The Saka (Old Persian Sakā; Sanskrit Śāka; Greek Σάκαι; Latin Sacae; Old Chinese: *Sək) were a Scythian tribe or group of tribes of Iranian origin.1
(…)The Scythians are thought to have originated from the Central Asian region of Persia, as a branch of the ancient Iranian peoples expanding north into the steppe regions from around 1000 BCE. The Scythians first appeared in the historical record in the 8th century BCE.(…)
The Frozen Scythian Burial Complexes of the Altai Mountains: Conservation and … Ancient Altai Culture and its Relationship to Historical Asian Civilizations …
Dark pigmentation of Eneolithic and Bronze Age kurgan groups from eastern Europe
Sino-Platonic Papers, 127 (October 2003)
The Getes by Sundeep S. Jhutti
Genome-wide patterns of selection in 230 ancient Eurasians
Iain Mathieson et al.



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