1086 Why didn’t the unvaxx’d warn us? :-)


Is this a joke?
Bjorn Andreas Bull-Hansen
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Now the unvaxx’d are being told they should have „said something”. But we did. And we were cancelled, silenced, ridiculed.

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firebird77clone firebird
The best part of being a conspiracy theorist is NOT having myocarditis

Amen 🙏🪴🌤

FederalReserve Brown
and being proudly anti semitic

Those for “it” were angry and hostile to us just for not taking it and didn’t want to hear any reasons why. The reasons were met with indignation and anger at the thought that we might believe something outside the fairytale being pushed. I even had a friend from childhood say she didn’t care if those who didn’t take it fell down and died. Without her saying it, I knew that included me. Last year, I walked away from this friend who was like a sister. That’s the ultimate evil to wish that on others while I continue to pray for the inoculated. Character was revealed. I don’t need their forgiveness. They need mine.

Denise Devoto
Lots of them wished death on us. Now they are blaming us for not saying anything, when we actually did try to warn them. This is narcissistic behavior at its finest.

Cary Cameron
When the shots first came out, I sent out an email to friends about my concerns and provided information that showed it was not what the media and gov was telling us it was. I was a nurse for many years and I saw a lot about this shot that I did not trust. I had a friend email me back telling me that the information i sent was just my opinion and that I should not contact her again. She did not want to hear it. So sad. Part of me grieves for her and others like her, and part of me says „You made your bed, lie in it” .

I warned my family and friends nearly three years ago. No one listened, some are now quite sick. I was told I don’t deserve medical care if i got sick. I will never forgive what has been done to me.

chris daly
I tried and failed miserably. I was laughed at, ridiculed and fired from my job. My conscience is clear.

Puiz Vix
We were belittled, victimized, bullied excluded, sensored, regard as selfish and dangerous . We even lost family and friends due to our decision. Novak was a perfect example of this. I am a proud and happy pure blood, I celebrate my freedom, I celebrate my strength, I celebrate all my other loony conspiracy theorist friends. The strong ones, those who stood tall, those who had to take unimaginable abuse, those brave ones that were regarded as the the number 1 enemy of the masses. Salute!!!!

„People will forgive you for being wrong, but they will never forgive you for being right, especially when events prove you right while proving them wrong” -Thomas Sowell

Charles McKinley
The loss of negative people is a positive.

Mr Blanco
The very fact that you can’t even say the key words without censorship shows how hard it is to communicate the concerns everybody had. The social platforms are the ones with blood on their hands

A Canadian Farm girl
And main stream media

And laws being passed across the world to make alternative views not just censored but illegal.

Andy Trilford
If you speak the truth you are ridiculed… but at least in a decade there will only be truth speakers to talk to.