I kept saying this from almost the beginning – if there is no virus why do we need lockdowns, social distancing, MASKS, TESTS (which are also bogus), VAXES (for WHAT???!!!), etc. The WHOLE HOUSE OF CARDS collapses once this is realized!!

We need to follow his lead in the US and beyond !! It’s just a Cold . That’s it . Flu at best . Or they just renamed the common cold and flu to Covid!! All garbage!!

MiG Jäger
Gemma O’Doherty did the same thing way back in December 2020 in Ireland. The Irish Gov’t admitted in writing that it could not provide proof that the so-called ‚novel’ Corona virus, the reason for the lockdown measures, exists. Nevertheless, the lockdowns and Globalist narrative have just rolled forward to this day like it’s cool. The courts have resorted to the kind of fuckery mentioned in this video and without massive public pressure the crime has continued. What I mean to say is that forcing them to admit this is a great step, but it is only one step of many that need to be taken to stop these criminals. The globalist minions and whores realize that it is an all-or-nothing game and will battle to the death (or ours) at this point.

This needs to be spread Canada Wide and Globally… This is nothing new it just takes judges and a justice and legal system that has not been coruppted or bought off. This is the most basic question for any lawyer to have ask for proof but somehow it sitll is a soap opera…..BIG QUESTION MARK.

If you cannot prove a real pandemic exists by way of isolation of a virurs that actually spreads disease which viruses have never been actually proven to do its dead, over, finished but the world has seen mass job losses, suisides of all ages, mass hospital and medical malpractiss world wide, businesses ruined and lost, peoples lives turned upside down, family breakups, mass brainwash of the public etc!

The punishment for these straight out crimes against humanity from the start of this mass lie. The WHO, UN, GAVI, Presidents and Priministers unellected health officials, police officers, doctors, fake scientists, hoispital pay outs for placing peeple on ventilaters unnessicarilly is MURDER, down to local levels absolutely must be tried by NURAMBURG STYLE TRIALS AND PUNISHMENT FOR THE WORLD TO SEE PUBLICALLY.

If your world has not been effected in any way by this mass lie and deception on a world wide scale by a hand full of very high level narcissitic and deaply spychopathic people who’s lives have clearly no fulfillment in any way your not educated or have no common sense of a free mind to seek out the truth!

link to same video on Rumble https://rumble.com/vkorz0-freedom-fighter-court-victory-ends-masking-shots-quarantine-in-alberta.html?mref=23gga&mrefc=2

Shinrin Yoku
It’s not about a virus it’s about control – the great deception (PDF) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1JJlTkTRq-K3uBp42onuJCpoc_v0uIqVG/view

Shinrin Yoku
CDC 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Real-Time RT-PCR Diagnostic Panel (Page 40):
“Since no quantified virus isolates of the 2019-nCoV were available for CDC use at the time the test was developed and this study conducted, assays designed for detection of the 2019-nCoV RNA were tested with characterized stocks of in vitro transcribed full length RNA.” https://www.fda.gov/media/134922/download Czytaj dalej

1066 Fauci w imieniu USraela płacił Chinom za tworzenie wirusów w Wuhan!

Watters’ World 6/5/21 FULL 8PM| FOX BREAKING TRUMP NEWS June 5,21
221,162 views•Premiered 11 hours ago
Thánh Lạc Trôi

Watters’ World 6/5/21
Host Jesse Watters offers a one-of-a-kind comedic look at the latest headlines from the caaign trail

Cheating Death Customs
And again, NOTHING will be done about it…It’s sickening.

always pro choice
Because its all lies generated by faux.

Free Gedanken zur Baukunst
Fauci served the American public health sector in various capacities for more than 50 years, and has acted as an advisor to every U.S. president since Ronald Reagan . Rep & Dems are both guilty

And Biden has always been rubbing elbows with China…hmmmm…

Rockinghorse Winner
Next shoe to drop: Chinese ownership stakes in American media…influencing how they report.

Robert Duley
The true acronym of CNN🤔

Stan Jay
Let’s hope you’re right. We have no free press. It’s bought and payed for by foreign interests. Not sure if it China. But it’s definitely not american.

Becky Patrick
China owns the USA! Not just media. We’re Trillions in debt to China and the Biden’s are making backhand deals with them! There’s no surprise that Biden didn’t campaign, he already knew the stage had been set! We’re in the darkest times I’ve ever seen for Americans with forces coming at us from within & outside our borders and internationally.

Fauci defended by Biden administration even as his ‘cover-up unravels’
55,430 views•Jun 6, 2021
Sky News Australia

The Biden administration is defending Anthony Fauci even as his role in funding research in Wuhan is exposed and “his cover-up unravels,” reports Sky News host Sharri Markson. “To look at the bigger picture, here’s what’s emerging, the United States funded highly dangerous coronavirus research – that was once banned – at the Wuhan Institute of Virology,” Ms Markson said. “That research involved creating new deadly viruses that never existed before.” Ms Markson said a “scandal” was unravelling which has seen not just China – but also Fauci and US agencies – covering up information about the origins of COVID-19.

They Live We Sleep
If they don’t arrest him and Gates the American people will come for them.

The corruption runs so deep and wide that it will not come out in our lifetime…

1055 Wypierdol pustynną plandemię w Pierwszy Dzień Wiosny 2021! :-)

Z okazji Jarych Godów, Nowego Słowiańskiego Roku, Pierwszego Dnia Wiosny i Ostatniego dnia Zimy, Wszystkim Słowiankom i Słowianom, a także Wszystkim Myślącym Ludziom, ja SKRiBHa z całego serca życzę, aby to skurwiałe pustynne ludobójcze zboczenie, które nas od tak dawna napada i morduje, żeby w końcu zdechło i spłynęło wściekłym ściekiem z powrotem skąd przypełzło, czyli na pustynię!



Oryginalny artykuł: https://bimkal.pl/kalendarz/pierwszy-dzien-wiosny

Pierwszy Dzień Wiosny

Zwyczaje naszych przodków nadal żywe

Jak dawniej witano pierwszy dzień wiosny? Nasi przodkowie podchodzili do tego z wielkim rozmachem i poważaniem. Słowianie celebrowali Jare Święto (Jare Gody), a jego głównym symbolem było topienie lub palenie słomianej kukły zwanej Marzanną. To bogini zimy oraz śmierci, jej topienie wraz z końcem zimy przeciwstawiało ją reprezentującemu wiosnę Jaryle, oraz miało zapewnić odejście wszelkich chorób. Działo się to w okolicy równonocy wiosennej, wypadającej 21 marca. Ten zwyczaj przetrwał do dziś – w pierwszy dzień wiosny w wielu miejscach w naszym kraju topi się marzannę. O tę tradycję dbają m. in. uczniowie szkół czy zespoły folklorystyczne. Przebieg obrzędu jest wszędzie podobny – pochód dzieci i dorosłych niesie własnoręcznie zrobione marzanny nad rzekę, gdzie przy tradycyjnych pieśniach wrzuca się je do wody. Prasłowianom także towarzyszyły przy tej okazji śpiewy, gra na instrumentach, tańce czy klekot grzechotek.

Dawniej by przyspieszyć przyjście wiosny rozpalano na wzgórzach ogniska, a domy wietrzono i sprzątano by przepędzić „stare, zasiedziałe zło”. Można więc zażartować, że już setki lat temu Słowianie robili wiosenne porządki. Nasi przodkowie malowali też jajka, które miały zapewnić energię, radość i urodzaj w rozpoczynającym się wiosną nowym roku wegetacyjnym.

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