1025 The DANGER of a Cashless Society. Laura Towler i Jej przypadek

The DANGER of a Cashless Society
3,710 views•Oct 11, 2020
Laura Towler

This is a horror story Laura, thank you for posting.

This is genuinely scary.

J Peterson
Yikes. Incredibly concerning if they won’t even tell you why they locked you out and you’re told you were doing things well on review. Holy crap.

Heidi Elle
That sounds like an absolute nightmare. This is the world we live in now. As an older person who has lived in a rational society this madness is terrifying.

Kristin j.r.
They’ve been doing this to the Chinese people for years now. They even deduct government fines straight from their accounts. They shut down citizens’ travel documents. They imprison people without trial. The whole world governments want to be like China.

Joel Pacheco
The UK is easily the least free country in the Western world. Why did the British allow this? No freedom of speech.,.no freedom of expression, now freedom of the press. The UK is a sad joke.

seeking something
The thing is, she’s a minnow at the moment, this seems all to easy to do to somebody. You really don’t know just how little freedom you have until you are public about your beliefs.

glen belson
All of the pieces are coming together! Not conspiracy theories- fact.

Anyone banking with Santander should close their account.

This is a scandalous abuse of power. Boycott Santander.

Kristin j.r.
Chase has done this to right wing activists in the U.S.

Richard Evans
absolutely – doesn’t this breach your rights as a human ? This is appalling behaviour and no doubt has some left wing doxing background to it as this is what they do !

Eddie Manning
Santander is not a proper bank anyway. Old fashioned building society from the last century masquerading as a „bank” for the sheeple. Cash is king! Withdraw savings and keep it under the mattress or buy gold. Much safer.

Smash Cultural Marxism
“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” ― Edmund Burke.
Great video, Laura. We should not accept this!

They want to track everything you purchase and do.

They already do

Corn Pop
Worse, they want the power to rescind your rights to trade. China’s social credit score isn’t even that bad.

Mike Secondname
I’ve been saying this for years Laura mate. The government want rid of cash to better control dissidents. I’m so glad you had a bit of a safety net but its scary to think what could have happened if you didn’t. Everyone watch this space carefully.

Corn Pop
They’ve been doing this for decades. Remember them pushing cheques in the 1980s as a „solution” for the „inconveniences” of carrying cash, or chip and pin cards in the 2000s. Unfortunately, the system has now won with it’s combination of contactless cards and Covid.

Ankle doktor
Excellent topic. In a cashless society, if you dare not obey them, they can, in a single click, deny all access to your monetary savings and destroy your life. 1984 is no longer fiction.

Gary Thomson Joinery
This is what you get for speaking out and probably get worse. The rulers of this world control the banking and dare anyone upset them. Thank you for sharing this Laura 👍

They did this to Tommy Robinson as well. It’s never to anyone on the left, no matter how violent they are.

And they took away Katie Hopkins’s home.

Tom Thumb
@KeepItReal WHAT!

Who cares about Tommy the shill? He works for Israel.

88th Generation Black Death Survivor
@Andy Yeah and even being a total shill for Israel he still had his bank account closed on him. It doesn’t matter how much you bow down before Satan’s Chosen People, they will still hate you if you care about your own people, the ethnically European/British people. It was still sick that they closed Tommy’s account down.

mc danny
As long as there are drugs, there will always be cash!

Kristin j.r.
I know for sure that the US government won’t allow their black market revenue stream to dry up.

Same with Universal Basic Income (NEET Bucks). No UBI for racists….

if you have more than one account surely they would have closed all of them.

Caz Ford
Santander have shown their true colours. Please get this story onto Anna brees or talk radio etc . Let’s bankrupt the banksters by copying the US “go woke, go broke” movement. We will need alternative economic system – credit unions, local food buying/selling etc. Cash, gold and silver are all going to be vital. But will have to be stored in safe places because criminals will be encouraged by the NWO.

