1094 Russia’s UN Representative EXPOSES Ukraine Naz*sm

Russia’s UN Representative EXPOSES Ukraine Naz*sm
The Dive with Jackson Hinkle
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Celtic 1888
I’ve herd all the truth from 2014. Nobody close to god or have a honest personality would say the ukranazis are good honest people. If not for Russia the genocide would be in the hundreds of thousands by now. Thank you to the freedom fighters of the Russian federation. Slava Russia 😝🇷🇺❤️🇬🇧🫡

Russians will never forget the 2014 Odessa massacre. The whole world needs to know about it.

Ali N
The world will never never forget the 2014 massacre, and Russia will make sure of it.

Russia should have launched their special military operation back in 2014 and not waited 8 years.

Brian Armacost
What about the massacre in Bucha Ukraine last year where savage Russian soldiers murdered over 450 people?

Ali N
@Brian Armacost Ukrainians Buchered fellow Ukrainians in Bucha.

Everytime a Russian diplomat speaks my brain is refactored back to sanity.

This is so true it’s really restored faith in humanity, such a great diplomat someone with common sense and logic, as oppose to Western diplomats they are like a bunch of clowns at the circus, extremely childish and unreasonable to talk to. The sad thing is, it wasnt always like this. In the past Western diplomats talk very much like this. I just gotta ask what the hell happened to them !?

Teddy Bear
Russia has some really cool diplomats. I agree with you 100%. I wish I had people like this leading my country. Czytaj dalej

1093 Gołąb pokoju MQ-9 z USA był i spadł do morza koło Krymu, agresywnie, nieprofesjonalnie i nieekologicznie oszczany przez ruską odrzutową łopatę

Skillful Russian pilots pee on US drone & down it. Russia recovered it, ready to be reverse engineered
PTE Geopolitics „World Gone Crazy”
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Russian pilots took down a intact drone, have recovered a hi-tech drone ready to be reverse engineered

Das Omega
„Environmentally unsound”. You made my day, brother. Thank you and Peace, Love & Happiness.

And those horrible Russians misgendered the drone, too.

Kevin Wa
Of course the U.S destroying the Nordstream pipeline was done in an environmentally sound and professional manner.

Leslie Stenta
My first thought too.

Seer Seerwealth
With consideration to local haddock fish.

During the Vietnam war, US lost 3744 planes, 5607 helicopters, 578 UAVs.There is a database maintained by US veterans. I didn’t take into account losses by Australian and other US allied military. Among the Vietnam war aces, 9 are north Vietnamese and one American.

K Khalifah
The US needed to fire 2 missiles to bring down a freaking balloon. In comparison, according to the US, the Russians didn’t even need to fire a single shot to bring down their killer Reaper drone.

PTE Geopolitics „World Gone Crazy”
That’s so true

Russian Jets Take Out U.S. Drone Off Russian Coast!
The Jimmy Dore Show
24,462 views Mar 16, 2023 #TheJimmyDoreShow

One of the biggest pieces of news from earlier this week surrounded reports that Russian jets had shot down or otherwise disabled an American drone that had been operating over the Black Sea, not far from the Crimean coast. Russian and American representatives traded barbs over the incident while many other observers feared the possible repercussions of an incident that inches the two sides ever closer to direct conflict.

Jimmy and Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger discuss how Americans would react if Russia operated drones so close to the American shores.

Charles Pancamo
How dare they defend their own borders! Don’t they know they’re suppose to have open borders like us?!?

Stigandr Mýrardalur
USA take down a $1200 balloon with $400.000 missiles…
Russia take down a $30 mill drone by dumping a few gallon fuel on it….
You just can’t make this shit up 😂😂😂😂

Rohan T
The Pentagon being butt hurt about a Top Gun style takedown is hilarious. Hannity freaking out makes it so much sweeter.

Bojan Prakljacic
American drone is buzzing around Sevastopol, a Russian naval base, and it’s Russians who are doing aggression? Imagine the audacity to say something like that!

