site works.

    Of the Azov battalion caught in Italy planning a bomb attack at a mall

    Elon Vladimirovich Musk
    She looked shocked, she knew exactly what she meant

    paul dean
    Hey you want a Ukraine to run away fast then ask them “ please explain odessa massacre “ , you get the same response

    Max Kazzora
    Jackson and Jimmy Dorre must be doing something right to be on such : a Ukrainian hit list. 👏👏👍

    Валерий Степанов
    Nah i tried it before. They blame it on Russia and on the victims.

    Sue Greene
    Not only Americans, Brits.Mike Jones, and Graham Phillips and many more

    Abyssman UR
    Mike jones has gone missing.


  19. Ukrainian Soldier ADMITS He’s A N*zi, Bakhmut DENIALISM Sets In
    The Dive with Jackson Hinkle
    50,440 views Streamed live 18 hours ago

    It is so funny , he said I don’t care you can call me fascist or pedophile 😂😂😂 so him self equals fascist in the same category , nasty 😂😂😂

    Gabriel B
    Pedophilia is very a big problem in Ukraine as well as nazism

    Wrong Thinker
    @Gabriel B It’s funny how the deterioration of moral fabric happens on all fronts at once.

    Sir John Ward
    Ukraine has been increasingly ‚Nazified’ since 2014. „Following the surrender of hundreds of its members to Russian forces in the city of Mariupol, Ukraine’s Azov Battalion has undertaken a PR rebranding effort to distance itself from its neo-Nazi background by introducing a new chevron which Azov refers to as “Three Swords,” or a golden trident. The symbol will be used by the newly created Azov Special Forces Unit based in Kharkov.

    The “Three Swords” refers specifically to a monument installed at the Azov Regiment’s base in Mariupol. Oleksyi Reins, a member of the Azov Battalion described it as a “symbol of military glory and promise of revenge on its enemies. Previously, Azov forces used a Nazi-linked Wolfsangel symbol that Azov claims represents the “idea of the nation,” and which unites the letters “I” and “N” in old cyrillic script. In reality, the insignia is a blatant copy of the Wolfsangel symbol, which was widely used by various Nazi military formations, including several SS divisions that committed massacres during World War II” (WSWS June 2022).
    The Ukrainian junta’s goal after the coup in 2014 was always to mirror Hitler’s approach to people he did not like; that is, to ‚cancel’ them (in this case Russians or anyone who disagrees with them.) They now have a public commemoration of the Nazi Stepan Bandera on 1st January every year. Ukrainian propaganda closely mirrors Goebbels approach in WW2; which was lie about everything, make things up as needed, and make fake films and radio broadcasts. There was a fake Goebbels radio broadcast with troops singing marching songs, accordions playing and a fake German officer saying „the front on the Volga is going well”. This was after Stalingrad had fallen to the Russians in 1943 with 500,000 German army casualties and over 90,000 German prisoners were being led off to Siberia.


    • Partisans penetrated 42 km deep into Russia, some settlements have been captured
      41K views 3 hours ago

      I sincerely hope that these two volunteer group will be joined by more fighters everyday and that this will lead to the end of putin’s regime. a new order is needed in russia, no matter if this will end in the division of the terrotory in many different nations, and hopefully with due time, many of them will join NATO and EU.

      I Love Aviation
      Don’t forget at all euphoria that this group is lead and served by far right nationalists. This is a small group in Ukraine and ukrainians are by far no racists and far right nationalists but there should be a certain concern about this small group being equipped with high tech weapons. I think these are useful idiots and they did a great job for Ukraine in this senseless war to hit the Russians. And I am completely supporting anything Ukraine does. But these guys are the dark spot on the story.

      Not all, some, similar like Азов. But they condemn war and illegal forced migration of ukrainian children into Russia, even if they are far right, its better than what we have in the Kremlin current

      thomas paine
      Muscovite 0rcss are instinctive fascists, always have been . . these fredom fighters are less so than the average 0rc.

      Nba Oldboy
      Can’t believe people are believing this



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