Whats next? I bet these people will be justifying denying treatment of a curable illness at hospital because a relative said something un-PC on the Internet a couple of years ago.

Corn Pop
Funny how banks are perfectly happy to serve murderers and paedophiles, but having the wrong political opinions is crossing the line.

10 thoughts on “1025 The DANGER of a Cashless Society. Laura Towler i Jej przypadek

  1. Z ostatniej chwili! To KONIEC GOTÓWKI w Polsce | WIADOMOŚCI
    4,942 views•Oct 11, 2020
    Bądź Na Bieżąco

    nie wiem gdzie masowo rezygnuja z gotowki ale wokol mnie nie zauwazylem czegos takiego.pozatym znowu zajebaliscie clickbaitem…zal

    Napierdala fake news jebany xddd

    Izanami TV
    moze ty nie, ale inni tak, ja np. nie uzywalem gotowki od 2 lat. wszedzie place karta lub przelewami.

    Artur Gorzej
    Czytaj: Polacy godzą się dobrowolnie na inwigilację i kręcą sobie bat na własną dupę

    Bogdan Magoś
    Pisowski motłoch wszystko kupi

    Lidia Mruk
    Ci co rezygnują mają wyprane mózgi czas przerobić ich na roboty ze sztucznym mózgiem nie myśląch samodzielnie.

    marek olejniczak
    To glownie mlodzi, bo mysla, ze sa tacy nowoczesni, a sa poprostu naiwni. Jak juz bedziemy mieli Polske bezgotowkowa to zobaczycie jak nas banki beda doic za wszystko.

    Robert Lewandowski
    Polaków nie trzeba do niczego zmuszać sami zrezygnują z resztek wolnośći.


    • COVID pretekstem do likwidacji gotówki?! Morawiecki uciekł rolnikom na kwarantannę? D. Cwikła
      7,120 views•Streamed live 81 minutes ago

      Irek Adamiec
      Oczywiście że świrus jest narzędziem do wprowadzania planu zniewolenia.
      Na gotówce jest świrusek,na kartach jeszcze go więcej,więc co zrobić?
      Spokojnie,”rząd ma pomysł”,rozwiązaniem będzie implant pod skórę.
      Dziwnym zbiegiem okoliczności,już pojawiają się maszyny do obsługi bezgotówkowej. A ludzie dalej śpią i wierzą w rząd jak w wybawców.

      Wieslawa Szkafarak
      Mieszkam w UK Londyn i cały czas operuje gotówką, jeszcze zyje😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂. Ludzie macie mózgi to zacznijcie myśleć!!!! Nowi okupanci w Polsce chcą z was zrobić g….. ów i niewolników za michę ryżu.

      Iwona Kulas
      A, pan prezydent Duda głuchy i ślepy nie chcemy takiej głowy Państwa, nie chcemy takiego rządu


  2. My 23andMe Results // Ethnicity // DNA Test
    44,312 views•Mar 17, 2019

    Laura Towler
    57.2K subscribers

    If you’d like to support my work and get early access to my videos, access to my personal inbox and a thank you at the end of my videos, you can do so athttps://www.subscribestar.com/laura-towlerfrom as little as $1 per month. Thank you!

    It’s OK to be 100% European!


  3. ‚Australia, no jab, no pay’, ‚China’s Social Credit System’ & what it means to us.
    8,216 views•Oct 16, 2020
    Reverend Simon Sideways

    In this video we have a look at our antipodean cousins and how their government is ramping up the „incentives” to have a vaccine, China’s Social Credit System, the make-up of an army and how all this ties-in to a deeply sinister future.

    Mr Man
    This is coming globally, Australia is just where it starts. People will still not wake up to this crap though.

    Willy Tepes
    We are enough people who are ready to fight. We are gonna piss on their parade. This is going hot soon.