Typical US arrogance and double standards

Scroopy Nooperz
Who said they must put their base near our drone? 😂 Czytaj dalej

1090 Russia Abandons The West For Asia – This Pivot Will Change The World, Dutch Farmers DEFEATED By Net Zero Government 😡 😢

Russia Abandons The West For Asia – This Pivot Will Change The World
Sean Foo
11,580 views Mar 8, 2023

Russia is moving away from Europe and shifting all its focus to Asia, specifically China and India. This groundbreaking move will shift the world order further away from the West while Asia will continue to gain economic power, and it all hinges on cheap Russian energy. The sanctions have backfired and we could see a situation where the EU could once again knock on Russia’s door to buy oil and gas!

Stephen Joseph
Good times for countries in SE Asia to reap from the conflict by finding ways to bridge East and West. Oil storage facilities in Sing & Mal are already almost to full capacity

You Me
If you think US and it’s satellite states will allow Asia/SE Asia to sleep well, then you’re probably dreamin’.

20 Luzer
It’s not the loss of Russia’s volume of trade that is a game changer, not that it’s not significant, but if Russia can survive within the BRICS + OPEC + Global South then that is a sign for many other countries that don’t want to be subservient to the US and EU that they don’t have to fear economic sanctions from the West and can negotiate with the US and EU on a much more equal footing. And if this alternative trading bloc uses gold/oil backed currency, then many countries will feel comfortable to de-dollarize their domestic and trade which will make it very hard for the US to continue to finance their military expansions and excursions. It’s the migration of this large group of countries to the alternative trading bloc that is a true game changer to the US and EU since they can no longer mobilize multiple countries against their target anymore, basically neuter their weapon of choice which is sanctions.

Correct. And also they cannot weaponize their interest rate further to supress other currency that depend on dolar

Kobe A5 Wagyu
Not only Russia can survive, Russia will thrive with Global South demand. Indians and Africans populations ain’t stopping anytime soon while Chinese manufacturing power are increasing everyday. Russia also have one of the lowest debt-to-GDP in the world and is considered the biggest natural resources superpower in the world, even more than U.S and China combined!

@shaanz I have noticed this too of late, forex is extremely telling. A few years ago shorting USD/RUB netted 400 swap a day.. Aussie was 200 ish, but now there is zero positive swap when going against the US as far as I have seen. Heavily manipulated and rigged. Czytaj dalej

1049 Putin ostrzega przed monopolem Big Tech podczas przemówienia w Davos!

Putin warns of Big Tech monopoly power during Davos speech
3,746 views•Jan 28, 2021
Alex Christoforou

Kenneth Knoppik
Thank God for Vladimir Putin. The world’s pretty bad right now but we would be much worse off if Putin wasn’t president of Russia. He’s standing in the way of us hegemony he did it in Syria and now he’s doing it with the tech companies. And when it comes to Russia he puts his country first not the oligarchs. I wish he was our president. Not this brain-dead half-wit corrupt to his eyeballs.

Mark Garnham
The old Communist countries now have the most to teach the liberals.

The democrats haven’t been this upset since JFK won.

It’s a sad era in History. The ‚free world’ is now a laughing stock.

karen roberts
2 godziny temu
The British Public are already abandoning the BBC in their droves due to their bias and negativity during Brexit and the following 4 years. Their bias against Trump and Putin is also disgusting.

I’m British and I couldn’t agree more ! . . ;- )

We have CNN for brainwashing, but at least we are still not forced to pay for it.


