1023 Marksizm, komunizm, socjalizm, faszyzm, nazizm, stalinizm, trockizm, maoizm, rasizm, LGBTQ+ i inne nowe religie

STOPA – BlackLivesMatter prod.Montana Beatz
43,393 views•Premiered Jul 4, 2020
stopa stopski

MR 45

No to pięknie pojechałeś …a już myślałem że nie ma porządnych artystów

W Polsce też się już zaczyna,pierwszy Nitras,kto następny?

Godless America is BUILDING A RELIGION
117,196 views•Premiered Jun 26, 2020
Felix Rex

„One thing we learned about history is that every society that has abandoned its religion has dissolved and disappears into the sands of time”
-yuri bezmenov

Cole S
In the absence of Religion, humans always find a Religion. That’s the funny thing.

I can’t believe how difficult to watch that opening was for me. Those artefacts have stood for hundreds, sometimes thousands of years only to be destroyed in seconds by ignorant brainwashed fools.

Alpha Shyster
Nazi basically means; an unwoke white man in the west today.

Those who built nothing always seen to think they are entitled to everything.

Earl Woode
The Woke are the most hateful, intolerant group I’ve ever seen in my life. “A time is coming when all men will go mad, and when they see someone who is not mad, they will attack him, saying: “You are mad; you are not like us.” — Anthony the Great

Burly D
And when the Black Gospel churches are vandalised, they will blame the far-right.

Scott Miller
„When a man stops believing in God, he doesn’t then believe in nothing, he believes anything.” G. K. Chesterton.

zoompt 1975
Taliban is a Pashtun word that means „student”. Theses students are the students of the madrassas, that are institutions of higher religious education in the Islamic world. Let that sink in and ask yourselves: what are in the West the students of higher education institutions doing in this precise moment?

FAKTY i MITY na temat MARKSIZMU! Co jest prawdą, a co kłamstwem? | Zgierski + Różycki
3,122 views•Premiered 14 hours ago
Media Narodowe

Miss Nomer
Komunista czytał Marksa. Antykomunista zrozumiał Marksa. Zgierski i Różycki – świetna rozmowa.

marana tha
Marks to pierwszy filozof który dopiął próbę opisania przemian społecznych zachodzących w jego czasach. I trzeba mu oddać ze że dobrze to zrobił. Tak samo jak trafnie wskazał wady kapitalizmu. Ale recepty jakie zaproponował na uzdrowienie sytuacji były chore.

Anna Pruska
Pan Jakub niestety nie ma zdolności w formułowaniu jasnego przekazu. Nie wyjasnia dlaczego banksterzy upatrywali w ideologii marksistowskiej narzędzia do podprzadkowania sobie świata i finansowali te ideologię, a później rewolucję?

Andrzej Borowiak
Nie zgadzam się z pana definicją ideologii, bo jest to definicja marksistowska. Inne definicje bardziej mi odpowiadają. Marksizm wyklucza współpracę i ewolucję, a wymaga agresji i rewolucji.

grzegorz sierpinski
„Fantastyczny” program tresury społecznej, poprzez konflikt. Praktycznie przeniknał do naszej kultury i stał się tak wszech obecny jak pora roku. Wszystko współcześnie opiera się na walce. Walka z otyłością, walka z uzależnieniem, walka z klimatem, walka w szkole o ocenę później walka w pracy o wynagrodzenie co chwilę jesteśmy nakręcani do walki o prawa kogokolwiek i czego kolwiek. Wszędzie w ten schemat pakowani, ofiary i kata , kary i winy. W mentalność ludzkiej ten program został już mocno ugruntowany a zdolność do spokojnej nie emocjonalnej analizy faktów i rzeczywistości spotykana jest już tylko u nielicznych. Pomyślcie , że nawet program Anonimowych Alkoholików został oparty na schemacie nierozwiazywalnego konfliktu. My o niczym nie decydujemy, to nie nasza gra, my przy tym stole nie siedzimy. Więc nawet nie możemy powiedzieć że jesteśmy ogrywani bo my jesteśmy rozgrywani , Oni nami grają . Dlatego został stwrzony świat oparty na uzależnieniu ponieważ uzależnienie buduje Więź Ale opartą na iluzji i zaprzeczeniu.

8 thoughts on “1023 Marksizm, komunizm, socjalizm, faszyzm, nazizm, stalinizm, trockizm, maoizm, rasizm, LGBTQ+ i inne nowe religie

  1. MSM Totally IGNORE Trafalgar Square Crowds #london #lockdown
    4,869 views•Sep 27, 2020
    Hugo Talks

    MSM Totally IGNORE Trafalgar Square Crowds #london #lockdown

    Sounds like North Korea or Communist China control of media.

    Colin Bremner
    The word is rapidly getting out. Fear not. We are all aware country wide. BBC is dead. DO NOT PAY THE LICENCE FEE

    KES23 1
    Shock horror… of course they ignore it… but at their peril….

    Emerald Derrick
    This is unbelievable. Such a huge protest and no coverage from the messy media and the trashy tabloids. The media is horrible.

    Maxensia Nsubuga
    UK government is turning into Communism.


    • “Selfish” Anti-Lockdown London | Carl Vernon
      22,784 views•Sep 27, 2020
      Carl Vernon

      Broad Sword
      I don’t recall any of the BLM rioters being called selfish. Funny that.

