1093 Gołąb pokoju MQ-9 z USA był i spadł do morza koło Krymu, agresywnie, nieprofesjonalnie i nieekologicznie oszczany przez ruską odrzutową łopatę

Skillful Russian pilots pee on US drone & down it. Russia recovered it, ready to be reverse engineered
PTE Geopolitics „World Gone Crazy”
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Russian pilots took down a intact drone, have recovered a hi-tech drone ready to be reverse engineered

Das Omega
„Environmentally unsound”. You made my day, brother. Thank you and Peace, Love & Happiness.

And those horrible Russians misgendered the drone, too.

Kevin Wa
Of course the U.S destroying the Nordstream pipeline was done in an environmentally sound and professional manner.

Leslie Stenta
My first thought too.

Seer Seerwealth
With consideration to local haddock fish.

During the Vietnam war, US lost 3744 planes, 5607 helicopters, 578 UAVs.There is a database maintained by US veterans. I didn’t take into account losses by Australian and other US allied military. Among the Vietnam war aces, 9 are north Vietnamese and one American.

K Khalifah
The US needed to fire 2 missiles to bring down a freaking balloon. In comparison, according to the US, the Russians didn’t even need to fire a single shot to bring down their killer Reaper drone.

PTE Geopolitics „World Gone Crazy”
That’s so true

Russian Jets Take Out U.S. Drone Off Russian Coast!
The Jimmy Dore Show
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One of the biggest pieces of news from earlier this week surrounded reports that Russian jets had shot down or otherwise disabled an American drone that had been operating over the Black Sea, not far from the Crimean coast. Russian and American representatives traded barbs over the incident while many other observers feared the possible repercussions of an incident that inches the two sides ever closer to direct conflict.

Jimmy and Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger discuss how Americans would react if Russia operated drones so close to the American shores.

Charles Pancamo
How dare they defend their own borders! Don’t they know they’re suppose to have open borders like us?!?

Stigandr Mýrardalur
USA take down a $1200 balloon with $400.000 missiles…
Russia take down a $30 mill drone by dumping a few gallon fuel on it….
You just can’t make this shit up 😂😂😂😂

Rohan T
The Pentagon being butt hurt about a Top Gun style takedown is hilarious. Hannity freaking out makes it so much sweeter.

Bojan Prakljacic
American drone is buzzing around Sevastopol, a Russian naval base, and it’s Russians who are doing aggression? Imagine the audacity to say something like that!

Typical US arrogance and double standards

Scroopy Nooperz
Who said they must put their base near our drone? 😂 Czytaj dalej

1091 NYTimes CONFIRMS Nord Stream attack carried out by pro-Ukraine NATO deep state

BREAKING! NYTimes CONFIRMS Nord Stream attack carried out by pro-Ukraine NATO deep state | Redacted
215,343 views Mar 8, 2023 #redacted #claytonmorris #natalimorris

The NYTimes is out with a Nord Stream pipeline story today. This comes a month after legendary journalist Seymour Hersh confirmed the U.S. blew up the pipeline, now the NYtimes has their own spin on the story

I didn’t know that Ukraine has submarines and SEALS .

Didn’t you knew that Zelensky living in a yellow submarine? 😂🤣

This whole western „investigative” reporting of Nord Stream is the definition of clown world.

The Truth – Love It Or Hate It
Yes, it’s a fantastic fictional script being said out loud to a room of 3 year olds. Another best seller for the sheep.

If you believe this fairytale, then fizer’s got a new untested medical proceedure to sell you. Czytaj dalej

1049 Putin ostrzega przed monopolem Big Tech podczas przemówienia w Davos!

Putin warns of Big Tech monopoly power during Davos speech
3,746 views•Jan 28, 2021
Alex Christoforou

Kenneth Knoppik
Thank God for Vladimir Putin. The world’s pretty bad right now but we would be much worse off if Putin wasn’t president of Russia. He’s standing in the way of us hegemony he did it in Syria and now he’s doing it with the tech companies. And when it comes to Russia he puts his country first not the oligarchs. I wish he was our president. Not this brain-dead half-wit corrupt to his eyeballs.

Mark Garnham
The old Communist countries now have the most to teach the liberals.

The democrats haven’t been this upset since JFK won.

It’s a sad era in History. The ‚free world’ is now a laughing stock.

karen roberts
2 godziny temu
The British Public are already abandoning the BBC in their droves due to their bias and negativity during Brexit and the following 4 years. Their bias against Trump and Putin is also disgusting.

I’m British and I couldn’t agree more ! . . ;- )

We have CNN for brainwashing, but at least we are still not forced to pay for it.


Awakened – Truth 24/7
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🚨 VIDEO – Russian President Putin on big tech today: „They serve or restrict the natural human right to decide how to live, what to choose, which position to express freely, we just saw all of these in the states, and everyone understands what I’m talking about”

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