1002 Holocaust Debunked? CIA Report: Poland Under Nazi Rule, 1941 by Ian Greenhalgh

Holocaust Debunked? CIA Report: Poland Under Nazi Rule, 1941

Holocaust Debunked? CIA Report: Poland Under Nazi Rule, 1941

By Ian Greenhalgh -August 5, 20182922150

This report, written by the US Vice-Consul in Warsaw, is a fascinating insight into life in Poland during the first two years of Nazi German occupation. Of particular interest is the section dealing with the treatment of the Jews as it differs considerably from the narrative told by later orthodox history and undermines some of the oft-repeated myths that have become so familiar today.

Note that there are no executions of Jews mentioned and that typhoid is noted as the prime cause of death amongst Jews, this is a harbinger of the typhoid epidemic that broke out in Eastern Europe in 1942 and had to be dealt with by mass delousing using Zyklon B. Also of interest is the mass movement of Jews into the General Government region of Poland, with as many as 2 million Jews from all over Nazi-occupied Europe being transported there. The point is made that the Jews were treated better than the Poles were, with the latter being subject to all kinds of cruelty and brutalisation upto and including summary execution, the Gestapo ruled over them with an iron fist. Note that at this time, the concentration camps were filled with Poles and the Jews lived in the ghettoes of the major cities,particularly Warsaw.

This document is real history, written before the Holocaust myth had first been proferred (mid-1942 by Jewish screenwriter Ben Hecht) and untainted by wartime propaganda (the US was still a non-combatant nation in 1940 and 1941) therefore it offers a different perspective to the orthodox history that has since arisen and taught to us. However, I think that some of the information is less that accurate, for instance, the claim that a 16 year old girl was executed for pulling down a poster and a 15 year old boy was shot for criticising the Gestapo do not ring true to me. Regardless, the cruel and brutal treatment of the Polish people by the Germans is undeniable, and runs through this document with sad monotony. Czytaj dalej