Awakened – Truth 24/7
Forwarded from Awakened – BROADCASTING
🚨 VIDEO – Russian President Putin on big tech today: „They serve or restrict the natural human right to decide how to live, what to choose, which position to express freely, we just saw all of these in the states, and everyone understands what I’m talking about”

Jan 27 at 22:16 Czytaj dalej

613 SKRBH 83 Pra-Słowianie R1a-M17 / M198, M417, Z645 / S224, czyli przodkowie Orłów / Ariów, Scytów, Sarmatów, Germanów, czy innych wikingów


Przygotowałem ten wpis, trochę na życzenie annaM, ale nie tylko, bo… zwyczajnie rzygam już bredniami, o rzekomym pochodzeniu Słowian / Polaków od Orłów / Ariów, Scytów, Sarmatów, czy innych wikingów, itp. Wypisują je różni przeważnie ciężko nawiedzeni prorocy i ich wyznawcy, ale także przemożnie przemądrzali mondrale, jak np. dr Piotr Makuch, a za zanim ci, którzy uwierzyli w te bajeczki.

I nie ważne, że twarde dane genetyczne i językoznawstwo od dawna PRZECZĄ TEMU KŁAMSTWU… Oni i tak wiedzą lepiej, bo rzekomo potwierdza to np. to co jakiś ktoś kiedyś napisał w jakichś kronikach… Ich kłopot i ich „bul” i ciekawe jak przełkną i strawią to, co mam im wszystkim do powiedzenia… Żartuję, wiem, że wszyscy Mię olejom… 😉

Twierdzę, że to Pra-Słowianie o podkładach haplogrupy R1a, jak M17 / M198, M417, Z645 / S224 BYLI PRZODKAMI ORŁÓW / ARIÓW, SCYTÓW i SARMATÓW,.. ale tylko tych, którzy mieli podkłady haplogrupy R1a, a nie np. R1b, czy Q.

Twierdzę, że Z93, Z94 bardzo rzadko odnajdywane obecnie na terenie obecnej Polski, jest późnym sygnałem pochodzącym od Scytów, Sarmatów, czy Chazarów i jest „aryjskiego” pochodzenia.

Twierdze, że jest możliwe, że za tzw. Polanami Kijowskimi, patrz R1b tzw. Piastów, część podkładów R1b odnajdywanych na terenie obecnej Polski MOŻE MIEĆ POCHODZENIE OD-SARMACKIE.

Twierdzę, że dane zamieszczone w tym wpisie potwierdzają „północną drogę R1a”, jako potomków łowców mamutów i obalają „południowa droge R1a”, jako rolników z Anatolii i Bałkanów.

Jako dowód na to w dalszej części tego wpisu zamieszczam dane pochodzące z tych stron: https://www.eupedia.com/europe/Haplogroup_R1a_Y-DNA.shtml http://www.ancestraljourneys.org

A i jeszcze jedno… Z językami jest podobnie, gdzie tzw. PIE (Pra-Indo-Europejski / Proto-Indo-European = PS (Pra-Słowiański / Proto-Slavic),.. a doktorat i wiedza allo-allo dr Makucha i jego zwolenników to lipa, tak jak rzekome zapożyczenia od-irańskie rzekomo odnajdywane w j. słowiańskim, bo Las / LaS, Lis / LiS, Leszy / LeS”+y, Los / LoS, L”ysy / L”yS+y, Licho / Li(c)Ho, Lach / La(c)H, Lech / Le(c)H, Łza / L”Za, Lży / LZ”y, Leż / LeZ”, Leź / LeZ’, Lęg / Le”G, Łęg / L”e”G, Łuk / L”o”K, Łyk / L”yK, Łyko / L”yK+o, Len / LeN, Lać / LaC’, Leć /  LeC’, Łąka / L”a”K+a,.. a także Słuch / Z/S+L”o”(c)H,.. itd…

UWAGA! Otworzyłem nowy wątek na forumbiodiversity.com, poświęcony temu zagadnieniu: http://www.forumbiodiversity.com/showthread.php?t=49105

Czytaj dalej 

555 SKRBH 67 R1a nadchodzi… z północy, czyli kolejne gwoździe do trumny tzw. południowej drogi R1a 02

A tu mam coś jeszcze o R1a, a zwłaszcza o jego braku w tzw. kulturze jamowej / Yamna / Yamnaya… ale także i dalej na południu, także wyznawcy południowej drogi R1a… ten teges…

