1025 The DANGER of a Cashless Society. Laura Towler i Jej przypadek

The DANGER of a Cashless Society
3,710 views•Oct 11, 2020
Laura Towler

This is a horror story Laura, thank you for posting.

This is genuinely scary.

J Peterson
Yikes. Incredibly concerning if they won’t even tell you why they locked you out and you’re told you were doing things well on review. Holy crap.

Heidi Elle
That sounds like an absolute nightmare. This is the world we live in now. As an older person who has lived in a rational society this madness is terrifying.

Kristin j.r.
They’ve been doing this to the Chinese people for years now. They even deduct government fines straight from their accounts. They shut down citizens’ travel documents. They imprison people without trial. The whole world governments want to be like China.

Joel Pacheco
The UK is easily the least free country in the Western world. Why did the British allow this? No freedom of speech.,.no freedom of expression, now freedom of the press. The UK is a sad joke.

seeking something
The thing is, she’s a minnow at the moment, this seems all to easy to do to somebody. You really don’t know just how little freedom you have until you are public about your beliefs.

glen belson
All of the pieces are coming together! Not conspiracy theories- fact. Czytaj dalej