    Wolf Enstein
    What all of us have to appreciate is just how powerful our central banks, (and therefore those controlling these banks), really are. Give a man a gun and he can rob a bank, give a man a central bank and he can rob an entire nation.
    What must be done:
    1] Arrest the Rothschild central bankers and throw them in prison.
    2] Confiscate their entire wealth, via the ‚Proceeds of Crime Act 2002’.
    3] Take back control of our central bank.
    4] Issue a new British currency that actually has value in itself, eg., Utah Goldbacks: https://www.bitchute.com/video/XuDSzL93ojk/ (made from 24 carat gold)
    5] Create a British Constitution in written form, based on our Magna Carta of 1215 and our Bill of Rights 1689.

    How can this be done?:
    1] Keep informing everyone we know about what’s really going on.
    2] Make a point of sharing this information with our local members of parliament and local councillors, letting them clearly see that there’s a mandatory ‚RNA’ vaccine with their name on it too and that also includes their family members and other loved ones.
    3] Likewise, inform any and all Police Officers and miltary personnel we know/meet in the same way.
    4] Take part in any demonstrations that we can, there’s always strength in numbers.
    5] Never give up, regardless of how grim things may seem at times and bear in mind that everyone and everything we love and care about are always worth fighting for.

    Willy Tepes
    @Wolf Enstein Give me a crowd of hungry people and I’ll give you a revolution.

    Tony Mcnamara
    First places will be in Cities like London, Manchester etc. Then it will be enforced nationally.

    Chris #TCAP
    Disgusting. Totally disgusting. This would lead to civil war.

    Alan Burns
    Australia is now a dictatorship and police state. No doubt about it.


  4. Obozy jako kwarantanna! Terror i zamordyzm w imię Covid-19 w Kanadzie! L. Szostak wRealu24
    19,126 views•Streamed live 2 hours ago

    pinka green
    Najpierw Kanada potem reszta świata. Teraz dopiero się zaczęło. Wszystko prowadzi do lll wojny.

    Daniel Główczyński
    Wojna będzie polegała na wyeliminowaniu myślących ludzi, tym żyjącym według systemu raczej nic nie grozi

    @Daniel Główczyński Ja bym powiedzial ze jak juz to bedzie na odwrot…ciemnota do piachu. Z jednej strony masz racje ze sie podporzadkowuja ale z drugiej realnie taki bezmyslny nie ma wartosci. A co do kanady to ona bedzie stanowic przyklad dla swiata ze te wszystkie le*ckie wymysly prowadza do totalnej komuny


  5. Who Wants A Google Tattoo?? The Great Reset / Hugo Talks
    836 views•Nov 11, 2020
    Hugo Talks

    Sounds like a more technological version of Aldous Huxley’s „Brave New World”. I’ll pass.

    Anna Espinosa
    Sorry wouldn’t want a tattoo with bar code that’s the mark of the beast if you get it just sold your sold to the devil the book of Revolution speaks of this ,may God have mercy on us and liberate us from evil 😈 🙏 😢 ✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼.

    Vic Morley
    Can they get it to stick where the sun doesn’t shine🤔

    Kris-Ann Hewitt
    Why are trying to take our humanity and privacy away from us? I would never do this, I don’t want technology in my body…having a phone is quite enough thanks


  6. Cashless Society | Dystopian Sci-Fi Short Film
    33,851 views•Premiered Nov 26, 2020
    Zachary Denman

    The Cashless Society was the step before the new world economy called the Global Credit System, which was all part of The Great Reset.

    Cashless Society is the sixth part in the Sci-Fi Dystopian Short Film series, you can watch the other parts here:
    The Great Reset: https://youtu.be/z2wj_OhZY4w
    Police State: https://youtu.be/zSi0dAwYKos
    Mandatory Vaccine: https://youtu.be/lP8yTtptW5M
    Masked Agenda: https://youtu.be/R3qzxe2zTug
    Track and Trace: https://youtu.be/OGGczyk9BL8

    Craig Rose
    This is NOT Sci-Fi. This is modern day reality.