Przy okazji w środku komentarzy jest widoczna piękna dyskusja o rasizmie, rasach, itp, czyli samozaoranie politycznie poprawnych lewaków maści wszelkiej…

A i przypomnę, że i ja także bardzo kocham Kristiansena i że dawałem temu tu wyraz wielokrotnie… Cieszy Mię, że i East Pole, którego bardzo cenię również kocha tego mendrca duńskiej archeologii miłościom bezgranicznom…

Miłego czytania…


Tuesday, September 26, 2017

The beast among Y-haplogroups

A lot has been written about Y-haplogroup R1a over the years. Sadly, most of it was wrong, such as its posited Pleistocene origin in the Indian subcontinent and subsequent migration to Europe.

In all likelihood, R1a was born somewhere in North Eurasia. More importantly, its presently most common subclade, R1a-M417, no doubt came into existence on the Pontic-Caspian (or Western) steppe in modern-day Ukraine and southern Russia just 7,000-6,000 years ago.

And within a couple of thousand years it expanded in almost all directions, probably on the back of the early Indo-European dispersals, to cover a massive range from Scandinavia to South Asia. It is the beast among Y-haplogroups.

The most common subclade of R1a-M417 in South Asia today is R1a-Z93, and, realistically, it couldn’t have arrived there earlier than about 2,000BC. So much for the Pleistocene.

See also…

R1a-M417 from Eneolithic Ukraine!!!11

Eastern Europe as a bifurcation hotspot for Y-hg R1

Late PIE ground zero now obvious; location of PIE homeland still uncertain, but…

Ancient herders from the Pontic-Caspian steppe crashed into India: no ifs or buts

Posted by Davidski at 10:24:00 PM 241 comments:

EastPole said…
After discovering R1a-M417 in Dereivka culture somebody should inform Kristiansen, Anthony and others that their theory about Corded Ware and Proto-Germanic coming from Yamnaya is obsolete.


September 27, 2017 at 12:03 AM

Aram said…
There was no single M417 in Yamna? I can’t believe it. 🙂
September 27, 2017 at 12:58 AM

Davidski said…
(…) @Aram Too bad for Yamnaya (so far).
September 27, 2017 at 1:03 AM

Karl_K said…
Sredny Stog !
September 27, 2017 at 1:05 AM Czytaj dalej 

554 SKRBH 66 R1a nadchodzi… z północy, czyli kolejne gwoździe do trumny tzw. południowej drogi R1a 01

EastPole said…
I was speculating some time ago that Corded Ware didn’t come from Yamnay but from Sredny Stog.

“The expert Dmytro Telegin has divided the chronology of Sredny Stog into two distinct phases. Phase II (ca. 4000–3500 BC) used corded ware pottery which may have originated there, and stone battle-axes of the type later associated with expanding Indo-European cultures to the West. Most notably, it has perhaps the earliest evidence of horse domestication (in phase II), with finds suggestive of cheek-pieces (psalia). “


Now the romantic side of what really happened in Alexandria/Dereivka:


Of course “an angel’s kiss in spring” is a poetic metaphor. Girls used hops (xъmel/haoma/soma) not angel’s kisse.
September 20, 2017 at 1:14 AM

Ric Hern said…
@ EastPole And what about Phase 1 of Sredny Stog ? Can you throw any light on that ?
September 20, 2017 at 1:28 AM

Ric Hern said…
@ EastPole And what about this also from Wikipedia: „…Yuri Rassamakin suggests that the Sredny Stog culture should be considered as an areal term, with at least four distinct cultural elements co-existing inside the same geographical area.” Any thoughts ?
September 20, 2017 at 1:33 AM

