1049 Putin ostrzega przed monopolem Big Tech podczas przemówienia w Davos!

Putin warns of Big Tech monopoly power during Davos speech
3,746 views•Jan 28, 2021
Alex Christoforou

Kenneth Knoppik
Thank God for Vladimir Putin. The world’s pretty bad right now but we would be much worse off if Putin wasn’t president of Russia. He’s standing in the way of us hegemony he did it in Syria and now he’s doing it with the tech companies. And when it comes to Russia he puts his country first not the oligarchs. I wish he was our president. Not this brain-dead half-wit corrupt to his eyeballs.

Mark Garnham
The old Communist countries now have the most to teach the liberals.

The democrats haven’t been this upset since JFK won.

It’s a sad era in History. The ‚free world’ is now a laughing stock.

karen roberts
2 godziny temu
The British Public are already abandoning the BBC in their droves due to their bias and negativity during Brexit and the following 4 years. Their bias against Trump and Putin is also disgusting.

I’m British and I couldn’t agree more ! . . ;- )

We have CNN for brainwashing, but at least we are still not forced to pay for it.


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🚨 VIDEO – Russian President Putin on big tech today: „They serve or restrict the natural human right to decide how to live, what to choose, which position to express freely, we just saw all of these in the states, and everyone understands what I’m talking about”

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