      Tom Twain
      A „real pandemic” would’nt need marshalls to enforce social distancing… people would be avoiding each other… ahem… „like the plague” 😉 !

      Widey xyz
      They had the police in TESCOS Stalybridge on Friday trying to pull people for not wearing masks! Go arrest some real criminals and leave ordinary people alone….This government has to go…….

      The Other Guys Classic Rock Band
      Lots of people can’t handle the truth, because they’re scared of what might happen outside of their blissfully ignorant bubble of denial.

      Dave Fordham
      Anyone who attends a freedom rally is a hero and history will show this. Of that I am absolutely certain.

      The Imperialist
      Those of us who attended the protest yesterday are in the right side of history, unlike those who label us as conspiracy theorists.


  2. The Origin of America’s CANCEL CULTURE
    100,094 views•Premiered Aug 30, 2020
    Felix Rex

    Wylliam Ireland
    „A sign of a Marxist government is that they let criminals go and arrest political enemies” – Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

    Daniel Lourenço Affonso
    and they increase corruption to have a grip in every aspect of society (it happened in my country)

    Pietro Zaini
    We’re seeing this unfold before our eyes

    Fred Flintstone
    Peace is Racist
    Silence is Violence
    Riots are Peaceful
    Staying Apart Keeps Us Together
    Philanthropy Helps Others
    War is Peace
    Ignorance is Strength
    Freedom is Slavery
    … all Democrat slogans


  3. Understanding the Political Scenario of INDIA,CANADA,JAPAN,CHINA,USA, FRANCE etc
    1,103,156 views•Jan 9, 2020
    Amit Sengupta

    time traveler
    “The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.” ― George Orwell

    Imagine Yuri attempting to give this same speech today at a college university. There would be protest outside and inside the lecture hall.

    Ultra Instinct Son Goku
    Sadly, that would most likely happen if he did.

    He wouldn’t even get through the door. In fact, his credibility would have been ruined as soon as he publicly spoke the truth.


  4. This photo triggered China’s Cultural Revolution
    2,112,222 views•Feb 14, 2020

    Destroyes 3000 years of culture, kills 55 milion people, builds a bridge „perfectly balanced, as all things should be”

    Melodic Nostalgic
    Legends says only one man could surpass Mao’s record – Kim Jong Un who could swim from London to New York in 5 Minutes, While not gasping for air.

    Milo X
    It’s disturbing how easily we can all be brain washed when we don’t listen to opposing views.


  5. Uncovering Communist China | Mao’s Cold War (Chinese Communism Documentary) | Timeline
    277,403 views•Jun 4, 2020
    Timeline – World History Documentaries

    The Cold War. In the decades following World War II, a new era of frosty relationship was ushered between the greatest superpowers of the time. We know much of the history of US/Russian tensions during this time. But what of the enigmatic third party?

    Bjarke Skov
    Some of the shots meant to portray time around the founding of the PRC are actually from the Cultural Revolution. Not very accurate

    Jack Bat
    (41:04-41:10) Actually, the term „The Enemy Of My Enemy Is My Friend” was not a Chinese proverb. It originated in Arthashastra: Book VI, „The Source of Sovereign States” (4th Century BCE) by Kautilya (375 BCE – 283 BCE) in Ancient India. He wrote:

    „The king who is situated anywhere immediately on the circumference of the conqueror’s territory is termed the enemy.
    The king who is likewise situated close to the enemy, but separated from the conqueror only by the enemy, is termed the friend (of the conqueror).”

    The English version translated from the original Sanskrit became available in 1884. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_enemy_of_my_enemy_is_my_friend)

    ElPocho DelMundo
    Thank you so much. Always nice to have accuracy of citations.


  6. How Did Communism Start In China? | The War That Changed The World | Timeline
    113,970 views•Sep 3, 2020
    Timeline – World History Documentaries

    The series follows the evolution of Mao Zedong’s rise to power, and in turn, how he created a new China. In 1972, Chairman Mao Zedong was not entirely joking when he asked Tanaka Kakuei, the visiting Japanese Prime Minister, whether he should thank him for the invasion – because it had changed the destiny of China.

    Wall Street Communism. Robert Rothschild put Mao in power and controlled his genocidal rule. The Rothschild family sold Trillions of $ of equipment to the Communist countries and turned whole countries into their own slave camps. Wall Street Communism, the purest form of evil we have ever seen.

    Colin Foster
    Should have mentioned that Sidney Rittenberg created the CCP with funding from Jacob Schiff in New York


  7. The End Of The Sino-Soviet Friendship | Mao’s Cold War | Timeline
    374,032 views•Jun 18, 2020

    Timeline – World History Documentaries

    The Sino-Soviet solidarity was once deemed eternal but from the beginning of their alliance, the Chinese were frustrated by an unequal relationship with the Soviets.

    It would have been nice to have more of the Soviet perspective.

    Max Schön
    Why? The soviet is gone – and PRC still is in Beijing, so they butter up the history for them.

    james david manning
    Max Schön people from the Soviet Union didn’t disappear into thin air lol. Russian Federation is the successor state and the kremlin can look back at what happened through its archives.

    Escala Decimal
    39:33 The moment you realize Nixon saved communist China.

    Joseph DESTAUBIN
    I have been bitter over that for 25 years. It doesn’t get better with time.

    ronald wagner
    Kissinger arrived first the real expert on China..Nixon was just a puppet

    Zheqing Zhang
    China also helped Nixon get out of Vietnam.



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