EastPole said…
@Ric Hern “And what about Phase 1 of Sredny Stog ?”
It could be related to the division into Dereivka I and Dereivka II. Dereivka I population was made of hunter-gatherers and Dereivka II of pastoralists related to Corded Ware Culture. Because of some local differences Sredny Stog was divided into following cultures: Skelanska, Stogovska, Kvitanska and Dereivka by Rassamakin. Let’s wait for aDNA from those cultures before we speculate about them.
September 20, 2017 at 3:14 AM

EastPole said…
What puzzles me greatly is the position Varna and Balkans_Chalcolithic outliers. Assuming that their position on PCA was due to some early migrations from the steppe we can conclude that at the very early age there existed different steppe populations: NO. 1 is like Sredny Stog, NO. 2 is like Yamnaya and NO. 3 is like Yamnaya outlier with a lot of CHG: https://s26.postimg.org/z4i5e3rbd/screenshot_280.png
September 20, 2017 at 11:20 PM

Rob said…
@ EastPole
It’s probably a gradient that’ll fill out with more individuals tested. I’d also add Kumtepe IV to that list. It means that the migration of these „steppe” people, aka north Caucasus or central Eurasians, had begun by 4500 BC, and they had started to arrive at key sites
September 20, 2017 at 11:29 PM

EastPole said…
@Rob “It means that the migration of these „steppe” people, aka north Caucasus or central Eurasians, had begun by 4500 BC, and they had started to arrive at key sites”

If a population similar to late Sredny Stog Dereivka formed somewhere on the steppe as early as 4500 BC then I would guess they are the best candidates for PIE.
September 21, 2017 at 12:06 AM

Oto kilka ostatnich wpisów z http://eurogenes.blogspot.co.uk/, które omawiają wiele bardzo ciekawych zagadnień, związanych min. z pojawianiem się ludzi R1a min. na Bałkanach, z ich końmi, prosem… i kulturą… Niestety dla niektórych… przybyłych z północy, a nie z południa…

Jeśli ktoś jeszcze nie rozumie, że nie ma żadnych dowodów na tzw. południową drogę R1a, no to niech nadal czeka na jakieś zbawienie, a ja tymczasem puszczam te ciekawostki…


Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Three key late comers in prehistoric Greece: steppe ancestry, horses and millet

Czytaj dalej 

460 SKRBH 44 Asya Pereltsvaig. ‘Wheel’ Vocabulary Puts a Spoke in Bouckaert et al.’s Wheel

Mismodeling Indo-European Origins: The Assault On Historical Linguistics | GeoCurrents

Uwaga, uwaga uwaga…  nadchodzi, a właściwie nadchodzą… Asya Pereltsvaig i Martin W. Lewis z ich miażdżącą krytyką Anatolii, jako kolebki tzw. PIE, itp,.. czyli kolejny cios w tzw. „południową drogę R1a”…

Przypomnę, że już wielokrotnie powoływałem się na twierdzenia i dowodzenia pani Asya Pereltsvaig i jej kolegów z http://www.geocurrents.info wielokrotnie, min tu:


Od razu zaznaczę, że nigdy nie twierdziłem i nie twierdzę, że oni mają 100% rację, albo że ja zgadzam się z ich poglądami też w 100%, bo tak nie jest, patrz min to, co „wiedzą” o języku słowiańskim,.. niemniej jednak warto poczytać i posłuchać co mają oboje do przekazania…

Dawno temu, pewno jeszcze w 2013 szukając wiedzy o językoznawstwie, natknąłem się na ten ich wykład o pracy Bouckaert et al. dotyczącej obliczenia matematycznego jak to z tzw. językami indo-europejskimi było…

No to cóż…  Wywarło to na mnie bardzo wielki wpływ, więc zapamiętałem to i pochłonąłem wszystko, to co kiedyś było dostępne na ich stronie,.. która niestety nie jest już rozwijana, po tym jak Asya Pereltsvaig odeszła stamtąd i zabrała ze sobą swoje artykuły, jak i prawa do ich upowszechniania…  Muszę napisać, że nie lubię jej za to specjalnie, bo mogli to jakoś tam zostawić,.. no ale wyszło jak wyszło… 😦