    Martin Carroll
    The plandemic and The Great Reset are The Great Deception.People need to see this

    Gypsy Malone
    This guy brings us the truth. More people need to see this

    Roy Wane3
    The reset shows that government no longer fears that citizens will take away its power and that fear is the only thing that ever keeps government tyranny in check. We are done unless we quit trading our freedoms for the illusion of safety.

    John Smith
    This why elites are pushing for cash less . They have total control of everything

    Trust Nuffin
    Please God wake enough people up to stop the Madness before it really is too late.
    Thank you Zachk & George for these outstanding videos.

    Cashless society is a stepping stone to the New World Order. Finance, religion, medical, government and leader.

    We need to act now. If we comply with this tyranny, then I’m afraid it will be too late. I personally prefer to fight rather than live the rest of my life as a slave to the elites.


  7. No Mask? BANK Will Close Your Account / Hugo Talks #lockdown
    10,872 views•Jan 13, 2021
    Hugo Talks

    Sly Dood
    The problem is that they don’t believe you when you tell them you’re exempt. So it’s bullshit. Nothing to do with masks, all about compliance and making non mask wearers feel intimidated and outcast.

    Red Pill Nibbler
    They arn’t allowed to ask why — discrimination laws.

    Rock Lover
    A official letter of exemption from the Government and even your Doctor doesn’t exist because……

    Freedom of information requests to Police zero fines for not wearing a Mask.
    The „Limited” Company ACRO attached to the Police run by retired Chiefs of Police issue the postal fines. Profits i believe go to Police Charities.
    Most people pay the fines of £200 before they rise to £2000.
    It’s so it doesn’t go to Court.
    If it goes to Court your simple defence would be „Prove Sars Covi 2 has been isolated”.
    The Judge would then say Case dismissed because Zero proof of Sars Covi 2 then no need for a Mask.
    Also that would mean no need for Social Distancing, Lockdown or dangerous Jab.
    They just can’t afford for a Judge to send everyone down that easy to follow rabbit hole.
    See Dr Sam Bailey latest about PCR Tests and lack of Isolation proof
    It’s not a fine but a public order.


  8. You Will Own Nothing And Be Happy (Apparently)
    15,750 views•Jan 27, 2021
    Neil McCoy-Ward

    Tara Pellegrino
    Anyone who laughs this away is not paying attention to what the world leaders have been up to. Very scary. Thanks Neil.

    Ron Summers
    Don’t worry Neil it’s all just talk. To quote John Lennon, “life is what happens to you while your busy making other plans.” Tomorrow’s winners will be those who keep clear heads while all around are losing theirs.

    „Communism doesn’t work because people like to own stuff” – Frank Zappa

    I read a comment somewhere that said, „A dystopia is a utopia built by psychopaths”.

    ok so….the great reset is basically just communism. again. with a few more computers and robots in comparison to last time. How many times do we have to go through the same bullshit communist utopia?

    Adam Sekula
    ”Business meeting” but who will own the business if everybody will own nothing hmmm?

    Richard Peychers
    United Nations Agenda 21, people will be allocated space in their smart city with wilderness areas closed off to humans. Read Rose Kiore. ‚Behind The Green Door’.

    There is nothing more expensive than FREE!


  9. UK Cashless Society INCOMING #bitcoin​ Hugo Talks #lockdown​
    5,096 views•Apr 20, 2021
    Hugo Talks Some More

    Pete By
    Never allow a cashless society to take hold cause if it comes in they will destroy you all and take everything you have spent your life working for including your home , remember their motto you will own nothing and be happy 😊

    Many Walmarts don’t accept cash!

    Pete By
    @Fuhgeddaboudit just never use any store that won’t take cash hen they start to see their sales go down and profits disappear they will beg for your cash .

    @Pete By No, they will just close shop. This is not about profit!

    Leslie Kendall
    They already do that WITH cash in circulation.

    The Imperialist
    Another conspiracy theory that’s becoming reality… This is why we have to protect cash, gold and silver as part of fighting back for our freedoms. The digital cashless system they’re bringing in is all designed to control us even more.



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