Jakby ktoś pytał się, po co kopiuję całe cudze wpisy, to odpowiadam, ano po to, żeby nie mieć już takiej sytuacji, jak ta, gdzie 90% odnośników na super ciekawe wpisy istniejące kiedyś na ich stronie przestało nagle z dnia na dzień działać… Można to sprawdzić u mnie w źródłach… 😦 Nie zniknąłem ich po to, żeby dąć świadectwo prawdzie, czyli pokazać, że wiedza była dostępna… i już jej niema… Dlatego czytajcie, oglądajcie, kopiujcie i myślcie samodzielnie…

A teraz sobie pomyślałem, że zwrócę uwagę, na mondrość odtwarzanych słów tego tzw. PIE… patrz ten prafdzify i fielce ucuny przykład na rzekome nieznanie przez Słowian części wozu, itp,  jaki se fyfiudł i se narysował prześfietny ałtorytet śfiatofej słafy, niejaki… David W. Anthony…

Tu przykłady, że z takom śfietnom fietsom, to on i jemu podobni powinni iść i powiesić się, a następnie utopić… i to w słowiańskiej sławojce… 🙂



Dodatkowe wytłumaczenie dla wolno myślących i mało kumatych: Ten wpis jest o tym, że Anatolia (więc i Bałkany), jak i tzw. „południowa droga R1a”, zwyczajnie nie dodają się, także językowo… 🙂 Czytaj dalej

422 SKRBH 26 Nowe źródła genetyczne, czyli bardziej i więcej także o tzw. PIE, o ich żonach i ich mtDNA

W odpowiedzi na osobiste, coś jak żądanie… i w nawiązaniu do kilku innych zapytań i spraw, oto nadarzyła się okazja, żeby upowszechnić trochę ciekawych źródeł i wiadomości. Szczególnie polecam rozważania o żeńskich haplogrupach i roli kobiet w dziejach, nie tylko Słowiańszczyzny, ale nie tylko to, bo i tzw PIE tyż można se poczytać…

Mam nadzieję, że ten wpis na jakiś czas zadowoli pewną przedstawicielkę płci przeciwnej, czyli pięknej (bez urazy, ale może nawet i nie jedną)…  😉



Sunday, February 5, 2017

Women on the move

From the jungle known as the comments section:

First there was the creation of a new way of life north of the Caucasus, a mobile form of pastoralism herding animals which had been domesticated in the near east and the horse which was domesticated somewhere on the Eurasian steppe. Once this new way of life had been developed, it had a tremendous expansionary potential due to the vast amount of land which was suitable for it. This is why polygamy was a good strategy for these pastoralists because, as they competed with one another to build the biggest herds and control the biggest territories, it allowed for a rapid expansion of their family groups. This is the context within which there was a need to bring in additional women from outside. The pastoralists in turn would have been able to offer the families of their Caucasus farmer wives a good bride price for them.

See also…

Women on the Move. The DNA Evidence for Female Mobility and Exogamy in Prehistory

Davidski said…
But there is R1a-M17 in Lokomotiv predating Khvalynsk. Was it still east of the Urals?
I know you pride yourself on being objective, but clearly, like a lot of people who post here, you need to work on being realistic. Why would European R1a-M417 come from east of the Urals at such a late stage? Why wouldn’t it come from the western steppe, along with the Corded Ware expansion, from an archaeological group like Dnieper Donets, Sredny Stog or Pontic Yamnaya, that has already been suspected of being ancestral to Corded Ware? Keep in mind that Ukraine N is from a Dnieper Donets burial, and fits the bill as ancestral to the most steppe-shifted Corded Ware individuals. So that comment of yours, was that a brain fart or were you just trolling, or what?
February 5, 2017 at 7:54 PM

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